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Fri May 10

This summer, History San Jose has a lineup of outdoor nighttime movies aimed directly at the bleeding millennial heart. Starting in May--with one film a month through October--Flicks and Grooves presents a series of Wes Anderson…

Fri May 10

Since forming in 2006, drummer Logan Kroeber and guitarist-singer Meric Long have released seven full-length albums. Along the way they've swelled and retracted in size, and experimented in a variety of styles, including indie folk,…

Fri May 10-12

Stand-up comedy may be an American invention, but just as Bollywood has put its own spin on the multiplex blockbuster, the subcontinent has also learned to coax laughs out of a captive audience. Funnyman Vir Das launched his career in…

Fri May 10 & 12

By the late 1960s, the country had become polarized over U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War. A powerful anti-war movement swept the nation, fueled by outrage at the draft, the massive casualties, atrocities such as the Mai Lai…

Sat May 11

On their last record, The World We Built, The Wild Reeds blended plainspoken folk lyricism, lo-fi surf guitars, and tasty spoonfuls of alt-country twang. Currently on tour behind their latest LP, Cheers, this women-led band are…

Sat May 11

Singles weren't always released on Spotify or Soundcloud. They used to be pressed on vinyl. Often these 45 RPM recordings came with a serious treat. Led Zeppelin's "Hey, Hey, What Can I Do" appeared on the flipside of the "Immigrant…

Sat May 11

Come out and hear 2 of the finest Big Bands in San Jose as they blur the lines of jazz, funk, Salsa and jazz, and even their own "Line Up" as various members of BOTH bands perform together throughout the evening! As if that is not…

Sun May 12

Mother's Day Brunch Buffet. Sunday, May 12th. 9am-3pm

Sun May 12

San Jose Giants Tickets.

Thru May 19

CMT Mainstage presents Chicago. With one show-stopping song after another, this musical tells a sordid tale of fame, fortune and all that jazz.


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Music & Clubs

Life Size Models Release Single ‘Polar Nights’

WINTER SUN: With their new single, ‘Polar Nights,’ San Jose band Life Size Models aim to shed some light on a dark subject.

Two and a half minutes into Life Size Models’ new single “Polar Nights,” something truly unexpected happens. “Deflecting people away from what’s really going on with me is just what I do,” states an unannounced (and decidedly British) voice. As the song settles into the bridge between its second and third choruses,… » Read More

Jimmy O. Yang at the Improv

YANG CAN: You might know Jimmy O. Yang from Silicon Valley, but did you know he also wrote for the Harlem Globetrotters?

As a kid, the Hong Kong-born standup comic Jimmy O. Yang says he never really considered a career in show business. As he told Conan O’Brien last summer, “My dad always said pursuing your dreams is how you become homeless.” But after he moved to the U.S. Yang developed an independent streak.… » Read More

‘Viva Calle’ Transforms Downtown SJ

CALLE AREA: As 'Viva Calle' returns, the streets are about to transform as walkers, cyclers, and skaters take over.

Getting around San Jose—with its car-centric infrastructure—isn’t easy for those relying on non-motorized modes of transportation. Viva Calle invites the Capital of Silicon Valley to consider what a bike-friendlier city might look like. This year’s springtime celebration of cycling, skateboarding, walking and just moving slower features live music, cultural performances and food… » Read More


Review: 'Charlie Says'

Harron's film gets the milieu, the angle and the details right. To properly tell the story of the Manson gang, one needs a certain fellow feeling for the hippies. Without compassion for a life of flamboyant laziness, the Mansons will seem incomprehensible, some unique Southern California plague like pet-eating coyotes, brushfires and the Santa Ana winds. Harron's sympathy for devils was previously seen in her much-praised adaptation of American Psycho (2000) and I Shot Andy Warhol (1996) about the polemicist and street-lunatic Valerie Solanas. Charlie Says is more thoughtful work, less studiously hip than its predecessors. » Read More

Review: 'Red Joan'

In flashbacks we see Joan's youth at Cambridge in the late 1930s; played by the pretty but uninvolving Sophie Cookson, she was a drab science student who got swept into a friendship with a dashing older student, Sonya (Tereza Srbova), and her brother Leo (Tom Hughes). The pair of dazzling foreigners are ardent Communists who try to recruit Joan into the party. Over the course of many decades, Joan is mixed up with them, carrying on an affair with Leo that lasts into the war years. Matters get troublesome when Leo presses Joan to spy for the Party; she's now an assistant to a research scientist (Stephen Campbell Moore). Her boss loves her, but he's trapped in one of those Graham Greene escape-proof marriages. » Read More

