Volkswagen Presents Warren Miller's Timeless

Warren Miller Entertainment kicks off the season with its 70th ski and snowboard film Read More

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Fri Nov 8

For a group as ostensibly anarchic as Brockhampton sometimes seems, this LA-based "boy band" has demonstrated some serious discipline. Much like Odd Future did in the early 2010s, this sprawling collective of rappers, singers,…

Fri Nov 8

The Dutch house music duo of Willem van Hanegem and Ward van der Harst, blend uplifting and melodic elements of trance music with the raw intensity of electro and progressive house. Their genre-blurring sound has carried them to the…

Fri Nov 8-10

Lynn Nottage's 2017 Pulitzer Prize-winning drama takes place during the Great Recession of 2008. A group of co-workers, friends and family members struggle to find jobs or cling to the ones they have. When someone is given a chance to…

Fri Nov 8-17

Meet Joy, a young woman who renews her joy for life and regains her sense of self when she suddenly becomes connected to a family she's never met. Based on a true story, this engaging comedic drama explores being given a second chance…

Sat Nov 9

Hip-hop producers Ali Shaheed Muhammed (of A Tribe Called Quest) and Adrian Younge are the dynamic duo behind The Midnight Hour, a retro-futuristic project fusing black music across genres and contexts. Drawing upon jazz, rap, funk…

Sat Nov 9

Philharmonic musicians and their friends in wind, string and brass ensembles Josef Haydn Sonata No. 5 for Violin and Piano Josef Achron Hebrew Melody

Sat Nov 9

New Japan Showdown (NJS) will hit the San Jose Civic on Saturday, November 9. Huge names have just been announced, including Ibushi, White, Naito, and Suzuki who are among the names headed to the West Coast in November.

Sat Nov 9-10

Audiences will experience the next chapter of the Harry Potter Film Concert Series with Symphony Silicon Valley and SSV Chorale performing every note from Harry Potter and the The Half-Blood Prince while the film plays on a high…

Sun Nov 10

Button Making! Pipecleaner sculptures! Felted Sewing Crafts!

Sun Nov 10

For the past month, two floors of the MLK library have been home to overflowing ofrendas complete with candles, sugar skulls and marigold pedal pathways, all assembled as part of the library's "Art of Remembrance" Dia de Muertos…

Sun Nov 10

North of the Rio Grande, even after three decades together, Caifanes is still only well known to a cult-like rock-en-Espanol audience. But in their native Mexico, the band ranks among alt-rock's greatest acts, combining ambitious…


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Win tickets to the holiday spectacular Cirque Dreams 'Holidaze' at San Jose Civic. Drawing December 3.

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Music & Clubs

Built to Spill Play ‘Keep it Like a Secret’ at Rio Theatre

BUILT TO LAST: Doug Martsch, center, looks back on 20 years of ‘Keep it Like a Secret.’

For a generation of indie rockers, Built to Spill’s 1999 record, Keep It Like a Secret, is one of the great heavyweights—often mentioned in the same breath as Pavement’s Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain and Modest Mouse’s Lonesome Crowded West. Situated between two longer, more meandering albums in the band’s catalog, Keep It… » Read More

‘Reel Rock’ at Mountain View CPA

ROCK DOC: Three short films about rock-climbing come to the Mountain View CPA in 'Reel Rock.'

It’s a long way to the top if you want to rock and reel. A series of climbing films are coming to Mountain View to keep all you Silicon Valley senders stoked, even as the days get shorter, colder and (presumably… eventually) wetter. The event will feature three short documentaries: The High… » Read More

‘Hansel and Gretel’ at California Theatre

MAGICAL TALE: San Jose Opera presents the classic tale of siblings, witches, and edible houses.

Opera San Jose is kicking off the holiday season with a production of Engelbert Humperdinck’s family-friendly opera. Kids ages 6 and older who attend will not only enjoy a fully produced opera, they’ll also receive a small gift upon entrance, intermission treats, and opportunities to interact with costumed characters and be photographed… » Read More


Review: 'Watchmen'

It helps to know the original anyway. Both the 1986 graphic novel and the 2009 film it inspired revolve around a group of forcibly retired masked heroes who learn that one of their number was thrown out a high window. A Krishna-blue atomic superman known as Dr. Manhattan (as in "the Manhattan Project") is key to the investigation. His presence assured American supremacy in the world and helped Richard Nixon ease into his fourth term. But he's slowly becoming a deity, uninterested in human affairs. He vanishes, and nuclear war with the USSR looms. » Read More

Preview: 'Two-Spirit Powwow'

