Bicycling Culture in Silicon Valley

For more than a century, the valley has been at the forefront of cycling culture. Read More

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Imagine a week long Bicycle Festival in San Jose! Different bike rides and events going on everyday for over a week long! Climaxing with Bike Party on Friday night!

Brazilian export Cado moved to Portugal and then San Jose as a kid, and began playing the music of his native country as a teenager. Now he sings in three languages, and like Seu Jorge pulls off a mystifying blend of blend of genres…

When the San Jose Major League Soccer club decided to change its name and look in 1999, it went into the past to do so. Reaching back to a previously successful soccer team in the area, the Clash became the Earthquakes.

Many a jazz fanatic will argue that Nina Simone was the best female jazz vocalist ever. It's a solid position. She brought a flawed realness and a painful vulnerability to music that hadn't been heard before.

Typically an indie-rock venue, Art Boutiki hosts a hip-hop show this Saturday with local up-and-comers Craig White and Kam Cooks, along with Fresno left-field electro-producer/singer Sahab. Headlining the event is Bay Area underground…

Japantown celebrates the San Jose Obon festival, a time when generations of families and friends come together and enjoy a rich cultural experience in one of the three remaining Japantowns in the United States.

Join us for Sunday Funday Reinvented! TheSocial Day Party & Brunch series inside San Jose's #1 rated indoor outdoor venue Sp2 Communal Bar + Restaurant 72 N.Almaden St, San Jose.

Los Gatos hosts the annual summer music series, Music in the Park. This year there is music for all tastes from salsa to Celtic to Afro-samba, and everything in between. This is a free event that encourages picnic-style enjoyment.

Join in painting your own work of art between sips of cocktails. With guidance (and the influence of a few drinks), create a new masterpiece to take home. The event comes with your own canvas, paints, brushes and smock.

The 2006 Tony Award-winning Best Musical comes to San Jose. It's the story of how four blue-collar kids came to be the rock and roll hall of famers The Four Seasons: Frankie Valli, Bob Gaudio, Tommy DeVito, and Nick Massi.

Every Wednesday, Cafe Stritch hosts an all vinyl DJ night for local DJ's to come out and spin. Come join Wednesday nights starting at 9pm to hear live vinyl DJ's and enjoy the food Cafe Stritch has to offer.

Thursday, July 17 Join SJDA and Live 105.3 for a Block Party starring the English Beat. Fronted by Dave Wakeling, English Beat will play long-time new wave and ska favorites

Jimmy Cliff will perform at the Montalvo Arts Center for one night only! Cliff is one of the best known reggae artists in the world and has achieved worldwide success as a singer and songwriter in his career of more than 40 years.

Erk Tha Jerk will be taking over San Jose, performing his smash hits including "Hands up" and "Right Here"

ALTRUISM is an event dedicated to the healing of Giselle Ayala, a friend to many in the Bay Area music community. Team Giselle is excited to bring you a day of music, food, and dancing! We will have live bands on the patio, DJs…


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Win tickets to Music in the Park in downtown San Jose, featuring the English Beat on July 17.

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Win tickets to YES at the City National Civic in San Jose on August 19.

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Music & Clubs

Vinyl Return to Downtown San Jose With the Opening of Needle to the Groove

Needle to the Groove co-owners Michael Boado, left, and Allen Johnson, center, spent a day getting the store ready with Adam Nance, right. Photo by Jessica Shirley-Donnelly.

Lacquered wooden bins shine deep brown in the fluorescent light and a new sign hangs above what will soon be the counter of Needle to the Groove Records, but at the moment, the space is still a work in progress. As owner Allen Johnson and manager Michael Boado explain, a bin still… » Read More

Interview: Ice-T Revives Body Count for Mayhem Festival


Ice-T’s thrash metal band Body Count, touching off a powder keg of controversy in 1992 with the incendiary song “Cop Killer,” found themselves at the center of a cultural maelstrom, eliciting protests from politicians and conservative groups. Fans and free speech advocates rallied around them, lauding the band’s uncensored social commentary. Looking… » Read More

Erykah Badu’s DJ side project added to San Jose Summer Jazz Fest


Erykah Badu is at the top of the list of some recent additions to this year’s San Jose Summer Jazz Fest. The neo-soul legend won’t be singing however; she’s spinning records under her the moniker DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown. Her DJ side project began in 2011, and she spins frequently at… » Read More


'Life Itself'

The touching and well-built Roger Ebert documentary Life Itself isn't as varnished as you might expect. Having very close access to Ebert, director Steve James caught sometimes brutal footage of a death from cancer. The steadfastness of Ebert's wife Chaz amazes. Everyone speaks of the courage of a dying patient, but Ebert's illness forces him to remain where he is. His mate stays by choice. That may be tougher. » Read More

'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes'

As a parable of evolution, devolution and revolution, of nuclear holocaust, viral plagues and time streams so twisty that characters become their own ancestors, there is nothing in cinema quite like the Planet of the Apes series. The phenomenon continues July 11 with the release of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. The series is safe as an entertainment for older children—2011's Rise of the Planet of the Apes had deft, kid-pleasing sequences of Caesar the chimp in his Curious George phase, brachiating around a Victorian house in San Mateo. » Read More

The Arts

FitExpo & Kali Muscle come to San Jose Convention Center

With their plodding routines of protein-packed dieting, lifting and down-to-the-minute scheduling, bodybuilders have a reputation for being a bit dull. They're like monks-insanely bulked-up, shredded monks—on a monomaniacal quest for physical nirvana. Kali Muscle, 39, shatters convention. The Oakland-born athlete, whom many may recognize from the "happier than a bodybuilder directing traffic" Geico ad, went from college footballer, to San Quentin convict, to philosopher and author. » Read More

'The Farnsworth Invention' at the Lucie Stern Theater

If the new availability of Tesla's patents offers any indication, the race to lock down tech patents isn't quite as fevered these days. At least, the climate doesn't seem as overtly cutthroat as the face-off nearly a century ago between independent inventor Philo T. Farnsworth and media conglomerate RCA. Farnsworth and RCA, with founder David Sarnoff at its head, competed to claim the patent for developing the television. Palo Alto Players share this complex tale in their production of Aaron Sorkin's drama The Farnsworth Invention. » Read More

Features & Columns

Japantown Art Walk signifies a resurgence on Jackson St.

At last month's Japantown Art Walk, on Friday the 13th, I sat there, practically in the middle of the street, drawing a hideous Giger-inspired monstrosity on a tiny fluorescent piece of Post-it-looking paper while kids scampered about a granite bench on the sidewalk. Thanks to artist Ming Schipper, I had baskets of Prismacolor pens to choose from. Petite Galleria, which orchestrated this particular spectacle, sits almost unnoticed on Jackson Street. » Read More

Local T-Shirt Companies: Cukui & Breezy Excursion Push the Culture of the T-Shirt

Prints and paintings hang on a stark white wall, each piece carefully illuminated by the bright beams cast from twin rails of track lighting. The spare space is nearly devoid of furniture save for two blond wood benches, which, positioned side by side in the middle of the room, offer a resting spot for anyone wanting to stay for a while and contemplate the pieces on display. » Read More

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