Making Moves

This weekend's Open Air Artisan Faire at Santana Row marks a return to live events, but Bay Area artists have survived--and even thrived--in the pandemic through virtual shops Read More

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Thu Feb 20

At Palermo, our chef brings on the table a selection of authentic Sicilian recipes all made with fresh ingredients imported from the Island of the Sun. Authentic Sicilian food brought to you by authentic Sicilian!

Thu Feb 20

Formed in 2015, the Las Vegas-based hip-hop jazz band The Lique mix rap, jazz, soul, funk and rock into a vibrant musical concoction that is proven to keep you dancing. The group is a self-described "jazz family first and foremost"…

Thu Feb 20

At the same time that other, fussier British rock bands were playing around with classical allusions and 12-minute song suites in the early 1970s, Foghat was keeping it simple with brawny, unpretentious, boogie-based guitar-rock that…

Fri Feb 21

Born in a small seaport town in Connecticut, 28-year-old electronic music producer and DJ Audien has been making music since 2008. He got his first big break 2012 when he was featured on Armin van Buuren's A State of Trance…

Fri Feb 21

2018 Summer Fest artist Aaron Abernathy is a rising pianist/singer with a style rooted in gospel and the organic, acoustic soul of the early '70s. Frequent collaborator of hip-hop artist Black Milk, Abernathy has created a stir with…

Fri Feb 21

Few musicians embody the spontaneous energy of jazz like Matt Wilson. The New York-based drummer combines buoyant zeal, idiosyncratic style, infectious humor, joyous swing, and an indomitable spirit of surprise. Together, with his…

Fri Feb 21-29

Get ready for some fun for the whole family when SCP's junior production of FREAKY FRIDAY hits the Sunnyvale Theatre stage! Based on the beloved 1972 novel by Mary Rodgers and the hit Disney films, FREAKY FRIDAY is a fantastic new…

Sat Feb 22

For the past 24 years, The Choral Project has wowed audiences with its mix of classical repertoire and boundary-bending modern choral works. This weekend, TCP returns to Santa Clara for a performance of Art of Sound :: Oceans of…

Sat Feb 22

In the annals of San Jose skate-punk history, one band looms larger than all the rest. Featuring South Bay skateboarding legend Steve Caballero on guitar and Gavin O'Brien--brother to Corey O'Brien, another San Jose pro and owner of…

Sun Feb 23

Enjoy a Big Easy brunch and music from The Sons of The Soul Revivers--all while helping support the upcoming Fountain Blues & Brews Festival, scheduled for June 20 at Plaza de Cesar Chavez. The Morgan brothers--the three-part vocal…

Thru Feb 23

With music and lyrics by Tom Jones and a book by Harvey Schmidt, The Fantasticks holds the distinction of being the longest-running Broadway musical. The musical fable puts a quirky twist on the narratives of Romeo & Juliet and West…

Thru Apr 19

"Ten Japanese-American Concentration Camps," featuring photos by photographer, teacher and mixed media artist, Renee Billingslea. The exhibit revisits F.D.R.'s Executive Order 9066, which authorized Japanese Relocation in 1942.…


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Music & Clubs

Pot Shots: The Vaping Crisis May Be Overblown, But Is Still A Very Real Threat Without Regulation

PROCEED WITH CAUTION: Current vaping devices on the market are not as safe as some have assessed. It’s best to wait for regulation to catch up before committing to them. Photo courtesy of Ecig Click

It seems like a safe bet that, in the next year or two, Delta-8 THC products will be available—when they’re available at all—only from licensed, regulated cannabis dispensaries. Until that time, however, people who buy them are putting themselves at risk. A new report by the U.S. Cannabis Council, a trade group… » Read More

The Table Trio Livestream From Art Boutiki

VIBING OUT: Guaranteed good vibes only at vibraphonist Dillon Vado's Table Trio livestream.

Let’s face it: we live in a golden age of vibes. Whether it’s Nathan Apodaca vibin’ to Fleetwood Mac, the Williams twins catching vibes on their “First Time Hearing” music channel, or the popular #vibes hashtag on Tik Tok, we love our vibes. And what instrument is more vibey than the vibraphone?… » Read More

The Continental’s ‘Grand Reopening’

GET MOVING: Remember dancing? This weekend, it comes back to the Continental. (photo via The Continental Facebook).

