Wild Cats

NUMU looks back on 110 years of Los Gatos High School Read More

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Thu Sep 20

It's hard to imagine the last 20 years of music without the era-defining The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. Winning five Grammy awards the year it was released, the first solo album by the ex-Fugees singer laid the groundwork for…

Thu Sep 20

While the playa dust is still settling on this year's Burning Man, the South Bay Regional Burners group will formally congratulate this year's "virgins," who survived their first year among the sparkle ponies and shirt cockers of…

Thu Sep 20

Charles is a featured performer at many national and international festivals including: Monterey Jazz Festival (CA), San Jose Jazz Festival (CA), San Francisco Jazz Festival (CA), Playboy Jazz Festival (CA), Telluride Jazz Festival…

Fri Sep 21

Charles is a featured performer at many national and international festivals including: Monterey Jazz Festival (CA), San Jose Jazz Festival (CA), San Francisco Jazz Festival (CA), Playboy Jazz Festival (CA), Telluride Jazz Festival…

Fri Sep 21

The great family norteno band from San Jose known as Los Tigres Del Norte are combining forces with Mexican superstar Alejandro Fernandez on a groundbreaking tour called Rompiendo Fronteras (Breaking Borders). Los Tigres is among the…

Fri Sep 21

Spanning borders and electronic subgenres, Boombox Cartel--the production duo of Jorge Medina and Americo Garcia--got its start in Monterrey, Mexico. Over the course of their time working together, Medina and Garcia bounded between…

Fri Sep 21

It's been more than 16 years since Norah Jones briefly took over the world with her slinky and sleepy jazz-pop album Come Away With Me. Since then, pianist and vocalist--and daughter of sitar great Ravi Shankar--has released a half…

Fri Sep 21-22

Join us for the culmination of our 45th Anniversary celebration! Our 45th Anniversary concert will feature collaborations with special guest artists Aswat Ensemble and Wesley Jazz Ensemble to highlight some pieces developed for our…

Sat Sep 22

Featuring: Wine Walk, Lost Gatos Restaurants, Live Music, Beer & Wine Tents. N. Santa Cruz Aveenue will be closed from Main St. to Bachman.

Sun Sep 23

The buzz at the Sharks Fan Fest this year is likely to be all about newly acquired stud defenseman Erik Karlsson, who is already conjuring visions of the Stanley Cup coming to San Jose. In the meantime, hockey fans jonesing for some…

Sun Sep 23

Just as sounds of bicycles roaming the streets of downtown San Jose begin to mellow, the SoFA District is poised to come alive with the sound of music. This year's Viva Calle runs until 3pm, but the fall edition of the SoFA Street…

Thru Sep 23

Pear Theatre's 2018-19 season opens in August with "Northanger Abbey," adapted by Pear founder Diane Tasca from the novel by Jane Austen. In classic Austen style, Northanger Abbey follows several young ladies and gentlemen as they…

Thru Dec 23

New Museum Los Gatos (NUMU) is thrilled to announce the September 2018 opening of an expansive exhibition that takes a deep dive into the long history of the town's high school. The exhibition explores the legacy and legends of LGHS…


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Music & Clubs

The Mirror Ball at San Jose Museum of Art

FLASHY FASHION: After the Wonder Ball, enjoy a fashionable night out at the museum.

Good news, fashionistas: You can now justify the expense for that hot dress or cool jacket you bought this summer. The San Jose Museum of Art is throwing a scintillating party. The Mirror Ball is the hip after-party for the Wonder Ball gala and fundraiser earlier in the evening. The after-party will… » Read More

Flamingosis at the Continental

PINK PRODUCER: New Jersey's Flamingosis comes to the Continental for a night of retro-futurist jams.

Few things strike a chord like being confronted with something that is at once vaguely familiar and undeniably new. When executed well, this potent combination has the power to evoke a sense of powerful nostalgia while simultaneously conjuring a sense of rejuvenation. It’s within this emotional lexicon that beatmakers like Madlib, Knxwledge… » Read More

Sharks Fan Fest at SAP Center

SHARKS TERRITORY: Someone must have got some blood in the water, because the Sharks are coming back.

The buzz at the Sharks Fan Fest this year is likely to be all about newly acquired stud defenseman Erik Karlsson, who is already conjuring visions of the Stanley Cup coming to San Jose. In the meantime, hockey fans jonesing for some action on the ice can gather at the SAP Center… » Read More


Review: 'Fahrenheit 11/9'

Moore got cred as an oracle by correctly guessing that his fellow citizens from Michigan were going to vote for Trump, and Hillary Clinton avoided campaigning in Wisconsin and Michigan because of her weaknesses as a candidate. So the implication is that weak Democratic response in Flint leads directly to Hillary losing Michigan and thus the Electoral College. That, of course, and the way the Democratic establishment shoved aside the radical possibilities offered by Bernie Sanders. The last part, then, is the same gloomy argument you hear from Bernie-bros on Facebook. These last two years have been as politically frightening as any in our history, but the paranoia here is sometimes out of control. An example is when Moore dubs Trump » Read More

