The 23 Most Haunted Places in Silicon Valley

A guide to the South Bay's most famous ghosts and haunted spots. Read More

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Hone your abilities for performing live and head to Cafe Frascati for open mic night. Known for their espresso and Italian cuisine, Cafe Frascati is Mediterranean style bistro with an elegant ambience.

Learn about the powerful sound of the taiko, the Japanese drum! San Jose Taiko will be sharing the art form of taiko through performance and explanation about the origin and philosophy of the big drum. Fun and educational for all ages.

The gulf between hardware engineers and software developers is disappearing, and an integrated, collaborative design environment is being born. ARM TechCon 2016 is a unique marketplace for you to learn about groundbreaking solutions,…

Stephen Marley, Doug Pohorski, and Terrigal Burn all had full lives before jazz destiny brought them together. Marley on the drums, Pohorski on bass and Burn on piano. Together, the trio combine to lay down creamy grooves that…

Free with admission, $5 materials fee for crafts. Join NUMU and Galeria Arte as we build our own Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead altar. Day of the Dead altars are built during Dia de los Muertos to honor the lives of those who…

3 Rockin' Halloween Parties. You'll ROCK all Halloween weekend at the best night club in town for live music, The Quarter Note, in Sunnyvale, 3 nights of wild costumes, live music, dancing and spooky drink specials. Costume Contest…

Bring your waffles and christmas lights becuase the Stranger Things soundtrack is being released! The hypnotic synth-pop music will be playing all night along with costume contests, dungeons and dragons game and much more that has to…

Halloween fun is available for the whole family at Rengstorff Park! The free event will include a free showing of family-friendly Halloween flick Hotel Transylvania 2, games, music and snacks for everyone! Costumes are not required,…

This event is the craft beer event of your dreams-or nightmares. With over 80 different craft beers on tap, a bunch of Halloween goodies, a costume contest and live music, San Jose's Broofest is just what the doctor ordered for beer…

Punk Rock tells of a story of eight British teenagers who are studying for exams at an elite grammar school. The teens talk about their turmoils, love and losses through angsty music.

Join a cultural and spiritual celebration in remembering deceased ancestors at one of San Jose's premier Day of the Dead events! This event is FREE and open to the public. There will be ritual, music and dance, face painting,…

The Beerwalk in Willow Glen is back and with a spooky twist! The Halloween Beerwalk will feature over 20 different beers from across the Bay Area and encourages participants to come in costume!

Campbell Con comes back this year to reach out to all of the comic book lovers in the area! The event is celebrates everything that has to do with pop culture, comic book art and artists. The first Campbell Con happened last year and…

The Ritz 2nd Annual Halloween Costume Contest is back featuring DJ Bashura spinning 70's, 80's, 90's and hits from today. Get your best costume together for a chance at $1000 in Best Costume prize money.

A San Jose Jazz saxophonist for nearly two decades, Kristen Strom has been a mainstay for Bay Area clubs. With a tone that's lithe and lustrous, Kristen Strom embodies her musical philosophy in every note she plays.

Halloween Haunt is an in-your-face scare experience complete with six spine-tingling haunted mazes, four themed scare zones, four head-turning live stage shows and one gruesome themed attraction, plus the park's collection of…

Jacobs Farm began in 1980 as a small, organic family farm on California's Central Coast. Founders Larry Jacobs and Sandra Belin focused on producing organic, sustainable crops of healthy, flavorful food from the beginning. Today,…

No longer do you stand waiting in line, now you have a whole Midway of Terror to entertain you even before entering the two attractions. This year, the experience will be a whole detailed pre-show that gets the mood or was it blood…


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The 23 Most Haunted Places in Silicon Valley

A guide to the South Bay's most famous ghosts and haunted spots.

Halloween is the holiday when we become obsessed with the things that scare us. We watch more scary movies. We purchase scary costumes. We visit haunted houses. We put Donald Trump on the national ticket. Basically, we buy all the way in. But what truly frightens us isn’t a foul-mouthed Leprechaun, an anemic… » Read More

2016 Halloween Guide: Parties, Drink Specials, Costume Contests and Haunted Houses

The Drop Dead Sexy party at Charley’s LG has drink specials for everyone.

All Hallows’ eve falls on a Monday this year, but that doesn’t mean the parties are packing it in. Check out this list of haunted houses, masquerade balls, costume contests and Dia de Los Muertos celebrations. Rockin’ Halloween Parties at The Quarter Note Oct 27-29 Three nights of wild costumes, live music, dancing… » Read More

Hit List: Best Music, Art & Culture Oct 26-31

IT GOES TO ELEVEN: Streetlight Records hosts a 'Stranger Things' soundtrack listening party this week.

