Rehab Owners Who Lost License Amid Shocking Allegations Deny Charges, Get Back to Business

Shocking allegations shut down Life Choices rehab in 2014, but the people in charge dispute the charges and are back in business Read More

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Thu Dec 7

We invite all of our four-legged friends to visit us this holiday season, and join us for dedicated events for your furry friends to snap a photo with Santa Clause! Santa Paws will take place at the Santa Set, located on Level 2 near…

Fri Dec 8

Watch this acclaimed 1998 film while a live orchestra plays its Oscar-winning score live. The movie, starring Samuel L. Jackson, Carlo Cecchi and Sylvia Chang, tells the tale of a mysterious--and perhaps supernatural--red violin. From…

Sat Dec 9

The first sights and sounds of a Legend of Zelda game are unforgettable. Horses gallop, wind blows and piano and strings strike a chord--figuratively and literally. The music of the Zelda franchise undoubtedly represents some of the…

Sat Dec 9

After years of pursuing other projects, a band of veteran San Jose musicians have come together to create a smooth and rhythmic sound. Vudaje's debut EP, Mood, is influenced by alternative, indie, R&B and jazz--and is reminiscent of…

Sat Dec 9

Just as the lanky 23-year-old Van Cliburn triumphed during the Cold War--capturing the gold medal over the Soviets in 1958--this 20-year-old pianist from Fremont is earning respect with mounting medals of his own. He's been at it…

Sat Dec 9

Join this all-female tribute band as they strive to capture the essence of the mighty Led Zeppelin. In true Zeppelin style, the group's latest release is a live-album, titled Live at Sweetwater. The record features plenty of heavy…

Sat Dec 9

The Friends of Music at Stanford present their annual holiday showcase in Memorial Church featuring the Stanford Chamber Chorale, members of the Stanford Symphony Orchestra, and organist Adrienne Kelly Lim. Featured will be Corelli's…

Sat Dec 9-10

This is the tale of Mrs. Robinson who is determined to win the Gingerbread House contest this year. But, the Christmas mouse, who lives with the Robinsons, needs food for his family and finds her creation. Unfortunately, the mouse has…

Sun Dec 10

Join the Foothill Symphonic Winds for their fall concert, led by Music Director David Bruce Adams. The band will feature flutist Ginger Rombach Adams as soloist in the Carmen Fantasy.

Thru Dec 10

This annual Christmas ballet is bound to get any Scrooge into the holiday spirit. For 24 years, Michael Smuin's company has merged the diverse vocabulary of classical ballet with contemporary American dance. This year, Smuin's…

Thru Dec 23

Radio Station WOV in New York is getting ready for its final holiday broadcast to the troops overseas. The audience takes a trip back through time as a collection of colorful characters bring to life classic American songs such as…


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Music & Clubs

Dark Christmas: ‘A Winter’s Solstice’ at Montalvo Arts Center Looks Back at Windham Hill Series

MOOD MUSIC: Will Ackerman, who founded the Windham Hill record label, will commemorate the ‘A Winter’s Solstice’ series at Montalvo Arts Center.

Those luddites among us who still subject themselves to the grueling gauntlet of Christmas shopping in brick and mortar stores are well aware that from Black Friday through Dec. 24, the local mall is some kind of fresh hell. For a lifelong music fan, a longtime musician and a professional cultural critic, it’s… » Read More

Vudajé Release Debut EP at Art Boutiki

MIC CHECK: Vudajé are celebrating the release of their new four-song EP, 'Mood,' at the Art Boutiki.

After years of pursuing other projects, a band of veteran San Jose musicians have come together to create a smooth and rhythmic sound. Vudajé’s debut EP, Mood, is influenced by alternative, indie, R&B and jazz—and is reminiscent of John Legend, John Mayer and Maxwell. Featuring precision playing, top-notch singing and highly polished… » Read More

Daniel Hsu: Local Cliburn Winner in SJDani

PIANO MAN: Daniel Hsu of Fremont has shown great promise on the piano.

Just as the lanky 23-year-old Van Cliburn triumphed during the Cold War—capturing the gold medal over the Soviets in 1958—this 20-year-old pianist from Fremont is earning respect with mounting medals of his own. He’s been at it since he was just 6 years old. Hsu has grown into an eloquent performer with… » Read More


Review: 'The Shape of Water'

Remember that folk tale about how you could put a book under your pillow and the learning would simply percolate up into your brain? Imagine what dreams would come if your apartment were directly above one of the old movie palaces. In the splendid The Shape of Water, the mute heroine--Elisa Esposito (Sally Hawkins), a Baltimore scrubwoman in 1963--has lodgings above the auditorium of a red-velvet lined theater. What's playing now is a biblical epic called The Story of Ruth (1960), perhaps there to remind us of the familiar wedding verse "whither thou goest, I will go." On TV, we see Shirley Temple dancing in The Little Colonel (1935) and Betty Grable sashaying with a costumed pantomime horse in Coney Island (1943). » Read More

