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Kids these days are constantly on their phones... and more educated about sex, consent and gender fluidity than ever before Read More

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Thu Feb 7

A modern day prophet predicts the disappearance of half the world's population, and warns those remaining that they are the next to go as soon as the clock strikes midnight. With twelve hours to live, some spend time with their…

Fri Feb 8

In case you need proof that reggae is the music of the world, check out the singer known to fans as "Sammy J." He brings to reggae fans his own musical narrative as a New Zealander with Maori bloodlines and a background in social…

Sat Feb 9

Pull at the tap root of Nirvana, Soundgarden or Pearl Jam and eventually you'll get to Mudhoney, the often overlooked pioneering band of the "grunge" era destined to go down in history as Kurt Cobain's favorite band and primary…

Sat Feb 9

Silicon Valley's ace vocal choir The Choral Project addresses the issue of homelessness head on with Art of Sound: Seeking a Home. The program features David Lang's Pulitzer-Prize-winning showcase The Little Match Girl Passion,…

Sat Feb 9-10

Members of the Rainbow Women's Chorus are excited to bring you a little love in February. The concert, "Give Yourself to Love," offers some favorite love songs as well as a few you may not know--Love in Any Language, The Glory of…

Sun Feb 10

The local and acclaimed piano trio colloquially known as Saint Mike (violin, cello, piano) turns its attention to child prodigies in a concert featuring music from composers who got an early start. They include some classical music…

Sun Feb 10

Russian-born pianist Vyacheslav Gryaznov comes to town with a long list of honors and competition prizes, many of which evoke Rachmaninov, the Russian legend whose name has become shorthand for virtuosic piano mastery. A faculty…

Mon Feb 11

A few years back, as the music blogosphere was taking a deep dive into Simpsonswave--penning think pieces on the YouTube-spawned micro-genre's visual aesthetics, gauzy sonic textures and potential for conjuring bittersweet, spacey…

Thru Feb 10

Three years after his resignation in 1974, Richard Nixon is looking for a way to rehabilitate his public image and legacy. The former president, who resigned from office to avoid impeachment in the wake of the Watergate scandal,…

Thru Feb 24

The San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art and Social Policy Cafe invite artists and non-artists alike to participate in a collaborative community group exhibition called Curate Your Heartache. Curate Your Heartache will be an…


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Music & Clubs

‘Cats’ at Center for the Performing Arts

FUR REAL: The legendary Broadway production, Cats, comes to the Center for the Performing Arts.

Debuted in 1982, Cats is one of the most recognized productions in American musical theater of the last 50 years. Penned by contemporary master Andrew Lloyd Webber, this Tony Award-winning musical ranks fourth on the list of longest-running shows on Broadway—eclipsed by The Lion King, Chicago, and Webber’s magnum opus, Phantom of… » Read More

‘Whose Line Live’ at Flint Center

IMPROV ALL STARS: The royalty of improv comedy, Whose Line is it Anyway, comes to the Flint Center.

The televised improv comedy show where “everything’s made up and the points don’t matter” launched thousands of community improv groups back in the early 2000s, when it was a ratings behemoth for ABC. After nearly a decade off air, Whose Line is it Anyway? was revived by the CW and is now… » Read More

X-Raided at BackBar SoFa

X UNLEASHED: After a musically prolific period in which he was behind bars, X-Raided is playing shows again, and comes to BackBar SoFa.

Anerae Brown is not the only rapper to keep a career afloat from behind bars. However, the dedication and ingenuity Brown demonstrated while serving a 31-year sentence for first degree murder are certainly notable. Over the course of his 26 years in prison, he released 12 albums, recording grainy flows over a… » Read More


Review: 'Suspiria'

Susie was raised Amish, the daughter of the dying woman we saw. The American girl's skills attract the one reasonably warm instructor there, Mme Blanc (Swinton again). Behind the walls of the dance troupe, the inner circle has a divisive vote on their leadership. Neither side is particularly happy with the outcome. The wit of David Kajganich's script is that organized religion, even the satanic Old Religion, is just politics by other means. Suspiria takes The Red Shoes or Black Swan to the next level of horror. » Read More

Review: 'Stan & Ollie'

