San Jose Jazz Summer Fest 2018

San Jose Jazz Summer Fest takes over the town with Herb Alpert, Eddie Gale and much more Read More

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Thu Aug 9-12

"If music be the food of love, play on..." A talented cast of young actors, ages 8 to 21, performs Shakespeare's rollicking romantic comedy, Twelfth Night, set in 1890s California. This comic tale of romance and mistaken identity is…

Fri Aug 10

For thousands of years, humans have been watching the Perseids meteor showers. The ancient stellar event happens annually around this time when dust from the Swift-Tuttle Comet lights up the night sky. Montalvo Arts Center is opening…

Fri Aug 10

Forget Jagger. Forget Morrison. Forget Plant. For millions of boomers, the voice of thunderous, pissed-off, rock & roll rage is Roger Daltrey--the blonde-tressed front man of The Who. Daltrey had to be a big voice to compete on stage…

Fri Aug 10

ConFunkShun has carried the torch of funk music for over four decades, and continues to be one of the most recognized bands in the genre today. Their chart-topping discography has influenced scores of artists and lives on through the…

Fri Aug 10

Like a harder, Houstonian version of Drake, Kirko Bangz is a Southern rapper who released his first charting single, "What Yo Name Iz," in late 2010. His second charting single for Warner Bros, "Drank in My Cup," broke through in the…

Fri Aug 10-12

Whether it's Fortnite or Metroid, Pokemon or Snatcher, MagWest has your back for all things video game-related. The West Coast spinoff of MagFest (the longrunning DC-area video game festival) is now in its second year in Santa Clara.…

Sat Aug 11

Still pounding on the 88 keys at the age of 82, Jerry Lee Lewis has had long and storied career. Known for such hits as "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On" and "Great Balls of Fire," Lewis is also rumored to have set his instrument on fire…

Sat Aug 11

Kaoru "Kishi Bashi" Ishibashi studied film scoring at the Berklee College of Music before developing his own shimmering non-movie-related (but still cinematic) musical aesthetic. Incorporating live looping, he'll be collaborating with…

Sat Aug 11

Called by Billboard Magazine a group "that should be on your radar," YASSOU is an indie art pop band that bridges the worlds of pop and classical art. Anchored by the mesmerizing vocals of Lilie Hoy, their multimedia productions are…

Sat Aug 11

Grammy-nominated accordionist Andre Thierry has become an international icon of Accordion Soul. Rooted in his French-Creole heritage, Thierry's music celebrates his background while integrating funk and R&B elements. His albums…

Sat Aug 11

Trumpeter Theo Croker has family and stylistic ties to jazz's grand history. Combining this deep understanding of jazz tradition with funk, hip-hop and avant-garde approaches, he creates a potent brew of traditional and contemporary…

Sat Aug 11-12

On August 11th and 12th, the Civic Center Lawn in Los Gatos will welcome the Fiesta de Artes, the area's single most popular art and wine festival for all ages. For two glorious summer days, locals and visitors will enjoy handmade…

Sun Aug 12

South Bay native Maxx Cabello Jr. plays the guitar with high-octane energy that combines elements of blues, rock and his own musical vision. An accomplished singer and songwriter, Cabello's music appeals to a diverse range of…

Thru Aug 19

City Lights Theater Company presents "In the Heights," in downtown San Jose. In the Heights tells the universal story of a vibrant community in New York's Washington Heights neighborhood - a place where the coffee from the corner…

Thru Aug 26

The Community School of Music and Arts (CSMA) in Mountain View presents Strength: Drawings & Paintings by Asami Akinaga. Strength is an exploration of cultural and feminine identity from her experience as a first-generation Japanese…


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Music & Clubs

I Saw You: Keeper of the Stage


After five hours volunteering at the San Jose Jazz Summer Festival on Saturday, I thought I’d rest my feet and go listen to the last song of Booker T. To make sure that was OK, I asked the gatekeepers for permission to enter the VIP section by the main stage and wound… » Read More

Jerry Lee Lewis at Mountain Winery

LOTTA SHAKIN': There's gonna be a whole lot of it when the rock & roll titan comes to the Mountain Winery.

Still pounding on the 88 keys at the age of 82, Jerry Lee Lewis has had long and storied career. Known for such hits as “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On” and “Great Balls of Fire,” Lewis is also rumored to have set his instrument on fire during a Brooklyn performance in 1958—nearly… » Read More

A Paranormal Evening With Alice Cooper

ALICE, SWEET ALICE: He's poisonous, venomous, and spectral. Get ready for a paranormal evening with the one and only Alice Cooper.

At its core, rock & roll has always been about youthful rebellion. From the national debut of Elvis Presley—who was initially shown on television waist-up so as not to offend delicate sensibilities with his shaking hips—to transgressive modern-day artists like Marilyn Manson and GWAR, part of rock music’s mission has to been… » Read More


Review: 'The Meg'

This time, the shark jumps you! So one would think, seeing the prehistoric megashark on the poster, large enough to scarf down an entire sharknado and its whirling angry denizens. The Meg baits and switches. The shark is only a measly 70 feet long, Certainly, this Meg has its moments. When it circles a crippled boat, its dorsal fin looks like the tail of a 727. But in closeups, the hellfish looks like the vegan shark in Finding Nemo. Only smaller. Much of this movie takes place in a futuristic sea-base Mana One, which looks like surplus from a Gerry Anderson puppet show. A mixed group of scientists, hanging around exclaiming at what they're seeing on screens include, but are not limited to: the spiky Angelina Jolie-esque one (Ruby Rose) » Read More

