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The hipster dance party in downtown San Jose is back at its normal time of Thursday nights at the Blank Club. DJ Basura spins new wave, 80's, electro, mod, and indie hits all night long. It's the dance club for people who don't like…

The hipster dance party in downtown San Jose is back at its normal time of Thursday nights at the Blank Club. DJ Basura spins new wave, 80's, electro, mod, and indie hits all night long. It's the dance club for people who don't like…

It's time to clink our drinks for Foxy Thursday's. For a little over a decade now, this weekly party at Cardiff Lounge has been keeping people moving and having fun.

Yo Gabba Gabba Live! is going on the road this fall with a new show called Music Is Awesome! The coolest rock concert for kids (and parents) is back to celebrate their fifth anniversary on the road.

Jamie Baum was recently voted No. 1 Rising Star Flute in the Downbeat Critics Poll (2012). The New York Times says her composing ideas have gotten particularly strong on 'In This Life/

This coming Art Boutiki show will be the first show Napa's atmospheric folk group Anadel have played in a year and a half. They haven't had time for shows recently, as they've been working on their soon-to-be-released LP Well and the…

Join us for a night of EDM goodness @ Homestead Bowl & The X Bar! Featuring: Mister Goomba, DJ Minx'D, Dj-Bates (Master Bates), Myke Death, Cray Ola.

If you have two functioning ears, then you have heard DJ Mustard. The burgeoning, big-boned beatmaker has been producing bangers at a prolific rate over the last few years. He is the architect of club anthems such as "I'm Different,"…

Marquez Brothers Entertainment and El Mexicano Brand Cheeses and Products are pleased to announce that Joan Sebastian and Los Tigres del Norte will perform in a full concert & rodeo at SAP Center on Sunday, November 23.

Downtown Ice's spectacular circular rink provides a perfect setting for skaters who glide under the stars and twirl around 32 twinkling palm trees. Come feel the aloha spirit shared by partners Hawaiian Airlines and Olympic figure…


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Tickets to see WAR and Tower of Power

Win tickets to see WAR and Tower of Power at the City National Civic in San Jose on December 20.

Tickets to CAKE on NYE

Win tickets to CAKE for New Year's Eve at the City National Civic in San Jose on December 31.

One Night Stay at Hotel Valencia

Win a one-night stay at Hotel Valencia Santana Row in San Jose. Includes a Deluxe Continental Breakfast.

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Music & Clubs

Q&A: DJ Teeko Shimon


Local DJ and producer Teeko Shimon has been on a hot streak. He was recently featured on A-Trak’s Short Cut series, played a Boiler Room set in San Francisco and his performance on RevoltTV’s 1s and Tuesday is now the show’s second most-viewed episode. Teeko plays keyboard and triggers samples live, whilst flexing his ample scratching… » Read More

Local Producer Giraffage Drops Fool’s Gold Debut

Charlie Yin, a.k.a. Giraffage, getting some quality alone time.

“I fucking hate interviews,” reads one of Charlie Yin’s tweets from a couple weeks back. It’s an understandable that Yin, better known as Giraffage, would be suffering from interview fatigue. The South Bay-bred producer is fresh off a world tour with Skrillex protege Porter Robinson, he released his Fool’s Gold Records debut,… » Read More

All Female Ramones Cover Band, The Hormones, Play Benefit Show For Local Roller Derby

The Hormones.

The Hormones, a Bay Area-based all-female Ramones tribute band, headlined The Blank Club this weekend. The benefit concert was held to raise funds for local Roller Derby teams. Metro photographer Greg Ramar was on the scene to catch the action. Check out the photos below: » Read More


'Force Majeure'

The keenly titled Force Majeure is about one of those little instances of cowardice that can end a military career—or a marriage—in a matter of seconds. This Swedish film is slippery and quite unexpectedly ticklish. The blank-faced satire keeps you at arm's length; it breaks up the short-storyish tale (Alice Munro is what it reminded me of most) with long blackouts and whiteouts. A repeated sinister phrase of accordion music introduces every chapter. » Read More


Remember the lady who hijacked the T.A.R.D.I.S. on Doctor Who? "You've got a time machine and I've got a gun," she said. "What the hell, let's kill Hitler." The Doctor (Matt Smith) later derided the idea as "going into the past to kill someone who's already dead," but there's a very small and non-violent indie film variation of the killing-Hitler fantasy. Menno Meyjes' 2002 Max was a prime what-if fantasy: rather than shooting Hitler, it'd be less noisy and more fun to hang around 1920s Viennese coffee shops with Mr. H (Noah Taylor), talking him out of the path he was going to take. » Read More

The Arts

'The Italian Girl in Algiers' at the California Theatre

An Ottoman ruler sits at a banquet table-wild-eyed, bewigged, nearly imbecilic with desire—waving great floppy fistfuls of spaghetti at his escaping slaves. It's hardly the image that comes to mind when you think of classical opera, but it's exactly what you get in Opera San Jose's dizzyingly comic production of Gioachino Rossini's The Italian Girl in Algiers, now playing at the California Theatre. » Read More

'The Manresa Seasons' at the Art Museum of Los Gatos

The world is an indifferent place governed by the chaotic whims of nature. Humanity's feeble attempts to corral these inexorable forces are futile and ultimately resolve in destruction and decay. And David Kimball Anderson is just fine with that. In fact, the Santa Cruz-based artist finds it all quite beautiful. Anderson is interested in classical beauty-in balance and contemplation. He looks for elegant forms out there in the world, in places overlooked or too familiar to be bothered with. » Read More

Features & Columns

San Jose Japantown's History

After 15 years and nearly 500 pages of resulting material, the definitive history of Japantown has finally emerged. San Jose Japantown: A Journey is a vibrant, gargantuan volume, with myriad threads of history from every nook and cranny between Hedding and Empire, from First Street to Tenth Street. The book covers the time period from the 1890s until just a few years ago. On Saturday, Nov. 29, a book launch party will unfold at 1pm at the San Jose Buddhist Church Betsuin. » Read More

A Defense of Ethical Meat Production

Ask a vegetarian why he or she doesn't eat meat and you'll get a variety of answers: Beef is bad for your health. Cattle are a major contributor to global warming. It's wrong to kill animals. Beef production contributes to world hunger. Cattle ranching leads to a loss of biodiversity. Even those who eat beef sometimes do so with a heavy conscience. For many educated urban dwellers, eating beef is a guilty indulgence at best and a health and environmental scourge at worst. » Read More

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