Second Life

San Jose's most traveled battle-rapper puts down the mic to give voice to local dogs. Read More


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$25 to Celia's Mexican Restaurant

Win a $25 gift card for Celia's Mexican Restaurant in Palo Alto. Drawing February 9, 2022.

$25 to Billy's Boston Chowder House

Win a $25 gift card for Billy's Boston Chowder House in Los Gatos. Drawing February 23, 2022.

Music & Clubs

That Rock and Roll

AIN’T SELLING: For more than three decades, the Supersuckers have carved out their own space in rock.

The Supersuckers have made a career out of not being serious. How else to explain a body of work that includes songs like “Pretty Fucked Up,” “Born With a Tail” and “I’m a Fucking Genius”? In their 34 years as a band, the heavy-metal-meets-outlaw-country group started by bassist/vocalist Eddie Spaghetti has, in… » Read More

Made in China

DREAM FACTORY: A worker assembles a sex doll in the documentary film ‘Ascension.’

Jennifer Baichwal and Edward Burtynsky’s documentary, Manufactured Landscapes (2006), did a wonderful job depicting the brave new world of large-scale manufacturing in the early 2000s, particularly in China, with its acres of space, armies of workers and miles of assembly lines stretching out nearly to infinity, producing consumer goods for everyone on… » Read More

Comedy Night at The Branham Lounge

LOCAL COMEDY: Drea Meyer is bringing  comedy night to the southside

Comedy fans on San Jose’s southside are used to taking at least one freeway on-ramp for a night out. Luckily, however, the Branham Lounge, resplendent home of the fireside drink, has been bringing some of the best in Bay Area comedy down south. This Sunday, the very funny San Jose native Drea… » Read More

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Thu Feb 20

At Palermo, our chef brings on the table a selection of authentic Sicilian recipes all made with fresh ingredients imported from the Island of the Sun. Authentic Sicilian food brought to you by authentic Sicilian!

Thu Feb 20

Formed in 2015, the Las Vegas-based hip-hop jazz band The Lique mix rap, jazz, soul, funk and rock into a vibrant musical concoction that is proven to keep you dancing. The group is a self-described "jazz family first and foremost"…

Thu Feb 20

At the same time that other, fussier British rock bands were playing around with classical allusions and 12-minute song suites in the early 1970s, Foghat was keeping it simple with brawny, unpretentious, boogie-based guitar-rock that…

Fri Feb 21

Born in a small seaport town in Connecticut, 28-year-old electronic music producer and DJ Audien has been making music since 2008. He got his first big break 2012 when he was featured on Armin van Buuren's A State of Trance…

Fri Feb 21

2018 Summer Fest artist Aaron Abernathy is a rising pianist/singer with a style rooted in gospel and the organic, acoustic soul of the early '70s. Frequent collaborator of hip-hop artist Black Milk, Abernathy has created a stir with…

Fri Feb 21

Few musicians embody the spontaneous energy of jazz like Matt Wilson. The New York-based drummer combines buoyant zeal, idiosyncratic style, infectious humor, joyous swing, and an indomitable spirit of surprise. Together, with his…

Fri Feb 21-29

Get ready for some fun for the whole family when SCP's junior production of FREAKY FRIDAY hits the Sunnyvale Theatre stage! Based on the beloved 1972 novel by Mary Rodgers and the hit Disney films, FREAKY FRIDAY is a fantastic new…

Sat Feb 22

For the past 24 years, The Choral Project has wowed audiences with its mix of classical repertoire and boundary-bending modern choral works. This weekend, TCP returns to Santa Clara for a performance of Art of Sound :: Oceans of…

Sat Feb 22

In the annals of San Jose skate-punk history, one band looms larger than all the rest. Featuring South Bay skateboarding legend Steve Caballero on guitar and Gavin O'Brien--brother to Corey O'Brien, another San Jose pro and owner of…

Sun Feb 23

Enjoy a Big Easy brunch and music from The Sons of The Soul Revivers--all while helping support the upcoming Fountain Blues & Brews Festival, scheduled for June 20 at Plaza de Cesar Chavez. The Morgan brothers--the three-part vocal…

Thru Feb 23

With music and lyrics by Tom Jones and a book by Harvey Schmidt, The Fantasticks holds the distinction of being the longest-running Broadway musical. The musical fable puts a quirky twist on the narratives of Romeo & Juliet and West…

