Maurice Carrubba Reinvents the Valley's Iconic Eateries

Maurice Carrubba takes the Warren Buffett approach to resurrecting legacy brands and making them new again Read More

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Thu Oct 19

Walking a tightrope between chaos and cool, Chicago-based indie trio OHMME is like Kate Bush meets PJ Harvey. The avant-garde trio's new eponymous EP drives femme rock into the 21st century. They play discordant harmonies and their…

Sat Oct 21

Decorate sugar skulls, peep the sweet car show and enjoy a day full of music and art while celebrating life--and, more important, the lives of loved ones who have shuffled off this mortal coil. The eighth annual Dia de los Muertos…

Sat Oct 21

San Jose is celebrating its third annual poetry festival. The festival will commemorate the diversity within the local literary community and will feature readings and performances from several poets, such as Arlene Biala, Santa Clara…

Sat Oct 21

Former DEA agents Javier Pena and Steve Murphy offer a behind-the-scenes, boots-on-the-ground account of bringing down drug honcho Pablo Escobar--aka the King of Cocaine. Pena and Murphy were the inspiration behind the popular Netflix…

Sat Oct 21

Traditionally, a powwow is a celebratory gathering of Native Americans--a massive party centered around dancing, singing and cultural rites. Pow! Wow! San Jose is focused on the creation of public works of art, and aims to help foster…

Sat Oct 21

Taiwanese percussionist Ja Hsieh and his newest ensemble, Percussion X, are bringing their latest work, "Pulse," to De Anza College's Visual and Performing Arts Center. Deploying a wide variety of instruments--including bongos,…

Sat Oct 21

Families are invited to join Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society and City of Cupertino to celebrate the fall season, nature, and wildlife. Around two dozen environmental organizations will provide live-animal demonstrations,…

Sun Oct 22

Mark Russo & The Classy Cats present a delightful afternoon of enchanting swing music for audiences of all ages! This family-friendly concert, featuring music from the 1920s, 30s and 40s performed by the band and a jazz vocalist, will…

Thru Oct 21

Join us for Oktoberfest celebrations, including; Oktoberfest Beer Release, German inspired specialty menu & much more!

Thru Oct 29

Founded in 1998 by Jasmina Bojic, film critic and educator, UNAFF is an international documentary film festival originally established to honor the 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It has grown and earned…


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Music & Clubs

Righteous Reg at Streetlight Records

TOTALLY RIGHTEOUS: San Jose rapper Righteous Reg lives a normal life while also fighting the good fight.

Every time San Jose rapper Righteous Reg goes to 7-Eleven, he says he fears for his life. In his tracks, the outspoken artist wrangles with his reality of being young and black in a time when the news features men who look like him getting abused and killed on a frequent basis.… » Read More

POW! WOW! San Jose

DE LA CRUZIN: Local artist Aaron De La Cruz will be participating in this week's POW! WOW! San Jose.

Traditionally, a powwow is a celebratory gathering of Native Americans—a massive party centered around dancing, singing and cultural rites. Pow! Wow! San Jose is focused on the creation of public works of art, and aims to help foster a culture of creativity in the “Capital of Silicon Valley.” Empire Seven Studios, Universal… » Read More

San Jose Poetry Festival

WORDS: The San Jose Poetry Festival returns.

San Jose is celebrating its third annual poetry festival. The festival will commemorate the diversity within the local literary community and will feature readings and performances from several poets, such as Arlene Biala, Santa Clara County’s poet laureate. Other speakers include Native American writer and poet Deborah A. Miranda and Persis Karim,… » Read More


Twin Film Festivals Come to Silicon Valley

This mess is China's problem, not ours, yes? Indeed, it is the problem of China, where a fifth of the arable land has been tainted by the production and demolition of electronics. Sadly, the lead particulates fly into the clouds and come down on our side of the Pacific, like a ghost of that machine you threw away. There is some hope. In one interview, Paul Maher of Ireland's iameco, touts his company's repairable, wooden-framed, and good-looking computer built without carcinogenic PVCs or heavy metals. It is designed to last at least twice as long as the current lifespan of the average computer--which is only three or four years. » Read More

Review: 'Only the Brave'

