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Malcolm Gladwell on the pitfalls of 'Talking to Strangers,' taking on controversial subjects and why his new audiobook is a podcast Read More

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Thu Jul 25

Few events are as ambitious as Sacred Art. Combining music, theater, art installations, and physical and performance art, the two-day event offers attendees an immersive, hypnagogic trip through the South Bay's art scene. Explore…

Thu Jul 25

The SJ Muni Summer Music Series is a FREE concert event. We host local band to perform on the patio located just outside our restaurant and bar, which are open during the performances. We also offer a different craft brew served in…

Thu Jul 25-28

Almost every woman owns a little black dress. It may be buried in the back of the closet or seldom worn, but this simple piece of ebony fabric symbolizes a reason to get dressed up, have a glass of wine or two, shed the role of…

Fri Jul 26

Featured local beers, paired with great pub food.

Fri Jul 26

Back in 1994, when Faultline first opened its doors a pint of beer was only $3.25! What better way to commemorate 25 years of brewing great craft beer than to "roll back" the price to what it was in 1994. We are offering three of the…

Fri Jul 26

Dance is one of humanity's most cathartic outlets. La Misa Negra understands this primal drive and seeks to capitalize on our collective lust for movement. Hailing from Oakland, the seven-piece band excels at packing a world of sounds…

Fri Jul 26-Aug 4

A fabulously fun, award-winning musical based on the adored movie, Legally Blonde the Musical follows Elle as she tackles stereotypes and scandal in pursuit of her dreams. Exploding with memorable songs and dynamic dances, this…

Sat Jul 27

Over the past few years, Outer-Space Entertainment has drawn together many of the South Bay's rock outfits for various live events. The artist management and booking organization returns to Cupertino's nightlife bastion, The X-Bar,…

Sat Jul 27

From adobo omelettes to seafood pancakes and longganisa sliders, the Cupertino Night Market will feature a wide selection of food to satisfy a wide assortment of cravings. All are invited to relish both sweet and savory fare from 20…

Sat Jul 27

To infinity and beyond. Well... just down the way in Sunnyvale, actually... for some tunes and good eats. Sunnyvale Jazz & Beyond transforms the meaning of "takeout" for the 10th year in a row. Every Saturday through Aug. 24, R&B,…

Sun Jul 28

Over 300 classic and cool cars will gather at the historic Saratoga Village along Big Basin Way as part of the Tenth Annual Saratoga Classic Car show on July 28. Sponsored by the Saratoga Chamber of Commerce and the Cool Car Club of…


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Boots & Brews Country Music Festival

Win VIP tickets to Boots & Brews for Sept. 28 at the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo. Drawing Sept. 24.

Northern California Renaissance Faire

Win tickets to the NorCal Renaissance Faire at Casa De Fruta. Weekends till October 20. Drawing Sept. 24.

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Music & Clubs

‘Post Street Jubilee’ at Splash Bar

DANCE, PARTY: Celebrate the health of the LGBTQ community at Splash's 'Post Street  Jubilee.'

A joint effort between the Project MORE Foundation and the Santa Clara County Department of Public Health, the Post Street Jubilee Wellness Festival aims to have fun while increasing the sexual health of the Bay Area’s LGBTQ community. In addition to DJs, dancers and drag queens, the festival will feature free and… » Read More

‘Community Day’ at San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles

BE-WEAVE IT: A free day of art and music at San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles sounds almost unbeweaveable.

Marimba, folklorico and a stitch-your-selfie community crafting session are all included in this free event, which revolves around the quilt museum’s current exhibit on Guatemalan textile art, Mayan Traje: A Tradition in Transition. Members of The Fábrica, a Santa Cruz community textile workspace, will be on hand to show their craft and… » Read More

Redwood City Salsa Festival

REDWOOD RHYTHM: Enjoy both the sound and the flavor of salsa at Redwood City's annual Salsa Festival.

Redwood City’s annual celebration of dance and picante sauce returns. Eleven blocks of downtown Redwood City transforms into a salsa-dancing playground on Saturday with three stages of live salsa, Latin jazz and reggae. And then of course there is the salsa. From mild to medium and hot to “what hath God wrought?!”—there’s… » Read More


Review: 'Ad Astra'

He has one nerve. The story twists it. Roy's father, Clifford (Tommy Lee Jones), was a renowned astronaut who abandoned his family for a one-way ticket into Neptune's orbit. Now, inexplicable pulses from that sector of the solar system are zapping Earth, killing tens of thousands. Perhaps it's from the anti-matter generator Clifford took with him. Has the old man succumbed to space madness? In one last gamble, the command sends Roy to Mars to broadcast a secret personal message to Clifford. They've prewritten it for him. Heart of Darkness parallels increase as Roy travels. Via endless first-person narration, we learn that the moon has been turned into a tourist destination, complete with an Applebee's. » Read More

Review: 'It, Chapter 2'