Thru Apr 19

"Ten Japanese-American Concentration Camps," featuring photos by photographer, teacher and mixed media artist, Renee Billingslea. The exhibit revisits F.D.R.'s Executive Order 9066, which authorized Japanese Relocation in 1942.…


Show Goes On

By the second week, those fears were confirmed as the organizers of the festival in San Jose and Redwood City pulled the plug, Covid-19 cases increased and public health officials forbade gatherings. A year later, the festival returns, this time fully virtual, from March 20 to 30 with 199 films and shows from 55 countries, most of which will be available to stream throughout the festival. Another 13 "Spotlight" events will punctuate the festival with Zoom Q&As and "red carpet" interviews with filmmakers and actors and peeks at rough cuts. » Read More

Big Shorts

There comes a time in every reporter's career when an actor must be interviewed because they've directed a short film. These moments are fraught with anxiety because the films are often vanity projects created for the sake of showcasing some nascent talent the actor believes has been overlooked, without ever questioning why. I'm happy to report this is decidedly not the case with Zach Woods' debut directorial effort, David, a hilarious, humanistic portrait of psychic healing that should be prescribed viewing for the sake of global mental health. » Read More

The Arts

Power Pop

As society begins to reemerge, so too has discussion about the shameful treatment of female celebrities over the last two decades and beyond. In recent years, Britney Spears, Megan Fox, Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson have all spoken out about their mistreatment by the press and public. With each story, new heartbreaking admissions illuminate the abuse these women and others faced in the endless churn of celebrity. » Read More

Poetic Push

This June, Reed won its first Pushcart Prize, a national award for small presses considered "the most honored literary project in America." The selected poem was "Father's Belt," an intense and emotionally complex work by former Onion and McSweeny's writer Kurt Luchs. "Father's Belt" appeared in Reed Issue 153. Released toward the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown, with all content chosen in 2019, the issue serves as something of a "time capsule," Smith says. Throughout 2019, Reed had made a renewed outreach to literary presences throughout the Bay Area, holding events with San Francisco's Litquake and SJSU's own Legacy of Poetry Festival. » Read More

Don't Blink

Like many traveling exhibits, the Cantor Arts Center's When Home Won't Let You Stay: Migration through Contemporary Art spent months in the planning. Starting as a mockup in 3-D software, it morphed continuously over the bumpy ride of re-thinkings and adaptations driven by Covid-19. » Read More

Features & Columns

Verse Chorus

That's proven true once again in the pandemic. Virtual poetry workshops sprang up in response to the physical and emotional confinement of Covid-19. The Hope Storytelling Project was one successful movement, founded during the early quarantine by two Harvard students who said they were inspired by the need "to share the therapeutic power of poetry" and "create a sense of solace and community." Vermont-based poet James Crews, co-host of an online webinar I've been attending, says that one reason poetry has provided solace this year is because it's a powerful medium for working through change. » Read More

Silicon Alleys: The Best Goal

Next week will see the 40th anniversary of a legendary goal George Best scored at Spartan Stadium when playing for the original San Jose Earthquakes in the old North American Soccer League. For decades now, journalists, biographers, commentators, coaches and fans around the world have discussed that goal, in which Best angrily went past half the Fort Lauderdale team all by himself on July 22, 1981. Millions have watched it on YouTube. I attended that game as a kid, and even I feel like I've watched it a million times. » Read More

Free Will Astrology: Week of July 14, 2021

In his poem "Litany," Aries poet Billy Collins testifies that he is "the sound of rain on the roof." He also claims to be "the moon in the trees, the paper blowing down an alley, the basket of chestnuts on the kitchen table, and the shooting star." He does make it clear, however, that he is not "the bread and the knife" on the table, nor the "crystal goblet and the wine." What about you, Aries? What are all the earthy and fiery phenomena that you are? Are you, as Billy Collins suggests, "the dew on the morning grass and the burning wheel of the sun and the marsh birds suddenly in flight"? Now would be an excellent time to dream up your own version of such colorful biographical details. » Read More

Back to the Chateau

It's the same highway traversed by hippie mystics and dharma bums, the one Hunter S. Thompson cruised up and down on his beastly Vincent Black Shadow motorcycle during late nights of insomnia. The asphalt Ken Kesey and his Merry Pranksters traveled in their notorious psychedelic bus, dispensing alternate realities to unsuspecting normies with beatnik wisdom and LSD-laced Kool Aid. » Read More

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