John S. Baird's biopic Stan & Ollie has a certain inflationary quality, regarding the appeal of a comedy team in their sunset years. But in lovingly re-creating Laurel and Hardy's mid-1950s tour of Britain, it's a film with lots of charm. The road is tough on two aging performers. It's bad when no one shows up at the music halls, and it's worse when they're congratulated for surviving their has-been status. At a seaside pavilion, the hostess toasts them: "Still going strong, and still using the same material!" Stan Laurel (Steve Coogan) is revealed as the sparkplug of the act, the writer who understood the formula. No matter who else was around them, on screen or stage, Laurel and Hardy needed to be the only person in the other's world. » Read More

The Arts

Review: 'Moby-Dick'

Soon, we are introduced to Queequeg, an American Indian sailor who proceeds to wake up the rest of the ship with an indigenous ritual and dance. This leads to a religious argument between Queequeg and Greenhorn, the opera's main protagonist, who in the original book is called Ishmael. From there, we are introduced to the ship: There's the peg-legged, scarfaced Captain Ahab; his first mate, the shrewd but conflicted Starbuck; and their squadron of ragtag shiphands. This adaptation is a dramatic, visually impressive anthology of poignant moments that unfortunately don't add up to cohesive whole. While the performers bring their A-game, there are plenty of problems with this show, mostly stemming from the script. » Read More

Review: 'Mothers and Sons'

An unspoken question that McNally implies but never articulates is, What if Katharine had been a loving mother who had accepted her gay son? Would Andre's life have turned out any differently? The playwright structures Mothers and Sons as a series of confrontations. Some of them develop into arguments. Others fizzle out. Some reveal truths about the past. Cal reminds Katharine that he cared for Andre during his illness. He fed and bathed him until he died, while the most she could bring herself to do was attend the funeral. After all these years, her son's death hasn't improved her disposition. Katharine is alternately cold or enraged and filled with bitterness. For Cal and Will, it's puzzling that she's chosen this moment to have a » Read More

Review: 'Frost/Nixon'

Written by screenwriter and playwright Peter Morgan, the play premiered at the Donmar Warehouse theatre in London in August 2006. Combining snappy dialogue and a fast-paced plot, Frost/Nixon grabbed audiences by focusing on the battle of wits between a lightweight TV personality aiming to prove his mettle and a disgraced world leader seeking to redirect public opinion. » Read More

Features & Columns

Generation Q

When Justin Pomariga turned 18 last year, he dragged his mother to San Francisco to shop with him at Mr. S, the legendary leather and fetish store. He'd been anticipating his birthday for months, awaiting the day he could legally jump into the BDSM scene after years of Internet research. "My mom is a very liberal person," he says. But she hadn't quite understood what her kid was into before they entered the store. "When she walked in there, she was like, 'Justin, look at this!'" he remembers. "She picked up a dildo, and I'm like, 'What are you doing with that? Put that away!'" » Read More

Silicon Alleys: Downtown Tattoo Studio's Vibe is More Than Skin Deep

Out beyond the darkness and the light, there is a milieu of Tibetan prayer flags, cholo artwork, posters, mirrors, spiritual knickknacks and demon masks. To riff on Rumi, I will meet you there. To be more specific, I speak of Paco Excel's Death Before Dishonor tattoo studio, a fixture at the otherwise constantly changing area of Third and San Carlos in downtown San Jose. The multi-story faded brown Victorian house first housed the legendary New Skool Tattoo shop back in 1995 until a bifurcation of historic proportion spawned an offspring, Death Before Dishonor, in 2008. One room, the separate yet related Bodhidharma Gallery, will host an art show by Joe Demaree this Sunday from noon to 5pm. » Read More

Advice Goddess: Am I a Magnet for Guys with Mommy Issues?

Buss notes that there are some stumbling blocks for men in short-term mating mode. A major one is "the problem of avoiding commitment." That's where you older but still hot ladies sometimes come in. Older women are less likely to demand a relationship with an age-inappropriate partner, and are also likely to be sexually experienced and sexually adventuresome in a way younger women aren't. And unlike younger women, who are often shy about expressing what they want in bed, older women can stop just short of going all Gunnery Sgt. Hartman: "Faster, you maggot! And 3 millimeters up and a centimeter to the left!" » Read More

Free Will Astrology: Week of February 13, 2019

When directors of movies say, "It's a wrap," they mean that the shooting of a scene has been finished. They may use the same expression when the shooting of the entire film is completed. That's not the end of the creative process, of course. All the editing must still be done. Once that's accomplished, the producer may declare that the final product is "in the can," and ready to be released or broadcast. From what I can determine, Aries, you're on the verge of being able to say, "It's a wrap" for one of your own projects. There'll be more work before you're ready to assert, "It's in the can." » Read More

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