Terrific 'Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation' Caps the Series

The action never stops in this, the pinnacle of the series-not that MI:RN is a relentless and wearying movie, but there's a strong tempo even in moments of rest and exposition. Read More

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Deriving influences from such legendary acts as Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind & Fire, Donny Hathaway, Jay-Z, Tribe Called Quest, and De La Soul, among others, this Bay Area-based five-piece band takes listeners on a soulful journey…

The Mountain Winery is proud to host a concert with Sheryl Crow as part of its annual summer concert series. This pop music icon started her career in the early 1990s, and she gained her first widespread attention with the hit single,…

RAHSAANATHON: A Celebration of the Live & Music of Rahsaan Roland Kirk. This is a musical homage to Rahsaan Roland Kirk, in spirit, voice and music.

There are not enough words to describe this extremely versatile and talented drummer, Dennis' musical journey started at age ten when he began playing drums live on the radio and church with his brother Myron Dove (Santana) and…

Huey Lewis and The News returns to the stage at the Mountain Winery as part of their popular annual summer concert series. In the 1980's, Huey Lewis and The News hit international stardom thanks in part to the success of fellow…

The art walk is self-guided evening tour through galleries, museums, and independent creative businesses featuring exhibitions and special performances.

General Manager Mike Odd describes meeting Mac Sabbath's front man, Ronald Osborne, in a Chatsworth burger franchise, where he pitched him the idea for something he calls "drive-thru metal."

Kid Dynamite plays a variety of danceable radio friendly rock from 80's, 90s and 2000's. They've performed throughout the San Francisco Bay area at places such as Boswell's Campbell, Dan's Walnut Creek and Mojo Lounge Fremont.

Comedian/actor/writer Brian Posehn has is an alumnus of "The Sarah Silverman Program" and he toured as one of the original members of the "Comedians of Comedy." Besides writing and performing on HBO's acclaimed "Mr. Show."


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Tickets to Circus Vargas' ArleQuin!

Win 4 tickets to Circus Vargas at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds. Drawing August 3 & 10.

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Win a $50 dining certificate to Scott's Seafood in San Jose. Drawing August 24.

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Music & Clubs

Kathy Foster’s Hurry Up Playing Homestead Bowl

Loosen Up: Kathy Foster, of The Thermals, keeps things fast and loose with Hurry Up.

Though Kathy Foster has long been a Portland denizen, she’s originally from Sunnyvale. “Mountain View; Sunnyvale” she clarifies. “I went to De Anza. Sold vintage clothes at the flea market.” That was almost two decades ago. Foster has gone on to reach a certain level of indie stardom since her days slinging old… » Read More

After ‘Icy’ Hiatus, The Lovemakers Patch Things Up

Love Sounds: Lisa Light and Scott Blonde of The Lovemakers get the band back together.

Making music with another person isn’t all that different from making love, according to Lisa Light, half of the Oakland-based dance-punk duo The Lovemakers. “I think in any musical connection, it’s a love connection—no matter whether you are actually consummating that connection,” Light says, reflecting on her musical partnership with Scott Blonde—the other… » Read More

Amanda Palmer Drops Out Of Morrissey Show

From Amanda Palmer's blog. She isn't feeling too good.

Heads up, Amanda Palmer followers: Citing health issues related to a recent tick bite and the contraction of acute Lyme disease the Boston-based musician has canceled her much-anticipated opening slot for Morrissey tomorrow night. On her Patreon page, where she does the bulk of her blogging these days, she cites acute Lyme disease, by… » Read More


Review: 'The Stanford Prison Experiment'

It has been the source for so many anecdotes that skeptics tend to believe it's an urban legend. But the Stanford Prison Experiment actually occurred, 44 years ago this summer, in the basement of Jordan Hall on the Stanford University campus. Kyle Patrick Alvarez's The Stanford Prison Experiment is the third film in 15 years about Dr. Philip Zimbardo's infamous psychological experiment. I'm not counting 2002's Experiment, when BBC and the University of Exeter tried to reproduce the results of the study. » Read More

Review: 'Irrational Man'

The despair-inducing Irrational Man has some promise to it—things could have been done to make it merely tepid instead of abject, but is Woody Allen capable of doing those things anymore? This crabbed rewrite of Crime and Punishment, with its gimmicky One Step Beyond ending, is the backhanded celebration of a sour man. Abe (a sleepy, ruminative Joaquin Phoenix) is a supposed luminary in the world of philosophy, come to teach at a small Rhode Island college. » Read More

The Arts

'American Idiot' Wows Audience at the Montgomery Theater

While another take on the 2009 Green Day-penned punk-rock musical, American Idiot, may seem like old wine in a new bottle, the latest production by CMT San Jose is definitely a unique vintage. For starters, it's a children's version of the Tony Award-winning musical, and no one in the cast is over 20 years old. » Read More

City Lights Theater's 'West Side Story' is Sharp as a Switchblade

West Side Story is better than Romeo and Juliet. That's right, the midcentury musical masterpiece is greater than Shakespeare's quintessential romance, and San Jose's City Lights Theater Company mostly does it justice with its lively, intimate new production. » Read More

Features & Columns

The Podcast Invasion

Podcasting's blowing up-more than a decade after its low-key debut. What took so long? In the gray, quick-fading winter light, they gather. In living rooms, in kitchens or on front porches, attentive and transfixed, they listen as voices spill out of the speakers. » Read More

Former Stones, Dead Tour Manager Discusses Rock Legends

Just a few years ago, Studio Bongiorno opened up in the old California Monument Building in Santa Clara, right across the street from the Mission Cemetery. For an art gallery, performance space and overall gathering spot, the joint is a nucleus of crackpot activity. This week, two living monuments, former Rolling Stones tour manager Sam Cutler and legendary rock journalist Joel Selvin, will provide a rip-roaring conversation for anyone interested in rock history, especially Altamont. » Read More

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