Preview: San Jose Jazz Winter Fest 2015

The 'cool' counterpart to Summer Fest, San Jose Jazz Winter Fest
features more experimental artists, youth performances. Read More

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Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band are back out on the road this Spring for their Ride Out Tour. The tour is Seger's most extensive since 2006/2007 Face The Promise Tour and will give Seger & his Silver Bullet Band the opportunity to…

Carlos Mencia is one of the most today's most popular entertainers and comics, and now comes to the stage at the San Jose Improv. He is known for his jokes about race, culture, criminal justice and social class, delivered with his…

South First Fridays is an ecletic evening of arts a culture in downtown San Jose's SoFA district every first friday of the month, excluding January and July. The art walk is self-guided evening tour through galleries, museums, and…

Chris Brown has been compared to Michael Jackson thanks to his smooth vocals and flawless dance moves. With the chart toppers "Ayo" and "Loyal" to his credit, Chris Brown is one of R&B's most exciting stars.

Ron Reeser is a prolific remixer. Twisting the sounds of artists ranging from Adele to Skrillex, Reeser has established himself as a rising EDM producer. With enough bass to unearth your primal urges, his absurdly energetic dance…

Endangered Species are an American Alternative/Rock band from the San Francisco Bay Area in California. Formed in February 2012, the group consists of Raoul Steven Steele (Song writer, lead/rhythm guitar, Diego Sosa (Drums) and Dave…

Every week, Myth Lounge brings Social Saturdays, a non-stop evening of thumping house music, to downtown San Jose. It tends to pack the place, so be prepared to do a little socializing. The house can get a little loud, but that…

Ferris Bueller or the Fresh Prince? Bon Jovi or Nirvana? Bright colors with crazy patterns or crazy colors with bright patterns? These are the questions that keep no one up at night, but they are fun to ponder.

San Jose Jazz Winter Fest 2015, presented by Metro, continues our trend of providing a cool counterpart to our celebrated Summer Fest by presenting emerging jazz talent that's pushing the art form forward. We also place a spotlight on…

Cinequest, San Jose's annual film festival, brings 188 films with 80 world and U.S. premiers and more than 700 visiting film artists to Silicon Valley. From around the world, short, feature and documentary filmmakers will be competing…


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Music & Clubs

Try The Pie Playing San Jose Rock Shop Before Embarking On Tour Behind New Album

Being Bean: After helping found the Think and Die Thinking Collective and playing in local bands Sourpatch and Crabapple, Bean Kaloni Tupou is leading a new band, Try The Pie.

Bean Kaloni Tupou talks a lot about safe spaces. It makes sense. The leader of San Jose’s airy indie-punk project, Try the Pie has done a lot to create local places where people can be themselves, no matter their gender or sexual orientation. As a part of the bands Sourpatch and Crabapple,… » Read More

SoFA On Fire! Cinequest, SJ Jazz & Andre Nikatina

Taylor McFerrin blended jazz, hip-hop and downtempo electronics into a head-bobbing set at The Continental.

Downtown San Jose has done a lot of growing up in the past two years. Since 2013, the city has enjoyed a growing craft-cocktail scene—with the combined opening of 55 South, SP2 and Paper Plane. Great beer is everywhere: just head to the recently transformed Good Karma, ISO Beers, or the newly… » Read More

Kris Bowers Mixes Hip-Hop, Soul, Jazz At Winterfest

‘Misfit’ Maestro: Kris Bowers mixes pop influence in with highly technical jazz and classical on ‘Misfits + Heroes.’

While the majority of his generation is expected to jump frequently between jobs and even careers—as they seek out higher wages and a sense of fulfillment—Kris Bowers is content to stay right where he is. “I’ve never had another job, fortunately,” he says. The pianist and composer, slated to play San Jose… » Read More


'Wild Tales'

A masterfully filmed cautionary tale in the form of a half-dozen stories of terrorism, revenge and extortion, Wild Tales examines a society gone rotten as old cheese, after fascist coup and repeated economic shock. Yet director Damian Szifron doesn't cook up an Amores Perros-style cauldron of guts. This banquet of bad behavior, co-produced by the Almodovar brothers, shows artisanship in the complexity of the shots, with such fresh points of view as the inside of a luggage compartment on a jet and the keypad of an ATM. » Read More

Gett: The Trial of Viviane Ansalem

It's not anti-Semitic to mention the importance of dispute in Jewish culture; the questioning and counter-questioning is hardwired into the religion since the days of the Patriarchs. Ronit and Shlomi Elkabetz's fine courtroom drama demonstrates what it's like to be a petitioner at the mercy of an Israeli rabbinical court, particularly during the complicated process of obtaining a divorce (a gett, in Hebrew). » Read More

The Arts

'A Few Little Things' at The Arsenal

As a skateboarder, artist and screenprinter, Sid Enck Jr. finds himself constantly looking to his environment for objects that can be turned into artistic expression. In the same way he sees a cement curb as a generator of endless physical articulations, Enck sees an old fence board as a medium for his artistic gestures. » Read More

Help Save Ballet San Jose

Ballet San Jose, the second largest professional ballet company in California needs your help. The company, which is currently working to regain a solid financial footing, is asking for the community's support in raising $550,000 by March 14. » Read More

Features & Columns

Cinequest Week 1 Recap

Last week, Cinequest exploded with giddy euphoria, road rage violence, John Boorman's war memories, Asperger syndrome and Miss India America. What a combination. When I think about it, that's exactly the flavor of diversity I'd expect from Silicon Valley. To kick things off, the anti-man-about-town attended the grand opening gala hoedown spectacular—a fantastic hyper-happy-documentary about the Batkid project that turned San Francisco into Gotham City in November 2013. » Read More

Cinequest 2015 Festival Picks

Our film critic reviews 7 Cinequest films. Aspie Seeks Love: One of the best of the fest-Julie Sokolow's documentary about the Pittsburgh writer David Matthews. At 41 he got the diagnosis that "my so called eccentricities had a biological basis." Coping with Asperger's, Matthews lived alone with a cat of great age and raccoon size. » Read More

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