Silicon Valley's Melting Pot Creates Mixed Bag of Expectations

Slayer played a killer show nearly three decades ago in Mountain View, but the new wave of tech and development rarely remembers Read More

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Jim Jefferies has established himself as one of the most popular and respected comedians of his generation. His controversial and belief-challenging standup style continues to surprise and entertain audiences.

Fort Point Beer tasting event. Brian Moore of Fort Point will host a beer tasting at Chromatic Coffee. Come build your palette by tasting beer or coffees if you prefer. Brian will also be running a friendly Hop (Rock), Paper, Scissors…

12 CA breweries (with brewers/owners present) 36 different brews and a "blind" IPA taste contest.

Country legend Keith Urban is stopping at Shoreline Amphitheatre on his 2016 tour with "Drunk On Your Love" artist Brett Eldredge and "80s Mercedes" singer Maren Morris.

The FitExpo is the place to learn all about the world of fitness and building healthy habits. There will be competitions, guest speakers and exhibitors.

Check out the new tap room over at Whole Foods Market in Santa Clara. They will be featuring: Santa Clara Valley Brewing, Hermitage Brewing, Discretion Brewing, and Camino Brewing!

Buy some fresh fruits and vegetables while supporting your local vendors every Wednesday at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds.

From his start in the Steve Miller Band to now, Boz Scaggs has accrued rock and roll fame from writing and recording his own music. Michael McDonald, who sang with Steely Dan and the Doobie Brothers in his early career, will join…

Join one of the biggest stars of music as she returns to the Bay Area for two nights. Her debut album went platinum seven times and she has won numerous Grammys.

Gilberto has the ability to transport audiences to her childhood in Brazil with her rhythmic beats and bossa nova sounds. Her unique sound has won her many Grammys.

Award winning group Weezer headlines with Panic at the Disco and Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness.

The eldest son of the immortal Robert Nesta, Ziggy is just one of many musical talents in the Marley clan. His first successful forays into music began in the early '80s as the leader of Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers. He then…

Participating food trucks include O Mi Ninja, Cluck It Up, 3-3-3, Los Tolucas, Porky's SJ, 3 Brothers Kitchen, Judie's Locos Tacos, Seoulful Fried Chicken, J Shack, SAJJ Street Eats, Road Dogs, Cheese Gone Wild Cookies & Cream, and…

Come to the 2016 Gilroy Garlic Festival (July 29, 30 and 31) for great garlicky food, live cooking competitions, and lots of fun for the whole family. The heart of the Garlic Festival is Gourmet Alley, the gigantic outdoor kitchen…


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Tickets to Grace Potter

Win tickets to Grace Potter at The Mountain Winery on August 13. Drawing August 11.

$50 to Il Fornaio

Win a $50 Dining Certificate to Il Fornaio, including downtown San Jose location. Drawing July 29.

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Music & Clubs

Jim Jefferies Dumps on Trump, NRA

eTOUGH TALK: Hard-drinking Aussie comedian Jim Jefferies refuses to play nice.

In his recent Netflix special, Freedumb, Jim Jefferies calls Donald Trump’s backers “fucking dummies.” The comedian, who plays the City National Civic in San Jose on July 28,¬†characterizes the demagogue’s statements as “really simple shit that means nothing” and concludes the bit with a legitimately touching plea, entreating his audience to combat… » Read More

Hit List: Best Music, Art & Culture Jul 27-Aug 1

OH, HELLO: Adele is coming to SAP Center... from the other side...

So many heavy-hitters are coming to town this week. In addition to Adele at the Shark Tank, Ziggy Marley at the Mountain Winery, and co-headliners Korn and Rob Zombie¬†descending on Shoreline Amphitheatre, we also have funnymen Jim Jefferies and Joel McHale, the MLS All-Star Game at Avaya Stadium, Mayer Hawthorne at The… » Read More

PHOTOS: Flo Rida Warms Up MLS All-Star Crowd

HIS HOUSE: Flo Rida got everyone in the building jumping at the MLS All-Star Game pre-party.