Andy Muschietti's It Chapter 2 is a textbook "getting the band back together" movie. Twenty-seven years later, we re-meet the Loser's Club, that group of small-town rejects who sent Pennywise the Dancing Clown back to hell in 1989. As children, they swore a blood oath to return if the monster ever revived. Now the six are recalled to action by Mike (Isiah Mustafa taking over for Chosen Jacobs). Mike stayed put at the hellmouth in Derry, Maine, living above the public library and studying the multi-formed horror. Turns out the local Native Americans knew him all too well, long before It (Bill Skarsgard) materialized in bad clown form: wall-eyed, needle toothed and with a bulbous forehead upon which the make up has cracked like rotting » Read More

The Arts

Review: 'Die Fledermaus'

The opera premiered on April 5, 1874, at Vienna's Theater an der Wien. Since then, it has not only been a staple of the theater's repertoire but has grown in reputation, becoming one of the most popular operas ever produced. Opera San Jose's adaptation opens on an upper-crust Austrian apartment, where consummate man-about-town von Eisenstein (Eugene Brancoveanu) has found himself in a bit of a pickle. Eisenstein was planning to attend Austrian Prince Orlofsky's annual New Year's Eve Party. However, a recent altercation that ended with Eisenstein punching a police officer in the face has thrown a wrench in the works. » Read More

'Unhinged' Winchester

As the sun sinks behind the Santa Cruz Mountains, a group of people mill about outside the Winchester Mystery House. A white-haired man at the gates urges them to go no further, for they will likely never return. Based on the silver flask he's white-knuckling, it's safe to assume he's seen some things he'd prefer to forget. A historic San Jose estate with a legacy rooted in the supernatural, the Winchester Mystery House is a popular destination for those seeking close encounters with the astral plane. With the fall season upon us and October lurking right around the corner, the mansion has once again opened its doors to guests seeking an evening of paranormal activity. » Read More

Stanford Explores Diebenkorn

Two of Stanford University's museums are devoting this curatorial season to one of their most celebrated alumni, artist Richard Diebenkorn (d. 1993). On Sep. 20, two of his paintings will be on display in "Left of Center: Five Years of the Anderson Collection at Stanford University," an exhibit devoted to West Coast artists. His Girl on the Beach (1957) and Ocean Park #60 (1973) will represent the artist's approaches to figurative and abstract painting. Concurrently, at the Cantor Arts Center next door, there's "Richard Diebenkorn at the Cantor," which opened on Sep. 4. Both could be thought of as an amuse-bouche rather than the kind of bountiful buffets that career retrospectives tend to proffer to a certain set of museum-goers. » Read More

Features & Columns

History Teller

Author, podcaster and public speaker Malcolm Gladwell has carved a career out of turning conventional wisdom on its ear. In his 2013 book, David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants, the longtime New Yorker staff writer proposed that he wasn't surprised by the outcome of the fabled battle between the diminutive David and the hulking Goliath. After all, David had better technology, he says, as the sling was about as close as one could come to a pistol in the Old Testament days. In and of itself, this argument might pass for boilerplate cocktail party contrarianism. It is only after the writer and TED Talker doubles down that his case becomes quintessentially Gladwell-ian. » Read More

Silicon Alleys: Bracing for Inevitable Upsurge of Google-Related Development on San Carlos Street

Many of the places I mentioned do not exist anymore, and with developers now dumbing down the street's character with cookie-cutter housing complexes, the time was right to revisit the grand promenade. This stretch of road takes one to a different era. The streetscapes are leftover from decades ago, when San Jose wasn't entirely filled in with suburbia and 280 didn't exist yet, so miles of connector thoroughfares with single-story retail still made sense. Don't fret, though. Interesting stuff still remains, if you just ignore all the new housing. The emotion started right away. While riding the bus over to Just Leather, I overheard a former Del Monte Cannery employee, now 74, on his way to the 99-cent store, waxing nostalgic about how » Read More

Advice Goddess: How Much Does Similarity Matter in a Romantic Partnership?

Not surprisingly, dating sites take advantage of this widely believed myth, hawking features like the "billion points of similarity" compatibility test. Dating sites advertising themselves with a meaningless test reinforce the myth that partner similarity equals romantic happiness, and this belief has a real downside, according to research by psychologist Michael Norton. Consider that when we first meet a person, we get excited about all of our apparent similarities. At this point, and in the early days of a relationship, we're prone to identify similarities where none exist, spinning ambiguities into support for their being just like us. But Norton explains that as partners get to know each other, dissimilarities begin to surface. And » Read More

Free Will Astrology: Week of September 18, 2019

We're in the equinoctial season. During this pregnant pause, the sun seems to hover directly over the equator; the lengths of night and day are equal. For all of us, but especially for you, it's a favorable phase to conjure and cultivate more sweet symmetry, calming balance and healing harmony. In that spirit, I encourage you to temporarily suspend any rough, tough approaches you might have in regard to those themes. Resist the temptation to slam two opposites together simply to see what happens. Avoid engaging in the pseudo-fun of purging by day and bingeing by night. And don't you dare get swept up in hating what you love or loving what you hate. » Read More

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