Blood Sport

Is Theranos' Elizabeth Holmes Silicon Valley's new celebrity villainess, or a product of our culture? Read More

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Thu Mar 7

ABC's Dancing With the Stars has long been a ratings behemoth on the small screen. But it also draws big crowds to live productions at theaters around the country. This week the tour comes to San Jose, featuring many of the show's…

Thu Mar 7-10

See, touch and even test drive the very latest in automotive design--including hundreds of new cars, crossovers, trucks and SUV's. The Silicon Valley Auto Show is the perfect place for show goers to compare new models in a non-selling…

Thu Mar 7-10

When the low-born Monty Navarro learns that he's eighth in line for a family fortune, he figures his chances of outliving his predecessors are slight and so he sets off down a ghoulish path. Can he knock off his unsuspecting relatives…

Fri Mar 8

If you think about it, Santana Row is the perfect spot to relive the '80s. The whole shopping center has the McMansion look of Tony Montana's Miami hideout, replete with bull market prices and Reagan-era extravagances. But this…

Fri Mar 8

Lonnie Holley, one of the most innovative contemporary artists and musicians working today, will be speaking and performing in concert at the Cantor.

Fri Mar 8-10

Sarah Goldman invents a boyfriend to be the man of her mother's dreams then hires an actor to be that guy! What could go wrong? Watch as human improvisation and here's a good idea! bring comic situations that, in the end, well, you'll…

Sat Mar 9

Those who are a part of this city's nightlife scene know that San Jose is a lot like a small town. People watch out for each other. So when news of Robbie Matthews' untimely death reached Rachel Warner of The Caravan, one of Matthews'…

Sat Mar 9

Crafting high-quality beer starts with a flower. Most beer enthusiasts, however, will only experience the bitter punch of hops in a mug. But at the Hop 'N Vine Festival hop-heads will have the opportunity to get hands-on with whole…

Sat Mar 9

Dubstep began in England as a contemplative alternative to the more hard-edged styles of British club music, but by the time Skrillex came around, it was all car commercials, L.A. skylines and vodka tent pop-ups. Though they aren't…

Thru Mar 10

The Sunnyvale Community Players have been sticking to the classics this year, and their forthcoming show is no exception. The local theater company's annual junior production is "Bye Bye Birdie." The musical follows a group of local…

Thru Mar 10

Sarah Goldman invents a boyfriend to be the man of her mother's dreams -- then hires an actor to be that guy! What could go wrong? Watch as human improvisation and "here's a good idea!" bring comic situations that, in the end, well,…

Thru Mar 24

Fans of French electronic composer Anthony Gonzalez (better known as M83) are familiar with his capacity for creating vibrant and electrifying compositions. This is the man, after all, who named his hit 2011 album Hurry Up, We're…

Thru Mar 31

You've heard of Chuck Berry, Little Richard and Elvis, but if you're not a student of early rock & roll, you may not know much about Sister Rosetta Tharpe. A generation older than those landmark names, Tharpe was a critical influence…


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Music & Clubs

Thomas Lennon at Hicklebee’s Bookstore

MAGICAL YOUTH: Actor and author Thomas Lennon comes to Hicklebee's in support of his first YA novel.

Parents may remember Thomas Lennon as the Daisy Duke-wearing Nevada sheriff Lt. Jim Dangle from the Comedy Central mockumentary series Reno 911. But their children may come to know him through his series of young adult novels. Lennon is currently marking the first in that chronology, Ronan Boyle and the Bridge of… » Read More

‘Electic Feels’ at the Ritz

PLUGGED IN: For those who like music outside of the Top 40, L.A. Indie-dance night 'Electric Feels' comes to the Ritz.

Like so many great parties, Electric Feels got its start in Los Angeles. As you might guess from the night’s name—borrowed from one of MGMT’s biggest jams—DJs will be spinning all the electronically infused hits that kept you tuned into Live 105 for the first half of the 2000s: the bouncy spasticity… » Read More

Favela y Rosas at Club Rodeo

SABADO NOCHE: The collabroators behind 2018 hit 'La Escuela No Me Gusto,' Mexican stars Adriel Favela and Javier Rosas come to Club Rodeo.

Adriel Favela y Javier Rosas are two of Mexico’s rising stars within the narcocorrido genre. Just like American gangster rap—and heavy metal before that—the music, which centers around stories of cartel life, has drawn plenty of hand-wringing from the authorities. It’s also spawned real-life violence. Back in 2015, Rosas was the victim… » Read More


Review: 'Captain Marvel'

Brie Larson's brown-eyed and appealing underplaying sells this material, which isn't the freshest. She is called "Vers," an amnesiac soldier of the outer space Kree empire, with the ability to blast photon rays from her fists. The power is a gift from the Empire's all-highest, an AI simulation that appears to her in the shape of Annette Benning. Vers has a rep for being too unfocused and emotional, as she's always reminded by her superior officer and sparring partner (Jude Law). After a skirmish, Vers is captured by the pointy-eared Skrulls. Her dormant memories are stirred up during an interrogation by their diabolical leader, the Cockney-accented Taros (an amusing Ben Mendelsohn). » Read More

