Metro's 2017 Gift Guide: Give Back to Get Back

A holiday give guide to woo every artist, engineer, budding entrepreneur and weed wonk Read More

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Thu Nov 16

Toga! Toga! Toga! Toga! It's more than a line from Animal House. It's also a new locally produced skateboarding film featuring a group of South Bay cats shredding the gnar at spots all over the 408. Plaza de Cesar Chavez, St. James…

Thu Nov 16

Dan Ariely and Jeff Kreisler explore the hidden motivations that are secretly driving our choices about money. They explain why our irrational behavior often interferes with our best intentions when it comes to managing our finances.…

Thu Nov 16

Taking cues from the likes of San Francisco shoegaze-death-metal act Deafheaven and noodly-progsters Porcupine Tree, this Seattle-based outfit meld pummelling growls and triumphant major-key sludge with clean vocals and mathy guitar…

Fri Nov 17

Come celebrate the release of Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings' final studio album, "Soul Of A Woman"! We'll have some great raffle prizes and the amazing sounds of the recently departed and oh-so-missed Sharon Jones coming through our…

Fri Nov 17

DJs Matthew (Van Toth) and Julio Mejia (JWLS) started making music in their dorm at Miami Dade College in Kendall, Florida, as GTA (Good Times Ahead). Their SoundCloud marriage of bedroom production led to run-ins with Afrojack, Diplo…

Fri Nov 17

Twinkling lights, ice skating and palm trees come together once again for a few magical weeks in the heart of Silicon Valley. Bay Area native and 1992 Olympic figure skating champion Kristi Yamaguchi will usher in the annual Downtown…

Fri Nov 17

Come celebrate the release of Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings' final studio album, "Soul Of A Woman"! We'll have some great raffle prizes and the amazing sounds of the recently departed and oh-so-missed Sharon Jones coming through our…

Fri Nov 17-30

A group art show put together by Bloc5, a San Jose based artist coalition, along with the collaboration of Foundry Commons,and Paolo Mejia Fine Art and Design. These collaboration is tuned to create a new destination in downtown San…

Sat Nov 18

Kick off the holiday season with books and ballet at this delightful annual event!

Sat Nov 18

You are not alone. Join a community of suicide loss survivors to find comfort and gain understanding as we hear stories of healing and hope. The event features a screening of The Journey: A Story of Healing and Hope, an AFSP-produced…

Sun Nov 19

98 Degrees have made their Christmas plans for this year. The vocal quartet comprised of Nick Lachey, Drew Lachey, Justin Jeffre and Jeff Timmons who are renowned for signature R&B-tinged, four-part harmonies will release Let It Snow,…


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Tickets to An Irish Christmas

Tickets to see An Irish Christmas on Tuesday, Nov. 28 at The Hammer Theatre. Drawing Nov. 27.

World of Italian Opera Christmas Concert

Tickets to the World of Italian Opera Christmas concert and buffet dinner on Friday, Dec. 1. Drawing Nov. 28.

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Music & Clubs

Lil B: The Based God at BackBar SoFa

BASED: Lil B plays BackBar SoFa this week.

The Based God will soon be in the building. For those Bay Area fans who missed Lil B’s appearance at Shoreline Amphitheatre’s recent Rolling Loud Fest, here’s another opportunity to catch the most outrageously prolific rapper in the game. As for all the drama that went down in Mountain View—Brandon’s sound equipment… » Read More

Give Thanks: Malla, Tchami, 3LAU and Slander

BEAT GOES: American DJ 3LAU is one of the headliners at this year's Give Thanks festival.

The Give Thanks festival lays claim to being the largest Thanksgiving weekend electronic dance music event in Northern California. The three-day festival begins Wednesday with the Parisian DJ duo of Tchami and Malaa. Their latest single, “The Sermon” comes from their upcoming collab EP, No Redemption. Malaa’s old-school style blends with Tchami’s… » Read More

I Saw You: Turn Down the Effing Music


For over three years, I have tolerated your loud, obnoxious parties. Even though the parties have gotten louder over time, I have never complained—until last time. It was Saturday night and the party had started mid-afternoon. As the volume increased, so did my irritation at having my home invaded with your noise.… » Read More


Review: 'Coco'

Mariachi trumpets play "When You Wish Upon a Star" over the Sleeping Beauty castle in the titles, and papel picado comes to life to tell Coco's back story. It's a Garcia-Marquez sort of tale: not a story of 100 years of solitude, but 75 years of quietude. The Rivera family of Santa Cecilia, Mexico, has banned music in their house ever since a guitarist married and abandoned great-grandma and her daughter back in 1942. The titular Coco is the hairy-chinned grandma, child of the wandering musician. She is now deep into senility. The family toils in the shoemaking business. The peg, awl and leather are waiting for young Miguel (voiced by Anthony Gonzalez) when he gets old enough. But the boy has a forbidden passion: a hidden homemade guitar » Read More

