Humorous Novel 'VietnamEazy' Explores Culture, Cooking

Cron is the only San Jose's Parks & Rec department volunteer to
write a novel about a TV cooking show. Read More

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This think tank session will offer a "deep-dive" into the topic of innovation related to the airline industry, and, more specifically, within the Lufthansa Group. Presenters include Sebastian Herzog, Chief Strategist & Co-Creator of…

The SJ Muni Summer Music Series is a FREE concert event. We host local band to perform on the patio located just outside our restaurant and bar, which are open during the performances. We also offer a different craft brew served in…

The history of The Roots is more extensive and far more interesting than that of most modern bands. From their mid-'90s start in Philadelphia as underground proponents of the neo-soul movement, to their current gig as the house band…

Let's just clear up one thing right off the bat: the Robert Powell performing at Rooster T. Feathers this weekend is not the Robert Powell who played the titular Jesus of Nazareth in the 1977 movie. So go ahead and loosen your…

A regular on Chelsea Lately and a contributor to This American Life, Julian McCullough has covered a plenty of ground as a comic. Indeed, the Philly-born comedian has spent a lot of time on TV-performing on both Conan and The Tonight…

It would appear there is an unspoken competition among certain punk bands to continually one-up each other with ever more lewd and lascivious monikers. Case in point: Gash. This Philly-based crew back up their smutty name by…

Superb guitarist and folksy lyricist Sage Gentle-Wing will perform from 8pm-10pm. A mix of jazz, blues and folk, Gentle-Wing brings a different sound. He has performed with many artists, most notably Jason Mraz.

Every Friday night house resident DJ Norman spinning all the old school hits at Agave Restaurant with today's music. Celebrate your B-day or any other special event while eating delicious a Mexican cuisine.

If you are looking for a place to spend Saturday night with friends, DJ Ready Rock rocks the place with the best in electro and hip hop. Every Saturday night, DJ Ready Rock brings his own mixes with the latest jams to crank up the…

You may not know DJ Mustard picked up his performer name from his actual first name, Dijon, but you've definitely heard YG's "Mustard on the Beat!" DJ Mustard has proven himself by being a part of practically every successful rap song…

Though you might not recognize him on the street or even know his name when you hear it, if you grew up listening to hip-hop radio in the Bay Area, Jose Melendez has probably shaped the way you hear music. The Wild 94.9 DJ went to…

ComedySportz is the award-winning interactive comedy show where two teams of "act-letes" compete for laughs and points. There is also "The Midnight Show" with more adult-themed jokes.

Pear Theatre completes its 2015/2016 season with AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY, a searing, fiercely dark comedy of an American family, where secrets and lies spill out over dysfunctional dinners and drug-laced arguments, and nothing is…


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101 Ways to Make ‘Merica Great(er) Again


Pretty slow year in politics, huh? Ha! Got you, sucka. The 2016 presidential race has felt more like a crazed, national midlife crisis playing out as mom (Hillary) and dad (ugh) drive us to the land of lesser evils. The differences are stark, and anyone who thinks it’s a tough decision is simply… » Read More

Hit List: Best Music, Arts & Events June 29 through July 2

PARTY STARTER: One of hip-hop's hottest beatmakers, DJ Mustard is coming to Pure Lounge in Sunnyvale.

Introducing the “Hit List,” a weekly roundup of the hottest concerts, new music, art exhibits, parties and events in Silicon Valley. Check back to Metro’s Activate blog every Wednesday to find out what’s poppin’ off in the South Bay. This week: DJ Mustard is at Pure Lounge, Kenny Rogers comes the Mountain… » Read More

La Inedita: Peruvians Bring Latin Fusion to BackBar

MIXING IT UP: Peruvian band La Inedita, fuse reggaeton, “chicha” and other Latin flavors to create their signature sound.

Reggaeton hit the American mainstream in 2004, with massive hits from Daddy Yankee and Ivy Queen. A mixture of Latin, hip-hop and reggae music, the new sound was a natural fit within San Jose’s downtown scene, where all three of reggaeton’s parent genres have connected well with audiences. As a genre, reggaeton… » Read More


Review: 'Eat That Question'

ike most cranks, Frank Zappa was pissed off by a rainbow of things. The passivity of his fellow American citizens upset him just as much as the invention of expensive designer jeans. Thorsten Schutte's documentary, Eat That Question: Frank Zappa in His Own Words, is a collage of Zappa (1940-92) enduring his least-favorite activity-being interviewed. Zappa called interviews "the most abnormal thing you can do to a person." He's prickly, occasionally seething, as yet another journalist butters Zappa up for the camera with comments about how loved and hated he is. Ostensibly trying to charm the musician responsible for some 60 albums, one newsman reads a description from Time magazine calling Zappa "bearded and gross and filthy." » Read More

