The Quest to Be the First to Scale Mount Umunhum

A new trail and park give new life to one of the Bay Area's iconic landmarks Read More

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Mon Sep 18

Cricket Wireless invites the San Jose community to come out and meet WWE Superstar Sasha Banks during an in-store appearance.Sasha Banks will greet her fans, take pictures and sign autographs at the Cricket authorized retail store…

Mon Sep 18

Watch all of the games on 40+ screens! Food & Drink Specials All Day Monday. $2 off any mule, $25 pitchers of Ketel One mule on tap, $16 Stella pitchers, $1 off craft beers, $4 off any large pizza.

Tue Sep 19

Art (Visual) Journaling is a relaxing form of creative expression. Bring (or buy one here) a journal (we prefer a watercolor journal) and learn several techniques to fill your pages with layers, colors, texture, words, imagery, etc.…

Tue Sep 19

Never been to Happy Hollow Park and Zoo? Well, now is the time! Enjoy a day full of rides, entertainment, animal meet and greets, fun and more during our 1/2 price off admission day.

Thu Sep 21

A free half day event, The Global Innovation Symposium will guide you through the challenges of using intelligent systems and deep learning, from product development to delivering personalized content and streamlining marketing…

Fri Sep 22

Join us to celebrate the sesquicentennial of the Wes's oldest literary journal!

Fri Sep 22-24

Performance Arts. Tickets are available for all performances.

Fri Sep 22-24

Come experience the amazement of over 2,000 glass pumpkins exhibited and for sale at Los Gatos High School. The Magical Glass Pumpkin Patch brings together Bay Area glass artists who feature their work, with a percentage of the sales…

Sat Sep 23

Social Policy is teaming up with chefs Robert Dasalla and Tony Tang from Parcel 104, and Danny Lang from Roots & Rye to bring you a dining experience highlighting the jewels of the harvest season. Cocktail hour on the patio followed…

Sat Sep 23

Join us for the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley's annual fundraiser, including an owl release*, silent & live auction, wine, live music and more! All funds raised will enable WCSV to continue providing medical and rehabilitative…

Sat Sep 23-24

The 19th annual HOLISTIC ARTS FAIR happens the weekend of September 23 and 24, from 10 AM to 7 PM, at Community of Infinite Spirit, 1540 Hicks Ave. in San Jose (take Highway 17 to Hamilton Ave., east 2 miles to Hicks Ave.; left about…

Sun Sep 24

The Continental Bar Lounge & Patio & The Changing Same present
A Day Party on Sunday, September 24th. Two rooms of music! Inside: House Music with Jay-J, Julius Papp, Jarred Gallo & Rated-R. Outside: Future Soul, R&B and Jazz with…

Thru Sep 18

This exhibition draws on the Cantor's collection of photography from the 1970s and early '80s to explore a transformative moment in the representation of the American landscape. After the formation of the Environmental Protection…

Thru Sep 30

In between teaching kids to draw and running an art supply store that transforms into a gallery once a month, Roan Victor continues to create meaningful art. Working mostly with oil paints, the co-owner of The Arsenal creates works…


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Win tickets to Adam Ant: The Anthems Tour at Mountain Winery on Thu., Sep. 28. Drawing Sep. 25.

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Win a $100 dining certificate to Flights in Campbell. Drawing October 23.

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Music & Clubs

SuenaTron At History Park

QUE CHEVERE: SuenaTron play History Park this weekend.

It’s a family affair for new age Norteño band SuenaTron and always will be. These sleek primos were born and bred in San Jose, and their multicultural melting pot of sounds reflects the diversity of Silicon Valley. Catch SuenaTron live in celebration of Mexican Independence Day—aka, Festival de Independencia. SuenaTron’s experiential blend… » Read More

San Jose Chamber Orchestra


Whether you are devout, reborn or spiritually unavailable, take an hour on Sunday to hear the San Jose Chamber Orchestra perform an inspirational program. Donations will benefit the Cathedral Basilica St. Joseph Office of Social Ministry as well as Jewish Family Services Silicon Valley. Their goal is to alleviate homelessness and food… » Read More

TroyBoi At City National Civic

OH BOI: London-based producer TroyBoi performs at City National Civic.

TroyBoi is a master of tone. In a genre that all too often prioritizes cursory beauty, maximalist explosions and the instant gratification of the massive drop, the London-based producer prefers to give his listeners a single feeling to explore. Consider “O.G.” from his debut album, Left is Right—a trap affair, packed with… » Read More


Review: 'Mother!'

