Winter Arts 2016

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End Valentines with nine RnB acts in one concert. Artists Scheduled to appear: Vanilla Ice, Sir Mix-a-lot, Jody Watley, Color Me Badd, The Jets, Tone Loc, Shock G/Digital Underground. Featuring Humpty Hump and DJ Fuze, Rob Base, Young…

The Continental presents a live performance at Spectrum by Tortured Soul (New York City), Spectrum Residents, Julius Papp & Friends. $15 Presale Tickets / $20 Day of Show.

We at Studio Bongiorno push the boundaries and shine light on this dark subject as it is a taboo in society and a delicate area many fear to tread. At its core it has been shown that people that learn to understand death is a random…

Experience the ultimate rock tribute to Led Zeppelin in this live musical performance starring Zeppelin Live (formerly Heartbreaker), the West Coast's most spectacular Led Zeppelin Tribute Show. Zeppelin Live is a national touring…

Co-Headlining Tour 2016 with Michael Monroe (Formerly of Hanoi Rocks) and Hardcore Superstar comes to Rockbar Saturday February 13th! Michael Monroe's new album is called Blackout States and it's in the can, slated for release via…

Now the largest Interactive Murder Mystery Comedy Dinner Show in the United States, The Dinner Detective Murder Mystery Dinner Show was voted "Best Dinner Show" in Los Angeles and Denver four years running. Having worked in the…

We invite you to experience a unique evening of painting with animal encounters, appetizers, wine and beer and all the supplies you need for a two-hour painting session with our talented artist and host.

Sos Enetertainments presents Valentine Party 2016. FEB 14.2016. Next Day Is Holiday @ Summit Bar Grill.

This remarkable group strikes a perfect balance between intellect and passion. After winning top prizes at competitions in Melbourne, Osaka, and Florence, it has performed at such top venues as Carnegie Hall, the Louvre, Wigmore Hall,…

Introducing a made-for-all one-of-a-kind event: the Meetup Fair, a gathering of meetup groups from across the Bay Area. Meetup Fair is an event of Creative Collisions, an evening series at The Tech generously sponsored by the Swanson…

During the month of February, Hotel Valencia is featuring: Decadent chocolate fondue for two accompanied with sparkling wine, $20 per person, exclusive of tax and gratuity. * Available at Citrus and Terrace. For more information call…


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The Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil

Win tickets to The Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas, Nevada. Drawing Feb. 26.

$150 to SP2 Communal Bar + Restaurant

Win a $150 to SP2 Communal Bar + Restaurant located in San Jose. Drawing Feb. 29.

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Music & Clubs

Dam-Funk Embraces the Weird and the Wild

FUNKED UP: Dâm-Funk, has made a name for himself with his future-minded funk, soul and R&B.

It’s no easy task to be a creator of throwback sounds in this modern era without sounding overly derivative, disingenuous, or worse yet, like a novelty act. But for the last few years, Pasadena-based Dam-Funk (pronounced “Dame-Funk”) has earned underground and critical acclaim doing just that. Born Damon Riddick, the producer and vocalist… » Read More

Inside the Super Bowl 50’s most exclusive party

Comedian Jay Leno and former 49ers quarterback Joe Montana at the Big Game Give fundraiser. Photos:   Drew Altizer.

Saturday night’s Super Bowl 50 parties throughout the Bay Area featured an eclectic mix of celebrities and musicians—Lil’ Wayne appeared at Maxim’s bash at Treasure Island; Cuba Gooding Jr., lead actor in the new television miniseries, The People v. O.J. Simpson,  showed up at Playboy’s party in San Francisco on Friday. But one… » Read More

SoCal’s Rival Sons Craft Rollicking, Bluesy Music

Old & New: SoCal rockers Rivals Sons craft rollicking, 
bluesy stomp by channeling Zeppelin, Jack White.

It’s early afternoon and Rival Sons guitarist Scott Holiday is calling from a hotel room in Winnipeg—or “Winterpeg” as locals call it. “It’s even too cold for Canadians here,” the lifelong Southern Californian jokes. It’s amazing what sun worshippers will put up with if it means their band gets to support Black… » Read More


Review: 'Deadpool'

There isn't an aspect of superhero lore that isn't rubbished by the Apatow-meets-Spider-Man comedy Deadpool. By the lights of this decade's movie making, that's a lot of rubbishing: a defacing of the nocturnal sacrifice of Batman; a mocking of the touching shyness of The Thing when he's romancing his little blind girlfriend; a satire of Superman's crushing sense of responsibility. Here, all these noble qualities the movies usually ask us to honor are tossed aside in favor of mindless, speedy sadism. Deadpool is all about the importance of quipping when killing-and making the quip suit the killing. It's the kind of movie that comes along when a genre is running out of ideas and patience. Wade (Ryan 'The Arch-Bro' Reynolds) was once a » Read More

