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Thu Sep 13

Nothing wakes you up in the morning quite like coffee--unless we're talking about the contagious energy of Los Angeles alt-R&B crooner Miguel. The "Coffee" singer fuses sweet R&B vocals with a funky live show that will even get the…

Thu Sep 13

Texas-born fiddler Phoebe Hunt grew up the child of disciples of Indian yoga master Swami Satchidananda, which means Hunt's music carries a chime of Eastern incantation to go along with its distinctly Americana instrumentation. Hunt…

Thu Sep 13

How does a group of young rogues from the South Bay end up the No. 3 pick on a UK-based magazine's listicle of the best new music of the year? Who cares? It's fucking rock & roll! But for those keeping score, Classic Rock did name the…

Fri Sep 14

The original Americano Social Club trio is led by Michael Zisman on mandolin and features guitarist Jason Vanderford and bassist Joe Kyle Jr.

Sat Sep 15

2016 release -"INVITATION" - Nicolas' 5th outing on the Right Groove Record label, released in January 2016, is highlighted with arrangements and fiery performances by grammy-winner, pianist Nat Adderley Jr. , and guest appearances by…

Sat Sep 15

Hailed by the New York Times as "virtuosos on clarinet and saxophone," twin brothers Peter and Will Anderson return to CSMA to perform their favorite American songbook hits by composers Cole Porter, Richard Rodgers and George…

Sat Sep 15

Bee Gees Gold, the Tribute. The international sensation will be performing all the greatest hits in Campbell at the Heritage Theatre on Sept. 15th.

Sun Sep 16

Mexican Independence Day is all about food at this first-ever Chile, Mole & Pozole event at the School of Arts and Culture at the Mexican Heritage Plaza. Mexican, American and Chicano families will all come together Sunday to share…

Sun Sep 16

It's last call for the summer of 2018 and Poor House Bistro will be hosting summer's bitter-enders on the last Sunday before autumn with six top-drawer blues and funk bands on two stages. Headliners include Six String…

Thru Sep 16

Karen Zacarias' Native Gardens is the story of Pablo and Tania, a young couple who are are expecting their first child when they move into a highly regarded neighborhood in Washington D.C. When the couple move to replace their aging…

Thru Sep 23

Pear Theatre's 2018-19 season opens in August with "Northanger Abbey," adapted by Pear founder Diane Tasca from the novel by Jane Austen. In classic Austen style, Northanger Abbey follows several young ladies and gentlemen as they…


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Music & Clubs

Chile, Mole, & Pozole at School of Arts & Culture

FAMILIA & CULTURA: Taste the culture, history, and lore of the South Bay with a celebration of flavor and family.

Mexican Independence Day is all about food at this first-ever Chile, Mole & Pozole event at the School of Arts and Culture at the Mexican Heritage Plaza. Mexican, American and Chicano families will all come together Sunday to share family recipes as well as the stories behind them in a day of… » Read More

PolskaFest at St. Brother Albert Church

TWOJE ZDROWIE: Time to break out your Krzysztof Kieslowski DVDs, because PolskaFest is here.

Authentic Polish cuisine, music and dance can be difficult to come by in this area. But every year, around the middle of September, the South Bay Polish community throws a party at St. Brother Albert’s Polish Catholic Mission. Food, of course, is primary, so count on plenty of pierogi and kielbasa to… » Read More

Boy George & Culture Club at Mountain Winery

GOLD & GREEN: Boy George & Culture Club are back with a new album, and they've brought the B-52s with them.

Four years after their initial reunion, the karmic chameleons are hitting the road ahead of their next album, set for release on Oct. 26. Described by frontman Boy George as “a soul-funk-pop-reggae combo from the United Kingdom, where we have two queens,” Culture Club bent genres and genders in their ’80s heyday.… » Read More


Review: 'Better Caul Saul'

Born Jimmy McGill, he was a short-con artist and petty criminal who got a quick degree at a South Pacific law school. As "Saul Goodman" ("It's all good, man!") he became the kind of lawyer that makes other lawyers shudder, recruiting clients with billboards, TV commercials and an inflatable Statue of Liberty on the roof of his office. Now, McGill is cowering in black and white angst under the name Gene Tacovic, managing a Cinnabon at an Omaha mall. Under any name, he's a person of interest to the feds and the Aryan Brotherhood. As the fourth season of Better Call Saul begins, Jimmy keels over from the anxiety induced by the kind of film noir state of panic described by Kirk Douglas in Out of the Past (1947): "You won't be able to answer a » Read More

Review: 'The Predator'

