Joey Hernandez: YouTube's Fast Food King

How an average Joe became a YouTube phenomenon Read More

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Thu Apr 26

For those who have fantasized about facing off with a soccer mom in a Showcase Showdown... For everyone who knows they'd spin that wheel just so... For every kid at heart who can remember shouting at Bob Barker on one of those…

Thu Apr 26

Born Pedro Herrera III, this son of Mexican-American immigrants has built a comedy career through a combination of observational standup and Chicano-tinged pop music parodies. Some of his best-known bits involve the retooling of hits…

Thu Apr 26

You've probably never considered if moose get drunk, or worker ants lay about. They do-and that's just for starters. Cooke takes us on a worldwide journey and exposes the secret-and often hilarious-habits of the animal kingdom. She…

Fri Apr 27

Up and coming local singer-songwriter Zoey Campbell blends resonant vocals with spare but affecting arrangements on her self-released three-song demo--now streaming at It's a promising collection of mellow,…

Fri Apr 27-29

From Iago to Aaron the Moor, the works of Shakespeare are rife with numerous dastardly evildoers. In a fundraiser to support the annual outdoor series Free Shakespeare in the Park, some of the nastiest ne'er-do-wells in the canon come…

Sat Apr 28

Judging solely by the music, one doesn't immediately get the impression that Casey Wickstrom has just found his way through a long, dark night of the soul. Wickstrom's bouncy guitar work and light, breathy vocals recall the work of…

Sat Apr 28

Join Silicon Valley Pet Project, Jenn, and Teddy the Yorkiepoo, for SVPP's first Doga event at Sports Basement Campbell. Treat yourself and your special canine to a 60-minute vinyasa flow. Participants will learn about bonding with…

Sat Apr 28

The Night Nation Run is the World's first Running Music Festival. An ultimate blend of a Music Festival and a Fun Run. Experience a music filled course with Live DJs, Bubble Zones, Light Shows, Neon and Black Lights! Cross the finish…

Sun Apr 29

Willow Glen Pizza Factory Comedy Showcase. Featured Talent Frankie Robles, Diana Hong, Pete Munoz, PX Floro.

Thru Apr 29

In April, Viewpoints Gallery will feature Karen White's colorful modern oil paintings in her latest exhibition "California Colorways." This exciting show features more than 30 contemporary works showcasing Karen's uniquely modern and…

Thru May 6

The Postman Always Rings Twice comes to life on stage as never seen before. James M. Cain's 1934 novel has been given a film treatment multiple times: including in Tay Garnett's 1946 box office success, and in the Jack…


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Music & Clubs

sjDANCEco Festival at Santana Row Park

MOVEMENT OF THE PEOPLE: sjDANCEco Festival returns to Santana Row

More than 50 dance groups from all over the Bay Area are gearing up to kick off the 16th season of sjDANCEco. Dancers of all ages will be performing all day at Santana Row Park, demonstrating a variety of styles from around the world. Traditionalist troupes will dance hula and ballet, while… » Read More

Casey Wickstrom at Santana Row

RECOVERY ROOTS: Acoustic maestro Casey Wickstrom performs songs of addiction and recovery at Santana Row

Judging solely by the music, one doesn’t immediately get the impression that Casey Wickstrom has just found his way through a long, dark night of the soul. Wickstrom’s bouncy guitar work and light, breathy vocals recall the work of other acoustic noodlers, like Dave Matthews and Ben Harper. However, as his fingers… » Read More

Rock of Ages at Lucie Stern Theatre

HAIR APPARENT: Palo Alto has issued a high wind advisory for 'Rock of Ages,' as many have been rocked like a hurricane

Big hair and even bigger dreams collide in this jukebox musical set on the sensationally sleazy Sunset Strip in late-’80s Los Angeles. The production centers around Drew, an aspiring rock & roller, and Sherrie, an aspiring actress. The two fall for each other hard and fast. But living the fast life isn’t… » Read More


Preview: 'Doucheaholics'

The idea began during a play-fight, the sort a couple has, say, when quarrelling over whether "ridonculous" is legal in Scrabble. "Stop being a doucheaholic," Elizabeth Mitchell told her live-in partner, Sean McCarthy. He counter-accused: "I'm not a doucheaholic. You're a doucheaholic." Inspired by the idea of a 12-step support group for douchebags, co-creators Mitchell and McCarthy spun out a series of seriously funny short films. McCarthy co-starred as the unfazed ringleader of the meeting, and Mitchell played a seething gothette. Doucheaholics will be released on iTunes April 24 and Amazon on May 1. The South Bay-based filmmakers doing business as as Guerilla Wanderers, with Mitchell and McCarthy's collaborators Dustin Strocchia and » Read More

Review: 'Avengers: Infinity War'

