Buzzworthy Locals Fritz Montana play tonight at the Blank Club

Now based in San Francisco, Fritz Montana got their start in the South Bay
and are quickly becoming one of the bigger names on the local scene. Read More

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The members of local quintet Belle Noire work tirelessly to build lush, dynamic soundscapes. They even have three electric guitars in the band to do it, and they utilize the power of each guitar to full dramatic effect.

Though a popular actor now, Eddie Griffin comes back for a special, two day appearance in San Jose. Griffin got into his first experience in comedy on a dare, at Sanford and Sons where he was told to do 3 minutes.

Scott Barnhill, a second generation jazz musician, has been in the jazz scene for the last thirty years. He recently moved back to the area and has joined old friends in making fine music.

Surprisingly enough, when Portland pop-punk band Grizzly released the cheekily titled "Christmas Sucks Since I Found Out Santa Wasn't Real," it was actually a serious, well-composed and emotional song.

Los Gatos Lodge is holding their Halloween Bash before Halloween on October 25. The Ruckus Band, Bay Band and DJ Scott Rich will be the musical entertainment for the ghoulish event.

Complementing their traditional German fare during Oktoberfest at Teske's Germania in downtown San Jose will be a series of weekend performances on select Fridays and Saturday featuring music by The Gruber Family Band and Teske's…

Fans of bass, electronic and anything in between will find that Return of the Boom Zap has them covered. Boom Zap has been a go-to party for "left of center" EDM for three years. Hosted by resident DJs GoldenChyld, AJ Orbit, Rcade,…

This Monday San Jose joins the growing list of cities (Brooklyn, San Francisco, Chicago, Denver) for the weekly Motown on Mondays event. Every week resident DJs (Cutso, Shea Butter, Dstrukt, SmoovGroovs, DJ Quantum, The CME, Chatos…

Every Tuesday night in the intimate Caffe Frascati, local performers are encouraged to participate in Open Mic Night. Musical styles of all kinds are welcome, from soulful blues to high-energy rock to catchy pop. Also, don't forget…

Jorge Aldama, a.k.a. DJ Cooch, is one of the hardest working performers in the entertainment industry. Whether behind the turntables in dance clubs or behind the microphone in comedy clubs, there is no limit to the talent of this…

It's time to clink our drinks for Foxy Thursday's. For a little over a decade now, this weekly party at Cardiff Lounge has been keeping people moving and having fun. This Thursday marks the event's 11th anniversary.

JACK YO LANTERN is bringing the world's top DJs to the stage for spine-tingling, bone-rattling performances with plenty of lasers, lights and special effects to back them up.

For the Halloween season, California's Great America is annually transformed into the fright fest Halloween Haunt. Since this is a constant spookapoloosa, Haunt is not recommended for people under 13 as well as the faint of heart. xx


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Music & Clubs

We Went To ‘The Real Escape Game’ In Japantown

This mysterious room is pretty messy.

“Hey, do you want to get locked in a room with nine strangers and solve puzzles for an hour?” Surprisingly enough, very few of my friends answered “yes” to this question, but such is the fate of those who attend the “Real Escape Game” in San Jose’s Japantown. I finally convinced someone… » Read More

Buzzworthy Locals Fritz Montana Play Blank Club


Many bands plug away for years, playing house parties, clubs and smaller halls before they ever reach a stage inside an arena, assuming they even reach such a stage at all. But the South Bay-bred indie-blues-rock group Fritz Montana were fortunate enough to play at Oracle Arena in Oakland—on their fourth show.… » Read More

Aesop Of Living Legends Playing Back Bar SoFA

Derrick McElroy, who goes by Aesop, Black Aesop and Aesop’s Fables, has a full-length 'opus' on the way.

Much like the Aesop of antiquity, it isn’t particularly easy to get a bead on Aesop, the emcee of the Bay Area and Los Angeles hip-hop crew, Living Legends. A Wikipedia search of the Aesop of Aesop’s Fables will inform you that scholars are undecided as to whether Aesop ever really existed or… » Read More



As the old expression goes, "You can sure tell what it's been next to in the refrigerator." That's true about Damien Chazelle's Whiplash, mostly a good-looking reprise of the opening 20 minutes of Full Metal Jacket. The ordeal of the drummer Andrew (Miles Teller) is similar to the anguish of Geoffrey Rush's music student in Shine as he was tortured through Rachmaninoff. In one shot, Martin Scorsese will speculate on the life of inanimate objects, like the full-screen smoldering cigarette butt in New York Stories. » Read More

'Dear White People'

It's a very good thing Justin Simien's Dear White People was made-it gets in there where the dirt is. Among the talented newcomer cast are three standouts. Tessa Thompson is Samantha, a film studies firebrand with severe internal doubts. Lionel (Tyler James Williams) is a wary underdog with a sky-high afro. Samantha's opposite, Coco (Teyonah Parris), is a vlogger (neologism shudder) who seeks popularity at all costs even if it means acting girly, self-deprecating and YouTube friendly. » Read More

The Arts

TheatreWorks' adaptation of 'Sweeney Todd' at the Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts

To mark its 45th anniversary, TheatreWorks is opening its fall season with a reinterpretation of the old warhorse, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Though it remains the 1979 Tony-award winning musical by Hugh Wheeler and Stephen Sondheim, (famously starring Angela Lansbury on stage and Johnny Depp on film), the Palo Alto-based TheatreWorks has chosen to transport the story to 1940s London during the Blitz. It proves to be a compelling, but sometimes awkward choice. » Read More

Latino Comics Expo makes its first appearance in San Jose

Long before Frank Miller mapped out his first edition of Sin City or R. Crumb put his pen to a pad, Mayan scribes were hard at work compiling some of the first stories ever told using pictures scrawled on paper codices—books, as we call them today. Most people will never get to hold one of those historic artifacts, but you can certainly get your fill of modern Latino graphic art this weekend when the Latino Comics Expo (LCX) makes its first ever stop in San Jose. » Read More

Features & Columns

'Off the Mat' Goes Global Bringing Yoga to Public Places

It's not every day that an SJSU photography major decides to marry her art with yoga and scour the globe to photo-shoot yogis in public places. Apparently taking photos of people doing yoga in the middle of Third Street in downtown San Jose wasn't enough. Apparently recruiting models to sit in the lotus position inside a grocery store wasn't enough. Enter Sarah Wells, who shall receive her BFA in photography from SJSU at the end of this semester. Taking inspiration from the yogic creed that the most challenging part of one's practice actually begins once you get off the mat. » Read More

Is Digital Photgraphy Changing the Restaurant Industry?

A mound of translucent, tangerine orbs of salmon roe and thin, coral-pink salmon slices perch atop pale green avocado and darker green Romaine leaves. Punctuating this sashimi salad, a sprinkle of seaweed-chopped fine into tiny, even blades-tumbles like cut grass over the dish. Fuzzy, cream-colored frost clings to the dual spiral beaters of a churner, fresh from mixing ice cream flash-frozen by liquid nitrogen. » Read More

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