Silicon Valley Comic Con Beams into Silicon Valley

Comic Con returns with Sci-fi celebs, alien whisperers and a special Star Trek anniversary Read More

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Get summer started with Camp NU! Explore, discover, and create in our maker and art-focused camps designed to build creative and critical thinking skills, and enhance children's imaginations. Each day-camp with have a unique theme and…

@Jazz is a six-piece jazz band that will be performing a wide range of original contemporary jazz by Martin Manley and Lee Donnelly that ranges from straight-ahead, to fusion, funk, latin and acid jazz. The core group has been playing…

With Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak leading the charge, Silicon Valley Comic Con 2017 celebrates eveything comic related with celebrities, tech innovators, comics, scientists, independent artists, cosplay, video games you name it.

It's the 10th anniversary of Record Store Day and Streetlight is marking the occasion with as many of the special releases they can stock. The store will be opening an hour early for the event, and they'll have goodie bags, snacks and…

Experience OKTOBERFEST with every visit! Teske's Germania is a WINNER in the 2017 Metro Best of Silicon Valley - Best German Restaurant category. Authentic German dining with over 30 German beers. Come and enjoy LIVE MUSIC during…

This year, the Great Cloth Diaper Change coincides with Earth Day! The Great Cloth Diaper Change began in 2011, with Judy Aagard's desire to celebrate Earth Day by hosting a family event for the Tiny Tots community. It quickly morphed…

As part of the SoFa Street Fair...The Changing Same & The Continental present: A DAY PARTY - SUNDAY, APRIL 23rd - 2PM till sunset.

Admission and parking is FREE. The Coalition for National Dance Week was formed in 1981 by a group of dance related organizations to bring greater recognition to dance as an art form. NDW volunteers host more than a thousand events…

Watch all of the games on 40+ screens! Food & Drink Specials All Day Monday. Happy Hour : Monday - Friday 4pm-6pm.

Written and directed by Kit Wilder, the co-playwright and director of City Lights Theater's first original play-Truce: A Christmas Wish From the Great War-this new adaptation of Mary Shelley's classic gothic novel will tell the tale…

Winner of 5 Tony Awards (including Best Book and Best Original Score), The Drowsy Chaperone is a loving send-up of the Jazz Age musical featuring one show-stopping song and dance number after another. The show follows Man in Chair, a…


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Music & Clubs

SoFA Street Fair: Second Spring Edition

SOFA RETURNS: The SoFA Street Fair is back. Photo by Brian Kirksey.

The second annual spring edition of the SoFA Street Fair takes over San Jose’s arts district this weekend—bringing deluge of art, music and performance to an already packed weekend. As dedicated cosplayers descend on the final day of Silicon Valley Comic Con at the McEnery Convention Center, local music and art fans… » Read More

Local Punks, Till I Fall, Stand Up on New EP

COMBAT ROCK: San Jose pop-punk band Till I Fall are releasing their self-titled EP this week.

Lately, Brandon Leeland says he’s been feeling like the whole world’s gone mad. From watching the everyday struggles of friends and family to attempting to discern the truth amid an endless torrent of tweets and cable news conjecture, Leland, like so many, has been overwhelmed. So, when he watched Elizabeth Warren’s speech… » Read More

Peanut Butter Wolf’s Homecoming at The Ritz

DIGGING IT: Chris Manak, better known as Peanut Butter Wolf, specializes in finding little-known gems and polishing them.

Not long after Chris Manak moved to Los Angeles to live with underground hip-hop producer Madlib, Metro reached out to the founder of Stones Throw Records and asked him to share highlights from his youth growing up on San Jose’s East Side. By the time of the article’s publication, Manak—better known by his… » Read More


Review: 'The Fate of the Furious'

Are you serious, Fate of the Furious? Elitists underestimated the appeal of movies with bald musclemen yelling at each other, interspersed with CG-wrought scenes of half-million-dollar cars dancing like the Royal Lipizzaners. It commences in Havana, as drone shots of roofs merge surreally with slo-mo close-ups of one of those pop-up open-air strip clubs the city is so famous for. Dom (Vin Diesel) is on an improbable honeymoon with Letty (Michelle Rodriguez). If Diesel's mind seems elsewhere-a polite way to describe watching Vin Diesel act-he's distracted by problems. His cuz is about to lose his car over a gambling debt. So Dom stocks his cousin's rusty wreck with NOX and drives it until it becomes a flaming wreck on the Malecon, » Read More

Review: 'Cezanne et Moi'

The motto of Cezanne et Moi could be taken from Jay Parini's biography of Gore Vidal: Every Time a Friend Succeeds, Something Inside of Me Dies. Writer Emile Zola (the William Hurt-like Guillaume Canet) and the post-impressionist Paul Cezanne (the Jonathan Pryce-like Guillaume Gallienne) were schoolboy pals in Aix en Provence. Zola was the poor half-Jewish son of an Italian laborer. Cezanne was the son of a snobbish banker. The way it's told here, Cezanne protected Zola from bullies in the schoolyard, and thus began a long, sometimes lopsided friendship. Cezanne had no fear of women. Zola was tended by his mom and plagued with impotence. Cross-pollination and mutual fandom began their friendship. They gave each other mutual support, in the » Read More

