'Creative Collisions' Mixes Wearable Tech, Dance & Audiences

Dance may never be the same once performers, technology and audiences all take center stage. Read More

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San Jose's Sweet HayaH play a sub-genre of soul that doesn't even have a name, a hybrid of rock, world-beat, blues and classic R&B. The band already shows so much confidence.

Johnny V's hosts a night of Rap, Reggae, R&B and more at this weekly Tuesday dance party.

Every Wednesday, take the Rockbar stage, front a real live rock n' roll band, and belt your favorite jams. Then, hop off-stage and sample the one-of-a-kind bites offered by Michi Sushi.

Many DJs have transitioned out of spinning actual vinyl records and are using purely digital platforms to "spin" music, though every once and a while a DJ somewhere will get old school and whip out a stack of wax.

Filipino-comic Jo Koy stands out from other comedians with such positive energy and a well-rounded sense of humor, which probably stems from when he performed impromptu shows in front of his family.

A weekend job of mobile DJing was all it took before C.L.A. realized there was a passion and itch to transform music into a profession. Working as a mobile DJ broadened her musical knowledge as she played various events.

Myth Taverna and Lounge brings to you every Friday, Soul Therapy, a night where some of the best DJs of this generation come to play classic Hip-Hop, R&B, and soul.

Get ready to rumble as The New Kids on the Block return with The Main Event tour, a chance to see the chart-topping band perform hit after hit in the round.

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion does not play the blues. Sure, their music is all rooted in the blues, but isn't everything? Spencer does have a larger-than-life theatricality about him that is very old-school blues, but with a…

Silicon Valley Roller Girls present their first home bouts of the season, a DOUBLE HEADER at their new home venue SJCC's SOUTH HALL! Join us at this new prime location in downtown San Jose for an action packed, hard hitting evening of…


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Family Pack of 4 to Wings of Freedom

Win a 4-pack to the Wings of Freedom Tour at Moffett Airfield in Mountain View during May 15-23.

$100 to Steins Beer Garden in Mountain View

Win a $100 dining certificate to Steins Beer Garden in Mountain View. Drawing May 26.

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Music & Clubs

D-Sharp: The Official DJ Of The Warriors

Doctor (D)J: The official Golden State Warriors DJ, D-Sharp, keeps the crowd and players juiced with his selections.

Stephen Curry and Co. uncorked the roars at Oracle Arena on Sunday, putting on a clinic in three-pointers, breakaway dunks and timely thefts during the first game of the NBA Western Conference Semifinals. But, the energy of that victory wasn’t supplied solely by the men on the court and their adoring fans. Credit is… » Read More

All Time Low Bringing Pop Rock Anthems To San Jose

Guitar Heroes: All Time Low prove guitar-driven pop can still rule the airwaves.

Jack Barakat has just stepped off the plane when his tour manager, at the behest of his publicist, has instructed him to hop on a call to conduct yet another interview in a prolonged publicity campaign pushing his band’s new record. And yet, he is cordial—happy, even—to be talking to the press… » Read More

Black & Brown Celebrating 10 Years At The Ritz

Black & Brown: Keeping San Jose fresh for 10 years.

Being a small business owner in a big city isn’t easy. Just ask Monisha Murray, owner of the San Jose-based Black & Brown clothing boutique; she knows. “It takes a lot out of you,” Murray says, recalling Black & Brown’s early days—when the store was located on West San Carlos Street. Back… » Read More


Review: 'Far from the Madding Crowd'

By the lights of most of the work of Victorian-era English novelist, Thomas Hardy, the much-filmed Far from the Madding Crowd is practically a frothy rom-com. One can ignore the dead baby, the shot dog and an apparent suicide as mere elements adding tone to the story of a propertied, principled lady. Director Thomas Vinterberg, the Dane who started out his career as a part of the Dogme 95 movement, keeps the tension alive as Miss Bathsheba Everdene (Carey Mulligan) makes up her mind. » Read More

Review: 'The Avengers: The Age of Ultron'

There's a difference between moral oversimplification and the acknowledgement of contradictions that cannot be reconciled. The Avengers: The Age of Ultron ultimately acknowledges that it's all about the contradictions. A consistently fascinating blockbuster, it picks up the sometimes-frustrating conscientiousness from the Marvel comics. » Read More

The Arts

The New Museum Los Gatos Explores the Intersection of Art and History

Theses days the New Museum Los Gatos (NUMU) may look like a warren of empty space and ongoing construction. But it will soon be one of the premiere art and history museums in the Bay Area. The two-storied space is located next to the Los Gatos library in a quiet corner of the Los Gatos Community Center. With the help of first-time contributors, what started as a small oddity collection in the '60s, has turned into a large and multifaceted museum, specializing in exploring the intersections between art and history. » Read More

'Brian Wall: Squaring the Circle,' Features Recent Work from Sculptor

More than any other media, sculpture has undergone a transformation from striving for the most realistic representation (statues and busts) to virtually whatever an artist can put together in three dimensions, using whatever materials he or she chooses. As a result, Jeff Koons can amass a boat load of flowers, Fred Sandback can stretch yarn from ceiling to floor and Felix Gonzalez-Torres can heap a pile of cough drops in the corner and call it a sculpture. » Read More

Features & Columns

Silicon Alleys 10 Year Anniversary

With Metro's 30th anniversary issue coming up soon, it makes sense to reflect on the 10th anniversary of this column. In April of 2005, Metro gave me some weekly space to ruminate on the San Jose condition. At the time, I had no idea what it would become. The only goal-if there was even a goal-was to provide something different every single week, so readers would never have any idea what to expect. One week, a local barbershop; the next, the use of esoteric gnosticism to analyze the intersection of Kiely and Stevens Creek. » Read More

Behind the Scenes at the Valley's School for Chefs

It's 5 o'clock somewhere—I'm guessing within swimming distance of the Azores. But there are no tropical beaches here and I hear no wine specials in Portuguese. It's about eleven in the morning and I'm quietly enjoying an early happy hour at the International Culinary Center in Campbell. Located in a fairly large, nondescript brown box on the corner of San Tomas Expressway and Hamilton Avenue, the South Bay's premier cooking school shares digs with a Gold's Gym. I couldn't help but smile as I spied the poor saps from the parking lot, doing their leg bends and arm swings behind tinted windows, torturing their bodies while I was about to gulp wine and demolish an assortment of fine meats and cheeses. » Read More

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