Review: 'Our Kind of Traitor'

After the Brexit vote-the single stupidest British political decision since the reign of King Lear-a fantasy of English intrepidness is welcome. It arrives in Our Kind of Traitor, Susanna White's adaptation of John Le Carre. We begin with betrayal. "The Prince" (Grigoriy Dobrygin), the new head of the vor, the Russian mafia, is going legit; part of the public effort to get respectable involves signing over his murky accounts into a bank being considered for the London exchanges. The ink isn't dry when the Prince's former associate is ambushed in the snow by machine gunners. Cut, Bond-movie style, from the snows to the sands. In Marrakech, a bored lit professor named Perry Makepeace (Ewan McGregor) is trying to patch things up on a vacation » Read More

The Arts

Review: 'August: Osage County' at the Pear

Some pieces of art-whether theatrical, musical or cinematic-are best experienced at a particular time of day, or during a specific season, in order to help the audience suspend their disbelief. The color films of Nicholas Ray are meant for red sundowns, Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game" for midnight road trips, and Tracy Letts' August: Osage County is for the pearled sweat of summer. How appropriate, then, for the Pear Theatre to be staging August: Osage County when temperatures are exceeding 90 degrees in the South Bay. » Read More

Mary Roach Talks 'Grunt' at Kepler's

For someone who has devoted the last two decades to investigating ghosts, cadavers and life on Mars, science writer Mary Roach is a surprisingly down-to-earth woman. What's not surprising is that she is as witty in real life as she is in her books. The Oakland-based author and humorist is known for a string of quirky, scientific investigations into the human body. Her best-known and best-selling works include Spook: Science Tackles the Afterlife; and Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex. In her newest book, Grunt: The Curious Science of Humans at War, Roach investigates a collection of U.S. military experiments-all of them designed to better understand the science of "keeping people alive and putting them back together." » Read More

Good Karma Gets Cosmic Facelift

San Jose's latest piece of public art has made a much-loved downtown cafe one of the most visually striking buildings on S. First Street. Artist and musician Ben Henderson's new poster-art inspired mural should serve to draw more customers to the already popular Good Karma. A combination vegan cafe and craft brewery, Good Karma has become something of a local institution since it first opened-known for its prime people-watching patio, tasty vegan fare and artisanal brews. "We've been talking about it for a couple years, but only in the last few months did the wheels start moving," Henderson says of his new 30-foot by 18-foot mural. Melding the aesthetics of art nouveau and rock & roll poster art, the piece is a multilayered exploration of » Read More

Features & Columns

Humorous Novel 'VietnamEazy' Explores Culture, Cooking

"I started the whole VietnamEazy concept because of my husband. His disdain for the strong smell of fish sauce often led me to substitute salt to satisfy his taste." These are the words of Kieu, the main character in Trami Nguyen Cron's debut novel, VietnamEazy. The only San Jose's Parks & Rec department volunteer to write a novel about a TV cooking show, Cron hails from Saigon via France, Dallas and Salt Lake City. What a combination. The book centers on Kieu, a Vietnamese-American woman trying to win a TV cooking show by introducing the general masses to the multisensory allure of Vietnamese food. Her husband is emotionally distant, apathetic, badly withdrawn and lacks any desire to appreciate the talents and passions of his wife. He'd » Read More

Prince Ea Urges President Obama to Legalize Marijuana

Prince Ea-hip-hop artist, activist and founder of Make "SMART" Cool-has just released a remake of his brilliant music video urging President Obama to end our country's disastrous war on marijuana. The 10-minute video ( is both a history lesson and an advocacy tool to expand people's minds and make them laugh at the same time-all while making a personal and persuasive plea to Obama. Prince Ea delves into the history of how marijuana became illegal (lies, racism and political opportunism) and the arbitrary distinctions between legal and illegal drugs. He also lays out the harm of drug prohibition (violence, organized crime and mass incarceration) and the benefits of regulation (taxes, safety and control). » Read More

Bruni Teams Up with SJ Summer Jazz Fest

Finally, San Jose Jazz Summer Fest has teamed up with the most cosmic jazz painter to ever to spend a substantial amount of time in this area. As was unveiled yesterday, Bruni Sablan-the enigmatic, esoteric legend known by just her first name-painted the thematic material for this year's festival, which happens in August. Along with other instrumentation, the painting features an abstract trombone mimicking the San Jose Jazz Summer Fest logo. A swirling piano keyboard accompanies a stand-up bass against a background that almost looks park-like. Could this be Plaza de Cesar Chavez in the background? I know not. Abstract movement, however jazz-like, connects the instruments together against a whimsical purple background that will eventually » Read More

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