We Love Summer: Summer Guide 2017

The groove's still electric fifty years after 1967's Summer of Love Read More

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Fri May 5

Talk on " Deep Learning - From Dream to AI Reality Friday " By Bhairav Mehta -Senior Data Scientist /Demo by Ravi Illango -Data Scientist

Fri May 5

Seeing Things Gallery's newest show is a riotous visual trip down punk rock memory lane. "Michael Jang is NO FUN" features more than 80 photographs from Jang's time cavorting through the burgeoning scene in the 1970s.

Fri May 5

San Jose Musical Theater is taking over one of downtown's favorite brewpubs with a month of shows celebrating the life and music of country icon Patsy Cline. Opening this Friday and running through May 28, the musical play will…

Fri May 5-7

Fifty years ago, in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury neighborhood, the "Summer of Love" marked the beginning of a cultural shift, as tens of thousands of young adults adopted hippiedom and its dream for a more peaceful and harmonious…

Fri May 5-7

Formerly known as Got Art? The Affordable Art Show, the fair has been seeking the best emerging artists and promoting affordable art since 2001. There are two shows per year (in May and October), each featuring different emerging and…

Sat May 6

Vallejo's Nef The Pharaoh is one of the most promising young rappers in the flourishing Bay Area hip-hop scene. His elastic flow, affinity for sharp wordplay, and outsized charisma combine to make him one of the most popular emcees in…

Sat May 6

A secret network emerges from the underground to present Bay Area Electronic (BAE) Music Showcase. Their mission is to explore the outer reaches of sound and bring you an onslaught of noise from the Void.

Sat May 6

If your dream is to own a "New Affordable Home" close to Silicon Valley but a world away... Join us for an Exclusive Invitation to a Private Group Guided Tour of beautiful San Benito County's Newest Home Construction Communities while…

Sat May 6

Visit this curated marketplace in Santana Row Park (across from Left Bank Brasserie) and shop local artists selling US Handcrafted goods such as jewelry, handbags, ceramics, glassware, soaps, candles and more! Enjoy the beautiful…

Sat May 6

Time to take out the most extravagant hats and festive wear as The Robby Paine Foundation brings Kentucky Derby to San Jose. Take part in the 143rd Run For The Roses as the foundation's third annual Derby features fine cuisine, live…

Sat May 6-7

Join us for a day of Silicon Valley Open Studios, and view some beautiful work by Artists: Khasrow Paul Azarpour, Diana O'keefe Brady, Marie Serda, Hsinyu Candy Chu, Steve Curl, Mu Xuan Ho, Helen Ju, Yuteng Yuann.

Sun May 7

Please join us on Sunday, May 7th from 10:00 to 11:15 am with your special pet(s) and invite friends with pets to join you as we honor and bless the precious animals in our lives. If you are not able to bring your pet(s) to this Pet…

Sun May 7

The Experts in Mystery Entertainment are now performing live public and private interactive murder mystery dinner shows in San Jose and surrounding areas throughout California. Join us for a night of intrigue, deception, and delicious…

Thru May 14

Monty Python's SPAMALOT, the musical comedy sensation lovingly ripped off from the film classic Monty Python and The Holy Grail, arrives this spring to spread laughter and cheer throughout the kingdom. As gleefully silly yet wickedly…


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Music & Clubs

Hit List: Best Music, Art & Culture May 24-30

UKE MOVES: Jake Shimabukuro is a virtuoso on the ukulele.

This week Silicon Valley is popping off with a diverse set of musical events. Ukulele virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro brings his unique skillset to the Oshman JCC, the American-born Bermudian reggae artist Collie Buddz celebrates the release of his new album “Good Life” at Los Gatos Bar and Grill and Super Soul Bros.… » Read More

SV411: The Metro Podcast — May 18, 2017

BOOSTRAPPED: Our podcasting equipment is nowhere as nice and shiny as this. But we still manage to talk the news at ya.

New name, same old game. We’ve officially settled on calling ourselves SV411. You’ll have to listen to the podcast to understand why. This week we talk about our annual Summer Guide issue, which hit Metro racks yesterday. Give a listen, y’all! » Read More

The Banality of Evil & The Inoffensiveness of U2

WHAT ARE WE LOOKING FOR? U2's performance at Levi's Stadium was certainly entertaining, so why do the haters hate? Photo by Greg Ramar.

On the way home from Levi’s Stadium last night, my mind was swimming as I mulled over exactly what I made of everything I’d just witnessed. Irish alternative pioneers U2 had performed to a totally stoked crowd at Levi’s Stadium, running through a litany of arena-rattling anthems like “Where the Streets Have… » Read More


Review: 'A Quiet Passion'

The title of A Quiet Passion is kind of lethal. "Quiet" is a risky word in the movie biz. The film's pace is very deliberate-the first impression is of a game that went into extra innings. There's a line here any critic could take to heart: "All the best compliments are dubious." Praising the deliberateness of this movie's pace may make it sound boring. When it's over, it's clear that the eminent director Terence Davies, a master of moody, immersive cinema, needed time to contrast the body and soul of his subject. Davies (Distant Voices, Still Lives) focuses on Emily Dickinson (Cynthia Nixon), a lady of solitude and physical sufferings: "The Queen of Cavalry" as she called herself, tortured to an early grave at 55 by Bright's disease. » Read More

Review: 'Alien Covenant'

