MLS All-Star Game Shows San Jose the Love

Major league soccer will commandeer downtown San Jose over the next week
in preparation for its annual All-Star Game Read More

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Enjoy a bingo night with your friends at the Fairgrounds. Every Tuesday there are different prizes and activities!

Tap Takeover with 5 different Coronado Brewing Company Beers with masterfully paired appetizers, Beer Can Chicken and other BBQ apps, steal the pint, raffle for (2) $25 gift certificates, meet the owner and the rep from Coronado,…

Astro, Mickey Virtue and Ali Campbell are back in action and coming to Mountain Winery on July 26.

Join us for our 2nd Annual Beer Pairing Dinner. Five-Course menu, each course perfectly paired with 21st Amendment Beers. The fine folks of 21st Amendment will be here, along with DCG Chef Salinna Grant, presenting & enjoying each…

Amazing vocalist Claytoven, whose credits include singing with artists such as Celine Dion, Michael Bolton, Elton John, Peabo Bryson, New Kids on the Block, Ricky Martin, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Aretha Franklin,…

Come enjoy a great game and great beer -- and meet the brewers from Umunhum Brewing, California's first co-op brewery, based right here in San Jose. Named after Mt. Umunhum, the co-op is owned and managed by members who are passionate…

Jim Jefferies has established himself as one of the most popular and respected comedians of his generation. His controversial and belief-challenging standup style continues to surprise and entertain audiences.

Fort Point Beer tasting event. Brian Moore of Fort Point will host a beer tasting at Chromatic Coffee. Come build your palette by tasting beer or coffees if you prefer. Brian will also be running a friendly Hop (Rock), Paper, Scissors…

The FitExpo is the place to learn all about the world of fitness and building healthy habits. There will be competitions, guest speakers and exhibitors.

Check out the new tap room over at Whole Foods Market in Santa Clara. They will be featuring: Santa Clara Valley Brewing, Hermitage Brewing, Discretion Brewing, and Camino Brewing!

Buy some fresh fruits and vegetables while supporting your local vendors every Wednesday at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds.

From his start in the Steve Miller Band to now, Boz Scaggs has accrued rock and roll fame from writing and recording his own music. Michael McDonald, who sang with Steely Dan and the Doobie Brothers in his early career, will join…

Join one of the biggest stars of music as she returns to the Bay Area for two nights. Her debut album went platinum seven times and she has won numerous Grammys.

Gilberto has the ability to transport audiences to her childhood in Brazil with her rhythmic beats and bossa nova sounds. Her unique sound has won her many Grammys.


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Tickets to Grace Potter

Win tickets to Grace Potter at The Mountain Winery on August 13. Drawing August 11.

$50 to Il Fornaio

Win a $50 Dining Certificate to Il Fornaio, including downtown San Jose location. Drawing July 29.

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Music & Clubs

Hit List: Best Music, Art & Culture Jul 27-Aug 1

OH, HELLO: Adele is coming to SAP Center... from the other side...

So many heavy-hitters are coming to town this week. In addition to Adele at the Shark Tank, Ziggy Marley at the Mountain Winery, and co-headliners Korn and Rob Zombie descending on Shoreline Amphitheatre, we also have funnymen Jim Jefferies and Joel McHale, the MLS All-Star Game at Avaya Stadium, Mayer Hawthorne at The… » Read More

PHOTOS: Flo Rida Warms Up MLS All-Star Crowd

HIS HOUSE: Flo Rida got everyone in the building jumping at the MLS All-Star Game pre-party.

This past weekend marked the beginning of festivities in the run up to Thursday’s big game between the MLS All-Star squad and London’s top-ranked Arsenal Football Club. While the San Pedro Square Market has been hosting a number of events, the marquee pre-party came Monday, as Florida party rapper Flo Rida and Mexican… » Read More

City Lights Theatre’s ‘American Idiot’ Wows

NO DUMMIES: The entire cast—from the leads to the ensemble—shines in 'American Idiot.'

