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Geektoberfest, in partnership with BioCurious, attendees will have the chance to explore the biology of beer, with tastings from local and regional craft breweries in a commemorative glass beaker. There will also be speakers on hand…

Megadeth have taken their place as one of metal's most influential and respected acts as well as its most successful.

The celebrated composer comes to Stanford's Bing Concert Hall to perform his complete set of 20 etudes. Joining Glass are four pianists widely celebrated in their own right: Anton Batagov, Aaron Diehl, Jenny Lin and Sarah Cahill (who…

With every ticket purchase to see Cyndi lauper in concert attendees will receive a standard digital copy of her new album Detour. CYndi Lauper is a Grammy, Emmy and Tony award winning artist with 30 years and global record sales in…

French Montana is coming down off a pretty massive summer, riding the waves of his feature on Fat Joe's "All The Way Up" and his Drake-featuring megahit "No Shopping." Although Montana's sophomore album MC4 was pushed back to October…

Erk is a Bay Area Legend and has collaborated with Too $hort, had the HIT Singles "Right Here" and "Hands Up" that had nationwide attention. He has been a staple of the underground scene in Northern California, and just came out with…

Krayzie is touring the West Coast and stopping in San Jose. While still rocking all of his past hits, Krayzie comes to the stage with some new material that are instant hits. His new album Chasing the Devil just dropped, and Krayzie…

Gloria Trevi is one of the top rock stars in the Latin world and an authentic cross-over artist for the English speaking music industry. Her talent and popularity won Ms. Trevi the prestigious "Calendario Azteca de Oro" from the…

The group began performing in Jamaica in 1964. Such a large audience gathered to hear the groups first rehearsal that it became the groups first show. The groups change of members due to the sad passing of many of the original members…

Mexican singer, composer and record producer Marco Antonio Sols formed the band Los Bukis in the 70s, garnering popularity throughout Mexico, South America and among Spanish-speakers around the world. He's been touring and performing…

Silicon Valley Symphony proudly presents highly-revered cellist Lynn Harrell performing under renowned Maestro John Nelson. Touted for his powerful performance of Shostakovich's masterpiece and passionate demeanor, Harrell will open…

Sip and stroll Lincoln Avenue at the Willow Glen Fall Wine Walk on Saturday, October 1, 2016 from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm!

This weekend, Mountain View is the place to go for authentic Oktoberfest food, beer and music. But be advised: "No Segways." Because Silicon Valley. But with a wide variety of German suds and sausages being served up by Steins Beer…

Contemporary leader Sadhguru brings his messages of freedom, love and limitless joy to San Jose. He will speak about old and modern topics encapsulating many areas of life.

Observe exotic birds close up and persona perfect for bird lovers of all kinds. Shop hundreds of accessories, explore network opportunities and even purchase birds.

Learn about the powerful sound of the taiko, the Japanese drum! San Jose Taiko will be sharing the art form of taiko through performance and explanation about the origin and philosophy of the big drum. Fun and educational for all ages.

Complementing their traditional German fare during Oktoberfest at Teske's Germania in downtown San Jose will be a series of weekend performances on select Fridays and Saturday featuring music by The Gruber Family Band and Teske's…


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Tickets to Jethro Tull

Win tickets tickets to Jethro Tull at City National Civic on October 22. Drawing October 20.

$100 to Scott's Seafood

Win $100 dining certificate to Scott's Seafood in downtown San Jose. Drawing October 3.

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Music & Clubs

Megadeth Bring ‘Dystopia’ to City National Civic

MASTERS OF METAL: Dave Mustaine of Megadeth has been riding the heavy metal rails for more than three decades.

For more thanĀ 30 years Megadeth have been synonymous with heavy metal music. Recognized as one of the pioneering “big four” progenitors of thrash, the L.A.-based band have have been releasing music and touring the globe since their formation in 1983—and they show no signs of slowing down. Currently on the road behind… » Read More

The Lique Rock the Mic at Art Boutiki

DEEP ROOTS: The Lique keep things real with a live band and a penchant for golden-era hip-hop.

As a genre, hip-hop is all about taking the past and pushing it into the future. It’s about the meshing of sounds together. Before his untimely passing earlier this year, A Tribe Called Quest’s Phife Dawg summed it up succinctly in an interview with the blog I Am Hip Hop: “If you… » Read More

Hit List: Best Music, Art & Culture, Sep 28-Oct 4

BOYS ARE BACK: Blink-182 plays Shoreline Amphitheatre.

Man… We’re old. We totally bought “Dude Ranch” when it was brand new… on cassette tape. But we still got a little bit of moshing left in us, so you know we’ll be at Blink-182 tonight at Shoreline Amphitheatre. Unlike back when we were teenagers, though, we now have some expendable income… » Read More


Review: 'Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children'

Discovering this little time bubble, Abe is accepted as one of the children. Almost immediately he falls for the lighter-than-air, 16-year-old Emma (Ella Purnell). From Emma and Miss Peregrine, Jake learns of villains called "wights," led by a man named Barron (Samuel L. Jackson). Barron and his "hollowgasts"-eyeless spidery monsters, invisible to all but the likes of Jake-consume the eyes of children. We see the devils gathered around their feast, fresh eyeballs stacked on a fancy cake platter as if they were petits fours. The grossness is satisfying; it's like a wild tale heard on a school playground. One of Miss Peregrine's children has an interesting talent: with the help of a special monocle, he can beam a visual representation of his » Read More