Ladies and gentlemen, the dancefloor is open. After more than a year of weekends inside and social interactions over Zoom, Continental Bar & Lounge in downtown San Jose pulls back the velvet rope this Saturday and once again invites you to lose yourself in the music. To help get you there, they’ve… » Read More


Show Goes On

By the second week, those fears were confirmed as the organizers of the festival in San Jose and Redwood City pulled the plug, Covid-19 cases increased and public health officials forbade gatherings. A year later, the festival returns, this time fully virtual, from March 20 to 30 with 199 films and shows from 55 countries, most of which will be available to stream throughout the festival. Another 13 "Spotlight" events will punctuate the festival with Zoom Q&As and "red carpet" interviews with filmmakers and actors and peeks at rough cuts. » Read More

Big Shorts

There comes a time in every reporter's career when an actor must be interviewed because they've directed a short film. These moments are fraught with anxiety because the films are often vanity projects created for the sake of showcasing some nascent talent the actor believes has been overlooked, without ever questioning why. I'm happy to report this is decidedly not the case with Zach Woods' debut directorial effort, David, a hilarious, humanistic portrait of psychic healing that should be prescribed viewing for the sake of global mental health. » Read More

The Arts

Don't Blink

Like many traveling exhibits, the Cantor Arts Center's When Home Won't Let You Stay: Migration through Contemporary Art spent months in the planning. Starting as a mockup in 3-D software, it morphed continuously over the bumpy ride of re-thinkings and adaptations driven by Covid-19. » Read More

Pandemic Poetic

Janice Lobo Sapigao didn't expect her first year as the Santa Clara County Poet Laureate would be sucker punched by a global pandemic, but she's determined not to let that stop her from getting South Bay kids to love their own words. The Silicon Valley native took over the two-year poet laureate position in January. The honorary post comes with a mandate to increase poetry awareness and celebration. Sapigao, a Filipina American poet, author, writer, educator and active community member, has plenty of ideas for that. » Read More

Post No Bills

The text on the marquee said it all: "The Ritz Closed Until Further Notice." The news came as a disappointment to fans of Xavier Dprehpaulezz--the imaginative blues singer and songwriter who performs under the moniker Fantastic Negrito--who was scheduled to wow the crowds at The Ritz on March 19. As the county and state ramp up efforts to prevent a spike in novel coronavirus cases, bars, nightclubs and live music venues are shutting down, and it is unclear when they will open again. » Read More

Features & Columns

Silicon Alleys: Daikon Pixels

With gentrification continuing to reshape Japantown, one of San Jose's most historic neighborhoods, a group of artists and historians pooled their resources to explore hidden histories via the use of augmented reality (AR) technology. When the opening reception unfolds this Saturday from 4-6pm at Art Object Gallery, the past will no longer be prologue. » Read More

Free Will Astrology: Week of June 16, 2021

Aries playwright Tennessee Williams was honest about the trickery he engaged in as he composed his entertaining masterpieces. "I don't want realism," he exclaimed. "I want magic! Yes, yes, magic! I try to give that to people." I fully support you, Aries, if you would like to make that your goal in the next three weeks. In my astrological opinion, you and the people in your life have more than a mild need for magic. Your ability to thrive depends on you all getting big doses of magic. » Read More

Making Moves

Last year, San Jose artist Ezra Mara had heart surgery to fix a birth defect. The day after she got out of the hospital, the shelter-in-place pandemic quarantine went into effect. The 59-year-old's process wasn't affected too much by the mandated seclusion. Her daily routine remained unchanged: spending most days working in her studio by herself. "It wasn't so difficult," she says. "I'm not a very social person, and the nature of my work [requires] me to be alone to do it." » Read More

Silicon Alleys: Sour Greats

Throughout 43 years of business, Barbara Lenhart never needed to promote the Sourdough Eatery on North First Street. She never placed an ad anywhere. Then came the lockdown. Even though the legendary San Jose deli only suffered a few days of closure, Lenhart decided to put extra signage out front to let people know she was still in business. She wanted her regular customers to know they could still peruse the museum-like interior and gaze at the glorious mishmash of oddities all over the walls of the ancient brick building. They could still sit outside in what's probably the best patio anywhere in these parts. » Read More

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