Silicon Valley Beer Week 2018

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Thu Jul 12

Danielle Bradbery--known for her 2013 single "Heart of Dixie"--was the season four winner of The Voice. Longtime Nashville songwriter Chuck Wicks had his first big break as a solo artist in 2007 with his song, "Stealing Cinderella."…

Thu Jul 12

Noel Jewkes is one of the premier saxophone players in Northern California. He has worked in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 35 years, and has earned a distinguished reputation with lovers of Jazz music. This website contains…

Fri Jul 13

Wally Schnalle has been playing drums almost 50 years and has a long history of working with San Jose Jazz. For the past 25 years he's been sharing his knowledge and experience as a teacher, bandleader, recording artist, and sideman…

Fri Jul 13-21

As summer kicks into high gear, so will our older Rising Stars as they take you on a funky journey down a familiar brick road in The Wiz! We all know the beloved story of L. Frank Baum\s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: Dorothy, a restless…

Sat Jul 14

Despite her rising popularity, Grammy Award-winning Spanish rapper Mala Rodriguez is keeping it real--insisting on continuing to spit in her native language rather than make a play for a wider English-speaking audience. Favoring beats…

Sat Jul 14

The seventh annual Island Reggae Fest is back with a full day of entertainment celebrating island culture and the reggae lifestyle. The festival has expanded this year with a new attraction titled "Roots & Culture," which will focus…

Sat Jul 14

Join Kevin Wong, host and Bay Area comic, for [email protected] Cap off Second Saturdays on The Alameda with a little caffeine, dessert, and great entertainment! Performers have appeared at the Punch Line, Cobbs, San Jose Improv, Tommy T's,…

Sat Jul 14

The Los Altos Art & Wine Festival is back for its 39th year, bringing handcrafted jewelry, sculpture, paintings, live music, food--and, of course, vino--to downtown Los Altos. At the event, 290 artists and artisans from all over the…

Sun Jul 15

Every Sunday, Cafe Stritch hosts our weekly jam session featuring our house band led by Saxophonist Tim Lin. The house band performs a set from 7PM-8PM, and then the house band leader runs an open jazz jam session. Jazz musicians are…

Thru Jul 15

Pear Theatre's 16th season concludes with a rare foray into musical theatre, Noel Coward's "Oh, Coward!" A witty musical revue in two acts, "Oh, Coward!" features four performers accompanied on piano. Devised by Roderick Cook and…


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Music & Clubs

Seal at Mountain Winery

POWER, PLEASURE, PAIN: Compare Seal's set to a kiss from a glass of rosé at the Mountain Winery.

In 2016 Donald Glover—a.k.a. Childish Gambino—told James Corden that “Kiss From a Rose” is his go-to karaoke jam. We’ll have to wait until his Oct. 2 Shark Tank performance to see if he indulges us as he did the Late Late host. The voice behind one of the most epic love songs… » Read More

Clueless at 3Below

AS IF: 3Below brings you back to the halls of Beverly Hills High with screenings of this '95 classic.

Ten years before people knew the wrath of Regina George—leader of the fearsome “Plastics” in Mean Girls—there were Doc Martens, Scrunchies, plaid mini-skirts and, of course, Cheryl Horowitz. Part of 3Below’s series of After School Specials, this 1995 rom-com and coming-of-age tale is based on Jane Austen’s Emma and stars Alicia Silverstone… » Read More

Pot Shots: Stoners Celebrate ‘420 of Summer’

The ‘420 of summer’ is all about dabbing. Photo by Roxana Gonzalez, via Shutterstock

Stoners revelled again last week in their freedom to light up with a post-Fourth of July holiday dedicated to getting high. Also called “the 420 of summer,” 710 is the counterpart to the classic marijuana holiday known as 420, but is instead celebrated, as you’d imagine, on July 10. Although another pot fiesta… » Read More


Review: 'Blindspotting'

After Boots Riley's phantasmagoric film Sorry to Bother You opened earlier this month, the spotlight shines on Oakland for a second time. Oakland natives Rafael Casal (as Miles) and Daveed Diggs (as Collin) co-star in Blindspotting, Carlos Lopez Estrada's feature film debut. Casal and Diggs also co-wrote the script, a buddy movie that fictionalizes the details of their lifelong friendship and pays homage to their real-life hometown. But the city that Miles and Collin grew up in is changing. From their perspective, Oakland's gentrifying into an unrecognizable playground for gangs of mostly white, twentysomething techies with seemingly unlimited disposable income. They're buying up and refurbishing formerly black-owned properties while » Read More

Review: 'Eighth Grade'

Kate and Anna McGarrigle's song, "I'm Losing You," contains a great lament. They sing, "But I never told you anything/How to keep or make a friend." The lyric speaks to that moment when a child starts to establish his or her independence from their parents. Mothers, in the McGarrigle sisters' case, wonder what skills they've equipped their children with to contend with the world at large. The song acknowledges what little control they have over whether people will accept or reject their sons and daughters. In Bo Burnham's film Eighth Grade, that larger world is junior high school, and it's an alienating place for Kayla (Elsie Fisher). » Read More

