Girafa: The South Bay's Banksy

Steven Free's life 'crumbled' after his 2009 arrest, but he's been putting it back together, and paying off thousands in resitution, with the very same artwork that landed him behind bars. Read More

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Formed in 2009, The Trims have performed at venues all over Northern California and released their debut album in February 2009, entitled "We Cried For Fun."

Voted one of Variety's "10 Comics to Watch," Ralphie May has released, a record-setting, four one- hour comedy specials and will be releasing two more this year, proving that his relatable comedic genius is in higher demand than ever.

The powerful musical amalgamation that is Middle Space Collective returns to San Pedro Square Market for an evening of funky grooves and rollicking swing.

Though there's no clear moment that marks precisely when electronic music exploded, Sunrise electronic festival co-promoter Robert Mine really started to see things shake up in 2010, right around the time he and his partner, Santi…

Straight out of East L.A., Quetzal forges a sound as rich and complex as their pluri-ethnic barrio experience. The group is part of a transnational dialogue between musicians in California and Veracruz, Mexico known as Fandango Sin…

Battle-rap has a reputation of being mean-spirited, homophobic and sexist--and maybe that isn't completely unwarranted. Yet, the battle-rap world is oddly accepting of any person willing to hop in the ring and spar.

Shoreline Amphitheater is hosting Punk Rock Picnic on August 31, 2014. The headliners of this years Punk Rock Picnic, The Offspring, will be playing their Smash album in its entirety celebrating it's 20th anniversary.

Daydream is billed as a "mystical day dream full of aquatic attractions." By that they mean a nice summer daytime poolside party with good food, good friends, and good tunes. There will be a shaded picnic area and an indoor lounge for…

Daydream is billed as a "mystical day dream full of aquatic attractions." By that they mean a nice summer daytime poolside party with good food, good friends, and good tunes. There will be a shaded picnic area and an indoor lounge for…

Born in Berhampore, West Bengal, India, Shreya Ghoshal has been performing all over the world and captivating audiences with her charming personality, ability to connect to audience instantly.

Elvis Costello has aged gracefully over the course of the nearly four decades of his music career. With his "Angry Young Man" personality, punk-rock leanings and Buddy Holly aesthetic, he was a definitive act in British New Wave of…

Toll House and Three Degrees in Bringing Back Shake It Up Wednesdays! Enjoy great food and drinks while you listen to some great music. Wednesdays 4-10pm (music 6-10p)

The art walk is self-guided evening tour through galleries, museums, and independent creative businesses featuring exhibitions and special performances.

Wicked is the musical for people that don't usually like musicals. Wicked is also the musical for people that hate musicals, because, no matter who you are or what you try to do to avoid it, you're going to have to listen to the…


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Music & Clubs

Q&A: San Jose Club Veteran, DJ Remedy

DJ Remedy spins every Friday night at Myth Taverna & Lounge.

With more than two decades of experience, DJ Remedy is one of the most senior selectors on the South Bay nightlife scene. The San Jose native has been spinning since 1993—back when beat matching was done by ear and scratching took serious finesse. His skill and dedication are highly respected in the… » Read More

Fall Concerts Guide: The Best Upcoming Shows

Outkast are headlining the Treasure Island Music Festival this October.

There are many concerts in the Bay Area to choose from this fall—plenty of them in San Jose and the South Bay. But in between work and checking your Facebook feed, how will you ever figure out which events to attend? Don’t trip, chocolate chip. We got the answers right here in our handy guide… » Read More

The Offspring, Bad Religion, Pennywise And More Headline LIVE 105′s Punk Rock Picnic

California Über Alles: All-star lineup of old-school California punk bands, including The Offspring, to play Live 105’s ‘Punk Rock Picnic.’

When Orange County punk rockers The Offspring released their third album, Smash, on Epitaph Records back in 1994, they had no idea that it would go on to be a massive success, paving the way for worldwide fame, or that it would eventually become the best-selling independently released record of all time.… » Read More


Fall Film Preview

The noticeable trend this fall seems to be adaptations—sturdy books and page turners alike. Jason Reitman adapts Chad Kultgen's novel Men, Women and Children (October) about the Internet's caustic effect on a family—stars Judy Greer, Ansel Elgort and Adam Sandler in a small character part. Kill the Messenger (October) stars Jeremy Renner as Gary Webb, a San Jose Mercury News reporter chased out of his job by editors and maybe even shadier characters than editors, after having discovered that the CIA was in bed with cocaine sellers. » Read More

'If I Stay'

Gayle Forman's best-sellers are the kind of thing that should make Young Adult authors feel uneasy about their craft; the work reads like someone describing what they've been watching on television. (Forman won an award once for "writing for reluctant readers." It's as if literature contained gluten.) If I Stay preserves the essence rare. The "ex-riot grrl" mommy Kat (Mireille Enos) consoles her child: "Life is this big fat gigantic stinking mess, and that's the beauty of it." Director R. J. Cutler visualizes the azure televisionistic glow of the book as a Thomas Kinkade view of alternative Portland, Oregon. » Read More

The Arts

C2SV Discussions w/ Yasha Levine and Adam Rogers

In Silicon Valley, we exist under the constant gaze of monitoring—voluntary and involuntary, in our personal communications and by privately-owned security cameras. It's enough to drive a person to the bottle. If you're fretting about the surveillance state and enjoy a couple of quiets at the end of the day, then you might want to catch the C2SV tech discussions with writers Adam Rogers and Yasha Levine. » Read More

'Fatal Laughs': The Art of Robert Arneson

Humor has always been a powerful tool for exposing, exploring and deflecting the darkest aspects of the human condition. The recent death of comedian and Bay Area resident Robin Williams-who transformed depression into brilliant comedy-has only served to crystallize this truth. When it comes to tortured souls turning their inner turmoil into vivid and uproarious artistic expression, Williams is not alone. A new exhibit opening today at the Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University, explores the work of another local artist: the late Robert Arneson. » Read More

Features & Columns

'Still Krazy After all These Cheers'

The world's only decades-long full-time professional cheerleader, drum-beating lunatic and San Jose State alumnus, Krazy George Henderson, now screams in autobiographical format. His new book, Still Krazy After all These Cheers, explodes with stories and sheer insanity. I would expect no less. You can almost hear his gravelly voice and snare drum pounding from between the pages. » Read More

The End of Burning Man

Powdery, alkaline dust swirls in gusts that buffet tents, shade structures and towering sculptures. Inside one of the camps here, hands and legs grapple with touch screens affixed to a pole. Like an electronic game of Twister, the screens light up with colors, indicating where a person should next place a hand or foot. However, a cardboard-and-plastic spinner doesn't randomly determine these moves; they're modeled on choreography and programmed to display on the screens. » Read More

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