Channeling Memphis and Mumbai, Aki Kumar Crafts a
Bi-Continental Sound Revolution

Aki Kumar finds success merging the music of his homeland with the blues Read More

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Join CineArts of Santana Row as they showcase an array of world class international films. Genres range from suspense to romantic comedy so that everyone can enjoy the festival! Come celebrate and take in the creativity that is short…

Get down every third Friday night to the best new house music at the Cardiff Lounge with special guest DJs and resident DJs Arturo Garces.

The Safe in Sound festival is coming to San Jose and is bringing along high-energy performances by Borgore, Ookay, SAN HOLO, TERRAVITA, and LAXX. Get ready to for some EDM fun!

Amy's musical performance is ever changing. She may be solo, with a band, or using a looper. What's a looper? It's Amy's newest project where she layers upon her own solo performance with up to ten part harmonies, beat boxing, bass…

7th Wave is a very musical, acoustic band composed of three lead singers each with thier own talented chops. Cynthia Larson gifts the trio with her elegant voice and rhythms on percussion and guitar. Her voice has been featured on…

After 3 years Jethro returns to the Bay Area to share his very own written music.

Celebrate American Folk Music. The Kingston Trio, an American Icon! Live in Concert.

Mollie O'Brien sings. Does she ever. Jazz, R&B, blues, gospel, southern mountain traditional - you name it. And she approaches each with an ease that makes you think she was steeped in the style since the first time a note left her…

An exhibit of tradtional and contemporary altars by local artists including: Rick Moreno Jr., Curator, Raquel Burciaga, Carlos Villez, Claudia Lopez, Daniel Martinez, Phyllis Carrasco, Diane Gaspar, Lissa Jones, Jessica Torres, Cheryl…

Guitarist Al Anderson himself played with Bob Marley and in order to keep his music alive joined with original keyboardist and background singer Tyrone Downie and a group of handpicked musicians to honor the history and integrity of…

Orange Effect Workouts with Orangetheory Fitness South Bay Regional Head Coach Daniel "Dubbs" Williams will lead morning workouts designed to push you to the max.

The best way to make an impression is in person. At the QS World MBA Tour in Palo Alto on Monday, October 24th you can meet face-to-face with admissions directors from a range of top business schools. This event is a one-stop shop for…

Halloween Haunt is an in-your-face scare experience complete with six spine-tingling haunted mazes, four themed scare zones, four head-turning live stage shows and one gruesome themed attraction, plus the park's collection of…

Jacobs Farm began in 1980 as a small, organic family farm on California's Central Coast. Founders Larry Jacobs and Sandra Belin focused on producing organic, sustainable crops of healthy, flavorful food from the beginning. Today,…

No longer do you stand waiting in line, now you have a whole Midway of Terror to entertain you even before entering the two attractions. This year, the experience will be a whole detailed pre-show that gets the mood or was it blood…


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Music & Clubs

Supersuckers: Country Punks Die Hard

AIN'T NO GRAVE: Supersuckers frontman Eddie Spaghetti is recovering from throat cancer and out on the road. Photo by Kaz.

With a well-deserved reputation as one of the hardest working bands in rock & roll, the Supersuckers have been on the road for nearly three decades now, blazing a path across stages around the world. But that all came to an abrupt halt in June of last year, when singer and bassist… » Read More

Obituary: Gilroy Blues Guitarist John Garcia

The late Gilroy blues guitarist John Garcia died over the weekend. Photo by Andy Nozuka.

The longtime blues musician and South Bay native John Garcia has died. The Grammy-nominated guitarist—who performed with the likes of John Lee Hooker, B.B. King, Paul Simon and Bonnie Raitt passed away over the weekend in Gilroy, where he was born. Garcia’s loyal following knew him as much for his guitar finesse… » Read More

Bollywood Blues: Channeling Memphis and Mumbai, Aki Kumar Crafts a Bi-Continental Sound

SOUL MAN: Aki Kumar finds success merging the music of his homeland with the blues. Photo by Harry Who.

The blues is a beguiling art form. Tangled up in this country’s legacy of slavery and oppression it is first and foremost a folk tradition. It requires no formal training to play and can be sung without instrumental accompaniment. And yet, its simplicity often obscures its power and scope. Though it is most… » Read More


San Jose International Short Film Festival

Before he rallied Groot, Gamora, Rocket Racoon and Peter Quill, Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn was an independent filmmaker working at the bare-bones level-as per the streety, funny Super. Gunn, attending this year's San Jose International Short Film Festival, is having an award named after him. Raised in St. Louis, Gunn had his first breakthrough working with the famed low-budget auteur, New Jersey's Lloyd Kaufman. Gunn said he learned about every aspect of filmmaking, from scripting, to choreographing sex scenes, to designing the poster, when working on Tromeo and Juliet (1996) which recently screened at MoMA. » Read More