Review: 'Justice League'

He told reporters that the ever-changing top-down studio demands of Avengers 2 "broke" him. If Justice League's lightness is the result of Whedon's influence, the filmmaker is apparently fixed now. The sport and wit of Whedon at his best, as in the brightest moments in TV's Buffy the Vampire Slayer, is evidenced here. Justice League commences with a charming moment worthy of the Christopher Reeve 1970s Superman films: a couple of off-camera kids corner Superman (Henry Cavill), filming him with a cell phone and urging him to not zoom away long enough for an interview. The question that stops him speechless: "What's the best thing about Earth?" Blackout... » Read More

The Arts

Adam Pendleton's Totally Absurd Art

A champion of nonsense and irrationality arrived in Palo Alto last week at the Pace Gallery. Adam Pendleton's solo show in California, "Which We Can," is just one of many stops on the Brooklyn-based artist's move toward cultural ubiquity. Pendleton's work has recently been displayed in Detroit, Minneapolis, Baltimore, Berlin, New York and, not least of all, the 2015 Venice Biennale. Vogue and the New York Times have featured interviews with him this year. At the age of 33, Pendleton has gazed at the zeitgeist, and now it's gazing back at him. We're living through an era that's resistant to the idea of definitive meanings. » Read More

African Dancers Leap Locally

From the moment they stepped into their first ballet studio at the age of 12, Odwa Makanda and Lwando Dutyulwa had the odds stacked against them. Growing up in poverty-stricken Langa township in Cape Town, South Africa, the idea that they would become professional dancers was far-fetched. Twelve years after first entering the world of classical ballet, Makanda and Dutyulwa's perseverance is paying dividends. The talented pair will be in San Jose for the next six months, training at The New Ballet Studio Company and performing in a series of shows for its upcoming season. » Read More

Gilroy Artist Lands Show in London

Katherine Filice never expected doodles would pave the way for her first ever art show in London. In fact, when she first started putting ink to paper, she wouldn't have thought to show her work to anyone, let alone an entire art fair half a world away. Offering a startling glimpse into everyday emotions, Filice creates pen-and-ink designs in the hopes that her art resonates with others, emphasizing that we are living a shared experience. Even the most well-adjusted people have fleeting moments of intense emotions--feelings of frustration, pain, sorrow or betrayal. An active member in the community and executive creative director of a thriving marketing firm in the heart of downtown Gilroy, Filice has helped many to develop their brand. » Read More

Features & Columns

Metro's 2017 Gift Guide: Give Back to Get Back

As landfill and recycling centers between the Bay Area and the Amazon River choke on mountains of cardboard boxes covered in blue tape and reach-around arrows, we decided to give Jeff Bezos and his team the holiday off. Instead of taking the easy route of one click commerce and star ratings, our annual Give Guide focuses on the work of local entrepreneurs, artists and all-around good guys. From Silicon Valley streetwear and toy stores for accelerated tots to hemp-infused soap and scarves designed after ancient Japanese bondage techniques, it's time to think local and get a little weird this holiday season. » Read More

Heather David's Coffee Table Tome Plumbs the Kooky History of Golden State Motels

Heather David might know more about vibrating mattresses than anyone else in California. The proof lies in her new self-published book, Motel California: A Pictorial History of the Motel in the Golden State, in which she presents a fantastic taxonomy of kitsch, a hagiography of midcentury roadside motels in all their glory. Throughout 180 full-color pages, David elevates wacky motel architecture to historical status, replete with neon signage, pools and, of course, Magic Fingers vibrating bed technology. Like David's first book, Mid-Century by the Bay, this new zonked-out masterpiece is a hardbound coffee-table project chock-full of wacky ephemera from David's research over the last several years. It all began in the '20s, when developer » Read More

Advice Goddess: I Want to Sleep with My Dog

The problem you're experiencing in crating your dog at night comes out of doggy-human co-evolution. Anthrozoologist John W.S. Bradshaw explains that over generations, we humans bred dogs to be emotionally dependent on us. Not surprisingly, dogs miss their owners, sometimes desperately, when they are separated from them--and other dogs don't seem to fill the emotional void. In one of Bradshaw's studies of 40 Labrador retrievers and border collies he found that "well over 50 percent of the Labs and almost half of the collies showed some kind of separation distress" when left alone. » Read More

Free Will Astrology: Week of November 22, 2017

In alignment with the current astrological omens, I have prepared your horoscope using five hand-plucked aphorisms by Aries poet Charles Bernstein. 1. "You never know what invention will look like or else it wouldn't be invention." 2. "So much depends on what you are expecting." 3. "What's missing from the bird's eye view is plain to see on the ground." 4. "The questioning of the beautiful is always at least as important as the establishment of the beautiful." 5. "Show me a man with two feet planted firmly on the ground and I'll show you a man who can't get his pants on." » Read More

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