Summer Guide 2018: Bringing the Heat

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Thu May 17-18

Fresh from sold out performances at New York City's Legendary Joe's Pub at The Public Theater, Joe Gulla's "FAGGY at 50" makes its Bay Area debut! This captivating monologue is described by Woman Around Town as "warm, surprising, and…

Thu May 17-19

The Princess Bride is back and better than ever! This fan favorite movie is one of our annual events so we're happy to announce Westley, Inigo, and Fezzik are back again to save the fair Princess Bride. But beware: it's a kissing…

Thu May 17-20

Spring is in the air and for Pear Theatre patrons, that means the fifteenth annual Pear Slices, a collection of original, short plays from the members of the Pear Playwrights Guild. In fifteen-minute vignettes, a stunning variety of…

Fri May 18

Passers-by will experience a new version of the San Pedro Square promenade beginning May 18, when a quartet of locally owned, mini retailers will open on the garage side of the ever-popular thoroughfare. A new approach to retail, the…

Fri May 18

Make America hyphy again at the Back Bar SoFa, where Northern California rappers Clyde Carson, Celly Cel and Big Tone will get live for an evening that will undoubtedly include thizz dancing and hopefully, at least one audience…

Fri May 18-20

Experience the world-renowned CELEBRATION OF INVENTION, CREATIVITY & CURIOSITY. Immerse yourself in Maker culture with over 800 exhibits, 6+ stages, big art and spectacle, hands-on making and learning--all showcasing the creative and…

Sat May 19

An all-female cast of composers and songwriters perform 20 original songs inspired by and in honor of 20 remarkable women leaders, paying homage to the extraordinary achievements and courageous life choices made by women worldwide. A…

Sat May 19

Summer Fest 2017 hit Taimane returns to San Jose Jazz for an intimate performance. Performing in the spotlight in Hawaii since she first joined Don Ho on stage at age 13, Taimane has carved out a robust career by committing to her…

Sat May 19

Come down to the first ever comedy show in a wood-shop! Every other Saturday of the month we will be bringing together a stacked lineup of hilarious local and touring comics at the Studio by Terra Amico! This FREE show (18+) is from…

Sun May 20

Bring your baskets. Meet your neighbors. Tote the tots. Take the train. Join us for the kick-off of the Farmers Market at Bay Meadows. This new Sunday market in the Bay Meadows urban village offers certified California produce,…

Sun May 20

It doesn't get more Silicon Valley than this: experience the New Ballet's rendition of Sleeping Beauty by plugging into live commentary and insights on the performance from expert ballerinas right from your seat. Inspired by her…

Thru June 17

The Siegel runs May 17-June 17, 2018. (No performance on May 20.) Showtimes: Thurs.-Sat., 8 p.m., Sundays at 2 p.m. Tickets: $21-$42. Discounts for seniors (55+), students, educators and groups of 10+. ($2 surcharge for phone and…


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Music & Clubs

Threadgill-Iyer-Prieto Trio at Montalvo Arts Center

PLAYING BY EAR: Celebrated jazz composer and saxophonist Henry Threadgill come to Montalvo Arts Center.

Henry Threadgill has a well-deserved reputation as a jazz innovator. Working with unusual ensembles that include instrumental combinations not often thought of in a jazz context, Threadgill has made a series of boundary-pushing albums beginning in the 1970s and continuing today. For his efforts, the composer, saxophonist and flutist has earned many… » Read More

Hear Her Song at Hammer Theater

WOMEN RULE: Justice Sonia Sotomayor is one of many women leaders celebrated in 'Hear Her Song'

An all-female cast of composers and songwriters perform 20 original songs inspired by and in honor of 20 remarkable women leaders, paying homage to the extraordinary achievements and courageous life choices made by women worldwide. A collaboration between the Women Like Us Foundation and Vital Voices, two female-run nonprofits focused on uplifting… » Read More

The Hunchback of Notre Dame at Saratoga Civic

HELLO MODO: Saratoga Civic Theater brings humanist Victor Hugo's beloved classic to life

The South Bay Musical Theater’s musical adaptation of the story of Quasimodo incorporates elements of both the original Victor Hugo novel as well as the Disney animation that brought it to millions of American households. Featuring music by Grammy award-winning composer Alan Menken—who composed the scores to such ’90s Disney films as… » Read More


Review: 'Deadpool 2'

As if it were Honest Movie Trailers: The Movie, the second installment in the Deadpool franchise leavens the hit-making Marvel mix of fight scenes, flashbacks and explosions with dick jokes. Our protagonist, Wade (the ultra-bro, Ryan Reynolds), was a mercenary. He was left with a complexion like a Costco cheese pizza after a forcible gene-scrambling experiment intended to cure his stage 4 cancer. Now he's the killer Deadpool: hooded, cross-sworded, armed and ludicrous. His superpower is bouncing back after extreme dismemberment and preposterous mayhem--Deadpool is the most cartoony of cartoon heroes, the one who owes the most to Chuck Jones and Tex Avery. He clowns before a long-gone fourth wall. At one point he describes a clue as "a huge » Read More

Preview: 'An American Story: Norm Mineta and his Legacy'

She told the 86-year-old Mineta: "There are a lot of producers out there who are going to want to do your story, and they might be better and more powerful than me." Forewarned, Mineta sat in a series of interviews at his home in Silver Springs, Maryland. Mineta was born and raised in San Jose, the son of immigrants. World War II hysteria about Japanese espionage led to the rounding up of Japanese-Americans and the seizing of their property. Mineta and his family were put behind barbed wire at Heart Mountain in Wyoming, as were some 14,000 other internees. » Read More