Review: 'Bad Reputation'

Oddly, it seems Joan Jett has quite a good reputation. The inspiring Bad Reputation, named after her early 1980s hit, is a paean to the veteran rocker. She gets praise from Iggy Pop and Blondie's Deborah Harry; we learn of her good influence on artists as different as Miley Cyrus, Darby Crash, Laura Jane Grace and actor Michael J. Fox. We note her days as a hard-charging musician, as a stand-up person who travelled to Iraq and Bosnia to entertain the troops, and her work for animal rights. Jett's excessive drinking in the rough times after her first band, The Runaways, broke up are about the only character deficits admitted to here. » Read More

The Arts

Review: 'The Abduction from the Seraglio'

The show is vibrant from the jump, with the set pieces rendered like an ornate Turkish palace, complete with tall domes and turrets towering above the stage and drawing the eye in. This is extended in the second act when the set is transformed into a magnificent topiary garden with leaves covering every square inch. The setting and ambiance is further reinforced by dynamic mood lighting, casting the stage in soft, early-evening oranges and purples or high-noon desert white light depending on the scene. This attention to detail extends to the costumes, which are an assorted blast of bright colors, textures, and arabesque patterns that transport the audience to the show's Ottoman time period. » Read More

Viviana Paredes at the Triton Museum

The sounds of a Oaxacan marketplace emanate from one corner of a gallery in the Triton Museum of Art. The sounds are coming from a small speaker covered by a fruit crate that faces Viviana Paredes' steel and glass sculpture Ser y Comer, a street cart displaying ears of corn in a handwoven basket. The basket itself is nestled inside a mound of dried, pale yellow kernels that threaten to spill over the cart's edges. Paredes has etched the word "ESQUITES" in capital letters onto one of the glass, side panels. The cart itself stands on top of a platform made from a dozen wooden fruit crates. In "Alimentos: Glass Work by Viviana Paredes," the artist says she wanted to remind people of Mexico's rich cultural heritage as it pertains to "a » Read More

Review: 'Native Gardens'

In Robert Frost's 1914 poem "Mending Wall," the narrator doesn't say, "Good fences make good neighbors." His neighbor does. He wants to mend the stone wall that divides their properties. Instead, it's the narrator, the poet's alter ego, who, after their encounter, asks himself, "If I could put a notion in his head:'Why do they make good neighbors?'" Frost continues with this line of inquiry a few lines later wondering, "Before I built a wall I'd ask to know/What I was walling in or walling out." Fences, as we've discovered in recent years, have come to symbolize political ideologies that favor division over unity. » Read More

Features & Columns

Wild Cats

A hundred years ago, the word "teenager" had yet to make its debut in the American lexicon. Not only was there no word to describe that awkward stage between childhood and adulthood, there was also very little social context to explain the concept that we so easily identify today. But a few decades later, when suburbanization spread and the middle class grew, so did a young, new market audience. Automobiles brought autonomy, and suddenly, young people had a vehicle for exploring and understanding the world around them. Cue the Thunder Road drag race scene from Grease. » Read More

Silicon Alleys: Writer Makes Labyrinthian Connections with Poet Jorge Luis Borges

Two-and-a-half years ago, the anti-man-about-town visited the gravesite of legendary author Jorge Luis Borges in Geneva, Switzerland. Borges was a unique figure at the top of 20th century literature and a major influence on me, so in Geneva I made a desperate pact with him. Standing at his grave, I said: "Alright old man, I will keep writing, just show me how to make a living. Give me a sign. Anything." Sure enough, I was awarded a fellowship soon thereafter. I guess he was looking over my shoulder. That was in 2016, but just a few weeks ago in downtown San Jose, Borges spun back into my orbit from multiple dimensions at once, just to make sure I was still writing and keeping up my end of the bargain. » Read More

Advice Goddess: Stop Blaming Millennials

You might also give some consideration to your look. I'm not saying you should wear a monocle and carry a cane, but maybe grow a little facial hair and dress and accessorize like an adult. Finally, there's a little secret to getting treated as somebody's equal, and it's acting the part. If some graying co-worker makes age-related cracks about your tech usage, don't go all woundypants. Laugh and tease 'em right back, telling them they should just ask you directly when they want your tech-savvy millennial help with texting nudies from their side-entry bathtub. » Read More

Free Will Astrology: Week of September 19, 2018

In one sense, a "patron saint" is a Catholic saint who is a heavenly advocate for a person, group, activity, thing or place. St. Jude is the patron saint of lost causes, for instance. St. Francis of Assisi is the guardian of animal welfare, and St. Kentigern is the protector against verbal abusers. "Patron saint" may also be invoked poetically to refer to a person who serves as a special guide or influence. For example, in one of his short stories, Nathaniel Hawthorne refers to a veteran nurse as "the patron saint of young physicians." In accordance with current astrological omens, I invite you to fantasize about persons, groups, activities, things or places for whom you might be the patron saint. To spur your imagination, here are some » Read More

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