Review: 'Deepwater Horizon'

Before declining into standard uplifting moments of waving flags, prayer and action movie super-feats, Deepwater Horizon is a thrilling procedural about the worst oil rig disaster in history. Director Peter Berg (Lone Survivor) approaches these roughnecks from the opposite angle that Michael Bay would have taken: they're more soft spoken and less profane than you'd expect. The exploratory well that the floating Deepwater Horizon was trying to tap was nicknamed "the well from hell"-the drilling project was 43 days and $50 million over budget, and British Petroleum is accused here of cutting corners on safety and maintenance. Berg stresses the human price of the disaster; the ecological disaster to come is signaled only by one startling » Read More

The Arts

Oddball Comedy Yucks It Up

It's easy forget that stand-up comedy is, first and foremost, an American art form. Decades before The Daily Show put Trevor Noah and John Oliver on the map, comedians like Jack Benny and Bob Hope stepped down from the vaudeville stage and ventured out on their own. These early comics paved the way for the likes of Lenny Bruce, George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Steve Martin, Robin Williams and Jerry Seinfeld. Eventually comedy diversified, as more women and comedians of color picked up the mic-from Joan Rivers and Margaret Cho to Aziz Ansari and Kumail Nanjiani. It's also easy to forget that stand-up superstars are a relatively recent phenomenon. Andrew Dice Clay was the first comedian to sell out Madison Square Garden, which he did two nights » Read More

Family Secrets Revealed in 'Other Desert Cities'

City Lights Theatre kicks off its 2016-17 season with the story of a dysfunctional family trying desperately to keep its skeletons in the closet. Other Desert Cities, opens in the living room of a Palm Springs mansion. The decor is modern-1950s international pavilion style-bright orange and muted green furniture set against a glass window backdrop, with a dark desert light wavering behind a large mountain range. Enter the Wyeth family, returning home from a tennis match. One quickly sees they are a Hollywood family. Polly and her sister, Silda, made a name for themselves writing a TV show in the '60s. Polly's husband, Lymon, was the town's go-to character actor whenever a director was in need of a gumshoe; he is best remembered for his » Read More

Broadway San Jose's Fantastic 'Phantom'

Cue the synths, smoke machines and the magic chandelier. Broadway San Jose opens its 2016-17 season with the newest touring production of The Phantom of the Opera. Scaled for the Center for Performing Arts, it still incorporates all the beloved features of the hugely popular Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. As this Phantom opens, the stage is covered by a giant smoky scrim, behind which an auction of old theater props is taking place. The auctioneer is selling off various items ... when he comes to Lot 666, an old, rusted chandelier. As he explains its connection to the strange events surrounding the phantom of the opera, the chandelier flickers to life, illuminated by the "new" electricity. The hulking candelabra quakes and sparks fly, as the » Read More

Features & Columns

Chaos in the Valley

Nothing can stop them. The gates of business schools yawn open every summer and disgorge new legions of MBAs, coming to make their bones in the valley. The rents and property values pierce the skies and reach the orbit of Saturn. Once a refuge for endangered creatures of all sizes, San Francisco is today a bleached coral reef. Fresh indentured slaves arrive from Uttar Pradesh by the planeload, clutching visas that evaporate at the mere frown of a supervisor. The roads back up to Vacaville. The crux, perhaps: the insanely great iHorror Apple-caused traffic snarl at 237 and 880 in Milpitas. This reliable jam is so dreadful that it cannot be described in the tongues of men, but only in the shrieks of an electrocuted cockatoo. And we learn, » Read More

Serendipity Abounds at Vancouver Placemaking Conference

When the anti-man-about-town invades British Columbia, or anywhere in Canada, serendipitous events often emerge. Previous examples are out there, if readers require proof. In the most recent case, I was already scheduled to take the new Air Canada flight from San Jose to Vancouver, when Ed Solis of the San Jose Department of Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Services told me his crew was going to be in Vancouver the same exact stretch of three days, presenting at the Pro Bike/Pro Walk/Pro Place conference. As North America's most popular walking, biking and placemaking powwow, the conference was slotted to attract more than 1,000 people involved in active transportation issues: city planners, transportation engineers, public health » Read More

Supersizing the Moon

Amnesia is baked into our economy's dependence on planned obsolescence. Once last year's suite of electronic devices makes one trip around the sun, a new fleet of shinier gizmos is ushered in. As the years go by, information gets trapped by the medium that was previously in vogue. VCRs break down, CD players fade into obscurity, and those little ear buds with the white cord no longer plug into your handset. VHS tapes and compact discs become artifacts housed in the basement archives of museums. This can happen even when the information is of monumental historical significance. The single most titanic deed of the 1960s-the first human landing on the Moon, followed by the safe retrieval of the voyagers-was counterpointed later by » Read More

Electronica Trailblazer Don Buchla Leaves Legacy of Sound

Don Buchla, the legendary modular synthesizer pioneer, passed away last week at the age of 79. Anyone currently playing a synthesizer, tweaking electronics for sound generation or making any sort of modern-day electronic keyboard music has Buchla to thank, at least partly. While Bob Moog was the first one to officially release a modular synthesizer as a commercial product, Buchla was probably the first one to envision modules with the intention of assembling them together into a live performance instrument. As an engineer and a musician, Buchla was a daring, ornery innovator with a keen sense of what avant-garde musicians, composers and performers might want. His modular electronic music systems forever changed the way sound is created and » Read More

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