OH, MOTHER! Can this really be the end? To be stuck in J-Law's earhole with the Messiah blues again? Scene after scene, in tight closeup on Jennifer Lawrence's face, we peer into her eyeballs as if we were ophthalmologists. Watching Mother! you'd suspect that Lawrence was wearing a mechanical camera rig to follow her as closely as possible, some sort of selfie-stick cum halo-cast. She's been accused of overacting, but with the camera this close, it's Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan) who imprisons her. Every bad thing that happens-rather, every thing that's probably going to turn out bad-follows with a cut to Lawrence so she can react to it. We know exactly how she feels at every moment. Some ambiguity would have spiced up this Kafka fable » Read More

Review: 'Dolores'

It's an amazing story. A two-time divorcee from Stockton with 11 children battled the machismo of the UFW, as well as the growers who ran their fiefdoms with a squalor equaled only in the American South. The historical footage shows it all: filthy shacks, harvesters dipping water out of a barrel still stenciled with a pesticide label, and farmworkers in fields so freshly sprayed with poison that some San Joaquin Valley farm towns became host for birth defects and cancer clusters. Huerta was a shrewd, handsome woman and a commanding speaker. She brought in followers, many of them female: hard to resist the appeal of an activist job that offers $5 a week and all you can eat. San Jose's Luis Valdez, on camera here, joined the workers to » Read More

The Arts

Review: 'Cosi Fan Tutte'

Don Alfonso counters, wagering that he can prove all women are fickle—even the officers' beloved Dorabella and Fiordiligi. The men accept, and soon they are pretending to be called off to war, then disguising themselves in Eastern European garb and false mustaches, as they attempt to seduce each other's lover. At first, Dorabella and Fiordiligi are perplexed at their new "Albanian" guests, and are just as quick to deny their advances. But with a little finagling, lying, and with the added support of Don Alfonso (along with the ever-changing personas of chambermaid Despina), Ferrando and Guglielmo soon get in over their heads, risking their lovers for the sake of a misogynist gamble. » Read More

The Art of 'Play!'

"We want to showcase to people that play is something we all need in our lives," Kienzle says. "It promotes innovation, it keeps us happy and healthy. We're hoping to give people an opportunity to be playful, at least during the time they're in the gallery." The exhibit runs through Dec. 29. Over the course of the show, the art center will hold a series of public programs and hands-on activities for its first ever "Season of Play." The free kick-off event will feature mini golf, art activities, ice cream and a cash bar, among other things. » Read More

This Art Kills Fascists

Anno Domini's new group show, "The ASARO Collective," brings together work from the Asamblea de Artistas Revolucionarios de Oaxaca, a revolutionary artist collective dedicated to creating social change through its creations. The collective grew out of a response to the 2006 Oaxaca protests, a conflict between the Popular Assembly of Peoples of Oaxaca and the local government of the Mexican state. The protests resulted in the death of 17 non-violent demonstrators. In the fallout, the Mexican government was accused of violating human rights in its efforts to dampen the unrest. The ASARO Collective is made up of artists from all walks of life-from trained painters to self-taught graffiti artists and students. It is a group born out of » Read More

Features & Columns

The Quest to Be the First to Scale Mount Umunhum

Shortly after finishing the first mile of my hike up Mount Umunhum, I look up at the large, mysterious rectangular structure at the top for the 20th time. It feels just as far away as it did at the beginning of the trail, effectively deflating any sense of progress I'd made. If you've spent as much time hiking trails in the backcountry as I have, you've experienced a "false peak," meaning you spot what you think is the top of the mountain, only to learn after much exhaustive hiking that the spot you had your gaze locked in on was only partway up. Mount Umunhum is the exact opposite: there's never any doubt about where the summit is. It's constantly reminding you-taunting you, one might say. I won't spend too much time complaining about how » Read More

Viva CalleSJ: San Jose's Annual Street Activation Returns

With its third incarnation this year, Viva CalleSJ, an adventurous open streets initiative, will add more length of road and a wider smorgasbord of activities along the route. For 2017, the gig is titled, Downtown and Eastbound: El Corazon, and it will close off streets from Japantown to the East Side, and on to Lake Cunningham. Inspired by similar open streets initiatives throughout North America and the world, Viva CalleSJ is a temporary autonomous zone created by closing several miles of San Jose streets and shutting them off to cars for a day. People from anywhere can walk, bike, skate, play and explore the city in ways they don't normally get to do. Its not a race. » Read More

Advice Goddess: My Boyfriend Only Acts Lovey-Dovey When He's Drunk

However, the skeptic in you might ask: If personality doesn't change after, say, three Sriracha margaritas, how come we've all seen people behaving differently when they're sauced? Well, according to research by social psychologists Claude M. Steele and Robert A. Josephs, the behavioral changes of drunken excess appear to be caused not by alcohol itself but by alcohol-driven changes in perception that they call "alcohol myopia." Alcohol appears to restrict attention, giving a person a sort of tunnel vision for whatever's right in front of them. » Read More

Free Will Astrology: Week of September 13, 2017

James Loewen wrote a book called Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong. He said, for instance, that during the Europeans' invasion and conquest of the continent, it wasn't true that Native Americans scalped white settlers. In fact, it was mostly the other way around: whites scalped Indians. Here's another example: The famous blind and deaf person, Helen Keller, was not a sentimental spokesperson for sweetness and light, but rather a radical feminist and socialist who advocated revolution. I invite you to apply Loewen's investigative approach to your personal past, Gemini. The coming weeks will be an excellent time to uncover hidden, incomplete, and distorted versions of your history, and correct them. » Read More

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