Elle Fanning at Cinequest

Elle Fanning's debut wasn't auspicious; at age 3 she played the young version of Sean Penn's daughter in I Am Sam (2001) wherein Penn played a mentally challenged man trying to adopt a child. Penn got an Oscar nomination, but the film is destined to be remembered forever as the subject of a four-word rule, as stated by Robert Downey, Jr. in Tropic Thunder (2008). Just as one loves too wisely and not too well, one can act too dumb. But Fanning has been smart, and her poise has been remarkable for someone of her years. Consider the regret she brought to Super 8 (2011), where she played an Ohio steel-town girl pinched by sorrow, one of the better recreations of a '70s youth in a modern movie. » Read More

The Arts

Review: 'Bullets Over Broadway'

There is some excess, sure--interactions are melodramatic, the accents are ridiculous--but it's all part of the fun. As David, Adam Cotugno is hopeful and cherubic, serving as a straight man foil to the rest of the miscreant cast. Nick Mandracchia as Cheech is shrewd but comical, pouncing on David's innocence in a believable but entertaining duel of wits. Carla Befera as Helen Sinclair is perfectly boozy and fierce. However, the standout role is Olive, played by Jocelyn Pickett. She upstages almost everyone else by default. Through song and monologue, she is bombastic without being overbearing, raucous without being lewd, coalescing in a hilarious performance that carries the show in loud, parade-like package. » Read More

'Volta' Goes For Big Air, Comes Up Short

For those who grew up in a world where the police regularly chased skateboarders out of public squares, Cirque du Soleil's action sports-embracing Volta is a kind of bittersweet vindication. The mainstream acceptance of all forms of extreme athleticism is nothing new. Gleaming the Cube hit movie theaters in 1989. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater debuted on the Playstation in 1999. And in October, Apple released a commercial for its latest iPhone X model that featured a gaggle of free runners cartwheeling down flights of stairs and vaulting over cars. Next summer, skateboarding is set to drop into the 2020 Olympic Games. » Read More

Michael Richards Retrospective at Stanford Art Gallery

You can hear the sculpture of a head rotating on its axis before you zero in on the location of the whirring sound. It's one of five heads, each one mounted on its own pedestal. From the entryway, the heads project an alabaster sheen that's smudged by black ink running across their faces. There are gold plaques underneath each one. Four of them read, "When I was young I wanted to be a policeman." Beneath the fifth and central figure the plaque reads, "A loss of faith brings vertigo," which doubles as the name of the work as a whole. That middle head is the whitest of the five except for a significant black oblong blotch marring the forehead. It's a bullseye that's lost its shape, melting, molten and dripping down toward the bridge of the » Read More

Features & Columns

Blood Sport

A gaggle of photographers stands in the courtyard of downtown San Jose's federal building on a cold January day. It's clearly a bigger deal than the hacker trials or corporate battles, such as Apple v. Samsung, that unfold there and sometimes attract media attention. "Which case?" I ask. "Theranos," a paparazzo replies. A reporter spots the 35-year-old founder and former CEO in a hallway, before she ducks into a room by the exit. "She's fixing her hair," the reporter speculates. A few minutes pass and Elizabeth Holmes emerges with her attorney. She's dressed in an all-black pants suit, with hair tied back. She looks straight ahead as she takes long, purposeful strides and the cameras follow her to the crosswalk by Original Joe's. » Read More

Silicon Alleys: Tandoori Fusion Grill Gets a Makeover

If the hideous beige buildings of downtown San Jose tend to bring you down, if the neighborhood's decades-old color palette of faded brown, off-white and jaundice yellow depresses you, then hire Patrick Hofmeister. Especially if you're trying to bootstrap an Indian fusion restaurant. Situated directly across from City Hall in a location formerly occupied by a seedy pho joint, Tandoori Fusion Grill opened a few years ago, but now finds itself with a brand-new matrix of resources. Hofmeister initially showed up as a customer, but soon realized he could provide additional skill sets and connections to accentuate the eatery's already intriguing culinary delights. As a result, he became business partners with owner Jagath Ranasinghe, who then » Read More

Advice Goddess: Why Can't He Figure Things Out on His Own?

Still, it isn't a surprise that you'd go, "Wait...faithful to the first one, faithful to the next one; must've been why these relationships tanked!" This leap you're making probably comes out of how uncomfortable our minds are with uncertainty. According to research by cognitive neuroscientist Michael Gazzaniga, a mechanism in our brain's left hemisphere that he calls "the interpreter" steps in to fill in the blanks, to save us from the cognitive chaos by coming up with an explanation. Unfortunately, it's like the world's sloppiest detective. It quickly scans for any patterns or vaguely plausible meanings and then just goes with them, creating a narrative that seems to make sense of our experience (and never mind the tedious snore of » Read More

Free Will Astrology: Week of March 13, 2019

The coming weeks might be a good time to acquire a flamethrower. It would come in handy if you felt the urge to go to a beach and incinerate mementos from an ex-ally. It would also be useful if you wanted to burn stuff that reminds you of who you used to be and don't want to be any more; or if you got in the mood to set ablaze symbols of questionable ideas you used to believe in but can't afford to believe in any more. If you don't want to spend $1,600-plus on a flamethrower, just close your eyes for 10 minutes and visualize yourself performing acts of creative destruction like those I mentioned. » Read More

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