Exhibition District is Ready to Bring Colorful Murals to San Jose

San Jose's mundane pockets under threat as Exhibition District rallies support. Read More

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The Blank Club hosts "Atomic," a party that has been going strong after eight years. DJ Basura will be on hand to spin the best in New Wave, Alternative, and Indie-Electropop all night long.

Jessimae Peluso is bottle rocket with a pulse, headed in only the expected, upward trajectory of a firecracker, and ready to explode. The self-proclaimed "insecure narcissist" has founded a solid comic reputation in New York City and…

Being together for 18 years really says something about a band: either they're well-loved or they're really stubborn. Local ska outfit Monkey, celebrating their 18th anniversary this Friday, are a little bit of both.

Black Sunday Roadshow presents a full bodied, revivalist celebration of traditional Americana music. Blending hot jazz, a bit of gospel, blues, zydeco, bluegrass, country and folk - the band tells stories of the American journey -…

Come join the Art Boutiki for a night of Indie music. The line up for the night consists The Valko Brothers & Zoe Sundra. The Valko Brothers are two brothers that have been making music together since they were kids.

When X started out in L.A. in 1976, the band was an anomaly in the punk scene: a punk band with a deep appreciation for rockabilly, country and the blues. Thirty-five years later, X's then-heretical approach has ensured it a place as…

Livermore's Troubadour! proudly embrace their utter lack of coolness, posting fake negative Pitchfork and Spin reviews on their Facebook page. Chances are, if those media outlets really did listen to Troubadour!

Richard Howell & Sudden Changes comes to the stage at the Cafe Stritch for two intimate performances. A musician, music producer, and educator with over 30 years of experience


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3-Day Passes to Rockage 4.0

Win passes to Rockage 4.0 on February 6-8 at San Jose State University Student Union.

$100 to Scott's Seafood

Win a $100 dining certificate to Scott's Seafood in San Jose. Drawing February 16, 2015.

Tickets to see Celtic Thunder

Win tickets to see Celtic Thunder at the City National Civic in San Jose on March 3, 2015.

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Music & Clubs

Tess Dunn To Play Residency At Streetlight Records

No Pity Parties: Local pop-punk rocker Tess Dunn is infectiously optimistic, despite her challenges.

At 20 years old, Tess Dunn has already got three alt-rock albums under her belt, is taking a full class load, and continues to fight a lifelong battle with cystic fibrosis (CF), diabetes, and epilepsy. She’s so damn admirable that I found myself hoping she had some deep, dark secret to unearth. No dice. Calling… » Read More

Cola Keeps It Positive On Mixtape, ‘No Such Thing’

All Good In The Hood: Anthony Mastrocola, a.k.a. ‘Cola,’ has found his bliss and wants to help others find theirs.

“It’s 2015. We gotta stay away from the negative shit,” the San Jose-based emcee and producer Cola says on a recent evening, as he plays with the bottle cap of the soda he is drinking. The emerging rapper is referring to the recent Chris Brown shooting at local South Side club Fiesta,… » Read More

Will Sprott Of The Mumlers Releases First Full-Length Solo Record, ‘Vortex Numbers’

Will Sprott moved to Seattle without a job or place to live, but he isn’t too concerned about all that.

By his own admission, Will Sprott has been doing “some strange things for money” these days. After spending five years in Oakland, the San Jose-born singer, songwriter and former leader of The Mumlers is now living in Seattle. He moved there about a year ago, without any idea of where he would live… » Read More


Cinequest Film Festival Preview

San Jose really comes alive in the weeks joining February and March. That's when the Cinequest film festival brings hundreds of filmmakers and thousands of movie fans to the valley to take in new works and celebrate the art form they love. The 25th annual Cinequest, which is set to run from Feb. 24 to March 8, will feature big-name actors and directors, local filmmakers and the latest in film-oriented technology. » Read More

The Best Oscar-Nominated Short Films of 2014

In the years I've spent reviewing movies, I've come to anticipate great things from Academy Award-nominated short films, which I almost always find more impressive than big-name features. However, this year's roster of Oscar-hopeful shorts leaves me wanting. Far too many are safe and toothless-peculiar considering the vast selection of short films released in 2014. » Read More

The Arts

'Build' is a Must-See for Local Theater Lovers

Some plays dazzle with elaborate costumes, special effects, choreography and lush orchestration, or action-packed plots. Others, including Build, the current production by San Jose's City Lights Theater Company, impress in a different, deeper way. Quite simply, Build is excellent. It shines with a well-written, intriguing script and superb acting, and is a must-see for local theater lovers. » Read More

'Punk Rock Blitzkrieg'

All four of the original Grand Council of Punk Rock Elders, New York City Chapter, A.D. 1974-a.k.a., the Ramones-have shuffled off this mortal coil and moved on to that Rock & Roll High School in the sky. But while Johnny, Joey, Dee Dee and Tommy are no longer with us, the band's second and longest-continually-operating drummer, Marky Ramone, still walks this earth, a sober man for more than 30 years now. » Read More

Features & Columns

Silicon Valley Winter Arts Guide

The holiday season is behind us and the days are growing longer, but there is still plenty of cold and dreary weather ahead of us before the spring. It's the perfect time to contemplate the heavy things-and just as Hollywood is dropping all kinds of thinky, Oscar hopefuls in cinemas around the country, the producers of art in the South Bay are planning works that ask difficult questions and push viewers out of their comfort zones and into the unknown. » Read More

SJSU MFA Program Hosts an Open House for the First Time Ever

For the first time in human history, the SJSU Department of English and Comparative Literature, specifically the MFA program, is opening its house for the world to see. Since this valley is probably ripe with potential scribes, creative writers, poets, prose-masters or folks contemplating a return to grad school, Jan. 29 should be an awesome literary moment for anyone interested in what's going on at SJSU. » Read More

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