SoFA Street Fair returns this weekend

After more than a dozen years' absence, the SoFA Street Fair returns to a district that's once again thriving. Read More

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Wanda Sykes has her own TV show again, but to many of us she may be forever best known for her rant about asses on Larry David's Curb Your Enthusiasm. "You an ass man, Larry... what you been doing, scrounging around looking for asses?

Yukmouth is an Grammy-nominated American rapper from East Oakland, Oakland, California. He is the founder of The Regime, Smoke-A-Lot Records and Godzilla Entertainment.

This year we have the C2SV Local Music Showcase hosted by Cafe Stritch on September 12 & 13th and we are taking over 1st street for the Return of the SoFA Street Fair on Sunday, September 14th.

Blake is the breakout star of NBC's The Voice, a show that gave the handsome Oklahoman the spotlight his fans have long hoped he'd get. Week after week, millions have gotten to see the talent and charisma that have made Blake one of…

Harper made his debut in 1994 with Welcome to the Cruel World, which was subsequently certified Gold. In 2005, he received GRAMMY awards for Best Pop Instrumental Performance for his single 11th Commandment and for Best Traditional…

Wicked is the musical for people that don't usually like musicals. Wicked is also the musical for people that hate musicals, because, no matter who you are or what you try to do to avoid it, you're going to have to listen to the…

The Hollywood Reporter called him Standout, and Entertainment Weekly described it as charismatic crankiness. The thought-provoking comedy of Roy Wood Jr. crosses cultural lines and has entertained millions nationwide by stage, radio…

The opening track on the Home Team's latest EP, Black Sheep, is punchy pop-punk tune, accented with some glorious, new wavey synths (think late '70s Cars). While those keyboard runs are more or less an anomaly, the driving, tight punk…

The multi-talented, hard rock visionary, Rob Zombie will perform at City National Civic of San Jose on September 16. Since 1997, Rob Zombie has achieved great solo artist success with several multi-platinum and gold albums.

Join the Jazz Jam at the Hedley, led by drummer Stephen Marley! If you are a musician, bring your instrument and get in the groove. Don't be shy! Don't miss this unique opportunity to play and network with other musicians.

Drummer, educator, and producer Akira Tana is known to ignite the rhythmic spark of the bandstand, with over 100 featured recordings to his name, both national and international tour schedules.

Tinashe... Performing her hit single "2 on"! Main Room: Top 40 . Hip Hop . Club Hits DJ Ray Styles - Wild 94.9 | iheart Radio


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Intro to Backpacking Trip in Yosemite

Win an Intro to Backpacking Trip in Yosemite from Sports Basement for September 26-28.

Tickets to see Diana Ross

Win tickets to Diana Ross: In the Name of Love Tour at the City National Civic in San Jose on September 25.

Tickets to see Judas Priest

Win tickets to Judas Priest plus Steel Panther at the City National Civic in San Jose on November 16.

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Music & Clubs

Q&A: DJ E-Rock Talks About Friendship With Colin Kaepernick, the Importance of Being Nice and What He Loves Most About Spinning

DJ E-Rock plays Pure Lounge in Sunnyvale on Sept. 12.

It’s hard to get a moment of DJ E-Rock’s time. Known to close friends and family as Eric Nagrampa, he is better known by his stage name in clubs all over the country—from the Bay Area and Las Vegas to Atlantic City. He’s performed for the likes of Barry Bonds and John… » Read More

Insolence Take The Stage At The SoFA Street Fair


There are many parallels to be drawn between the return of the SoFA Street Fair this Sunday and the so-called “reunion” of Insolence, who along with Salmon and Maids of Honor will provide direct support to the festival’s headliner, Fishbone. But whatever you do, don’t call it a comeback. Sure, it’s true that… » Read More

Ruckatan Brings Blend Of World Music To Chacho’s For C2SV Latin Music Showcase

‘Perfect Fit’: Ruckatan’s eclectic music is the result of many disparate pieces falling into place.

A year and a half ago, veteran Bay Area musician Carlos Elizalde nearly called it quits. For more than two decades the lead singer of Ruckatan had been playing in local bands—including The Yardies, Mirage, Bautista, Cantera and La Ventana—but he had hit a roadblock that seemed insurmountable. Elizalde’s cousin was bowing out… » Read More


'God Help the Girl'

I must admit that Belle and Sebastian gave me a pleasurable if inch-deep depression—even the very title of their album Fold Your Hands, Child, You Walk Like a Peasant made me want to sit someplace shadowy and think about things. But the sort-of musical God Help The Girl, written and directed by Stuart "Sebastian" Murdoch evaporated before I could watch it all the way through. Based (remotely) on how the Scots band formed, it's the anti-adventures of a quartet of idling young Glaswegians. » Read More

'The Drop'

Dennis Lahane's short story "Animal Rescue" published in the 2009 anthology Boston Noir, is the source for The Drop; it's been transplanted from Dorchester to Brooklyn, and it's graced with some powerful acting by the late, ever-authentic James Gandolfini. He's the namesake of a neighborhood bar called Cousin Marv's. Marv used to own the place, but he got indebted to some Chechen gangsters. The bartender is Marv's own placid, soft-witted cousin Bob (Tom Hardy), a quiet lug in a dingy sheepskin-collared denim jacket. » Read More

The Arts

'The Science of Booze' at C2SV with Adam Rogers

With C2SV running all weekend and the return of the SoFA Street Fair this Sunday, many a San Jose party animal has likely asked himself: "How the hell am I going to take in all the festivities and show up to work on Monday feeling like a human?" Here at Metro we've certainly been debating the conundrum. Fortunately, even if you do get carried the way on the back of a Moscow Mule during Cafe Stritch's two local music showcases or put away one too many Hennchatas at Chacho's during Ruckatan's set, you'll be able to look people in the eye on Monday, confident in the knowledge that at least you understand the science behind all the preposterous and juvenile behavior you engaged in over the weekend. » Read More

The Arsenal Hosts 'Graphite Show'

It has become an annual tradition at The Arsenal, the San Jose art shop, studio and gallery space. Each year, a mixture of graffiti artists, tattoo artists, fine artists, illustrators and designers come together to showcase their work in a particular medium. This year the artists have been limited to pencil and paper for the "Graphite Show," which opens this weekend. » Read More

Features & Columns

Women & Innovation

The attention lavished on Meg Whitman, Sheryl Sandberg and Marissa Mayer belies the reality that an abysmally small percentage of the valley's top execs are women. Can Silicon Valley be the innovation leader of the future if it clings to male-centric business models of the past? » Read More

'22 Joes Every Day' at the Martin Luther King Jr. Library

Twenty-two plastic toy G.I. Joe dolls hang suspended from nooses attached to an overhang inside the Martin Luther King, Jr. Main Library. Parachutes hang beneath them. The number 22 refers to the number of veterans in the U.S. who commit suicide every single day. Several of us who showed up for the fourth-floor reception participated by hanging the Joes ourselves. Each day last week, culminating on Monday, Sept. 8, participants suspended 22 more Joes from the ceiling-22 each evening to commemorate those veterans who end their lives ona daily basis. » Read More

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