Army Ranger sniper Quinn McKenna (the Mel Gibson-esque Boyd Holbrook) is on duty in Mexico. While trying to take a shot at a drug cartel chief, Quinn sees something his government doesn't want him to see. To ensure that he's not dismissed as a nut, Quinn steals the helmet and one of the greaves of the murderous alien giant and mails them home. Unfortunately, the artifacts are intercepted by Quinn's bullied son Rory (Jacob Tremblay, of Room), a chess-thlete genius on the Autism spectrum. Soon the government, under the direction of a smirking bureaucrat (Sterling K. Brown) is raiding the place. Xenobiologist Casey (Olivia Munn, game enough and good with a gun) is called in to look at a captured creature, which is how she encounters Quinn. By » Read More

The Arts

Viviana Paredes at the Triton Museum

The sounds of a Oaxacan marketplace emanate from one corner of a gallery in the Triton Museum of Art. The sounds are coming from a small speaker covered by a fruit crate that faces Viviana Paredes' steel and glass sculpture Ser y Comer, a street cart displaying ears of corn in a handwoven basket. The basket itself is nestled inside a mound of dried, pale yellow kernels that threaten to spill over the cart's edges. Paredes has etched the word "ESQUITES" in capital letters onto one of the glass, side panels. The cart itself stands on top of a platform made from a dozen wooden fruit crates. In "Alimentos: Glass Work by Viviana Paredes," the artist says she wanted to remind people of Mexico's rich cultural heritage as it pertains to "a » Read More

Review: 'Native Gardens'

In Robert Frost's 1914 poem "Mending Wall," the narrator doesn't say, "Good fences make good neighbors." His neighbor does. He wants to mend the stone wall that divides their properties. Instead, it's the narrator, the poet's alter ego, who, after their encounter, asks himself, "If I could put a notion in his head:'Why do they make good neighbors?'" Frost continues with this line of inquiry a few lines later wondering, "Before I built a wall I'd ask to know/What I was walling in or walling out." Fences, as we've discovered in recent years, have come to symbolize political ideologies that favor division over unity. » Read More

Miguel Machuca: 'Drawing Light From Darkness'

There are 54 card drawings in the Mexican game of LoterĂ­a. You'll recognize the images of La Mano (the hand), El Corazon (the heart) and La Calavera (the skull). The hand waves unattached to an arm, the heart is an ugly organ pierced by an arrow, the skull is the smiling face of death staring at you with empty, black sockets for eyes. In his own way, artist Miguel Machuca has created a similarly illustrated universe. Drawing Light from Darkness, the title of his solo show at the Triton Museum, is replete with recurring symbols that fill out his deeply personal mythology. » Read More

Features & Columns

Stand Up & Play

Fifty years ago this October, Tommie Smith and John Carlos climbed atop the Olympic medal podium in Mexico City and threw up a fist against racial inequality. As they each removed their shoes and raised a clenched, black-gloved hand in the air, the pair of San Jose State sprinters bowed their heads, symbolically refusing to acknowledge their country's national anthem as it played over the stadium's loudspeakers. Immediate and intense backlash followed. Avery Brundage, the chairman of the International Olympic Committee, called for the two runners to be suspended from the U.S. Olympic Team and banned from the Olympic Village. The U.S. Olympic Committee attempted to defend the athletes, but after Brundage threatened to kick the entire U.S. » Read More

Silicon Alleys: Exhibit Marks First Viet-Japanese Collab for ArtObjectGallery

Ken Matsumoto's compound, the ArtObjectGallery, sits on a legendary Japantown parcel, near a Zen meditation studio and an artist's supply shop. Including an exhibit space along with an outdoor sculpture garden where one finds Matsumoto's own work, the complex usually exudes serenity, but last Saturday, the entire property came alive thanks to Salt Stained, a new exhibit of mostly Vietnamese visual artists that runs through Oct. 26. Chopsticks Alley, a local organization that promotes Southeast Asian cultural heritage through food, art and shared expression, organized the exhibit in cooperation with the San Jose Museum of Art's Vietnamese Community Outreach Initiative, New Terrains: Mobility and Migration. » Read More

Advice Goddess: Do I Have to Pick Just One Guy?

The first few dates are the free trial period of romantic relationships. Think of it like accepting a sample of lox spread at Costco. You're seeing how you like it; you aren't committing to buy a salmon hatchery. It sounds like you instead see a date as a Wile E. Coyote-style trapdoor dropping you into a relationship. You and the guy have sex for the first time, and assuming he doesn't fake his death afterward or ditch a burner phone he's been texting you from, you two become a thing, right on track to sign up for those cute side-by-side burial plots. » Read More

Free Will Astrology: Week of September 12, 2018

Author Anne Carson describes part of her creative process in this way: "Sometimes I dream a sentence and write it down. It's usually nonsense, but sometimes it seems a key to another world." I suspect you might be able to benefit from using a comparable trick in the coming days. That's why you should monitor any odd dreams, seemingly irrational impulses or weird fantasies that arise in you. Although they may not be of any practical value in themselves, they could spur a train of thought that leads you to interesting breakthroughs. » Read More

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