Review: 'The Disaster Artist'

This one's clearly for the fans. In The Disaster Artist, we watch actor and man of mystery Tommy Wiseau (director and star James Franco) wreak his indie film The Room (2003) with a bottomless bank account and a beleaguered cast and crew. Bulked up and with dyed death-metal hair, Wiseau was a natural to play heavies--"Caliban," decides a director (Bob Odenkirk), seeing the man audition. But he sought to be a mainstream romantic star. Men like him seem to come from Transylvania, though Wiseau claimed he was from the bayou; Cajun-ness might explain the dropped indefinite articles in his speech. A clue to the Wiseau Enigma is the passing mention of an accident that almost killed him—the cause of something that would interest a speech » Read More

The Arts

Review: 'Holiday at the Savoy'

The Tabard Theatre Company kicks off this holiday season '40s style with a night of big band jazz, soaring vocals and swingin' moves. Holiday at the Savoy: A Tribute pairs period classics with beloved Christmas tunes for an uplifting segue into the new year. The show is set in December 1945 at the Savoy Ballroom in Harlem. After four years of a global war that spawned nearly half a million casualties, the U.S. welcomed a holiday season filled with hope and newfound peace. The Savoy was one of the first racially integrated jazz clubs in the country and, in the words of writer Barbara Engelbrecht, the "soul of a neighborhood." » Read More

Bill Murray Sings, Recites American Classics

According to multiple articles on the subject of Murray's communication habits, those seeking a comment or commitment from Murray must attempt to reach the comedian, golfer and avid photo-bomber by leaving a voicemail on his secret 800 number. So, imagine my surprise and elation as I receive word that Murray is willing to take the time to connect via phone. Just a few hours before Metro's deadline, I'm given a number for one of his traveling companions and told he'll be available in about 15 minutes. » Read More

Adam Pendleton's Totally Absurd Art

A champion of nonsense and irrationality arrived in Palo Alto last week at the Pace Gallery. Adam Pendleton's solo show in California, "Which We Can," is just one of many stops on the Brooklyn-based artist's move toward cultural ubiquity. Pendleton's work has recently been displayed in Detroit, Minneapolis, Baltimore, Berlin, New York and, not least of all, the 2015 Venice Biennale. Vogue and the New York Times have featured interviews with him this year. At the age of 33, Pendleton has gazed at the zeitgeist, and now it's gazing back at him. We're living through an era that's resistant to the idea of definitive meanings. » Read More

Features & Columns

Jessica Neideffer Takes Healing Principles of Sound to City Hall

On a cold evening in front of San Jose City Hall, Jessica Neideffer sits on a rug, playing a set of a crystal singing bowls. Next to her, on the sidewalk, people lie in sleeping bags to meditate on the sounds, which are based on Vedic healing principles and amplified by a microphone to help trigger the pre-programmed pulsing light patterns of the Sonic Runway art installation. Each bowl emits a different frequency, with Neideffer improvising to take others into deeper brain waves via sound. Neideffer regularly appears at several places around town, such as parks, yoga studios and her private practice, Agada Energy Healing, where she does Reiki sessions and maintains a solid book of clients. » Read More

Advice Goddess: Am I Coddling My Artist Boyfriend?

Ideally, when one partner is the sole breadwinner, the other is the stay-at-home parent to more than two rambunctious goldfish. Risk researcher and former derivatives trader Nassim Nicholas Taleb uses a term in his books: "skin in the game." That's what's missing when, say, a hedge fund honcho advises you to make some big-bucks investment. If he's guessed right, he'll share in your profits. However, any losses are all yours--as in, you'll find him up in his penthouse, not two cardboard boxes down from your new "home" on the corner. » Read More

Free Will Astrology: Week of December 6, 2017

The members of the fungus family, like mushrooms and molds, lack chlorophyll, so they can't make food from sunlight, water and carbon dioxide. To get the energy they need, they "eat" plants. That's lucky for us. The fungi keep the earth fresh. Without them to decompose fallen leaves, piles of compost would continue to accumulate forever. Some forests would be so choked with dead matter that they couldn't thrive. I invite you to take your inspiration from the heroic fungi, Taurus. Expedite the decay and dissolution of the worn-out and obsolete parts of your life. » Read More

CMT San Jose Takes Off the Kid Gloves

There are no windows in Kevin Hauge's office. Instead, brightly colored theatrical posters hang from the walls. The titles are instantly recognizable: Billy Elliot, White Christmas, The Lion King--each bill illuminated by grinning casts who have come and gone. The room reads more like an exhibit of local theater history than a workplace. "This kid on the end here," Hauge says, pausing at a poster of West Side Story from 2007. "He's one of the stars in Hamilton now." The young greaser in the photo is Ryan Vasquez, a CMT San Jose alum who recently passed through the Bay Area on a national tour of the hip-hop historical Broadway show that claimed almost every Tony Award in 2016. » Read More

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