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When it comes to fidelity, nothing comes close to vinyl. That's why record enthusiast
and audiophile Brian Hartsell is ripping his LPs to the cloud. Read More

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Join us for EDM Wednesdays at Charley's LG in downtown Los Gatos, the nightclub voted the best place to dance in the Silicon Valley. With some of the hottest local EDM DJ's performing live amidst bubbles, snow and smoke effects,…

Join the Jazz Jam at the Hedley, led by drummer Stephen Marley! If you are a musician, bring your instrument and get in the groove. Don't be shy! Don't miss this unique opportunity to play and network with other musicians.

San Francisco-based indie rock band Couches describe themselves as slackers, with influences from "whiskey, loud music, ladies and long nights." The indie rock band is comprised of Mike Dubuque on drums, Chris Griley on bass and David…

Bret Ernst is a headliner in the top clubs across the country and has earned the sought after honor of marquee status on the Sunset Strip. Ernst will next appear as the host of the new Oxygen Series LOVE GAMES: BAD GIRLS NEED LOVE TOO.

Fresh on the heels of Billy Idol's sold out show at San Jose's hottest new music venue, Rockbar Theater, comes "Another Lonely Christmas featuring The Purple Ones, A 10-Piece Tribute to Prince plus Special Guest" on December 19th.

If you're wondering how the Limousines national tour with the Sounds went, check out the new itinerary for their European tour. The duo barely got back, and in a month they'll be rejoining the Swedes for a 25-date tour that winds…

With memorable hits like Cisco Kid, Why Can't We Be Friends and Low Rider, the multi-platinum band War has inspired fans and musicians, regardless of generation or genre. After four decades, War's 19 albums have produced ten Top 10…

Adult Dance Party, a Saturday night dance party series at the Blank Club, returns with a special party with DJs spinning '90s dance music. This event is hosted by Eric Belladonna and DJ Basura.

Downtown Ice's spectacular circular rink provides a perfect setting for skaters who glide under the stars and twirl around 32 twinkling palm trees. Come feel the aloha spirit shared by partners Hawaiian Airlines and Olympic figure…


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Music & Clubs

DJ Purple Brings His Dance Karaoke To JJ’s

Dance dance karaoke: Steve Hays, a.k.a. DJ Purple, puts on a different kind of karaoke show.

For more¬†than a decade, Steve Hays has been spinning records at bars and clubs from the peninsula up to San Francisco. The Redwood City man now hosts regular nights at The Patio in Palo Alto and Slate in San Francisco, and says his gigs are only getting better. Hays recalls one particularly… » Read More

Guitarist, Yvette Young, Leads Math Rock Band, Covet, With Piano-Like Finger-Tapping

Big In Japan: Covet frontwoman Yvette Young gathered a large following online before touring Japan, where she was greeted like a rock star.

Despite some¬†dazzling math rock chops, and a growing fanbase, local singer, songwriter and guitarist Yvette Young is still green when it comes to playing in a band. Her new math-prog rock group, Covet, makes their South Bay debut this Saturday at Homestead Bowl, playing their second show ever. This doesn’t mean Young… » Read More

David Brookings And The Average Lookings Giving In-Store Performance At Streetlight Records

David Brookings (in sunglasses) says he never planned to be a star. He just loves playing music.

He’s been playing music for 25 years, recorded three full-length records at the world-famous Sun Studios in Memphis, and he has more than 130,000 views on YouTube. Still, David Brookings is far from a household name. But he’s cool with that. “I’m not famous, but that doesn’t mean people haven’t bought the… » Read More


'Exodus: Gods and Kings'

It's a biblical epic done the George Bernard Shaw way-throw the agnostics a bone, and suggest that religious zealots are a threat to an orderly functioning society. Exodus: Gods and Kings is rich, gilded, crisply digitalized pagan spectacle in sharp 3D. Haters are blind to the humor, which was far thinner in Cecil B. De Mille's Egypt. Here: a sculptor fretting at the model for Ramses's proposed statue ("It is...tall.."). » Read More


Based on the Oprah-honored book that so many serious backpackers hurled against the wall-"Goddamn it, she's dumber than Christopher McCandless!"-Wild may also raise hackles outside the hiking community, in spite of the fact that it's Dallas Buyers Club-director Jean-Marc Vallee's best movie to date. Some even who prefer to camp with a Coleman cooler will watch and indulge in some good old-fashioned slut-shaming, since Wild's author, Cheryl Strayed, told all about her extra-marital affairs and dabbling with heroin. » Read More

The Arts

'Stoned Moon' opens at Stanford

The elegant curvature of a great egret, juxtaposed with the rigid and towering white Saturn V rocket. Both share at least one similarity beyond their chalky pallor-the ability to spring from muggy terra firma of Florida's Atlantic coast and soar heavenward. This shared capability is just one way of interpreting the images shown in "Sky Garden," one of the many prints in Robert Rauschenberg's Stoned Moon series, which chronicled the 1969 Apollo 11 mission. » Read More

TheatreWorks Stages Magical Production of 'Peter and the Starcatcher'

In December 1904, at the Duke of York's Theatre in London, the world had its first taste of what is now an iconic tale. It was there, in a play by Scottish author J.M. Barrie, that audiences were introduced to a place called Neverland and to its unusual inhabitants: Captain Hook, Tinkerbell, the Lost Boys, and of course Peter Pan, "the boy who wouldn't grow up." Barrie's play became the basis for his 1911 novel, Peter and Wendy, and later spawned a string of film and musical adaptations. » Read More

Features & Columns

The Analog Advocate

Brian Hartsell stares off into the distance, focusing on nothing in particular, allowing himself to get lost in the music. "Monk's Mood," the first track off Thelonius Monk Quartet with John Coltrane at Carnegie Hall, is still spinning when he comes to. The waves of sound weave their way through and around the particles of dust, which hang in the air, illuminated by the shafts of lingering daylight sliding through the venetian blinds. » Read More

Rich Jacobs' Move Photography Invades Seeing Things Gallery

After slithering into Seeing Things Gallery on a Friday afternoon, I am surrounded by aging punk musicians, photographers and skaters. In most cases, each person here is all three. Owner Jai Tanju is banging nails into the wall, prepping for his latest exhibit: one of Rich Jacobs' Move Photography shows. Some of the work is up, while more of it sits on tables ready to hang. In many cases, the artists are half-academic and half-punk, meaning, I immediately feel a sense of belonging. » Read More

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