The Arts

Review: 'La Boheme'

Oh, to be in love! Opera San Jose's newest production of La Boheme, Giacomo Puccini's classic opera, is a rambling trip through the lives and loves of French bohemians in Paris at the turn of the century. Premiering originally in 1896 at Teatro Regio in Turin, Italy, La Boheme has since its inception induced polarizing opinions in its viewers. While it's always been a crowd favorite, critics have historically been less favorable, often complaining about the simplicity of the libretto's musical accompaniment. Fortunately for Opera San Jose, neither is an obstacle, with its powerful rendition only transmitting the quality of the original. And whereas the original takes place during the 1840s in France, the timeline for Opera San Jose's » Read More

Love the Race, Ditch the Rats

As a female tech industry veteran, Kim Scott has encountered plenty of sexism-and bad bosses-in Silicon Valley. Still, she believes more women should pursue careers at Apple, Google and the like. Scott, a "CEO coach," plots an outline for being a "kick-ass boss" while remaining human in her new book, Radical Candor, excerpted below: Twenty years ago, management skills were neither taught nor rewarded in Silicon Valley, but today its companies are obsessed with it. ... The reason Silicon Valley turned out to be a good place to study the relationships between bosses and the people who report to them is that the war for "talent" here is intense. » Read More

Staying in Touch with the Earth

Maurilio Maravilla's face is melting in an upstairs gallery at the San Jose Museum of Art. To be more precise, twelve molds of his face, all made from sugar, are in the process of decomposition. The faces, hanging in a row, are dyed a rich, earthen brown. As they react to the light, air and heat, dark purple splotches are breaking out like rashes. They are oozing out a sticky liquid that catches on and stains the white stand beneath their chins. There's a Grand Guignol quality to a roomful of severed, "bleeding" heads adorning a long white wall. But Beta Space: Victor Cartagena isn't a Gothic expression of some artist's solipsism. » Read More

Features & Columns

Silicon Valley Comic Con Beams into Silicon Valley

When Steve Wozniak was working to launch last year's inaugural Silicon Valley Comic Con, the Apple co-founder and his partners considered San Francisco's Moscone Center. Ultimately, they decided against it. "No," Wozniak says, recalling his final answer. "We want to hold it in San Jose, because San Jose is more representative-over the last 50-60 years-of Silicon Valley." Born in San Jose, The Woz' roots run deep in the South Bay. He and his family live in Los Gatos, though he says he might move back to San Jose's Willow Glen someday. His early philanthropy to the city's performing arts groups was acknowledged in naming downtown's Woz Way after him. » Read More

San Jose Signs Project Honors Colorful Contributions of Neon

We've all seen them. The celebrated neon signs of San Jose. We're talking Stephen's Meat Products, Western Appliance, the Sands Motel and the Wing's restaurant sign in Japantown. Signs are essential elements in the collective story of this city. They are part of San Jose's consciousness. Thousands of natives have gushed endless praise for San Jose's old-school neon signage, with many people from out of town also showing up just to photograph the marquees. But with the majority finding solace in bland landscapes, generic signage and village after village of hideously uniform condos that no interesting person would possibly look at, someone is finally taking it upon herself to stop complaining and do something to raise awareness about San » Read More

50 Things You Need to Know about Marijuana in California

Ever since California legalized weed last year, we've smelled something special in the air. People are lighting up anytime, anywhere-at the bus stop and the coffee shop, during late-night shows and early morning walks on the trail. But as marijuana goes mainstream, there are still a number of questions. Like, is it really legal? Turns out that's still a bit of a trick question. We took it upon ourselves to get the skinny on some of the more complex quandries that recreational marijuana raises. We asked around in an effort to figure out everything from the difference between sativa and indica strains to where and when you can smoke pot legally. In the process we questioned a cop, the District Attorney's office, the bassist for a local » Read More

Sister City Partnership Sparks Fruitful Artistic, Cultural Collaborations

Last year saw the 30th anniversary of the relationship celebrated in grand-scale fashion when the San Jose-Dublin Sister City committee organized a large contingent of folks to be present in Dublin for the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising. I was already traveling in Europe, so I met up with everyone for a few days on my way back home. It was monumental, historical, and a downright inspiring time to be in Ireland. And when it comes to the Irish, a few weeks ago, San Jose once again hosted the lord mayor of Dublin for an annual visit. Every March, the lord mayor brings an entire contingent of people to visit with business, political and university folk to further cement various partnerships and swap ideas. What began with Tom McEnery » Read More

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