Cluing In

How former 'Metro' journalist-turned-private-investigator Kelly Luker learned the hard truths about a profession shrouded in mystery Read More

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Thu May 17-18

Fresh from sold out performances at New York City's Legendary Joe's Pub at The Public Theater, Joe Gulla's "FAGGY at 50" makes its Bay Area debut! This captivating monologue is described by Woman Around Town as "warm, surprising, and…

Thu May 17-19

The Princess Bride is back and better than ever! This fan favorite movie is one of our annual events so we're happy to announce Westley, Inigo, and Fezzik are back again to save the fair Princess Bride. But beware: it's a kissing…

Thu May 17-20

Spring is in the air and for Pear Theatre patrons, that means the fifteenth annual Pear Slices, a collection of original, short plays from the members of the Pear Playwrights Guild. In fifteen-minute vignettes, a stunning variety of…

Fri May 18

Passers-by will experience a new version of the San Pedro Square promenade beginning May 18, when a quartet of locally owned, mini retailers will open on the garage side of the ever-popular thoroughfare. A new approach to retail, the…

Fri May 18

Make America hyphy again at the Back Bar SoFa, where Northern California rappers Clyde Carson, Celly Cel and Big Tone will get live for an evening that will undoubtedly include thizz dancing and hopefully, at least one audience…

Fri May 18-20

Experience the world-renowned CELEBRATION OF INVENTION, CREATIVITY & CURIOSITY. Immerse yourself in Maker culture with over 800 exhibits, 6+ stages, big art and spectacle, hands-on making and learning--all showcasing the creative and…

Sat May 19

An all-female cast of composers and songwriters perform 20 original songs inspired by and in honor of 20 remarkable women leaders, paying homage to the extraordinary achievements and courageous life choices made by women worldwide. A…

Sat May 19

Summer Fest 2017 hit Taimane returns to San Jose Jazz for an intimate performance. Performing in the spotlight in Hawaii since she first joined Don Ho on stage at age 13, Taimane has carved out a robust career by committing to her…

Sat May 19

Come down to the first ever comedy show in a wood-shop! Every other Saturday of the month we will be bringing together a stacked lineup of hilarious local and touring comics at the Studio by Terra Amico! This FREE show (18+) is from…

Sun May 20

Bring your baskets. Meet your neighbors. Tote the tots. Take the train. Join us for the kick-off of the Farmers Market at Bay Meadows. This new Sunday market in the Bay Meadows urban village offers certified California produce,…

Sun May 20

It doesn't get more Silicon Valley than this: experience the New Ballet's rendition of Sleeping Beauty by plugging into live commentary and insights on the performance from expert ballerinas right from your seat. Inspired by her…

Thru June 17

The Siegel runs May 17-June 17, 2018. (No performance on May 20.) Showtimes: Thurs.-Sat., 8 p.m., Sundays at 2 p.m. Tickets: $21-$42. Discounts for seniors (55+), students, educators and groups of 10+. ($2 surcharge for phone and…


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Tickets to The Empire Strips Back

Win tickets to The Empire Strips Back: A Burlesque Parody at California Theatre on June 7. Drawing June 4.

Tickets to see Quakes vs. LA Galaxy

Win 4 tickets to see the SJ Earthquakes vs. LA Galaxy at Stanford Stadium on June 30. Drawing June 6.

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Music & Clubs

Gumbo Party at Poor House Bistro

HOT LICKS: Jerry Miller (of Moby Grape) headlines this celebration of blues and gumbo.

Gumbo goes down best with live blues music (you can look it up), and San Jose’s Poor House Bistro is bringing out some big guns from the Bay Area blues scene. Among the headliners playing the Gumbo Party are Moby Grape frontman Jerry Miller (pictured), boogie-woogie pianist Mitch Woods, veteran vocalist Andy… » Read More

Aivi & Surasshu at Art Boutiki

GIRL & MACHINE: Aivi & Surasshu, whose music can be heard in 'Steven Universe,' come to Art Boutiki.

Music production duo Aivi Tran and Steven “Surasshu” Velema bill themselves as an “organic girl” and a “machine boy.” Together they compose tunes that meld blippy electronic beats, glistening synths and live piano. The result is reminiscent of the music that soundtracked some of the best RPGs of the last 30 years—from… » Read More

Rade Serbedzija & Miroslav Tadic

BALKAN MASTERS: Both celebrated in their own right, Serbedzija and Tadic combine forces at the Trianon.

Two of the most celebrated performing artists of Eastern Europe combine forces Sunday at the Trianon. Croatian actor, director and musician Serbedzija and groundbreaking Serbian guitarist Tadic have recorded and performed together on and off for years, but are better known for their individual accomplishments. Serbedzija ranks among the most popular Yugoslav… » Read More


Review: 'Solo: A Star Wars Story'

You can't exactly blurb a film: "Lacks zeitgeist!" But as Ron Howard directs the back story of noble rogue Han Solo in the stand-alone Solo: A Star Wars Story, it has two principle disappointments. It's neither as full of revolutionary ardor as Rogue One, nor as touching as the last two installments, where seemingly immortal childhood heroes bit the dust. Co-scripted by Lawrence Kasdan, who co-wrote The Empire Strikes Back, this is certainly one of the most romantic of the 10 films so far. But it's also spotted with doughy patches, heavy info dumps and battle scenes that aren't quite coherent... even though the different sides helpfully use different colored lasers so you can always tell who is shooting whom. » Read More