Witness the flight of the Covenant, a colonizing space ship of 2104 headed for Origae 6. It is a ship free of anyone who can make an intelligent decision, except for the onboard android. The first mistake is changing course for a seemingly unexplored planet, on grounds of proximity. More wrongheaded choices follow. Alien: Covenant has sterling production design, and an almost regally solemn Jed Curzal score. It mulls the idea that humans and the hellspawn Xenomorphs have a linked destiny. Animated now, as opposed to being acted out by a 7-foot-tall stuntman as in the original, the critters come in all sizes and shapes. They're as lithe as monkeys, chittering, making creaking noises like sprung floorboards. » Read More

The Arts

The Architectural Allure of Joseph Eichler

There's at least one Eichler home for sale right now in Sunnyvale. It's a four-bedroom, two-bath listed at just under $2 million. What a difference seven decades make. In a 1949 ad on display in Eichler Homes: Modernism for the Masses, you could put $600 down near Saratoga Road in the same city and own one of "36 Strikingly Beautiful NEW 3 BEDROOM HOMES!" That's about $6,000 today-in an age when the median down payment on a South Bay home approaches the $200,000 mark. But the past affordability of Eichler homes is just one set of facts presented at the Los Altos History Museum's new exhibit about the builder Joseph Eichler and his enterprising vision. » Read More

The Ritz Hosts Screening Party for 'The Creature Video'

One of the gnarliest skateboarding companies around is premiering its new video this week at The Ritz in San Jose. Known for its rough-around-the-edges but equally well-rounded approach to terrain, Creature Skateboards is currently crossing the country showing off its new full-length skate film, The Creature Video, including a special stop in San Jose. More than two years in the making, The Creature Video brings together the team's (the 'fiends,' as they are affectionately known) wide variety of skills and styles in a mind-blowing display of skating prowess. Featuring tried and true Creature team members, including transition master Darren Navarrette, criminally underrated Taylor Bingaman, and all-around miracle-maker David Gravette, The » Read More

Corporations Are Artistic, Too

It would be criminal if the optics weren't spot on for Creativity on the Line: Design for the Corporate World 1950-1975. Rest assured, no graduate student from The Stanford d.school or the California College of the Arts should be able find fault with the presentation. Cantor Arts Center's new exhibit celebrates work created by both graphic and industrial designers. As such, even the fonts on the wall text have been meticulously chosen. The objects themselves have been thematically arranged in clear plastic boxes. There's even a white porcelain sink with a chrome faucet polished clean, a cheeky salutation, perhaps, to Marcel Duchamp's Fountain, which kicked off the dada movement 100 years ago. Stenciled in temperate colors, pull quotes from » Read More

Features & Columns

We Love Summer: Summer Guide 2017

The white Chevy Biscayne rolled into Haight-Ashbury as the sun dimmed. The barefoot, flower-throwing hippies dancing in the streets jumped on the V8 engine's hood, the white monster that had pulled our Starcraft trailer clear across America on a liquid diet of 27-cent gas. The Doors' "Light My Fire" played every 60 minutes on the AM radio as it rose to the top of the charts. My sister and I huddled in back on that day in the summer of 1967, transfixed by the colorful images swirling around us at a street intersection that our mother had learned about from photos in Life magazine. When the California dream pulled us to Southern California a few years later, I headed to San Francisco to join what I expected would be a never-ending street » Read More

'The River's Edge' Anniversary Brings Back Teenage Wasteland Memories

A few stories came out last week to mark the 30th anniversary of the 1987 film The River's Edge, based on a grotesque murder in Milpitas. The teenage killer left his victim's corpse in the woods for a few days, inviting his friends to come over and check it out. Only then was the crime finally reported. It was a horrific incident that unleashed a national media firestorm. When the film came out, it likewise shocked the country. The River's Edge opens with the killer sitting at the victim's body and then cuts to him and his pals trying to buy beer at a Stop 'n' Go convenience store, which were common in those days. Then we get an 80-minute window into the lives of alienated teenagers dealing with the fallout, a picture that successfully » Read More

Sikh Foundation International Celebrates 50th Birthday

Ripple effects were felt worldwide, as the Sikh Foundation International-headquartered in Palo Alto-celebrated its 50th anniversary last weekend in grand-scale fashion. A few hundred Sikhs from around the globe dropped serious cash for a gala that took over the Asian Art Museum on Friday, followed by a free two-day conference at Stanford's Li Ka Shing Center. Somehow, surrounded by Sikhs, I managed to avoid talking about religion for the whole weekend and only one person tried to arrange a marriage for me. But first of all, let me introduce Narinder Singh Kapany, more commonly known around the globe as Dr. Kapany, the father of fiber optics. Kapany started the Sikh Foundation exactly 50 years ago in 1967, and he's been collecting Sikh art » Read More

Former South Texas Walmart Shows Path to Library Enlightenment

On a recent rampage through McAllen, Texas, the anti-man-about-town did not expect to witness such a landmark, epic, unprecedented transformation of abandonment into something productive. To be more precise, an empty former Walmart was repurposed to become the largest one-story public library in the US. It opened six years ago, but the facility continues to evolve and blow minds, especially the mind of this columnist, who grew up in libraries and reaped their benefits at an early age. By the numbers, McAllen is a small city, just under 200,000, and only minutes from the Mexican border. Eighty percent of the residents identify as Hispanic. » Read More

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