Review: 'Rock Rubber 45s'

There is, or used to be, a profession called "coolhunting." It described people who went out to the field to try to corral the next upcoming trend. For the multi-multi hyphenate Robert "Bobbito" Garcia, the coolness seems to have found him. Garcia's autobiographical documentary Rock Rubber 45s is a delight--this 50-something man of many talents is a born ambassador. Despite the numerous testimonials here--including one from Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, who tells Bobito "You encapsulate NY as a part of who you are"--Rock Rubber 45s never seems like a mere commercial for the director. By following his personal obsessions, which include hip-hop, hoops, customized sneakers, journalism and filmmaking, Garcia both chronicled and spread » Read More

The Arts

The Cypher Dance Company is Born

Fortunately for Cervantes, she has another method of communication to turn to, even when she doesn't speak up. As dancer and choreographer, she uses her body to tell the world how she feels. That's exactly what Cervantes aims to do with "Things I Can't Say Out Loud," the first original showcase by her fledgling Cypher Dance Company. The production aims to call out social inequities through movement. Cervantes says the show will be an immersive experience, featuring a series of dances along with pre-recorded narration, which will help the audience follow along with the emotions the dancers are working to express. Attendees will be encouraged to reflect on their own experience and actions while taking in the performance. » Read More

Curvy Cabaret is All About That Bass

When singer and actress Karyn Rondeau planned to audition for Monty Python's Spamalot, something held her back. "I wasn't going to audition for Spamalot because I was too fat," says Rondeau, who occasionally becomes misty eyed during our conversation. However, with the support of friends, she went out for the role and ended up landing the part of the musical's leading lady. "It was this amazing experience for me, and I got to wear these really awesome sexy costumes," she says, remembering what a confidence boost she gained from the experience. "I just felt great, and I closed that show just loving myself and loving my body." It is that feeling that Rondeau aims to coax out of others with her new show, Curvy Cabaret. A talented cast of » Read More

Tim Hawkinson is Wonderfully Weird at PACE

A recent visitor to the Pace Gallery described Tim Hawkinson's exhibit All that glitters, Must come Down as "super fun." She went on to call out the Baldachin series in particular, noting that the artist was "playing with the classical figure" but wishing that the inkjet scrolls were on a nicer material. They're hanging vertically and mounted on gold emergency blankets that look like appropriate drapery for the inhabitants of a future space colony. The artist has digitally altered human nudes, twisting every limb and appendage around and around. Each body is in a virtual knot. It's a vision of an inelegant ice skater's triple axel that ends in a disastrous pose. After finishing her tour of the work, the patron thanked the gallery assistant » Read More

Features & Columns

Silicon Alleys: Summer Jazz Fest Invokes Spirit of Musical Adventure

As usual, if one is a spirited adventurer, as most jazz fans are, then unexpected cosmic revelations appear around every corner. With the stipulation that Western linear summaries do not accommodate such a festival, the indoor/outdoor polarity erupted right off the bat. My opening-night infiltration began with the Tango Jazz Quartet at Cafe Stritch and then eventually continued with a total surprise, the Pascal Bokar Afro Blue Grazz Band in the Fairmont's Club Regent room. With probably a dozen musicians, Bokar served up a wild bouillabaisse of West African rhythms, American bluegrass, French chansons and 12-bar blues seemingly layered with Moroccan textures. Dancers took over the aisles and the floor in front of the stage, with everyone » Read More

Advice Goddess: Working From Home, Alone and Lonely

Avoid any temptation to kidnap strangers lingering in your building's lobby. "Are you going to cut me up and put me in your freezer?" the terrified UPS man will ask. You: "Uh, I thought we'd just hang out and have coffee, but whatever works for you." Healthier (and less felonious) forms of coping start with unpacking what loneliness is. The late neuroscientist John Cacioppo explained loneliness as a painful feeling of disconnection from others. He differentiated loneliness--the aching longing for human connection--from a desire for solitude, "the pleasures of sometimes being by yourself." And he and his wife and research partner, psychologist Stephanie Cacioppo, noted that loneliness has been associated with serious negative effects on not » Read More

Free Will Astrology: Week of August 15, 2018

Author and theologian Thomas Merton thought that the most debilitating human temptation is to settle for too little, to live a comfortable life rather than an interesting one. I wouldn't say that's always true about you, Taurus. But I do suspect that in the coming weeks, a tendency to settle for less could be the single most devitalizing temptation you'll be susceptible to. That's why I encourage you to resist the appeal to accept a smaller blessing or punier adventure than you deserve. Hold out for the best and brightest. » Read More

Silicon Alleys: Jackie Gage Debuts Song About San Jose at Jazz Fest

San Jose native Jackie Gage is flying back from the Big Apple this weekend, just to film a music video for a song she wrote about her hometown. Gage will debut her new tune, "A Secret Place," Saturday night at Cafe Stritch during the San Jose Jazz Summer Fest, followed by an exclusive VIP after-party at a separate location. If the performance sells out, as Gage's gigs often do, tickets for the after-party will still be available. To raise money for the video shoot, friends, family and distant admirers all contributed to an Indiegogo campaign, 80 percent of which was raised in 24 hours. As of last Sunday, the goal was officially shattered, but anyone can still donate. » Read More

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