1st Annual Mini Maker Faire comes to San Jose this Weekend

Super-interactive Mini Maker Faire calls on pranksters, scientists and oddballs of all sorts. Read More

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The art walk is self-guided evening tour through galleries, museums, and independent creative businesses featuring exhibitions and special performances.

Neko Case has always been brave, but with her latest album on Anti- Records, The Worse Things Get, the Harder I Fight, the Harder I Fight, the More I Love You, she proves herself fearless.

Ian Somerhalder, Toby Kebbell, Bruce Campbell, WWE Diva Paige, Billy Boyd, Scott Wolf, Michael Cudlitz, and Brett Dalton are among the hundreds of celebrities and industry professionals at the 2015 Wizard World Comic Con San Jose.

A whole lot of shaking will be going on at the second annual Brews and Blues Festival taking place September 5. The event features tasty barbecue food, dancing, and the exciting music of the Shakedancer Blues Revue.

The San Jose Bacon Festival of America returns for its third year with a revamped and rebooted festival expanded to two days. Join 15,000 of your closest bacon friends for bacon, craft beer, wrestling & s'mores.

Faye Carol is a "dynamic" jazz musician who loves to indulge in 20th century African American music. Carol has a knack for infusing her songs with a bit of blues while staying true to her Mississippi roots.

These singular Brit rockers were spawned from the late-'70s punk scene, and over the next two decades added hard rock and new wave flourishes to their sound.

Join us at Cafe Stritch as they present an open jazz session with their house band The Eulipions. Held every Sunday evening, this session is open to intermediate to advanced musicians, as well as to those who just want to kick back…

Sundays at the Agenda are "Reggae Vybez" night with DJ Leone and DJ Armando. They spin both reggae and hip-hop. That means you might hear a little bit of Snoop Dogg and some Snoop Lion all in the same night.

Yannis Pappas is a stand-up comedian and current host of AOL's Original Series, 2 Point Lead. He was the Co-Anchor of Fusion Live, a live, primetime, one-hour news magazine program which focused on current events, pop culture and…


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Tickets to see Judas Priest

Win tickets to Judas Priest with Mastodon at the City National Civic on October 21, 2015.

$50 to Alexander's Patisserie

Win a $50 dining certificate to Alexander's Patisserie in Mountain View. Drawing September 21.

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Music & Clubs

Yes: Prog Legends Playing Mountain Winery

Veteran prog rock act Yes will keep playing after the death of bassist and co-founder, Chris Squire. Photo by Glenn Gottlieb.

When Yes co-founder and bassist extraordinaire, Chris Squire, passed away earlier this year, many fans wondered what would happen to the legendary prog-rock ensemble. The answer to that question came fairly quickly from his surviving band mates—who had learned Squire was ill in May, a short time before his death on June… » Read More

Jean Jackets Dig Up Early Rock & Roll Sounds

The Jean Jackets’ frontman, Ismael ‘Millhows’ Villanueva (left) found inspiration in early soul and doo-wop.

Like so many creatives living in downtown San Jose, Ismael “Millhows” Villanueva had his epiphany at Cinebar. However, unlike like so many of his less-fortunate peers, the local musician was able to hold on to his inspiration—successfully preventing it from slipping away on a river of ice-cold Olympia and Jamo shots. Millhows,… » Read More

Long Live Deathrock: ‘Satori’ Celebrates 10 Years

Club Satori celebrated its 10th anniversary over the weekend.

“I think we’ve survived because we’re the least ‘goth’ club out there,” says Ryan Higgins, musing upon the question of how he and Club Satori co-DJ Kevin Rollis have managed to run their gothic club night long enough to be celebrating their 10-year anniversary at The Ritz. He may be correct. The… » Read More


Review: 'Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine'

Steve Jobs is still casting a shadow, four years after his death on Oct. 5, 2011. Upcoming is Aaron Sorkin's biopic, Steve Jobs, featuring Michael Fassbinder as a prototypical, Sorkin-ian, magnificent-bastard type. Cooler and more urgent is this week's stirring documentary, Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine. Alex Gibney (of the Scientology expose, Going Clear) celebrates the Apple co-founder's accomplishments, while demagnetizing Jobs' cult of personality. » Read More

Review: 'Mistress America'

More haywire than fashionably brittle, Noah Baumbach's Mistress America is built on a Berlin Diaries/Breakfast at Tiffany's model. It's told in the second person: a poem to a breathlessly blithe young lady, Brooke (Baumbach's co-writer and live-in Greta Gerwig). She survives with little visible means of support and the help of an off-screen boyfriend called "Stavros," like evil Blofeld. She's idolized by the lady who will become her sister by marriage: a budding, alternately too-shrewd and too-sentimental college student, named Tracy (Lola Kirile). » Read More

The Arts

New Exhibit, 'Hippocampus Wallpaper,' is a Riot of Color

In their respective day jobs, Colin Frangicetto and Drew Roulette each help create wild, energetic and psychedelic explosions of sound. And they spend much of their downtime doing the same thing with paint. Their new exhibit at Empire Seven Studios, "Hippocampus Wallpaper," is a riot of color. The witty show, whose title refers to the idea of memory and emotion acting as the brain's wallpaper, peeling and eroding with time, features artwork by two friends, artists and fellow musicians: Colin Frangicetto and Drew Roulette, best known for their work, respectively, in the bands Circa Survive and Dredg. » Read More

'The Wireless Age' at History San Jose

The Perham Collection of Early Electronics is one of the hidden treasures of History San Jose's archives. Normally the collection sits in storage, but as of this weekend, several pieces come to light in a new exhibit, The Wireless Age: Electronics Entrepreneurs Before Silicon Valley (1900-1960). Everything, from ancient vacuum tubes to decades-old Ampex tape decks, comes alive—animated by the stories behind them. We see Hewlett-Packard's second-ever oscillator as well as some old-school surveillance equipment that inspired novels and films. » Read More

Features & Columns

Elon Musk: Silicon Valley's Man of Mystery

Just as the world was growing weary of the endless paeans to Steve Jobs as our times' defining entrepreneur, along comes a figure who seems to be even more audacious, complex and transformational-while just getting started. His steely resolve makes Jobs look like a cultural romantic. Elon Musk combines a disciplined scientific mind with a dash of John DeLorean recklessness. » Read More

Silicon Valley Startups Develop Plant-Based Meat and Dairy Staples

A little more than decade ago, Pat Brown made the switch from vegetarian to vegan. He had no problem changing his diet and giving up eggs and milk and other products derived from animals. But there was one thing he couldn't live without: cheese. Most vegan cheeses are made from oils or ground up nuts, but Brown wanted something authentic. A microbiologist who has taught at Stanford for 25 years, he was well aware of the relatively simple biochemical reactions required to produce cheese. » Read More

Silicon Valley Fall Arts Preview

The season in music, stage, film & visual arts. Perpetually tardy bursts of Indian Summer heat enable our region to forget that August's end means the sunny season's demise is nigh—at least technically speaking. And as the weather cools down, and the El Nino rains pick up (fingers crossed), opportunities arise to consider just how to spend the darker, drearier days. » Read More

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