Since its release, first as an album and then a musical, Green Day’s Tony- and Grammy-winning American Idiot—a tale of political and adolescent alienation—has become a part of the contemporary canon. City Lights Theater’s new adaptation adeptly packs the sprawling, Broadway-sized rock opera into an intimate black-box theater, without losing any of… » Read More


Review: 'Ghostbusters'

Wielding an electronic ghost detector that resembles a little rotating neon vulva, a triumphant Melissa McCarthy leads this female-powered Ghostbusters reboot. The remake clearly has a chip on its shoulder over fanboi venom. It acknowledges the "raped childhood" posts all splattered over the internet. Learning that the Ghostbusters would feature an all-women cast, thousands of male fans whimpered about PC Hollywood. At the risk of validating the online declarations of fools, director Paul Feig includes scenes of the heroines having their ghost-hunting business dragged through the comments sections of popular websites. One troll's unimaginative jab reads: "ain't no bitch gonna hunt no ghosts". » Read More

Review: 'Captain Fantastic'

Berkeley-raised director Matt Ross stays true to his roots with Captain Fantastic-which will surely seem a deep movie in that city, thanks to its spirit of political grievance, its mottos, and its fantasy of chucking it all to head for the redwoods. (It's firs and pines, actually; set in Washington state, the film is shot in Canada.) In the film's opening scene we see a many-pronged buck peeking through a thicket-so peaceful and serene that you know it's all over for the deer. Hiding, face painted with camouflage, young Bo (short for Bodevan, and played by George MacKay) pops out and stabs it in the throat. Butchering the out of season deer, Bo's father Ben (Viggo Mortensen) solemnly anoints his eldest son's forehead with the blood, giving » Read More

The Arts

'The Art of Water' Examines California's Precious Resource

In the July heat, much of the Stanford University campus is bleached beige or brown. On every horizon, parched hillsides present a similar picture, completely devoid of any lingering spring greens. Across the street from the Cantor Arts Center's entrance, Andy Goldsworthy's Stone River snakes its mud-colored spine up from dusty crumbs of earth. Absent human intervention, this is a dry, waterless place. Inside the Cantor Arts Center, a new exhibit acts as a temporary, air-conditioned corrective. The gallery walls in "California: The Art of Water" borrow a paint scheme from one of David Hockney's stimulating pool blues. The three open rooms of the show are loosely divided into themes: "Water and the wilderness"; "The role of water in » Read More

Ephemeral Sculpture at Montalvo's 'Garden' Party

As captivating as the works may be, those attending this Friday's "pop-up arts festival" at Montalvo Art Center would do well to resist becoming too attached to any of the pieces. After all, at the end of the night, they will all be torn down-faster than they were even created. The theme of this year's "Rock the Garden" festival, "5 Hour Sculpture," is pretty self-explanatory. The Montalvo Arts Center has invited artists from around the world to come to Villa Montalvo, where they will create temporary installments on the 175-acre grounds of the historic Saratoga estate. They will have just five hours to complete and show their works. The idea, according to Montalvo's curator, Donna Conwell, is to highlight how monumental even a short span » Read More

Features & Columns

MLS All-Star Game Shows San Jose the Love

Major league soccer will commandeer downtown San Jose over the next week in preparation for its annual All-Star Game. Concerts, fan gatherings, interactive exhibits, outdoor games and numerous other events will lead up to Thursday's match, which pits the best of MLS against Arsenal FC, one of the most storied clubs of all time and one that counts Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols among its lifelong fans. As the host city, San Jose Earthquakes coach Dominic Kinnear will lead the MLS All-Stars, a team of 20 players he chose from across the league. As of Sunday, the final game day roster will include international stars David Villa, Andrea Pirlo, Kaka and Didier Drogba, as well as Americans Clint Dempsey and Chris Wondolowski, the latter a » Read More

Did Pot Dealers Start Western Civilization?

Ever since Herodotus, we've known that the nomadic pastoralists of Asia Minor, the Scythians, burned marijuana as part of religious rituals and ceremonies. Now comes new evidence that human commerce with pot extends back even further, and could have even helped stimulate the rise of Western civilization. At the end of the last Ice Age, roughly 10,000 to 12,000 years ago, people on both sides of the Eurasian land mass independently discovered and made use of marijuana, according to research published in the academic journal Vegetation History and Archaeobotany. That same research links an upsurge in marijuana use in East Asia with the rise of transcontinental trade at the beginning of the Bronze Age, some 5,000 years ago. » Read More

BYOB: Stanford Professor's New Book Predicts the 'End of Sex'

Unconditional love. A rekindling of purpose. A true understanding of what it means to be patient. These are the kinds of stale and embarrassing tropes trotted out in every self-help book and daytime TV segment ever produced on "The Joys of Parenting." Please. Spare us the cheesy listicles enumerating the priceless lessons kids can teach us. Parents don't get into the game of childrearing to reconnect with a lost sense of child-like wonder-that's what LSD is for. In the real world, mothers and fathers spend thousands of dollars on soon-to-be-outgrown athletic equipment, burning through paychecks and free time to ferry their precious little princes and princesses to expensive rehearsals and far-flung recitals. In this way, parents foist » Read More

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