'A Fragile Narrative' Proves that Glass is More than Decor

Several galleries around town have curated glass-themed shows in conjunction with
the Glass Art Society Conference hitting town in a few weeks. Read More

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Tony MacAlpine is now touring the USA and coming to RockBar Theater Tuesday June 2nd in support of his new album "Concrete Gardens"

The psychic medium, Theresa Caputo,star of the TV show, Long Island Medium will showcase her psychic abilities at the auditorium. She will be doing readings on some audience members and share life stories as well as talk about her…

Join the Jazz Jam at the Hedley, led by drummer Stephen Marley! If you are a musician, bring your instrument and get in the groove. Don't be shy! Don't miss this unique opportunity to play and network with other musicians.

If the Pixies had a lovechild with Mazzy Star, and it grew up on a diet of garage rock and David Bowie, you would get Gateway Drugs. Self-described as "art after death," Gateway Drugs blend punk and garage rock with more mellow…

Maz Jobrani is a founding member of "The Axis of Evil Comedy Tour", consisting of four Middle Eastern comedians and special guest comedians, and was even featured on Comedy Central.

In the AFL from 1995 to 2008 the SaberCats made four Championship game appearances capturing three ArenaBowl titles, won eight division crowns and qualified for the playoffs 12 times, including the final nine seasons. The team had the…

Focused on emerging and present subcultures thriving in Silicon Valley, SubZERO is a DIY, artistically bent, hi/lo-techno mashup where street meets geek.

BITE Silicon Valley is the first-ever event to celebrate and explore the intersection of food and technology, featuring some of the nation's top celebrity chefs and tech innovators including Chef Chair Jose Andres, Roy Choi, Michael…

KC and the Sunshine Band are still as widely popular today as they were when they first danced into the music scene 40 years ago. Harry Wayne Casey - KC for short - developed a unique fusion of R&B and funk

The City of Sunnyvale hosts its annual event, now in its 41st year, including wine tasting from regional wineries, beer, food and crafts booths from local artisans and vendors and more.


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$100 to Alexander's Patisserie

Win a $100 dining certificate to Alexander's Patisserie in Mountain View. Drawing June 19.

$100 to Steamer's in Los Gatos

Win a $100 dining certificate to Steamer's The Grillhouse in Los Gatos. Drawing June 23.

Tickets to SJ Earthquakes vs LA Galaxy

Win tickets to see the San Jose Earthquakes vs the LA Galaxy at Stanford Stadium on June 27.

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Music & Clubs

Gustaf Fjelstrom’s Ethereal, Downtempo ‘Intention’

Gustaf Fjelstrom crafts gauzy, ambient instrumentals in his San Jose studio.

All throughout the ’90s, Gustaf Fjelstrom kept his head down—playing bass in the background of local power trio Maximum Indifference. It was a role he was used to. Most of his musical life he has acted in supporting roles, playing less popular instruments. He played bass for his high school jazz band and… » Read More

The Normal Dudes Of ‘Weird Twitter’

Tweetle Dee: Jon Hendren, better known as @fart, has more than 78,000 followers on Twitter. Whatever.

“Nobody should ever listen to anything I say,” says Jon Hendren, a man with 78,000 followers on Twitter under the handle, @fart. I’m one of those 78,000. For more than a year, I’ve subscribed to Hendren’s tweets. He publishes about five or six a day, along with a dozen or so replies… » Read More

PHOTOS: FanimeCon 2015


This the 21st annual FanimeCon, comic book exhibition came to San Jose this past weekend, bringing with it, all order or cosplayers. Characters from Dragon Ball Z, Nintendo games, Sailor Moon and The Evil Dead were all in attendance. We sent our photographer, Geoffrey Smith II to check out the action. Take… » Read More


Review: 'Tomorrowland'

There are two wolves fighting in Brad Bird's Tomorrowland—inside the movie's premise, I mean, not actually on screen. Which wolf wins? The script includes the haggard anecdote of the wolves named "Hope" and "Fear," putatively told by a wise old Cherokee but in truth cooked up by Rev. Billy Graham. » Read More

Review: 'Zombeavers'

Canadians may feel this matter keenly, but some consider beavers the world's most boring animal. Boring is relative. I'd personally consider Michelle Rodriguez scowling at flying automobiles boring, as opposed to a real favorite, the dam-building extravaganza Beavers (1988) originally filmed in IMAX back when Christopher Nolan was but an ambitious film student. Beavers is a hypnotically relaxing film, and its waddling stars never fail to induce zen-like calm. » Read More

The Arts

'A Fragile Narrative' at SJICA

Glass art rarely gets its due, in comparison to fiber, ceramics, clay and other sculptural methods. Most of the time, glass is relegated to utilitarian contexts or decorative shlock, which is why several galleries around town have curated glass-themed shows in conjunction with the Glass Art Society Conference hitting town in a few weeks. Everyone involved—both at the conference and gallery levels—is trying to shatter the idea that glass is simply decor. » Read More

'Cinderscape' at Empire Seven Studios

Thoughtful, surreal and magical, the latest exhibit at Empire Seven Studios-Cinderscape, by Oakland-based artist and designer, Jaime Lakatos-explores the devastating impact humans have had on the natural world. Lakatos' art is both disturbing and familiar-all dusted with a touch of fantasy. Her sculptures of animals are brooding, dark and sometimes ambiguous. Some are spotted with patches of real fur; others support stuffed birds on their backs; all feature a texture reminiscent of charred wood. » Read More

Features & Columns

The Japantown Film Festival

The first-ever Japantown Film Festival will explode this weekend, proving that if institutions collaborate, sponsors climb on board and people of ethnic persuasions harmonize their collective rallying cries, then a rip-roaring creative nexus of awesomeness will unfold. Most of the festival transpires at the Northside Community Center on Friday night and Saturday, with the Japanese American Museum participating on Sunday. » Read More

Summer Guide 2015

It starts with a nagging twinge, right at the base of the skull. Barely perceptible at first, the sensation grows stronger, emanating from somewhere around the medulla oblongata-that most primordial region of the brain-before spreading throughout the entire cranial cavity. From there it seizes hold of the chest and lodges itself in the pit of the stomach, before radiating outwards to the limbs. The entire body soon begins to tremble and it becomes clear what it is at last. » Read More

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