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Silicon Valley's film festival charges into the new world of virtual reality Read More

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How do we cultivate a deep soul connection amid the demands of our daily life? The ancient science of Self- and God-realization known as Kriya Yoga provides a sure foundation. Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian will offer the Four…

Chamber Music San Francisco presents multiple Grammy-winning Pinchas Zukerman, the lauded violinist, violist, conductor, pedagogue, and chamber musician. His musical genius, prodigious technique, and unwavering artistic standards are…

Watch the San Jose Sharks on 40+ screens in Downtown San Jose! Food & Drink Specials during the games. Shark Bite Shot $5.

Enjoy local standup comedy as you enjoy espresso and Italian cuisine at one of the most eclectic venues in downtown.

BAR Con is the destination for anime, game, & Japanese Rock fans to meet up between conventions! The 21+ event will host tons of Japanese music, anime, and games with special events from time to time, including rock bands straight…

This gala event benefits the San Jose Woman's Club Scholarship Program, donating $7,500 a year to deserving San Jose State University students. Enjoy an elegant luncheon and live performances by exceptional Resident Artists from Opera…

The Los Altos History Museum welcomes Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy to the Smith Gallery located upstairs in the J. Gilbert Smith House. The exhibit tells the history of Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy showcasing over 60 dolls adopted by…

Foothill Community Concert Series is proud to be the home of the South Bay Philharmonic orchestra. This volunteer orchestra astounds audiences with an ever-growing repertoire of both modern and classical music.

In conjunction with the exhibition The Conjured Life: The Legacy of Surrealism, join us Friday afternoons in February and March for a four-part film series exploring the rich tradition of Surrealist cinema, spanning from the…

March 4 & 5, 2017, hundreds of the most popular pets are traveling to San Jose to compete for Top Cat at the 33rd Annual Tails & No Tales Cat Show. Watch the excitement build as these purr-fectly groomed felines take center stage.…

Featuring towering feats of strength, high-flying aerialists, expert jugglers, eye-popping puppets and one truly twisted contortionist, Cirque du Soleil's "Luzia" is an equatorial fever dream--a true testament to the human spirit.


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Music & Clubs

Weather Inspires New Moon Duo Record

TOTAL ECLIPSE: Moon Duo bring their new weather-inspired sounds to Don Quixote’s.

For Sanae Yamada—keyboardists and one half of psychedelic rockers Moon Duo— the most surreal aspect of relocating from the Bay Area to Portland a few years back was the difference in seasons. Portland’s were pronounced, but she had barely noticed the cyclical shifts in San Francisco. Over time, her memories of Northern… » Read More

North By North: Windy City Wailers at Caravan

GARAGE PROG: Drawing comparisons to The White Stripes and Foxy Shazam, North By North are hard to pin down.

There’s just something about the horn line that comes in at about the 32-second mark of “All That Glitters”— the lead-off track from North By North’s excellent sophomore album, Last Days Of Magic—that screams The Blues Brothers. But maybe that’s just a symptom of some sort of rock-writer confirmation bias, owing to… » Read More

SJZ Winter Fest Returns With Eclectic Lineup

FRESH FACES: Rising alt-R&B singer Reva DeVito has worked with a number of hot left-field producers, including Kaytranada and Com Truise.

Starting this week, San Jose Jazz Winter Fest returns with three weekends of great jazz, both old and new. With shows scheduled in downtown San Jose and in Palo Alto, the annual celebration has its sights set on bringing all of Silicon Valley into the fold. As is the case with all… » Read More


Review: 'I Am Not Your Negro'

Raoul Peck's tremendous documentary I Am Not Your Negro shows great intelligence and relevance. Rather than a rehash of the 1960s struggle, it's a demonstration that the struggle never ended. The subject is James Baldwin, and an unfinished manuscript. Baldwin never got farther than 30 pages into his study of three lives in the civil rights movement. All three of the leaders were under the age of 40 when they were martyred: Martin Luther King Jr., Medgar Evers and Malcolm X. What's more, all three were Baldwin's friends. Which didn't mean that he agreed with their methods, any more than the three agreed with each other. » Read More

Review: 'Lego Batman Movie'

There's bound to be someone-mom?-who prefers a Batman movie in which our hero learns the importance of family life and sharing. How can such a sharing, caring Dark Knight resonate with the adolescent, who prefers brooding, hiding in solitude and watching everyone from a point of concealment? Fortunately, the makers of The Lego Batman Movie realize they are dealing with a figure who is a kaleidoscope of personas-a Batman for all seasons. This version of the Caped Crusader has had his head turned by success. He does victory laps in the Batmobile, and fires a T-shirt cannon of souvenir Batshirts at the orphanage. During a quick visit there, he acquires an adopted son, Dick Grayson (Michael Cera), in an absence of mind. » Read More

