Ancient Craft Inspires Soul-Searching at Rosicrucian

With a fiery red-orange backdrop, the ancient art of alchemy now comes alive at the Rosicrucian Museum. Read More

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Blackstreet is an American R&B group founded in 1992 by Thomas Taliaferro (producer) Bobby Brown and Teddy Riley, the inventor of New Jack Swing known for his work as a member of Guy.

Don Alberts is more than a pianist, more a piano stylist in the finest and most classical tradition of Jazz. His style is reminiscent of the dignity and panache of Duke Ellington and the eloquence of Bill Evans, yet clearly…

Local Anya Kvitka is hard to pin down. Hip-hop, trip-hop, future garage, jazz, it doesn't matter, whatever genre she alights upon is the better for her killer voice.

The art walk is self-guided evening tour through galleries, museums, and independent creative businesses featuring exhibitions and special performances.

Rockbar Theater is offering a 3-DAY Ticket Special for the 4th of July Weekend. For just $50 you can enjoy all three days of exciting Rock 'n' Roll and Independence Day celebration.

Baseball and the 4th of July go hand-in-hand, especially when there's a post game fireworks presnetation. The players will be wearing special Stars & Stripes jerseys and caps for the game followed by a fireworks extravaganza presented…

Enjoy a family holiday filled with History, Patriotism and Roses! The Rose, White and Blue Parade and Festival held annually on 4th of July in San Jose, California is a revival of the historic Rose Carnival of 1896

Where global beats & grooves meet, mingle and play. Every Sunday inside The Continental Bar, Patio and Lounge we will be serving up goodtimes and goodvibes with a blend of AfroBeat, Reggae (Dub, Roots, Rockaway) and Global Grooves.

The weird and wonderful family comes to devilishly delightful life in "The Addams Family." This magnificently macabre new musical comedy is "a visually satisfying, rib-tickling, lunatic musical that will entertain you to death!"


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Tickets to California's Great America

Win tickets to California's Great America in Santa Clara. Northern California's best choice for family fun!

Tickets to Superbike World Championship

Win three-day tickets to ENI FIM Superbike World Championship at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca on July 17-19.

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Music & Clubs

Local Singer, Anya Kvitka, Signs To Plug Research

Getting Up: Anya Kvitka plays The Ritz this Friday with her band, the Get Down.

Anya Kvitka has been quiet for a while. Professionally that is. In person, she doesn’t stay quiet long. She’s got a lot to say—about the arts in San Jose, about ABBA and about her recent decision to sign with the tastemaking independent label that dug Flying Lotus out of obscurity. “I’ve purposely… » Read More

King Diamond Sharing Stage With Slayer

Holding Court: With a piercing falsetto and penchant for brooding theatrics, King Diamond has lorded over metal fans for decades  performs at The Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival this weekend.

For nearly 35 years, Danish heavy metal icon King Diamond has been slaying audiences around the world with punishing riffs, face-melting solos, his trademark banshee wail and brilliant, brooding, bloody theatrics. The legendary singer, whose work with Mercyful Fate and his own eponymous band has influenced several generations of musicians, hits Shoreline Amphitheatre… » Read More

After Long Hiatus, Citabria Return To The Ritz With Silky Smooth New Album, ‘Exit Reality’

After splitting up, reuniting, and spending two years in mixing purgatory Citabria are back.

“For some reason things are always hard for us,” says Keviano Azevedo, drummer for the San Jose-based progressive alternative quartet, Citabria. He’s got a point. Considering the band’s fraught seven-year history, it is a wonder they’ve made it as far as they have. After their initial formation as a trio in 2008, the… » Read More


Review: 'Infinitely Polar Bear'

Three different styles of acting bash it out in the hard-to-believe Infinitely Polar Bear—and if you think the title sounds like the most labored Sundance fair, you're not wrong. Mark Ruffalo chews into the role of Cameron Stuart, a manic-depressive from a conceited Boston Brahmin family (his grandfather sat for a portrait by John Singer Sargent). He's idling his way through the late 1970s as Mr. Mom. » Read More

Review: 'Terminator Genisys'

Disgruntled fans of the franchise are already calling Terminator Genisys the worst, but it is loaded with Schwarzenegger, unlike the awful 2009 Terminator Salvation. (Someday, some blogger will rewrite the career of Salvation director, Joseph McGinty "McG" Nichol, as "an oeuvre that takes Tashlin-esque delight in destruction...essential to understanding the pleasures and perils of America in the Bush age... " etc., etc.) » Read More

The Arts

Pear Avenue Theatre is Relocating

The award-winning Pear Avenue Theatre will soon have a new name and a new home. The 13-year-old company is relocating from its current location on Pear Avenue-just off of N. Shoreline Boulevard near Moffett Field, in Mountain View-to 1110 La Avenida. The new, larger space was designed by San Jose architect, John Duquette, and is barely a half mile from the theater's longtime home. The company will be changing its name to Pear Theatre, in homage to its Pear Avenue origins. » Read More

'Arcadia' at Pear Avenue Theatre

Arcadia' is not a play to watch passively. It's a dizzying blend of science, math, history, art and literary references, which requires audiences to sit up, don their thinking caps and pay careful attention. » Read More

Features & Columns

Rudy Rucker: The Journals

One of the more interesting and least probable characters around Silicon Valley is Rudy Rucker. Mild mannered and grandfatherly, the retired San Jose State professor and prolific author lives simply in a Los Gatos home with his wife of almost 50 years. That's pretty much where the normalcy stops. He listens to the Ramones and the Replacements and paints colorful folk art-like canvases of the afterlife featuring spaceships, human head farms and characters who look like they were borrowed from a Russ Meyers movie set. » Read More

Video Game Teaches Online Security

The San Jose Public Library was recently awarded a $35,000 grant from the Knight Foundation to develop an online project to help people understand privacy issues in the digital age. » Read More

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