In Two-Spirit Powwow Emmy-winning producer and Santa Clara University alumnus Rick Bacigalupi profiles the Bay Area American Indian Two-Spirit (BAAIT) gathering at Fort Mason, which anticipates about 5,000 attendees in February. The interviews here include Sheldon Raymore, of the Cheyenne River Lakota Nation, who describes his mother's reaction to his coming out: first rejection, then, years later, acceptance. The facially tattooed Tongva-Ajachmen L. Frank Manriquez is the first woman to become the Powow's emcee. » Read More

The Arts

'Sense of Self' at SJICA

None of the bare-chested black men in Erica Deeman's photo series "Brown" smile or look into your eyes. They avert their gaze from the photographer, the camera lens and the unseen viewer in the gallery. Deeman crops each square image just below the shoulders, mid-torso. There's a purposeful uniformity to the images, only five of which have been culled from the entire series. She places each subject against a mocha-colored backdrop, one that she's chosen to match her own mixed-racial skin tone. In an interview for her 2017 show at the Anthony Meier Fine Arts gallery in San Francisco, Deeman said she's exploring "the spectrum of brownness." » Read More

TheatreWorks Silicon Valley's New Director

Bond knows he has big shoes to fill. Kelley founded TheatreWorks in 1970, directing more than 175 productions and growing the company from a small youth troupe to one of the Bay Area's most respected professional regional theater companies and launching the New Works Festival, which draws theater lovers and professionals from around the country every year. Building on Kelley's legacy, Bond has set his sights on producing works by contemporary playwrights that reflect the diverse cultures of the world and get to the pith of some of our society's most intractable modern dilemmas. » Read More

Well Received

As a Hall of Fame inductee, three-time Super Bowl-winner and a regular on GOAT short lists, its safe to say Jerry Rice has a different perspective on the game of football than the average sportswriter. In 2015, Rice released his first historical book, co-written with author Randy O. Williams, a Fremont native. That New York Times bestseller, titled 50 Years, 50 Moments, laid out a chronology of the Super Bowl, which was celebrating its 50th birthday. Out of those many championship matches, Rice played in four of them, with his San Francisco 49rs winning three. Rice even took home the big game's MVP in 1989. So he knows something about the Super Bowl. » Read More

Features & Columns

Silicon Alleys: SJSU Track Stars Couldn't Outrun Racism in the 1950s

Leave it to the San Jose Museum of Art to trigger forgotten sports history. Turns out, the San Jose of 60 years ago was much more happening that most people realize. Last week a conversation for the museum's lunchtime lecture series, "Black Athletes and the Speed City Era at San Jose State College," featured local sports historian Urla Hill and sprinter Bob Poynter discussing the renowned track program led by Bud Winter, in particular the late '50s. Speed City: From Civil Rights to Black Power, an exhibit Hill originally curated at History San Jose in 2007, is currently on display at the museum. » Read More

Advice Goddess: How Do I Learn to Live and Let Live?

So, basically, this is you: "I wish they allowed dogs in my building, but no biggie. I'll take this thing you did in 2006 and make it my special pet." On the other end of the spectrum from endlessly re-prosecuting relationship misdemeanors is forgiveness. Evolutionary psychologist Michael McCullough explains in "Beyond Revenge" that "forgiveness is an internal process of getting over your ill will" for somebody who's wronged you and then "experiencing a return of goodwill" and "opening yourself up to the possibility of a renewed positive relationship" with the person. » Read More

Free Will Astrology: Week of November 13, 2019

If there are any potential Aries heroes or leaders or saviors out there, the coming weeks will be a favorable time for you to fully bloom and assert your practical magnificence. The lessons you have learned while improvising workable solutions for yourself are ripe to be applied to the riddles that are puzzling your tribe or group or gang. I want to let you know, however, that to achieve maximum effectiveness, you should be willing to do good deeds for people who may not be able to pay you back. » Read More


Arriving at the Roosevelt on Thursday afternoon, the reception clerk apologized for the inconvenience. Hollywood Boulevard was shut down in front of the Chinese Theater with steel traffic fences, drapes, tents and carpeting; the hotel's iconic David Hockney pool was closed for a private party; and Hoffa for President banners hung in the lobby. Referencing my Italian last name, he cryptically mentioned that all the big names would be there, but couldn't tell me more. Slipping into the heavily-secured pool deck via service entrance later that night, I was impressed by the free-flowing Chivas Regal and champagne, ice cream sundae bar, the hot dog stand's vegan options, the cigar rolling station, swimsuit models inside floating water balls and » Read More

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