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Blockchain, the technology behind everything from cryptocurrency to CryptoKitties, isn't crazy--it's going to change the world Read More

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Fri Mar 9

Known for her work as frontwoman of The Corner Laughers, Karla Kane released her solo album, King's Daughters Home for Incurables, late last year. Her calm, soothing melodies support lyrics that focus on everything from feminism, to…

Fri Mar 9

After months of bright, nightly entertainment, the Sonic Runway--those 32 multicolored LED arches stretching out in front of San Jose City Hall--are powering down. Created by Rob Jensen and Warren Trezevant, the temporary art…

Fri Mar 9

Philadelphia natives De Tierra Caliente, will light up the night with hot Latin rhythms as part of their national tour. Formed in 2014, the quintet's members have origins in the U.S., Puerto Rico and Colombia. Over the last four years…

Fri Mar 9

Hip-hop duo Apathy & Celph Titled ride the boom-bap beats and high-brow lyricism to San Jose on their joint Widow's Son tour. Apathy, the self-proclaimed "King of Connecticut," is no stranger to the world of hip-hop, as he has been…

Sat Mar 10

Founded in 1996, Punk Rock Karaoke aims to make you the star of the grimiest dive bar show on earth. Unlike traditional karaoke DJs, these Los Angeles musicians invite aspiring singers to come on stage and perform classic punk songs…

Sat Mar 10

After a spectacular performance last year, renowned classical guitarist Jerome Mouffe returns to the Community School of Music and Arts as part of their Community Concert Series, sponsored by classical radio station KDFC. Mouffe is…

Sat Mar 10

Houston DJ and producer Kayzo launched his career in 2012, after electronic music promoter Insomniac selected him as the winner of their Discovery Project. Since then, he has grown a fan base by remixing songs, linking up with…

Sat Mar 10

Come on down to the first ever comedy show in a wood-shop! Every other Saturday of the month we will be bringing together a stacked lineup of hilarious local comics at the Terra Amico Studio ! This FREE show starts at 6pm, but feel…

Sat Mar 10

Please join us for the 2nd annual Hop 'N Vine Festival & Market in Pavilion Hall at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds on Saturday, March 10, 2018 from 2 - 7 pm. This fun event will feature tastings from some of the amazing wineries…

Thru Mar 11

Named Best Film Festival by USAToday readers, Cinequest is the Silicon Valley's globally renowned celebrationof art, technology, and futurists. 28th edition of Cinequest Film& VR Festival occurs February 27 to March 11 in San Jose!…

Thru Mar 30

The San Jose Peace and Justice Center presents a new exhibit focused on the art of social unrest. The event will feature a collection of almost 30 silk-screened posters, some of which date back to the 1960s--including works of art…


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Music & Clubs

Together Pangea, Lala Lala at The Ritz

GET IT TOGETHER: Danny Bengston, left, had to take a break from the road back in 2015. Now he’s back, two years sober and looking forward to making music.

Back in 2015, L.A. psych rockers Together Pangea almost played San Jose. That October, they were booked to headline a night of C2SV at then-recently-opened Cafe Stritch. Up until the last second, that was the plan. Then something more important happened. “I ended up going to rehab. That canceled the show,” says bassist… » Read More

Machine de Cirque Performs at Stanford

IT'S A CIRCUS: The innovative French-Canadian troupe, Machine De Cirque, comes to Stanford.

Those who picture Ringling Bros. camp, creepy clowns and animal cruelty when thinking about the circus obviously haven’t spent much time in French Canada. In addition to the world-renowned Cirque du Soleil, Quebec is also home to Machine de Cirque. Founded in 2013, this compact troupe aims to engage the imaginations of… » Read More

‘Cowboy Versus Samurai’ at The Pear Theatre

EAST VS WEST: Based on Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand, Cowboy Versus Samurai is much more than your average romcom.

Written by Michael Golamco, this edgy comedy centers on Travis, a Korean-American English teacher living in a small Wyoming town who must compete with a handsome white gym teacher for the affection of his new colleague: an Asian American woman who is only attracted to white men. The ensuing battle is less… » Read More


Review: 'A Wrinkle in Time'

Four years ago, Dr. Alex Murry (Chris Pine) vanished in a bizarre physics accident--as the mighty blue Tick noted, "Science is not an exact science." Heroine of A Wrinkle in Time Meg (Storm Reid, decked out with a pair of glasses and a flannel shirt meant to make her look plain) is consoled in her fatherlessness by her indifferently drawn mother (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) and her brilliant little brother Charles Wallace (Deric McCabe). Director Ava DuVernay shoots the early scenes in L.A.'s West Adams, a picturesque old neighborhood architecturally similar to Highland Park. The movie is getting on its feet when the supernatural emerges: first, a home invasion by Mrs. Whatsit (Reese Witherspoon) to announce that news of Meg's plight has been » Read More

Cinequest Closes with 'Brothers in Arms'