The Arts

From Street Art to Street Wear

When he was just 12 years old, Samuel Rodriguez would routinely lace up his leather Puma Clyde basketball shoes at the stroke of midnight and leave his home on the East Side of San Jose to venture out plastering freeway bridges, buses and walls with his self-taught graffiti skills. "I was in a bubble," Rodriguez says. "Taking the bus, all I saw was tagging and everything revolved around that." Today, you can find 36-year-old Rodriguez working professionally on his craft in his friend's back-house-turned-studio in San Jose. The minimalistic cement wall rooms are decked with his Aztec-inspired prints and portraits of ethnic faces veiled with graffiti. » Read More

Tara Donovan: Playing Her Cards Right

Stepping inside Tara Donovan's exhibit at Pace Gallery in downtown Palo Alto, is like entering a minimalist's idea of heaven. Whiteness makes its presence felt. Or inversely, if you prefer, color is entirely absent. The artwork, separated into three categories, maintains an orderly sense of Nordic design. Large framed pieces reflecting faint patterns and gradients against clean hardwood floors. The eye, used to overstimulation, will need a minute to settle into this display of starkness. But once it does, the process of engagement is like glimpsing the underbelly of an osprey against a winter sky. What Donovan leaves out of her work is not accidental. » Read More

'Chafismo' Show Explores Nature of Art

Crudely simplified, the Chicano Art Movement advanced the aesthetic of rasquachismo, a defiant and inventive use of whatever lowbrow components one has on hand. It isn't just cheap stuff for the sake of cheap stuff. There is a method of communication-something along the lines of: "This is all we got, so we're going to use it." Translation: If one doesn't have $1,000 for a deluxe convertible easel, one can plant cacti on the border between Tijuana and San Ysidro and carve them into Easter Island-style head profiles before transporting them to art-gallery pedestals, just to ridicule the highbrow colonization of the desert. That said, at WORKS/San Jose, two cacti plants emerge from wooden pedestals colored with rainbow graffiti. It's all part » Read More

Features & Columns

The Cinequest Issue

From George Lucas' pioneering special effects studio, Industrial Light & Magic, to Steve Jobs' wild personal gamble, Pixar, the Bay Area has long been home to powerhouses in movie and TV production. But for all the incredible work done in the region, Los Angeles has remained the film capital of the world-while Silicon Valley has served only as a consultancy outpost for the big Hollywood studios. That is poised to change as more filmmakers adopt virtual reality and augmented reality technologies to tell stories, according to Halfdan Hussey, CEO and co-founder of Cinequest, which this year is expanding its mission statement and rebranding itself as the Cinequest Film & VR Festival. » Read More

Maitri Celebrates Progress in Confronting Domestic Abuse

This Saturday, Maitri celebrates 26 years operating as a free, confidential nonprofit organization that helps South Asian families deal with domestic violence, emotional abuse, human trafficking and other forms of family conflict. Unaffiliated with any cultural, social or religious organization, Maitri provides advice, legal help, transportation and even, in some cases, transitional housing for those who feel threatened in their own homes and in their closest relationships. In a way, Maitri functions as a liaison between local South Asian women in need and the mainstream American support system that may initially seem too distant for these women to approach. » Read More

Silicon Valley Comedy Scene Boosted by Open Mic Nights

Frankie Marcos' standup debut was a bomb not of his making. His co-worker, a chef, had told him it was open mic night at a bar in San Francisco. Marcos, like many beginners, decided to give it a shot because he had a rep as the funny guy at work. Why not try standup? He arrived at the bar anxious and proceeded to get buzzed. Just before his set was scheduled to start, Marcos looked around and realized there wasn't much of an audience and not a microphone to be seen. He asked his co-worker what was going on. "It's just you," the chef replied, turning to the entire bar to announce: "All right! It's time for some comedy!" » Read More

Power to the Pupil

This week I come to you from Terminal B, Gate 18, in the Power Suite. It is here, at Mineta San Jose International Airport, where 26 works of art by local high school students are now on display for those who can make it past security. The Power Suite is a 2,500-square-foot hold-room of sorts, seating about 100 passengers, a place where domestic and international travelers can plug in their devices at numerous spaces. But now, thanks to "Artspiration," a movement developed by administrators, teachers, parents, artists and community leaders to finally re-introduce the arts into teenagers' educational lives, the Power Suite has come to life via the artwork of 26 high school students from across the valley. The pieces are split between » Read More

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