Preposterously large, purple, and full of wrath, the villain in Avengers: Infinity Wars--the destroyer of worlds, Thanos (Josh Brolin)--reveals his philosophical reasons for wanting to prune the universe. Hearing him out, the magus Dr. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) is unimpressed: "Congratulations, you're a prophet." This is but one of dozens of styles of grace under pressure here. It's all about courage in various modes: headstrong idiots like Chris Pratt's Peter Quill; the Vision (Paul Bettany) resigned to his potential fate; the unsuperpowered Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) pitching herself into a fight with a monster; Peter Parker (Tom Holland), still an eager, fearless kid who ends up clinging to a spaceship before he's had a » Read More

The Arts

'The House Imaginary' at SJMA

I was lucky enough to be in Los Angeles during the 2014-15 retrospective of Larry Sultan's photography at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. "Larry Sultan: Here and Home" featured images from three of the artist's series. While The Valley consisted of comical, salacious outtakes from a porn shoot, the photographs of his parents in Pictures from Home cast a lasting and more resonant spell. In the first chapter of his book of the same name, Sultan wrote, "I want my parents to live forever." As Sultan prepared to mythologize his parents on 28 rolls of film, he spent the day "scavenging, poking around in rooms and closets, peering at their things, studying them." One of those images, Mom Posing by Green Wall and Dad Watching T.V. (1984) » Read More

SETI Artist Ponders 'Life Beyond Earth'

While most of us in the near-term future will be predictably obsessed with Donald Trump's legal woes, the latest trending hashtag, or whether to quit Facebook, composer Felipe Perez Santiago will be consumed with the biggest of big-picture undertakings: how to represent humankind to the cosmos. He calls his current project Earthling. It's a massive effort to collect language and sound recordings from all corners of the world, and merge them into one cohesive whole in a live performance with a wide range of top-flight musicians. Its ambitions are nothing less than to articulate the universal human experience through sound--presumably for the benefit of some speculative nonhuman audience. » Read More

"Humanity in the Age of 'Frankenstein'"

When Mary Shelley published Frankenstein on Jan. 1, 1818, she had no idea that the bioethical questions she raised in her groundbreaking novel would still have relevance 200 years later. Shelley's exploration of the human form--and the moral, ethical, scientific and spiritual questions surrounding technology and the body that still remain unsolved--are the subject of a new Cantor Arts Center exhibition, which asks viewers to consider what it means to be human, as the line between science and science fiction becomes increasingly blurry. "Betray the Secret: Humanity in the Age of 'Frankenstein'" is one of the main visual attractions of [email protected], a year-long, universitywide celebration of the novel's 200th anniversary. » Read More

Features & Columns

Joey Hernandez: YouTube's Fast Food King

As of 2017, nearly half of the world's population is online. Current U.N. estimates put the number at 3.58 billion users. Of them, nearly a third, regularly tune into YouTube to watch or share videos. According to the company's official blog, a billion hours of video are streamed through the platform every day. That's hours, not minutes, and billion with a 'B.' Every 60 seconds, users upload 300 hours of video to YouTube. By the end of day today, 432,000 hours of new footage will have become part of its archive. In addition to home movies, music videos and promotional content, some of YouTube's massive daily upload is submitted by the site's stars, of whom some make millions of dollars a year from their channels. Some of the site's most » Read More

Silicon Alleys: Book 'Disoriental' Springs from Struggle for Political, Sexual, Cultural Reorientation

When a punk rock lesbian sound engineer from Iran told me her life story in a Paris fertility clinic, I no longer felt disoriented. A sense of grounding, part Eastern, part Western, brought me home as I learned more about her. KimiĆ¢a Sadr escaped Iran at the onset of the revolution in 1979, traveling with her mother and sisters through perilous situations in Turkey before eventually making her way to France. Now she was sitting in a waiting room with a tube of sperm, thanks to her donor, some dude named Pierre. Engrossed by her multiethnic, multigendered, multilingual, mythic story, I learned about various generations of her family back in Iran--her political dissident father, various uncles, and a strange maternal grandmother who could » Read More

Advice Goddess: Is There a Way to Reboot Our Sex Life?

It's understandably depressing if the only time there's heavy breathing in the bedroom is when you're re-enacting WrestleMania XXV--that is, trying to get the duvet cover on. This doesn't mean you should buy into the lesbo-bashing notion of "lesbian bed death"--the myth that lesbian relationships, in particular, are where sex goes to die. The term traces back to a finding from social psychologist Phillip Blumstein and sociologist Pepper Schwartz, published in their 1983 book, "American Couples: Money, Work, Sex." Blumstein and Schwartz, reviewing results from their survey of 12,000 American couples, announced that lesbians in relationships "have sex less frequently by far than any other type of couple." This single survey led to decades of » Read More

Free Will Astrology: Week of April 25, 2018

Imagine you're one of four porcupines caught in frigid weather. To keep warm, you all have the urge to huddle together and pool your body heat. But whenever you try to get close, you prick each other with your quills. The only solution to that problem is to move away from each other, even though it means you can't quell your chill as well. This scenario was used by psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud as a parable for the human dilemma. We want to be intimate with each other, Freud said, but we hurt each other when we try. The oft-chosen solution is to be partially intimate: not as close as we would like to be, but only as much as we can bear. Now everything I just said, Aries, is a preface for better news: In the coming weeks, neither your own » Read More

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