The World According to Derf

John 'Derf' Backderf, a childhood friend of Jeffrey Dahmer, has made a career of turning the grotesque into compelling cartoons Read More

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Thu Sep 21

Dust off those flared disco pants, sequined shirts and platform shoes and join dance instructor Eddie Valdez as he demonstrates some groovy moves. CityDance is a weekly public party held in the heart of downtown and is aimed at…

Thu Sep 21

A free half day event, The Global Innovation Symposium will guide you through the challenges of using intelligent systems and deep learning, from product development to delivering personalized content and streamlining marketing…

Fri Sep 22

Join us to celebrate the sesquicentennial of the Wes's oldest literary journal!

Fri Sep 22

The "Little Deuce Coupe" just won't quit. The Beach Boys have been cruising into the sunset for more than half a century--riding an armada of timeless pop hits that channel the wanderlust of 1960s surf culture and an evolving lineup…

Fri Sep 22

Experience an exclusive first reading of a new play in development by playwright Anthony J. Garcia in collaboration with "Ask a Mexican" award-winning author Gustavo Arellano on Fri, Sep 22, 2017! Playwright Anthony Garcia adapts…

Fri Sep 22-24

Performance Arts. Tickets are available for all performances.

Fri Sep 22-24

Come experience the amazement of over 2,000 glass pumpkins exhibited and for sale at Los Gatos High School. The Magical Glass Pumpkin Patch brings together Bay Area glass artists who feature their work, with a percentage of the sales…

Sat Sep 23

Social Policy is teaming up with chefs Robert Dasalla and Tony Tang from Parcel 104, and Danny Lang from Roots & Rye to bring you a dining experience highlighting the jewels of the harvest season. Cocktail hour on the patio followed…

Sat Sep 23

Join us for the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley's annual fundraiser, including an owl release*, silent & live auction, wine, live music and more! All funds raised will enable WCSV to continue providing medical and rehabilitative…

Sat Sep 23-24

The 19th annual HOLISTIC ARTS FAIR happens the weekend of September 23 and 24, from 10 AM to 7 PM, at Community of Infinite Spirit, 1540 Hicks Ave. in San Jose (take Highway 17 to Hamilton Ave., east 2 miles to Hicks Ave.; left about…

Sun Sep 24

The Continental Bar Lounge & Patio & The Changing Same present
A Day Party on Sunday, September 24th. Two rooms of music! Inside: House Music with Jay-J, Julius Papp, Jarred Gallo & Rated-R. Outside: Future Soul, R&B and Jazz with…

Thru Sep 30

In between teaching kids to draw and running an art supply store that transforms into a gallery once a month, Roan Victor continues to create meaningful art. Working mostly with oil paints, the co-owner of The Arsenal creates works…


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Lindsey Buckingham & Christine McVie

Win tickets to Buckingham & McVie at City National Civic on Saturday, October 14. Drawing Oct. 10.

$100 to Flights in Campbell

Win a $100 dining certificate to Flights in Campbell. Drawing October 23.

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Broadway SJ: ‘The Little Mermaid’

UNDER THE SEA: 'The Little Mermaid' comes to San Jose.

Everything’s better, down where it’s wetter. That’s according to Sebastian, the beloved crooning crustacean from Disney’s animated musical The Little Mermaid. This stage adaptation of the classic 1989 film tells the tale of Ariel, a young mermaid determined to live in the human world. After making a Faustian bargain with an evil… » Read More

John Coltrane Tribute At Cafe Stritch

LEGEND: John Coltrane is a jazz icon. His legacy will be honored at Cafe Stritch.

There are few names more synonymous with jazz than John Coltrane. The great saxophonist was a seminal figure in the development of bebop and one of the pioneers of free jazz. This Sunday, several artists will pay tribute to Coltrane. Veteran jazz saxophonist Steve Heckman will be joined by bassist Marcus Shelby,… » Read More

The NorCal Renaissance Faire

BIRDS OF A FEATHER: Dress up for good fun at the Renaissance Faire.

’Tis the season to strap on a corset and head to ye olde faire. For the next month, Casa de Fruta is an old-world paradise for fantasy cosplay lovers. Over 200 fine artisans will hawk their wares in the marketplace—selling everything from costumes and accessories to sweets and meaty turkey legs. Merrymaking… » Read More


Review: 'Mother!'