Locals are well primed to admire the heroism of firefighters. Their jobs only get more difficult each year, and no praise is worthy enough for them. Sadly, along comes Only the Brave, with its unimaginative title--a true story of loss, easily predictable from seeing the name Jennifer Connelly in the credits. As the actress Sylvia Sidney once said about the weepy parts she had, Connelly should have been paid by the tear. It's the story of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, a team dropped in to dig firebreaks and set off controlled burns in the Arizona hills near Prescott. » Read More

The Arts

Pedro de Lemos' Promised Land

Tourists crowded the Monterey Peninsula this weekend. Unloosed from their large buses, they strode down Ocean Avenue to take photographs of themselves on Carmel Beach. They stood in pairs and quartets indecisively weighing the imperfections of one restaurant before moving on to disparage another. Without asking permission, one woman plucked leaves and flowers from a local's verdant garden. Beads of sweat ran down one man's neck while he smoked a cigarette in the hot sunshine. He flicked the ash and then the butt onto the immaculate sidewalk. Scenes like these don't appear in the paintings of Pedro Joseph de Lemos (1882-1954). » Read More

Local Gaming Upstarts: Supergiant

In September 2009, Amir Rao found himself packing up his desk at Electronic Arts. He was leaving his prized position as a game designer at one of America's biggest video game developers to move back into the house where he grew up--but he wasn't bummed about it. Rao hadn't been sacked. Rather, he had made the weighty decision to return to the suburbs of South San Jose to create something of his own. With the help of his EA colleague Gavin Simon, he would set up camp in his father's house and get to work building a game called Bastion. » Read More

A Culture Warrior Rides High

One of the artists most prominently featured in (Re)Writing the Narrative is making a valiant attempt to speak up for the disenfranchised. Ana Teresa Fernández describes her work as "trying to highlight either some event or a people or a place that has dealt with tension or aggression." In this exhibit, all three of her short video narratives address particular political tensions and aggressive stances toward women and minorities--with Fernandez as the star. What's most astonishing about her work, apart from the ravishing imagery, is her ability to feature herself in a scenario without drawing attention to an invented persona or character. » Read More

Features & Columns

Maurice Carrubba Reinvents the Valley's Iconic Eateries

Maurice Carrubba checks his fitted black tuxedo one last time before the doors of the GrandView Restaurant swing open. He glides through the dimly lit foyer as a grand piano in the corner plays "Hotel California," and he stops to speak with a hostess in a natty blue dress, before leaning over the polished wooden bar behind her to greet the barkeep with a tap on the shoulder and a few words of encouragement. He continues on his route. Moving through the restaurant, whose walls are lined with portraits of old-time Hollywood stars such as Sofia Loren, Sinatra and The Rat Pack, the affable Carrubba makes sure to greet every employee by name and with a handshake. After a quick check of the kitchen and its staff, he makes his way to the patio » Read More

San Jose's Diverse Muses Headline Poetry Festival

From day one, San Jose has channeled a diverse set of muses via the written word, which is why History San Jose at Kelley Park seems like a perfect destination for the third annual San Jose Poetry Festival this weekend. "The diversity of literary traditions [in San Jose] is remarkable," says Robert Pesich, president of Poetry Center San Jose. "You have writers writing in Vietnamese traditions, Chinese, Hindi, people from Mexico, El Salvador, all coming together at times to share their work at various events. There's a tremendous richness and we'd like to see that cultivated and advanced in the context of the festival." » Read More

Advice Goddess: My Older BFF Is Creeping

Welcome to the "never say never" school of hope. There are some asymmetries between men and women in the effort required to get some action out of the opposite sex. Some men will engineer elaborate plots to try to wear a woman's "nuh-uh, never gonna happen" into a "maybe just this once." A woman, on the other hand, doesn't have to plot. Assuming she's reasonably attractive, she can probably just make extended eye contact with a man while eating a banana. This difference reflects what evolutionary psychologist David Buss explains as men's and women's conflicting evolutionary goals. It's in a man's evolutionary interest to, as they say, shoot and scoot (possibly passing on his genes without putting out any further time, energy or resources). » Read More

Free Will Astrology: Week of October 18, 2017

Conceptual artist Jonathon Keats likes to play along with the music of nature. On one occasion he collaborated with Mandeville Creek in Montana. He listened and studied the melodies that emanated from its flowing current. Then he moved around some of the underwater rocks, subtly changing the creek's song. Your assignment, Aries, is to experiment with equally imaginative and exotic collaborations. The coming weeks will be a time when you can make beautiful music together with anyone or anything that tickles your imagination. » Read More

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