Is Digital Photgraphy Changing the Restaurant Industry?

Photography-obsessed diners may give restaurants free publicity,
but is it good for the restaurant experience? Read More

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Silicon Valley's top restaurants will celebrate the culinary excellence of the region by offering delicious three-course menus at one special fixed price. Reservations highly recommended.

Will Holland, a.k.a. Quantic, grew up in Worcestershire, England. His father was a Welsh-born folk singer. None of that is readily apparent in his music, however. He spent his early years obsessed with American funk and soul (and…

Come on down to the Caffe Frascati as they present an intimate evening of live music with Bossa Blue. Together, they play bossa nova to jazz to blues and everything in between.

Please join San Jose's premier professional Contemporary/Modern Dance Company for an evening of world class dancing!

The Koffin Kats began by putting together songs with such subjects as dealing with the horrors of the real world, as well as Science Fiction. The band started in small local bars playing for beer, hoping for gas money, and eventually…

The Festival is strong with a mix of musical styles and tastes from Latin Rock, Salsa, Jazz, Blues, Funk and Hip Hop bands and artists.

Fresh Kils has been an active part of the Canadian hip-hop scene for a while, both as a major behind-the-scenes producer, and as one half of Toronto hip-hop duo the Extremities. Recently, he's been getting more face time on YouTube…

Karla Lara is to tell the story of many women, or perhaps it can be more precisely her intention for many women to see themselves in her and in her songs.

John Heffron began his career in comedy after making a promise to himself to never physical labor. And he has kept that promise. Since becoming a comedian, John Heffron developed a reputation for his witty combination of youthful…

This Monday San Jose joins the growing list of cities (Brooklyn, San Francisco, Chicago, Denver) for the weekly Motown on Mondays event.

Every Tuesday night in the intimate Caffe Frascati, local performers are encouraged to participate in Open Mic Night. Musical styles of all kinds are welcome, from soulful blues to high-energy rock to catchy pop.

Aron Kader, a founding member of Comedy Central's Axis Of Evil Comedy tour joins forces with his friends Nick Hanna and Noel Elgrably to bring us "Live On Gaza Strip". Live will feature a unique mix of Arab and Jewish comedians from…

A true icon of contemporary jazz with over 20 albums to her credit since the release of "A Drop of Water" in 1986, the versatile performer has sold over 1.2 million units in the U.S. alone and packs concert halls around the world.

Though a popular actor now, Eddie Griffin comes back for a special, two day appearance in San Jose. Griffin got into his first experience in comedy on a dare, at Sanford and Sons where he was told to do 3 minutes.

Complementing their traditional German fare during Oktoberfest at Teske's Germania in downtown San Jose will be a series of weekend performances on select Fridays and Saturday featuring music by The Gruber Family Band and Teske's…


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Tickets to see Judas Priest

Win tickets to Judas Priest plus Steel Panther at the City National Civic in San Jose on November 16.

$50 to Streetlight Records

Win a $50 Gift Certificate to Streetlight Records. Drawing November 3.

Tickets to see WAR and Tower of Power

Win tickets to see WAR and Tower of Power at the City National Civic in San Jose on December 20.

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Music & Clubs

Get Up Early And See These Bands At The Treasure Island Music Festival You Lazy Bum!


So, you went big last night, and all the biggest acts—Outkast, Massive Attack, TV on the Radio and Janelle Monae—they’re not playing until later. And through your dried, bloodshot eyes you are staring angrily at your alarm clock. There’s no way you’re getting up now to get down to the Treasure Island… » Read More

Turn The Key: San Jose Jazz Speakeasy-Style Gala At SV Capital Club To Benefit Music Education

'Gritty Saloon Jazz' band Tumbledown House will headline the San Jose Jazz gala event.

Like many great artistic movements, jazz was born out of rebellion—growing, in some cases quite literally, from an underground. Speakeasies, those often subterranean and always illicit watering holes, which sprung up all over America during prohibition served as the launch pad for America’s indigenous music. And so it makes sense that San… » Read More

Rarely Shown Rolling Stones Documentary Screening Tonight At Stanford University

This image, taken by Robert Frank, is among many on display at the 'Robert Frank in America' exhibit currently at Cantor Arts Center at Stanford. Frank's rarely shown Rolling Stone's documentary, 'Cocksucker Blues,' will be screened Oct. 15 at the Annenberg Auditorium.

This evening, the rarely screened and highly acclaimed documentary on the Rolling Stones, Cocksucker Blues, will be screened at Stanford University, as part of the Cantor Arts Center exhibit, Robert Frank in America. And you can check it out for free. The documentary, directed and shot by American street photography icon, Robert Frank, was filmed… » Read More


'Awake: The Life of Yogananda'

Of the ever-growing subset of indie films that might be described as "woo-woo New Age documentaries," Awake: The Life of Yogananda by Paola di Florio and Lisa Leeman is one of the most valuable. Naturally, there is woo-woo in it—the close-up into the iris of a subject's eye, revealing the galaxies of the universe, Phillip Glass thumping on the soundtrack, and some quotes from (groan) Deepak Chopra. » Read More

United Nations Association Film Festival opens this Week

Starting this week: the best documentary festival in Northern California, and one of the best in the nation. The UNAFF festival is sponsored by a group that seeks to implement the ideals of the United Nations. UNAFF brought us numerous Oscar best documentary short and best feature documentary contenders, but I'm particularly indebted for them bringing Gasland a few years ago-the move that unveiled the practice of fracking to America. » Read More

The Arts

TheatreWorks' adaptation of 'Sweeney Todd' at the Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts

To mark its 45th anniversary, TheatreWorks is opening its fall season with a reinterpretation of the old warhorse, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Though it remains the 1979 Tony-award winning musical by Hugh Wheeler and Stephen Sondheim, (famously starring Angela Lansbury on stage and Johnny Depp on film), the Palo Alto-based TheatreWorks has chosen to transport the story to 1940s London during the Blitz. It proves to be a compelling, but sometimes awkward choice. » Read More

Latino Comics Expo makes its first appearance in San Jose

Long before Frank Miller mapped out his first edition of Sin City or R. Crumb put his pen to a pad, Mayan scribes were hard at work compiling some of the first stories ever told using pictures scrawled on paper codices—books, as we call them today. Most people will never get to hold one of those historic artifacts, but you can certainly get your fill of modern Latino graphic art this weekend when the Latino Comics Expo (LCX) makes its first ever stop in San Jose. » Read More

Features & Columns

'Post-Portrait' on view at the San Jose Museum of Art

Sometimes things get blurry. Especially when the columnist violates his scientist friends by stealing terminology from quantum mechanics. Is the observer really ever separate from that which is observed? For example, what happens when the portrait photographer's voyeurism gets reflected back on him? (And yes, traditionally, more often than not, the one shooting the portrait really was a 'him.') » Read More

Payday Lenders face New Regulations

Against the backdrop of an impotent state legislature and a growing awareness of the predatory nature of payday lenders, local governments have had to pick up the slack and adopt laws to stifle the industry. Last week in Morgan Hill, the charge was to take action before bad news comes in the form of three—or more. "We have two (payday lenders)," Morgan Hill Mayor Steve Tate said from the dais, "we don't need any more." » Read More

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