UNAFF Brings News of the World

Travelling from location to location in the South Bay, this 10-day fest is proudly feminist. Sara Nesson's Poster Girl tells of Robynn Murray, a volunteer who joined the Army and ended up on the cover of the Army Times. Eventual PTSD from her service prompts her to return to Iraq in the hopes of seeking closure. Apache 8 is the story of the Apache fire women who fight the blazes in the Arizona hills. Janine di Giovanni is a war correspondent—profiled in Robert Rippberger's 7 Days in Syria; she practices a dangerous profession that killed a colleague of hers. Feminism Inshallah: A History of Arab Feminism is Feriel Ben Mahmoud's look at the traditions that fundamentalists are trying to suppress. Nefertiti's Daughter by Racha Najdi and » Read More

The Arts

Kyle Pellet's 'Attitude' Adjustment

Dream-like states have long been a theme in Pellet's work. Strange, half-formed and brightly colored characters traverse anonymous mallscapes, parking lots and waiting rooms-roaming like zombies in a suburban, consumerist fugue-always moving but rarely interacting. Many of his paintings recall the work of Keith Haring, if Haring had been from San Jose instead of New York, and had whiled away his days at Oakridge Mall instead of the subway. "I think that's just my past, how I navigate the past maybe," Pellet says contemplating the preponderance of malls in his work. "Somehow I just latched onto that language, or those feelings. Most of what I want to communicate can be communicated through these strange spaces and textures. Suburban San » Read More

A Dangerous Art Show

The Arsenal's newest exhibition, "If Looks Could Kill" is both an innovative take on contemporary portraiture and an homage to an art show out of the 15th century. The first solo show by San Jose-based artist Adam Porwol features a series of seductive female portraits painted with dangerous pigments. Displayed without name or designation-save warnings on the dangerous chemicals used, including arsenic, lead and mercury-the collection of beautiful, scantily clad women has elements of both hyperrealism and expressionism. Textured in an almost pointillist style-except with thin, string-like brush strokes comprising the figures-Porwol creates spellbinding visual effects out of an otherwise forgettable subject matter. » Read More

Sculptor Bruce Beasley Turns to 3D Printers

Schapp says she couldn't pass up the opportunity to show the Oakland-based artist's new work. The 12 ivory-colored pieces in the Coriolis series were fabricated from resinous material known as acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, or ABS. Using computer models, these lovely, sensuous sculptures were created using a large-format 3-D printer. According to Schapp, it took four days to print each of the four sections in each sculpture. A close look at the twisting, curving noodle-like shapes reveals the seams where the individual parts of each sculpture were joined. » Read More

Features & Columns

Punk Rock Fanzine 'Eat Poop' Returns to Grimy Downtown Roots

If people in this city can wax nostalgic about canneries and orchards, I have the right to fondly recall the grand old days of a punk rock magazine called Eat Poop. Now, just so you'll read further, let me explain a few things. I'm probably giving way too much credit by calling it a "magazine," when in reality Eat Poop was a fanzine. But it was one that featured artwork, poetry, music reviews and everything that zines tend to do. Back in the early '90s, as the original SoFA District era raged with punk, metal, college-radio rock, cheap beer and way too many stoner bands, a thunderous punk scenester named Nathan Nothin' regularly cranked out issues of Eat Poop from his place near Fifth and St. James. To my knowledge, it was the only San » Read More

No Turning Back from On-Demand Food Delivery Revolution

Chef David Kinch has spearheaded one of the most successful restaurants in the world in his 3 Michelin Star restaurant Manresa in Los Gatos, so the idea of customers walking up to a hostess stand, perusing the menu and ordering takeout would seem more than a bit presumptuous. Once-in-a-lifetime fine dining experiences don't exactly do to-go. But Kinch has an impressive array of less expensive restaurants that cater to a more economically eclectic crowd. His fame-and undeniably inventive, delicious cuisine-has been enough to keep the 60 or so seats of his latest venture, The Bywater, filled during dinner service seven days a week. Despite the apparent rush of customers to the New Orleans-inspired eatery, also located in Los Gatos, The » Read More

San Jose, SJSU Partnership Revives Hammer Theatre

Last week in downtown San Jose, the C2SV conference intertwined with a nexus of activity that blurred the boundaries between arts, design and urban planning, along with the ever-evolving ways in which San Jose State University (SJSU) and the city government are getting back together again. First, the SoFA Design Crawl brought out at least a few hundred SJSU students to South First Street. In addition, regulars and non-regulars got a unique chance to see several design businesses like Whipsaw, Decca Design and Elemental8 all showcase their current projects. Everyone walks by these buildings, yet no one knows about the innovation transpiring inside them, so it was a fantastic idea for everyone involved. Entirely new demographics of people » Read More

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