Review: 'Deadpool 2'

As if it were Honest Movie Trailers: The Movie, the second installment in the Deadpool franchise leavens the hit-making Marvel mix of fight scenes, flashbacks and explosions with dick jokes. Our protagonist, Wade (the ultra-bro, Ryan Reynolds), was a mercenary. He was left with a complexion like a Costco cheese pizza after a forcible gene-scrambling experiment intended to cure his stage 4 cancer. Now he's the killer Deadpool: hooded, cross-sworded, armed and ludicrous. His superpower is bouncing back after extreme dismemberment and preposterous mayhem--Deadpool is the most cartoony of cartoon heroes, the one who owes the most to Chuck Jones and Tex Avery. He clowns before a long-gone fourth wall. At one point he describes a clue as "a huge » Read More

The Arts

Smuin Ballet Ponders the Life of Sushi

A few years back, choreographer Val Caniparoli was doing something he often does when looking for inspiration: turning to YouTube. Always in search of the unusual, he ended up coming across the perfectly bizarre jumping-off point for his next ballet. It was an album, which vividly imagined the emotionally rich, underlying back stories behind the millions of seemingly mundane videos uploaded to YouTube every year. Titled Confessions, the 2016 album is a collaboration between American composer Nico Muhly and Faroese singer-songwriter Tietur, and includes support from the Holland Baroque Ensemble. Confessions also serves as the central influence and narrative backbone for Caniparoli's latest endeavor with the Smuin Contemporary American » Read More

SJSU Prof Takes on Trump in 'Faking the News'

One is considered boring, abstract, steeped in intellectual arcana and of interest only to a tiny subset of academics. The other is very much none of those things. But the study of rhetoric and Donald Trump are almost perfectly suited to each other. So claims Ryan Skinnell in a new book called Faking the News: What Rhetoric Can Teach Us About Donald J. Trump. Skinnell, who teaches rhetoric at San Jose State University, has gathered together 11 essays from experts in the field of rhetoric to take on Trump. If Trump is the Jedi master of commanding the loyalties of his fans and inflaming the animosity of his detractors through language and symbolism, then, says Skinnell, Faking the News is the guidebook on just how the president practices » Read More

'Guns: Loaded Conversations' at SJMQT

The latest exhibition at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles begins at the box office. Upon purchase of a ticket, guests are not only offered a copy of their receipt, but prior to entering, they are also asked to pick out an empty bullet casing from a glass dish brimming with spent shells. The weight of a bullet casing seemed insignificant at first, but by the end of viewing "Guns: Loaded Conversations," I found myself turning the shell over and over in my hand as if it were carrying the weight of the nearly 35,000 gun deaths that happen annually in the United States. And that's exactly the point. While the gun debate takes center stage in the national arena, "Guns: Loaded Conversations" brings the discussion to the local level by » Read More

Features & Columns

Cluing In

Kelly Luker needed to learn how to smoke crystal meth. As a criminal defense private investigator in Santa Cruz in the mid-2000s, she had been asked to learn—and be able to demonstrate to a jury--the technique of smoking crystal meth and scraping down particles formed along the inside of a glass pipe. The client was definitely a drug addict, but she had to help prove he wasn't a drug dealer, too--and that meant proving that he wouldn't have been able to profit off the amount of "substandard" drug residue inside his pipe--which he was accused of selling. Luker had never smoked meth, and didn't intend to start now. She needed a teacher, a propane torch, vitamins and liquid air freshener—not all of which were particularly easy to find. » Read More

Silicon Alleys: SJSU, Irish Colleges Exchange Grad-Level Scholarship

Helena Byrne, an Irish singer and storyteller from across the Atlantic, is entertaining a group of 40 people with stories about the footprint of St. Patrick. She sings familiar songs and then conjures up a few pagan stories about Samhain. I'm in the back row, with all of us comfortably jammed into the parlor of Pamela McMahon's house in Santa Clara. Byrne is on tour, her first time ever on the West Coast, and this performance is a fundraiser for the San Jose-Dublin Sister City Committee's educational programs, which include a trans-Atlantic academic exchange between San Jose State University and the prestigious Dublin institutions of Trinity College and Dublin City University. Sister Cities International includes 500 member communities » Read More

Advice Goddess: Are My Shoes a Dealbreaker?

Sadly, the CDC has been remiss in informing men of the exceptional protection against sexually transmitted diseases that open-toe shoes can provide. Men's shoes speak to women. They are a form of what anthropologists and zoologists call "signaling"--communication between organisms. In the mating realm, signals advertise quality in a potential partner--or sound the alarm when it's lacking. Wearing bad shoes (like your stanky, hobo-ready sneakers) suggests you lack the social intelligence to dress like a grown-up and/or the interest in taking care of more than your own needs--like for the five basic bachelor-dude food groups: beer, Hot Pockets, pizza, Doritos and pot edibles. » Read More

Free Will Astrology: Week of May 23, 2018

The Aries poet Anna Kamienska described the process of writing as akin to "the backbreaking work of hacking a footpath, as in a coal mine; in total darkness, beneath the earth." Whether or not you're a writer, I'm guessing that your life might have felt like that recently. Your progress has been slow and the mood has been dense and the light has been dim. That's the tough news. The good news is that I suspect you will soon be blessed with flashes of illumination and a semi-divine intervention or two. After that, your work will proceed with more ease. The mood will be softer and brighter. » Read More

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