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Pink Martini was formed in 1994 by Thomas Lauderdale to provide more beautiful and inclusive musical soundtracks for political fundraisers for causes such as civil rights, affordable housing, the environment, libraries, public…

Every Tuesday night in the intimate Caffe Frascati, local performers are encouraged to participate in Open Mic Night. Musical styles of all kinds are welcome, from soulful blues to high-energy rock to catchy pop.

hey are known for bringing rumba catalana, a pop-oriented music derived from traditional flamenco music, to an international audience, and their distinct style of music has been described as "Spanish flamenco and Romani rhapsody meets…

The weekly Rhythm + Wine party is held every Wednesday and features live music, dancing and $20 bottles of vino. The actions starts at 6pm every Wednesday and continues until 10pm.

Enjoy views of San Jose and the surrounding hills of Silicon Valley from our 6th floor rooftop patio. Adorned with an 18 foot fireplace and an led lit bar.

Yannis Pappas is a stand-up comedian and current host of AOL's Original Series, 2 Point Lead. He was the Co-Anchor of Fusion Live, a live, primetime, one-hour news magazine program which focused on current events, pop culture and…

The art walk is self-guided evening tour through galleries, museums, and independent creative businesses featuring exhibitions and special performances.

Ian Somerhalder, Toby Kebbell, Bruce Campbell, WWE Diva Paige, Billy Boyd, Scott Wolf, Michael Cudlitz, and Brett Dalton are among the hundreds of celebrities and industry professionals at the 2015 Wizard World Comic Con San Jose.

A whole lot of shaking will be going on at the second annual Brews and Blues Festival taking place September 5. The event features tasty barbecue food, dancing, and the exciting music of the Shakedancer Blues Revue.

The San Jose Bacon Festival of America returns for its third year with a revamped and rebooted festival expanded to two days. Join 15,000 of your closest bacon friends for bacon, craft beer, wrestling & s'mores.

Join us at Cafe Stritch as they present an open jazz session with their house band The Eulipions. Held every Sunday evening, this session is open to intermediate to advanced musicians, as well as to those who just want to kick back…


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Red Dragon Cartel + RockStar Limo

Win 10 tickets to Red Dragon Cartel + RockStar Limo from the RockBar Theater in San Jose on Sept. 10.

$50 to Capers Eat & Drink

Win a $50 dining certificate to Capers Eat & Drink in Campbell. Drawing September 1.

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Music & Clubs

Long Live Deathrock: ‘Satori’ Celebrates 10 Years

Club Satori celebrated its 10th anniversary over the weekend.

“I think we’ve survived because we’re the least ‘goth’ club out there,” says Ryan Higgins, musing upon the question of how he and Club Satori co-DJ Kevin Rollis have managed to run their gothic club night long enough to be celebrating their 10-year anniversary at The Ritz. He may be correct. The… » Read More

Breaking: The Bots Come To Shoreline

Analog Machines: Playing fuzzy garage rock and punk, The Bots have carved out a successful path for themselves at a young age.

Mikaiah and Anaiah Lei of The Bots are used to throwing people off. For starters, the two brothers are of mixed Taiwanese and Caribbean descent. Their complexion and hair texture often leads to them they’re being mistaken as black, which, in the past has led to some assuming they make rap music.… » Read More

Under The Influence: Incubus & Deftones

Nü Nostalgia: Close out the summer with nü metal survivors, Incubus and Deftones.

At the turn of the millennium, popular music was heading into a dark place. Cheesy boy bands and bling-obsessed hip-hop ruled MTV, and the only rock music cracking the Top 40 was abysmal—literally and figuratively. Fortunately, we had Incubus and Deftones. The passion and punk-rock energy that sparked the grunge movement had… » Read More


Review: 'Mistress America'

More haywire than fashionably brittle, Noah Baumbach's Mistress America is built on a Berlin Diaries/Breakfast at Tiffany's model. It's told in the second person: a poem to a breathlessly blithe young lady, Brooke (Baumbach's co-writer and live-in Greta Gerwig). She survives with little visible means of support and the help of an off-screen boyfriend called "Stavros," like evil Blofeld. She's idolized by the lady who will become her sister by marriage: a budding, alternately too-shrewd and too-sentimental college student, named Tracy (Lola Kirile). » Read More

Review: 'Digging for Fire'

Joe Swanberg's Digging for Fire has its appeal. It stars a well-chosen group of actors, and is directed in a loose style that reveals more of their humanity than you'd see in more tightly woven films. Sam Elliott, capable of mustachioed, rugged cowboy charm or smooth-shaven villainy, gives five fine minutes as a grandad sighing about his age, for example. » Read More

The Arts

Piranesi's Paestum: Master Drawings Uncovered

The celebrated 18th-century engraver and illustrator, Giovanni Battista Piranesi, anticipated the tourism industry, urban decay photography, and even image-based 3D modeling for archaeology sites. While Piranesi (1720-1778) was most commonly known for his depictions of imaginary prisons (Carceri d'invenzione), a special new exhibit at the Cantor Arts Center focuses on another project. » Read More

Stanford Rep. Theater Hosts Revue of Noel Coward's Greatest Hits

The British writer, composer and all-around renaissance man, No'l Coward, was a master of witty wordplay, lilting melodies and the perfectly pointed zinger—often directed at his own upper-class English society. Stanford Repertory Theater is celebrating his work this season with its No'l Coward Festival: Art, Style & Decadence. Earlier this summer, the company presented his 1924 comedy-of-manners, Hay Fever, as well as a film series, community symposium and theater course. » Read More

Features & Columns

Oddball Musician Korla Pandit Gets Some Long-Overdue Respect

At the dawn of the television era, Korla Pandit mesmerized millions of television viewers with his dazzling talent on the Hammond organ, exotic jeweled turbans, Indian mysticism and deep penetrating eyes. He rarely spoke. He just stared into cameras throughout the 1950s, looking right into everyone's living rooms. His entire shtick was, if not the first, one of the first true TV masterpieces. » Read More

How an Oral History of Punk Rock Reinvented a Genre

As they prep the 20th anniversary edition of their punk history 'Please Kill Me,' Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain look back at how the groundbreaking oral history changed not just the publishing industry, but also the way we tell stories. » Read More

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