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Creative Convergence Silicon Valley (C2SV) celebrates the nexus of cutting-edge technologies and creative arts and shines a spotlight on the future of convergence in today's fast-moving global economy.

Back in the day, independent rappers like Andre Nickatina had to hawk mixtapes out of their trunks to get their next project funded.

On March 16, 1968, American soldiers violated, mutilated and slaughtered hundreds of unarmed South Vietnamese men, women and children. The military then attempted to cover up the heinous war crime. Not one perpetrator saw the inside…

Oktoberfest returns to San Pedro Square Market for its third year from noon to 7:30pm. Part of the proceeds are Benefiting Silicon Valley and the California Crime Stoppers. The event includes live music, games, beer stein and food…

GALACTIC is a collaborative band with a unique format. It's a stable quintet that plays together with high musicianship. They've been together so long they're telepathic.

There will be one more opportunity to enjoy San Jose's fall weather outdoors before the cooler months of winter with the inaugural VivaCalle SJ, a free open-street event that will temporarily close six miles of San Jose streets

Join us at Cafe Stritch as they present an open jazz session with their house band The Eulipions. Held every Sunday evening, this session is open to intermediate to advanced musicians, as well as to those who just want to kick back…

Join San Jose MOM DJs for classic soul and remixes from Custo, Chatos1013, SheaButter, TheCME, SmoovGroovs, Quantum, Dstrukt and special guests.

Every Tuesday night in the intimate Caffe Frascati, local performers are encouraged to participate in Open Mic Night. Musical styles of all kinds are welcome, from soulful blues to high-energy rock to catchy pop.

The weekly Rhythm + Wine party is held every Wednesday and features live music, dancing and $20 bottles of vino.

Pepe Aguilar is the son of Mexican icons Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre. "Being born during a tour and having studied my craft on the road has given a particular philosophy to my career," says Pepe with the same feeling of…

Studio 8 and Kravers presents A Haunted Warehouse: Pre-Halloween Rave. Set's by: Sharkboiz, RTFU, DJ Major Airbourne, Wooshay

Strange and Mysterious disappearances started occurring when the old tomb was found and opened. Towns folks claim the dead still linger and terrible acts of sacrifice happen down these long dark passageways.

In addition to the regular roller coasters and rides of Great America, Haunt consists of 8 horror-filled mazes, the two new ones this year being the Roadkill Roadhouse and the Chamber of Horrors Wax Museum.


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Music & Clubs

C2SV: Christian Rich, Producers Of Earl Sweatshirt, Vince Staples, Performing At The Continental

Scratch Bros.: Production duo Christian Rich have produced for artists from Lil’ Kim to Vince Staples.

Though they may not enjoy the same level of recognition as some of their name-brand peers, production duo Christian Rich certainly have some serious behind-the-boards bona fides. Beginning with their first major production credit on Lil’ Kim’s 2003 album, La Bella Mafia, these two brothers—born in Chicago and raised in Nigeria—have lent their… » Read More

SJ Chamber Orchestra Starts 25th Season

The Chamber: The Trianon Theatre has been the San Jose Chamber Orchestra’s home for 25 years. Photo by Michelle Longosz.

Twenty-four years ago, Metro columnist Sammy Cohen was a drummer in the Musicians Union, and Barbara Day Turner was a harpsichordist and conductor with superb contemporary music chops. They were friends, and after running into each other at the opera one evening, they contemplated forming an official San Jose chamber orchestra to… » Read More

Darcy James Argue To Debut Conspiracy Theory-Themed ‘Real Enemies,’ At Stanford’s Bing

Connecting the Dots: Renowned jazz composer, Darcy James Argue, worked with Slate writer Isaac Butler to create ‘Real Enemies,’ a multimedia meditation on the history of conspiratorial thinking in America.

False flags, chemtrails, second gunmen and perpetual surveillance. Conspiracy theories are as American as apple pie and have been an integral part of the fabric of this country since before our Founding Fathers even began drafting the Declaration of Independence. At least that’s what Darcy James Argue and Isaac Butler want you to… » Read More


'The Walk'

When viewed in IMAX and 3D, The Walk is positively lethal. Technical wizard Robert Zemeckis (Forrest Gump) directs material treated in James Marsh's 2008 documentary Man on Wire-the true account of the French acrobat Philippe Petit's tightrope walk between the World Trade Center's twin towers. This ultimate high-wire act, performed 110 stories up, was a free, illegal show for the morning crowds. » Read More

'The Martian'

Epic and yet surprisingly playful, Ridley Scott's adaptation of Mountain View author Andy Weir's best seller, The Martian, contrasts the vastness of space with the intimacy of a DIY podcast. It begins with a Martian tempest imperiling the Ares III mission. Astronaut Mark Watney is speared by flying debris. He's presumed dead by his fellow crew members on the Hermes as they hastily evacuate the red planet. » Read More

The Arts

Artists Including Me: William Wegman

In an untucked, partially unbuttoned, red plaid shirt, William Wegman looks as if he's just left his studio to oversee the final installation of Artists Including Me, now on display in the San Jose Museum of Art's capacious upstairs salon. Curators circle around the artist like the ardent, independent geometries that float around a Kandinsky canvas, each one unique and vibrant in their own right. » Read More

San Jose Stage Company's New Production of RFK

A plaque in San Jose's St. James Park marks the spot where, in 1968, Robert F. Kennedy delivered a rousing speech to an audience of 10,000, shortly after announcing his candidacy for U.S. president. By June of that year, shortly after winning the California primary, he was dead from an assassin's bullet. » Read More

Features & Columns

San Jose Hosts Inaugural Viva CalleSJ

Unlike most events in which streets are forced to shut down, the inaugural Viva CalleSJ isn't a race. Anybody—as long as they don't bring a car-can take to the concrete this Sunday along any portion of the route and simply trip around in whichever direction they want, all to experience the guts of San Jose. » Read More

C2SV Preview: Better Living Through Video Games

In the summer of 2009, Jane McGonigal was strong and healthy. She'd been a runner for years, trained for marathons and was working on her first book, Reality is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World. It was just another ordinary day, and she was in a hurry—rushing around her apartment, when she dropped some papers on the floor. » Read More

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