OH, MOTHER! Can this really be the end? To be stuck in J-Law's earhole with the Messiah blues again? Scene after scene, in tight closeup on Jennifer Lawrence's face, we peer into her eyeballs as if we were ophthalmologists. Watching Mother! you'd suspect that Lawrence was wearing a mechanical camera rig to follow her as closely as possible, some sort of selfie-stick cum halo-cast. She's been accused of overacting, but with the camera this close, it's Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan) who imprisons her. Every bad thing that happens-rather, every thing that's probably going to turn out bad-follows with a cut to Lawrence so she can react to it. We know exactly how she feels at every moment. Some ambiguity would have spiced up this Kafka fable » Read More

Review: 'Rebel in the Rye'

There are two ways to look at J.D. Salinger. The insufferably titled biopic Rebel in the Rye looks at only one of them. One is to consider Salinger as a veteran who triumphed over his PTSD to write the beloved Catcher in the Rye--whose desire to renounce all distraction, all "phoniness" made him turn his back on the world and forbid a film version of Catcher. And it's not that Salinger hated cinema--there are affectionate passages in Catcher about Sir Laurence Olivier's Hamlet (1948) and Hitchcock's The 39 Steps (1935). The other way to look at Salinger is as a snob-prince whose magnum opus created the scourge known as young adult literature: at its worst, so easy to read, so cravenly flattering to the adolescent perspective. » Read More

The Arts

The Curious Creativity of Nina Katchadourian

"Curiouser" at Cantor Arts Center gathers together several different series like this one from the artist's extant oeuvre. Katchadourian's dry wit is engaging. The overall impact of the exhibit erases the formal distance between the framed, mounted art and the viewing public. This is especially true when she is the subject of her own work. For example, the photographs in Lavatory Self-Portraits in the Flemish Style draw the viewer in closer because you want in on the joke. Katchadourian writes that the genesis of these self-portraits began for her on long airplane flights. She would retreat into the lavatory and shape the paper products there into clothing accessories as seen in 16th and 17th century Flemish paintings. There are » Read More

The Body Distilled: Loie Hollowell

Several years and a cross-continental move later, her work still centers on the human body. Through a deliberate use of color, light and sacred iconography, the New York-based painter creates images that evoke the most intimate and sexually explicit moments of our lives. "When I started realizing I wanted to paint, it just felt natural to make paintings about my own physical bodily experiences--my personal narrative, which is something I've always felt I have complete control over," Hollowell says. » Read More

Review: 'Cosi Fan Tutte'

Don Alfonso counters, wagering that he can prove all women are fickle—even the officers' beloved Dorabella and Fiordiligi. The men accept, and soon they are pretending to be called off to war, then disguising themselves in Eastern European garb and false mustaches, as they attempt to seduce each other's lover. At first, Dorabella and Fiordiligi are perplexed at their new "Albanian" guests, and are just as quick to deny their advances. But with a little finagling, lying, and with the added support of Don Alfonso (along with the ever-changing personas of chambermaid Despina), Ferrando and Guglielmo soon get in over their heads, risking their lovers for the sake of a misogynist gamble. » Read More

Features & Columns

The World According to Derf

One of the nation's most infamous serial killers, Jeffrey Dahmer was just one more kid that nobody noticed. A bullied misfit in a small, rural Ohio town in the mid-1970s, he dissected roadkill in secret, skinning it to get to the bones. He drank heavily, showing up stinking of booze at school, trying to drown his unspeakable urges. In his own numb, dead-faced way, Dahmer was always willing to participate in pranks. He got a kick out of pretending to be a spastic-lapsing into fits, cawing, bleating and brandishing a twisted-up arm, pranking the squares at the local mall or livening up the school cafeteria. A fellow student who helped put him up to the tricks was one John Backderf. » Read More

Distinguished Gentleman's Ride Saves Lives, Zooms into San Jose

For the first time in San Jose, more than 100 men will wear their finest tailored suits while riding classic or vintage-styled motorcycles for charity. Call it Triumph meets Tweed, or Mad Men on Motorbikes, if you will, but the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride, as it has come to be known, now unfolds in 600-plus cities throughout the world. Thousands of dudded-up and dapper dudes take to the streets to raise money for prostate cancer and men's mental health, with people from Melbourne to Serbia, from Vietnam to Wales, from Peru and Morocco to India and the Philippines all contributing. If you don't ride a motorcycle but still harbor a passion for the cause, sponsor a rider or make an anonymous donation. » Read More

Advice Goddess: How to Dismiss Creepy Guys at the Gym

Women have a tendency to be hinty and otherwise indirect in telling a guy they aren't interested. As personal security expert Gavin de Becker puts it in "The Gift of Fear": "Rejecting women often say less than they mean," and "men often hear less than what is said." Men's poor, um, hearing actually seems to be an evolutionary design feature. Research by evolutionary psychologists Martie Haselton and David Buss suggests that men evolved to be poor guessers about women's sexual interest in them--erring on the side of assuming a woman's interested when they have no definitive sign that she isn't (as in adult variations on "off my case, toilet face!"). » Read More

Free Will Astrology: Week of September 20, 2017

Psychologists say most people need a scapegoat--a personification of wickedness and ignorance onto which they can project the unacknowledged darkness in their own hearts. That's the bad news. Here's the good news: The coming weeks will be an excellent time for you to neutralize that reflex and at least partially divest yourself of the need for scapegoats. How? The first thing to do is identify your own darkness with courageous clarity. Get to know it better. Converse with it. Negotiate with it. The more conscientiously you deal with that shadowy stuff within you, the less likely you'll be to demonize other people. » Read More

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