Review: 'Five Oscar-Nominated Shorts'

Four out of five of the Academy Award nominees for best short documentary have real stature. The fifth is the HBO Films-produced Claude Lanzmann: Spectres of the Shoah by Adam Benzine. It's a middling account of the prickly director of Shoah—a nearly 10-hour documentary about the Holocaust—which would be better suited as a bonus feature in a Blu-Ray re-release. One always bets on the Holocaust when filling out an Oscar pool; if this wins, it will overshadow four far more worthy choices. Courtney Marsh's Chau: Beyond the Lines is the result of eight years spent with an inmate of a Vietnamese rural hospital full of grievous terata cases, many deformed beyond imagination. The birth defects were caused by America's "Operation Ranch Hand," » Read More

The Arts

Anno Domini's Quartet for the End of Time

Composer Olivier Messiaen wrote and premiered his Quartet for the End of Time as a war prisoner inside Stalag VIII-A, near Gorlitz, Germany, in what's now Poland. Rather than attempting escape, Messiaen devoted all his spare energy to the piece-playing piano and enlisting other POWs to play clarinet, violin and cello. The work debuted in January 1941. Many experts situate the quartet near the top of 20th-century chamber music, not only for the catastrophic circumstances surrounding its inception, but also for Messiaen's reverent Catholic faith, his use of medieval modes and Hindu rhythmic cycles, and his disregard for all sense of linear time. While other musicians in the camp plotted to escape, Messiaen chose to stay and write music in » Read More

'Marc D'Estout: Open Investigation'

Two sculptures by Marc D'Estout, Muse and Abused Muse, appear to complement each other. Both are made from fabricated steel and both are mockeries of Mickey Mouse hats. Together they constitute an unabashed ridicule of every way in which Disney has infected the youth of America. The shiny silver-colored Muse is nickel plated and appears to be upside-down. If one bashed on Muse as a musical instrument, the sculpture might sound like some crazed Tibetan singing bowl turned industrial. In fact, the piece already looks like someone playfully bent Mickey's ears in the wrong direction. Abused Muse, on the other hand, is not shiny. It doesn't have the nickel plating. The ears hang down, as if someone yanked on them. » Read More

Features & Columns

Winter Arts 2016

In Silicon Valley, innovation is part of our DNA. That goes for the latest unicorn startup, as well as the neighborhood black-box theater. In the coming months, as temperatures rise and flowers bloom, artists all over the South Bay will try new things. Jose Manuel Carren-o, Silicon Valley Ballet's artistic director, debuts Director's Choice-a suite of bleeding-edge ballet and modern dance pieces. Playwright and filmmaker Luis Valdez (Zoot Suit, La Bamba) holds the world premiere of his new play, Valley of the Heart, at The Stage in San Jose. And the Cinequest film festival celebrates 26 years of cinephilia by honoring Palo Alto's own James Franco. These exciting events are just three of the many local cultural offerings you'll find in this » Read More

The Black & Brown Settles Into Its New Digs

The two-story building at 751 West San Carlos St. used to be a convenience store, a boarding house and a brothel. So says Monisha as she shows me around the new locale for Black & Brown, her popular buy-and-sell vintage clothing boutique. Due to real estate greed, the store had to leave its former spot on The Alameda. Now, as we traipse up a few stairs, across old-school wooden flooring and into different rooms, the new space is emerging. A better picture becomes apparent. Featuring 4,800 square feet, the historic building is ripe for a new era. Men's clothing will now occupy the upper floor, while women's goods will fill the downstairs area. As we walk around, I can see where temporary walls have been removed. » Read More

The Dodgy Politics Behind the Stadium Deal

Julio Fuentes lost his cool during the holiday break. While other city officials were off for vacation, and fewer still went through the motions at work in the closing days of 2015, the city manager of Santa Clara threw a tantrum. He cleaned off his desk and stripped his office's walls of photos, according to sources at City Hall, and a paper shredder's gears could be heard in the long corridor that bisects the municipal headquarter's east wing. These were not the actions of a man getting a jump on his spring cleaning as much as an outburst by the city's highest paid employee. He was letting his colleagues know that he'd had it. In October, the City Council authorized a pay increase for the city attorney, but not for Fuentes, who in the » Read More

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