Writer and director Paul Sanchez's documentary Brothers in Arms collects interviews with the cast of Stone's semi-autobiographical Vietnam movie, which includes instantly recognizable character actor John C. McGinley; the ever-mellifluous Keith David, Willem Dafoe, Johnny Depp, Tom Berenger and the executive producer and narrator Charlie Sheen. Sheen played Chris, Stone's surrogate in the film. He narrated the original Platoon in the form of letters to his grandmother. Chris has a first tour of duty that spans the commencement of the Tet Offensive in 1968, and the turning of the war in favor of the Viet Cong. Sanchez, who resembles Ernest Borgnine, played Platoon's medic, Doc; he'd studied acting on a scholarship with the renowned Stella » Read More

The Arts

Review: 'Skeleton Crew'

Every morning, Dez (Christian Thompson) changes out of his red and black high-top kicks--replacing them with a pair of work boots at the automobile factory where he works. As he puts them away in his locker, he checks for smudge marks then wipes them off with his thumb. His co-worker Shanita (Tristan Cunningham) brings in a giant bottle of ranch dressing and writes her name on it before she places it on a shelf in the breakroom fridge. She's visibly pregnant, and although she denies it, the dressing must be satisfying one of her hunger cravings. Faye (Margo Hall), who's worked at the factory for almost 30 years, is still sneaking cigarettes despite everyone's urging her to quit. » Read More

'Beyond Borders: Stories of im/Migration'

Tessie Barrera-Scharaga is one of two San Jose artists whose work is included in "Beyond Borders: Stories of im/Migration," on now through April 6 at Santa Clara University's Edward M. Dowd Art and Art History Building Gallery. Independently curated by Karen Gutfreund and Sherri Cornett of Gutfreund Cornett Art, they've put together an exhibit that brings their statement of purpose--"Changing the World Through Art"--to life. The accompanying catalog describes the exhibit as one that "sheds light on the personal and observed narratives surrounding the struggles of flight, immigration, assimilation, deportation, and the perception of being 'other' in American society." » Read More

'The Matter of Photography in the Americas'

The unofficial centerpiece of "The Matter of Photography in the Americas" is Untitled (Glass on Body Imprints). Ana Mendieta's series of arresting self-portraits hangs on a transitional gallery wall in this Cantor Arts Center exhibit. Employing an aesthetically minimalist approach, the photographs are easy to pass by. But the emotional content is maximal, and strange enough to induce a pause. In a colorless room, the images are cropped closely on the artist's naked body. She holds a small pane of glass in her hands, pressing it tightly against parts of herself. She compresses her buttocks in one, and, in another, she flattens her right breast while at the same time halving her left. » Read More

Features & Columns

Building Blocks

Even the most charismatic heros are destined to be supplanted by their more stable, if droll, contemporaries. This seems to be hard-boiled into our human destiny. Agamemnon and Achilles were replaced by their less flamboyant counterpart, Odysseus; the fiery promise of fossil-fuel technologies are now being phased out by the boring, reliable and simple electric motor. It's the same play being performed on different stages with a different cast. In that vein, one of the most recent dramas can be seen in the spectacular rise and fall of Bitcoin. » Read More

New Exhibit Features Paintings, Sketches of Vintage Signs

Originally from Bombay, India, Suhita Shirodkar stands on corners, sits on benches, or infiltrates any San Jose locale to paint watercolors of old-school signage. A graphic designer by day, she sketches urban scenes wherever she roams, carrying a notebook, pen and ink, and watercolors to capture vintage components of the landscape as they fade away. Many of her discoveries happen by accident. "It's a cross between journaling and plein-air painting, but it's much more urban-focused and more about documenting, and sort of visual reportage," she says. "And watercolor just happens to be a very portable medium. I like the idea of accidentally finding stuff. Anything that catches my eye is worth drawing, to me." » Read More

Advice Goddess: Should I Date Below My League

After you've had your heart broken, it's tempting to opt for romantic safety measures. For example, a garden gnome could be an ideal partner--because few women will fight you for your 18-inch "Man of Resin" and because his stubby little legs are molded together, making it impossible for him to run away. There's a name for this "dating down" thing you're contemplating: "the principle of least interest." This is sociologist Willard Waller's term--from his observations of dating dynamics between college students--describing how whichever partner is the least emotionally attached is in a position to "exploit" the other. » Read More

Free Will Astrology: Week of March 14, 2018

The British science fiction TV show Dr. Who has appeared on BBC in 40 of the last 54 years. Over that span, the titular character has been played by 13 different actors. From 2005 until 2010, Aries actor David Tennant was the magic, immortal, time-traveling Dr. Who. His ascendance to the role fulfilled a hopeful prophecy he had made about himself when he was 13 years old. Now is an excellent time for you, too, to predict a glorious, satisfying, or successful occurrence in your own future. Think big and beautiful! » Read More

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