With the spookiest of holidays falling on a Monday this year, Silicon Valley Halloween events are ramping up for the weekend prior with a variety of daytime and late-night parties. We’ve collected as many of them as we could. Plan your weekend with our handy Halloween Guide. Also this week: “Oasis: Supersonic”… » Read More


Review: 'Raising Cain' Collectors Edition

We live in in an age allergic to magnificence in acting-we call it camp, we call it ham, when we ought to show similar skepticism to thespians who prefer a dull, "natural" demeanor. True, Samuel L. Jackson is one of the hardest working men in showbiz, and he loves flamboyance. John Lithgow, currently in the hit The Accountant, is capable of reticent performances; then again he went rich and strange in the multiple-personality role of Dr. Carter Nix in Raising Cain (1992), probably the best movie ever made in Palo Alto. Shout Factory's Raising Cain: The Collector's Edition includes both the released version and the recut version by the Dutch archivist and critic Peet Gelderblom. » Read More

Review: 'Certain Women'

Montana at its most impassive: Certain Women sums up emotional conflict during the cold months, in the newest by Kelly Reichardt (Meek's Cutoff). It's based loosely on short stories by Maile Meloy, looped lightly into a trilogy. The third tale tops it all, thanks to a sweet, tough performance by Lily Gladstone as Jamie, a stocky Native American stablehand. Lit up with love, Gladstone is as instantly likable as Brendan Fraser. Laura Dern plays Laura Wells, a Livingston, Montana lawyer with a stubborn and disabled client (Jared Harris), who is unclear on the concept of settlements. It's a part in which Dern never needs to raise her voice, even when held at gunpoint; the moral is that Dern doesn't have to be in a cohesive movie to be » Read More

The Arts

Alien Con: The Truth is Out There

Among the many guests scheduled to appear at the convention is Kevin Burns, the creator and executive producer of the show. Burns says the idea behind Ancient Aliens was to update Chariots of the Gods?, a 1968 book by Erich von Daniken, which proposed that the religions and technologies of ancient civilizations could have been given to them by extraterrestrial beings. "Why do archaeologists dig, why does humanity dig?" Burns asks. "The answer, to me, is we are looking for God, we're looking for evidence of where we come from. We are a species with collective amnesia. We do not know our origins. We have science and technology and archeology that attempts to tell us where we come from. And we have religion that attempts to tell us where we » Read More

Jose Vargas: 'Whiteness is a Construction'

During the production of his first film, Jose Antonio Vargas came to the conclusion that a large segment of the population had no idea who they were. An undocumented immigrant of Filipino descent, Vargas is hyperaware of his own heritage-as is much of the United States. The Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist made waves in 2011 after penning an essay for The New York Times Magazine, in which he publicly declared his undocumented status. That same year he founded Define American, a nonprofit organization that works to raise awareness of immigration issues in the U.S. » Read More

Kyle Pellet's 'Attitude' Adjustment

Dream-like states have long been a theme in Pellet's work. Strange, half-formed and brightly colored characters traverse anonymous mallscapes, parking lots and waiting rooms-roaming like zombies in a suburban, consumerist fugue-always moving but rarely interacting. Many of his paintings recall the work of Keith Haring, if Haring had been from San Jose instead of New York, and had whiled away his days at Oakridge Mall instead of the subway. "I think that's just my past, how I navigate the past maybe," Pellet says contemplating the preponderance of malls in his work. "Somehow I just latched onto that language, or those feelings. Most of what I want to communicate can be communicated through these strange spaces and textures. Suburban San » Read More

Features & Columns

Photo Challenge 'This IS San Jose' Extols City's Diverse Identity

Here's an idea: If there's one topic to unite everyone in San Jose, it's that 100 percent of us are sick and tired of talking about San Jose's identity. Every year it comes up, with people having the same exact conversation. The way I see it, there is no such thing as any singular San Jose identity-never has been, never will be-so it's a pointless, drab, ho-hum conversation. This area explodes with a zillion identities. The multiplicity and schizophrenia should be celebrated. End of discussion. Forever. Can we just get on with more stimulating conversation? Please? I'm only frothing about this because a heroic individual, Charles DiLisio, wants to rightfully lionize the multiplicities of San Jose via photography and photography contests. » Read More

Punk Rock Fanzine 'Eat Poop' Returns to Grimy Downtown Roots

If people in this city can wax nostalgic about canneries and orchards, I have the right to fondly recall the grand old days of a punk rock magazine called Eat Poop. Now, just so you'll read further, let me explain a few things. I'm probably giving way too much credit by calling it a "magazine," when in reality Eat Poop was a fanzine. But it was one that featured artwork, poetry, music reviews and everything that zines tend to do. Back in the early '90s, as the original SoFA District era raged with punk, metal, college-radio rock, cheap beer and way too many stoner bands, a thunderous punk scenester named Nathan Nothin' regularly cranked out issues of Eat Poop from his place near Fifth and St. James. To my knowledge, it was the only San » Read More

No Turning Back from On-Demand Food Delivery Revolution

Chef David Kinch has spearheaded one of the most successful restaurants in the world in his 3 Michelin Star restaurant Manresa in Los Gatos, so the idea of customers walking up to a hostess stand, perusing the menu and ordering takeout would seem more than a bit presumptuous. Once-in-a-lifetime fine dining experiences don't exactly do to-go. But Kinch has an impressive array of less expensive restaurants that cater to a more economically eclectic crowd. His fame-and undeniably inventive, delicious cuisine-has been enough to keep the 60 or so seats of his latest venture, The Bywater, filled during dinner service seven days a week. Despite the apparent rush of customers to the New Orleans-inspired eatery, also located in Los Gatos, The » Read More

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