The Arts

Pico Iyer Meditates on Death and Dying

While traveling on assignment, Iyer learns about the passing of his wife Hiroko's 91-year-old father. After Iyer returns home, death penetrates everything. Hiroko's widowed mother then grows senile, sometimes unable to remember that her husband of 60 years is actually dead. And then there's the ever-growing estrangement of Hiroko's brother, a Jungian analyst who lives nearby but has long since disowned his family. The rest of the narrative explores how the Japanese deal with death, loss, emotional distance and the relativity of sadness, all through the lens of autumn, with interludes from Thoreau, Basho and Leonard Cohen. "Autumn is the season of subtractions, the Japanese art of taking more and more away to charge the few things that » Read More

Maker Faire Returns to Bay Area

Of course, Maker Faire is about more than robots and circuit boards. Expert woodworkers will demonstrate how relevant their craft still is. Matt Berger carves handmade timber skateboards and teardrop trailers, while Cal Poly engineering student Josh Warner shapes bicycle frames out of wood, adding a timeless finish to the classically eco-friendly mode of transportation. This fair is family-friendly, featuring plenty of displays and activities geared toward children. Soap-making, kite-making and multiple Apps for Kids workshops provide space for learning and entertainment. Visitors of all ages can learn how to solder and code, and there are several young innovators participating, such as 15-year-old maker Walden Schafer and his » Read More

Girafa Breaks Free

As he explains his increasing interest in animal rights and nature conservation, the human skulls in his latest pieces become clearer. One also notices the new line work he has developed over the past several years. He is no longer deploying a crisp band of black as he once did. Rather, the outlines of his figures are squiggly and quivering. Judging from the expressions on the cartoon animals' faces, they are likely shaking with rage or fear. » Read More

Features & Columns

Silicon Alleys: Circle-A's New Cafe Isn't Just Skating By

The song "Black Juju" by Alice Cooper is blasting at 8am. A cocktail-style table sits in the center of the room, constructed with a circular piece of glass atop some tires from a 1963 Belvedere. I am in the corner drinking a cup of English breakfast from Satori Tea Company. Artwork created with skateboard decks surrounds me. There are no hipsters anywhere. I'm not describing my apartment. This is the newly revamped Circa-A Skate Shop, operated by Bob Schmelzer in downtown San Jose, a swirling-glass retail space across from Hammer Theatre, a business approaching 22 years, making it one of the oldest continuously operating retail establishments in all of downtown. People already come here to get trucks and wheels installed on boards all day » Read More

Advice Goddess: He Loves Me More Than I Love Him

And even if a woman is a staunch feminist, all "I don't care who the earner in the relationship is," the psychological operating system driving us right now is adapted for ancestral times and the problems that arose then. So it just keeps on keepin' on, pushing a woman to go for men who can "provide," even when she's on the birth controlliest birth control (like a copper IUD). In other words, you are not getting the long end of the stick here, financially or commitment-wise, and evolution has programmed you to be nagged by feelbad emotions until you do something to change that. Your boyfriend, meanwhile, surely has some feelbad of his own. Because men coevolved with women, male psychology leads men to anticipate that female romantic » Read More

Free Will Astrology: Week of May 15, 2019

According to humorist Dave Barry, "The method of learning Japanese recommended by experts is to be born as a Japanese baby and raised by a Japanese family, in Japan." As you enter an intensely educational phase of your astrological cycle, I suggest you adopt a similar strategy toward learning new skills and mastering unfamiliar knowledge and absorbing fresh information. Immerse yourself in environments that will efficiently and effectively fill you with the teachings you need. A more casual, slapdash approach just won't enable you to take thorough advantage of your current opportunities to expand your repertoire. » Read More

Hit Me Baby, One More Time

Three levels into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time, the evil samurai Shredder makes his first appearance. "My patience is wearing thin," the caped super villain announces from within a sewer. "I'm banishing you to a timewarp from which you'll never return." The next instant, the dreaded Shredder emits a pattern of concentric circles from his forehead, forming a net around the Turtles. An aperture opens in the sky. Sucked in, our heroic reptiles are cast back through time, diverting them from their goal of defeating the evil brain Krang and returning the Statue of Liberty to its rightful place in New York Harbor. » Read More

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