The Arts

Frederic Bruly Bouabre at Cantor

Maples, who has been in the field for 15 years, recently accepted a position as curator of African Art at the North Carolina Museum of Art. She has often encountered art historians who contend that African art is derivative of Western art. Maples observes that "any time an African picks up a paintbrush or something that is a Western medium, it's not inventive and creative from an African or a visionary standpoint." She believes that's wrong-headed and a problem in the field. Maples notes that, "African art only started getting recognized, particularly contemporary African art, in the last decade, if that." » Read More

Review: 'In The Heights'

The cast of In the Heights, now playing at City Lights Theater Company, would do well to check their headsets before curtain. Last weekend's opening night performance was marred by numbers in which it seemed some singers' mics were turned up to 11 while others were on mute. This was especially unfortunate because Lin-Manuel Miranda's lyrics drive the plot as much as Quiara Alegria Hudes' dialogue does. A lot of songs are structured as conversations between characters, and a lot of those conversations came across as one-sided. The sound issues were even more vexing since City Lights' cast features some stellar voices. Cristina Hernandez is formidable as Nina, who has managed to break out of the barrio in Manhattan's Washington Heights to » Read More

Won Ju Lim's 'California Dreamin''

What separates the American Dream from the one in California? The color of the sunset. Won Ju Lim's California Dreamin' at the San Jose Museum of Art is alive with it. She projects photographs of an ordinary Los Angeles street scene onto and across the gallery walls. Lim collected that raw footage herself, editing it at the same time that she worked on the sculptural elements filling up the rest of the room.The images feature palm trees standing in formation against a blue sky washed in reds, oranges and yellows. Buildings line the horizon and merge together. Shadows swallow them up. But as your eyes get accustomed to the darkness, they also focus on the sculpture, a model city. » Read More

Features & Columns

Silicon Alleys: Fundraising to Restore Dancing Pig Sign Passes Halfway Mark

A local grassroots effort to fix San Jose's most iconic sign, the Stephen's Meat Products neon dancing pig masterpiece, has raised more than half the money it needs. The Preservation Action Council of San Jose (PAC*SJ), as well as passionate enthusiasts like Heather David, have tapped their networks and pooled their resources, so far raising more than $25,000 toward an estimated goal of $40,000. The plan is heroic: Paint the sign, fill up the bullet holes, re-illuminate the neon components and get that pig dancing again. Over the years, many of San Jose's neon signs have disappeared, while others have been rescued and saved in storage. The Stephen's sign still occupies a minuscule piece of real estate in a parking strip infested with » Read More

Advice Goddess: Why Do I Feel So Jealous Lately?

"Hey, where's the boyfriend?" your friend asks as she plops down on the couch next to you. You look at your phone: "Well, according to my tracking device, he's at the end of Main, turning right onto Slauson." Jealousy gets a bad rap. Sure, it's sometimes a sign that your self-worth is in the toilet. But it can also be a sign that your boyfriend has been sneaking off to the toilet at work with his boss's busty assistant. Evolutionary psychologist David Buss notes that sexual jealousy appears to be one of the "mate guarding adaptations" that evolved over human history--a sort of police dog of emotions to protect us from being cheated on. Buss observes that sexual jealousy is activated by "threats to mate retention," including "the presence » Read More

Free Will Astrology: Week of July 18, 2018

"Take a lover who looks at you like maybe you are magic." Whenever that quote appears on the Internet, it's falsely attributed to painter Frida Kahlo. In fact, it was originally composed by poet Marty McConnell. In any case, I'll recommend that you heed it in the coming weeks. You really do need to focus on associating with allies who see the mysterious and lyrical best in you. I will also suggest that you get inspired by a line that Frida Kahlo actually wrote: "Take a lover who looks at you like maybe you are a bourbon biscuit." (If you don't know what a bourbon biscuit is, I'll tell you: chocolate buttercream stuffed between two thin rectangular chocolate biscuits.) » Read More

Silicon Alleys: New Book Chronicles Young Da Vinci's Obsession with Spheres

I first met David Eastis 15 years ago when he presided over the Silicon Valley chapter of Slow Food, originally among the first five chapters the U.S. Eastis was the Shakespearean "mine host" of a gluttonous event at the upscale Flea Street Cafe in Menlo Park, where 56 gastronomes of all shapes and sizes feasted at a snail's pace for over three hours. The resulting May 1, 2003, Metro cover story was the first one I ever wrote and one of the first major features on Slow Food anywhere in the Bay Area. I contributed a bottle of Benedictine to the meal, which felt like a Fellini movie in the slow lane, and then quoted Rabelais and John Ruskin in the story. Such were the days. » Read More

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