This past weekend marked the beginning of festivities in the run up to Thursday’s big game between the MLS All-Star squad and London’s top-ranked Arsenal Football Club. While the San Pedro Square Market has been hosting¬†a number of events, the marquee pre-party came Monday, as Florida party rapper Flo Rida and Mexican… » Read More


Review: 'Star Trek: Beyond'

Seeing such a reassuring message about plurality seems fitting and timely, especially after last week's atrocity in Cleveland. Among other things, the starship Enterprise is our own leaky American ship as we love to envision her, stuffed with benign, theatrically accented foreigners all pulling together. "My wee Scottish gran said, 'You can't break a stick in a bundle,'" says Scotty (co-scriptwriter Simon Pegg) in Star Trek: Beyond. Mr. Spock (Zachary Quinto) is feeling the pull toward traditionalism, which is causing a rift with Uhura (Zoe Saldana). He's wondering if he hadn't better get back to New Vulcan and help raise some logical kids. Spock is counselled, sort of, by the peremptory Dr. McCoy, aka "Bones" (Karl Urban). » Read More

Review: 'Cafe Society'

Narratively speaking, Cafe Society is the film version of a Grandpa Abe Simpson anecdote. Famous names are dropped, pointlessly. Trivial matters about the past are flaunted without much context. Director, writer and producer Woody Allen narrates, announcing the qualities of his characters, even as we're trying to watch them and figure them out. There's no comedic understatement, or irony-what we see is what we get. During the Depression, a kid from New York named Bobby (Jesse Eisenberg) is trying to make it in Hollywood when he falls for his married uncle's mistress, Vonnie (Kristen Stewart). Neither uncle Phil (Steve Carell), a brittle, high-powered agent, nor Vonnie, who is his Phil's secretary, clues the young man. Heartbroken, Bobby » Read More

The Arts

'The Art of Water' Examines California's Precious Resource

In the July heat, much of the Stanford University campus is bleached beige or brown. On every horizon, parched hillsides present a similar picture, completely devoid of any lingering spring greens. Across the street from the Cantor Arts Center's entrance, Andy Goldsworthy's Stone River snakes its mud-colored spine up from dusty crumbs of earth. Absent human intervention, this is a dry, waterless place. Inside the Cantor Arts Center, a new exhibit acts as a temporary, air-conditioned corrective. The gallery walls in "California: The Art of Water" borrow a paint scheme from one of David Hockney's stimulating pool blues. The three open rooms of the show are loosely divided into themes: "Water and the wilderness"; "The role of water in » Read More

Ephemeral Sculpture at Montalvo's 'Garden' Party

As captivating as the works may be, those attending this Friday's "pop-up arts festival" at Montalvo Art Center would do well to resist becoming too attached to any of the pieces. After all, at the end of the night, they will all be torn down-faster than they were even created. The theme of this year's "Rock the Garden" festival, "5 Hour Sculpture," is pretty self-explanatory. The Montalvo Arts Center has invited artists from around the world to come to Villa Montalvo, where they will create temporary installments on the 175-acre grounds of the historic Saratoga estate. They will have just five hours to complete and show their works. The idea, according to Montalvo's curator, Donna Conwell, is to highlight how monumental even a short span » Read More

Features & Columns

Silicon Valley's Melting Pot Creates Mixed Bag of Expectations

Anti-man-about-town paid for his lunch at a fantastic Indian buffet on Castro Street in Mountain View. The woman at the cashier, noticing my last name on the debit card receipt, spoke Hindi to me. When I didn't answer, she said: "You don't speak Hindi?" I said no. She gave me a flabbergasted look and said, "Nothing? Not at all?" To which I replied: "Look. Two buildings down is where Slayer played 28 years ago. And Exodus. And Death Angel. And bands like D.R.I. and Verbal Abuse. Each of which probably involved me, as a teenager, drinking an entire bottle of Night Train in the back parking lot and then relieving myself on the back of this very building in which we now stand. » Read More

Trump VP Hates Weed, Loves Big Tobacco

Donald Trump's choice of Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his running mate means the Republican presidential nominee stands by a man who is the very embodiment of last century's "tough on drugs" prohibitionist attitude. Pence's anti-drug reform stances are part and parcel of his overall social conservative, Tea Party positions. He has also been a strong opponent of gay marriage and abortion rights, and a strong supporter of "religious freedom." Indiana has tough marijuana laws, with possession of even the smallest amount of pot resulting in up to six months in county jail. » Read More

MLS All-Star Game Shows San Jose the Love

Major league soccer will commandeer downtown San Jose over the next week in preparation for its annual All-Star Game. Concerts, fan gatherings, interactive exhibits, outdoor games and numerous other events will lead up to Thursday's match, which pits the best of MLS against Arsenal FC, one of the most storied clubs of all time and one that counts Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols among its lifelong fans. As the host city, San Jose Earthquakes coach Dominic Kinnear will lead the MLS All-Stars, a team of 20 players he chose from across the league. As of Sunday, the final game day roster will include international stars David Villa, Andrea Pirlo, Kaka and Didier Drogba, as well as Americans Clint Dempsey and Chris Wondolowski, the latter a » Read More

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