The Arts

'Guns: Loaded Conversations' at SJMQT

The latest exhibition at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles begins at the box office. Upon purchase of a ticket, guests are not only offered a copy of their receipt, but prior to entering, they are also asked to pick out an empty bullet casing from a glass dish brimming with spent shells. The weight of a bullet casing seemed insignificant at first, but by the end of viewing "Guns: Loaded Conversations," I found myself turning the shell over and over in my hand as if it were carrying the weight of the nearly 35,000 gun deaths that happen annually in the United States. And that's exactly the point. While the gun debate takes center stage in the national arena, "Guns: Loaded Conversations" brings the discussion to the local level by » Read More

Marianne Kolb's Eerie Truths at Triton

The varnish on a dozen of her recent paintings has finished drying. They're lined up on the studio floor leaning against every wall. Some, but not all, of them will make it into her upcoming show at the Triton Museum but the curator hasn't made the final selections. Kolb might be revealing a favorite when she picks up a white plastic bottle cap. She approaches the canvas to demonstrate the way she created the circular pattern and texture of the figure's dress. Like many of Kolb's paintings in this series, "Nadia" stands in the middle of the frame, solitary and hairless with her hands tucked inside her dress pockets. Patches of her forearms hang closely at her side. » Read More

'Bella Gaia' Honors Mother Earth

Fifty years ago, a single photograph changed the history of human consciousness. It was called "Earthrise" and it was a full-color shot of the Earth taken on Christmas Eve by an astronaut on the Apollo 8 lunar mission, soon to be widely published around the world. It marked the first time the human species had gazed at the one and only life-sustaining planet in the known universe. On Friday, composer and filmmaker Kenji Williams is looking to push the sense of wonder first sparked by "Earthrise" into a new dimension with his live performance/multimedia show called "Bella Gaia." The show, to take place at that Hammer Theatre Center in San Jose blends together the high tech of bleeding-edge data visualization with the low tech of live dance » Read More

Features & Columns

Bringing the Heat

It's hard to believe 2018 is approaching the halfway mark. It's been nearly five months since the holidays, the days are long, the nights are warm and people are itching to cut loose and have a good time. That's what this guide is for. Consider it a manual for summer fun--a cheat sheet for all the thought-provoking performances, inspiring art, fantastic food and live music that are worth checking out this season. There are up-and-coming bilingual rappers--San Jose-born Snow Tha Product is on the cover--classic and cutting edge plays, outdoor food festivals and celebrations of wine and culture. So, break out the date books, raise a glass and dig in. It's going to be fun. » Read More

Silicon Alleys: This Year's VivaCalle SJ Holds Potential to be Best Yet

Last week, the city of San Jose announced the route for this year's annual Viva CalleSJ open streets initiative, which will expose tens of thousands of residents to the best and worst of San Jo, all in one afternoon. On Sept. 23, the route will start at South First and William streets in downtown San Jose, right smack in the middle of the SoFA Street Fair, where 100 bands will already be gigging throughout the afternoon. Then the route proceeds all the way down Monterey Road, the Champs-Elysees of San Jose's underbelly, before briefly veering down Branham to Martial Cottle Park. As always, various nodes of activity will erupt at specific parts of the route. » Read More

Advice Goddess: Stop Commenting on My Weight

It is more taboo than ever to make cracks about a woman's weight--that is, unless she doesn't have a whole lot of it. Then it's open season: "Wow, what happened to you? Forget where the supermarket is?" However, it probably is not "people" but "people who are female" who are thin-shaming you. Welcome to female intrasexual competition--competition between women--which is covert and sneaky (and thus poisonous) in a way male-on-male competition is not. Men, who evolved to be the warriors and protectors of the species, tend to be openly aggressive. A guy will give another guy a beat-down or publicly dis him: "Yeah, bro, sure you can get a chick to go home with you--if you've got five grand for a sex robot." » Read More

Free Will Astrology: Week of May 16, 2018

One of the most popular brands of candy in North America is Milk Duds. They're irregularly shaped globs of chocolate caramel. When they were first invented in 1926, the manufacturer's plan was to make them perfect little spheres. But with the rather primitive technology available at that time, this proved impossible. The finished products were blobs, not globes. They tasted good, though. Workers jokingly suggested that the new confection's name include "dud," a word meaning "failure" or "flop." Having sold well now for more than 90 years, Milk Duds have proved that success doesn't necessarily require perfection. Who knows? Maybe their dud-ness has been an essential part of their charm. I suspect there's a metaphorical version of Milk Duds » Read More

Silicon Alleys: Ao Dai Festival Pays Homage to Traditional Vietnamese Gown

By now, many are familiar with an ao dai, the traditional Vietnamese gown, a colorful garment worn mostly by women and usually over trousers. This stylish dress has been the muse for many poets and at least one newspaper columnist for years. However, thanks to the efforts of Jenny Do, a longtime San Jose attorney and Viet arts leader, the dress is now elevated far beyond clothing or fashion. It symbolizes multiple dimensions of female empowerment, liberation, struggle, pride and obstacles overcome. So much, that the fifth Ao Dai Festival erupts this Saturday, including several new components. First, a procession of at least 200 people wearing the ao dai will begin at City Hall and conclude at the San Jose Museum of Art, where a grand-scale » Read More

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