Rudy Rucker: The Journals

Cyberpunk pioneer, hacker and former SJSU professor Rudy Rucker is one of the more interesting and least probable characters around Silicon Valley. Read More

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The funny thing about San Jose's '90s breakout stars Smash Mouth is that most people's image of them is completely fixed. "All Star" seems to be in at least a third of the movies that come out every year, "Walkin' On The Sun" is still…

Many of you may Sarah Tiana from her breakout performance in as Carmen in four episode of the 7th season of Reno 911. However, she is also a very funny comedian who has been working as a comedian in Los Angeles since 2003

Six time Grammy award-winning trio Lady Antebellum returns to the Bay Area to showcase their latest hits. Since their debut in 2007, the band's succession of hit singles and high-profile tours has left audiences everywhere wanting…

Since 2005, The Charming Band has performed the songs that strike memories for many Smiths fans across the country, selling out venues all over the West Coast. The Charming Band strive to make each show a celebration of unity in the…

The headbanging, nationwide tour, sponsored by Rockstar Energy Drink, is back in the Bay Area. For years, Mayhem has presented the best of the best in metal from the classic to brand new favorites.

Grammy Award-winning hip-hop trailblazers The Roots are one of the most influential groups in music. Known for their prolific lyrics and live instrumentation.

The weird and wonderful family comes to devilishly delightful life in "The Addams Family." This magnificently macabre new musical comedy is "a visually satisfying, rib-tickling, lunatic musical that will entertain you to death!"


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Music & Clubs

King Diamond Sharing Stage With Slayer

Holding Court: With a piercing falsetto and penchant for brooding theatrics, King Diamond has lorded over metal fans for decades  performs at The Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival this weekend.

For nearly¬†35 years, Danish heavy metal icon King Diamond has been slaying audiences around the world with punishing riffs, face-melting solos, his trademark banshee wail and brilliant, brooding, bloody theatrics. The legendary singer, whose work with Mercyful Fate and his own eponymous band has influenced several generations of musicians, hits Shoreline Amphitheatre… » Read More

After Long Hiatus, Citabria Return To The Ritz With Silky Smooth New Album, ‘Exit Reality’

After splitting up, reuniting, and spending two years in mixing purgatory Citabria are back.

“For some reason¬†things are always hard for us,” says Keviano Azevedo, drummer for the San Jose-based progressive alternative quartet, Citabria. He’s got a point. Considering the band’s fraught seven-year history, it is a wonder they’ve made it as far as they have. After their initial formation as a trio in 2008, the… » Read More

VIDEO: Warriors Victory Parade

Go Dubs! Photo by Tony Contini.

The Golden State Warriors took to the streets of Oakland this morning to celebrate the franchise’s first NBA Championship in 40 years. Fans from all over the Bay Area flooded downtown Oakland to cheer the team. Warriors fans both young and old sported blue and gold hats, jerseys and T-shirts, waved flags… » Read More


Review: 'Me and Earl and the Dying Girl'

Something innocent and sweet survives in Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, to balance out a manipulative, conniving streak so effective that Fox Searchlight paid $12 million for the film at Sundance. » Read More

Review: 'Inside Out'

Pixar, the studio that tries harder than any of them, tries something completely different in Inside Out-a cartoon inner-space voyage through the subconscious, starring a cast of psychological abstractions. Riley (voiced by Kaitlyn Diaz) is not yet thirteen when she is uprooted by her parents from her idyllic Minneapolis home to a dingy Victorian in an authentically delineated San Francisco. » Read More

The Arts

'Arcadia' at Pear Avenue Theatre

Arcadia' is not a play to watch passively. It's a dizzying blend of science, math, history, art and literary references, which requires audiences to sit up, don their thinking caps and pay careful attention. » Read More

Santa Clara Players Have Fun with Tom Lehrer's Songs in 'Tomfoolery'

In fourth grade, my school's music class learned a song called "Pollution." A twist on the advice given to American travelers to not drink the water in foreign lands, it had a catchy melody, Latin rhythm and smart, biting lyrics with an environmental theme. It even had a local shout-out: "The breakfast garbage you throw in to the Bay, they drink at lunch in San Jose" (I grew up in the North Bay so this was especially funny). It was the most hilarious thing 8-year-old me had ever heard. » Read More

Features & Columns

Video Game Teaches Online Security

The San Jose Public Library was recently awarded a $35,000 grant from the Knight Foundation to develop an online project to help people understand privacy issues in the digital age. » Read More

Downtown Doors Art Program

Last week, the Downtown Doors student art program added 22 new works to various service doors and utility boxes all over downtown San Jose, bringing the combined number of locations to 100. This year's winners were selected from 133 student submissions from 15 different high schools. Together, they are now plastered throughout the neighborhood. » Read More

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