Supersizing the Moon

Working out of an abandoned McDonald's, scientists at Moffett Field are
restoring humanity's first lunar portraits Read More

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Every Friday morning join other residents as they shop local and enjoy live music and entertainment. Choose from over 30 growers selling everything from honey to seasonal veggies.

A story of the love and music in the face of adversity, Memphis is inspired by actual events. Winner of four Tony Awards in 2010, this musical tells the story of a white DJ in the '50s who chooses to play black artists on the local…

Over the years Craig Robinson has proved his comedic time and time again. After starring in multiple blockbuster movies, he began taking his comedic show to the road.

Most people first became acquainted with Aubrey Drake Graham when he starred in Degressi: The Next Generation now the mega rap artist is touring with Future on his massive Summer Sixteen Tour.

Santa Clara City Library Comic Con hosted by Tatsu Hobby. Santa Clara City's first comic con is free to the public and will include a multitude of events. From guest panels, anime screenings, arts & crafts for the kids, Gunpla…

Beers in Hell is the first event of its kind in the Bay Area. This event combines the Bay Area's love of craft beer and heavy music into one single night of all out awesomeness. There will be 5 craft breweries doing a 12 tap takeover…

Country classic Dolly Parton is bringing her magic back to Shoreline in September with her "Pure and Simple Tour." The oldest of fans will hope for songs like "Jolene" and "I Will Always Love You," but everyone will wait and see what…

Future and Drake return to the Bay on the Summer Sixteen Tour performing hits like "Where Ya At" and "Pop Style."

It has been thirty years since Enrique Bunbury signed his very first record deal. The tour will incorporate 40 songs that Bunbury has hand-selected, highlighting the times in his singing career.

Families and friends come together to enjoy arts and crafts, cultural and music performances, storytelling, Lion Dancers, bamboo painting, calligraphy, chess, poetry, and more.

Though they hail from the U.K., indie-soul outfit The Heavy have ties to San Jose. The Blank Club hosted one of the band's very first headlining shows on the West Coast. What's more, the group's drummer, Chris Ellul is married to Jen…

Los Altos Stage Company's 21st season opens with arguably one of the most controversial Broadway musicals ever written, with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and book by John Weidman. Winner of five Tony Awards, Assassins weaves…

Complementing their traditional German fare during Oktoberfest at Teske's Germania in downtown San Jose will be a series of weekend performances on select Fridays and Saturday featuring music by The Gruber Family Band and Teske's…


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Tickets to Odysseo by Cavalia

Win tickets to Odysseo: The Equestrian Spectacular on Friday, September 30. Drawing September 28.

$100 to Scott's Seafood

Win $100 dining certificate to Scott's Seafood in downtown San Jose. Drawing October 3.

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Music & Clubs

Dolly Parton: Lifelong Entertainer at Shoreline

BLONDE AMBITION: Dolly Parton has been a country music and entertainment icon for more than 50 years.

In the ever expanding pantheon of country music, there are several performers that could genuinely be called living legends. Dolly Parton is one such individual. She has transcended the confines of her genre, making her presence known across the entertainment spectrum. For more than 50 years now, the beloved icon has touched… » Read More

Hit List: Best Music, Art & Culture Sep 21-27

HALIFAX PEERS: Canadian indie band Sloan have been together for 25 years. They play the Ritz in San Jose.

Canadian indie rock veterans Sloan are celebrating 35 years as a band and two decades since their acclaimed album “One Chord Over Another,” which they’ll play in its entirety at The Ritz tonight. Imagine if J. Dilla had been limited to all P. Funk and Earth Wind & Fire samples and you’re… » Read More

Cellista’s Love Letter: ‘Finding San Jose’

LOCAL LOOPS: Cellista’s new album, ‘Finding San José’ features a collage of sounds, from piano and cello to field recordings. Photo by Yellow Bubbles Photography.

It’s not easy being part of San Jose’s art community. So it’s heartening when a prolific, multi-faceted and successful artist not only embraces, but pays tribute to, the “capital of Silicon Valley,” its art community and its landmarks, as local musician Cellista does on her new album, Finding San José. Cellista, a.k.a.… » Read More


Review: 'Snowden'

Oliver Stone's over-emphatic style can be alienating, particularly when he's over-explaining things that don't need explaining, while glossing over the more interesting details. Whether it was fair or not, W. had juice. Snowden is more of a generic hero's struggle that ends upbeat, with the title whistleblower (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) receiving hugs and applause. Edward Snowden was an employee of the CIA and the NSA (one good anti-joke here: it stands for "No Such Agency"). At these organizations, and later as a private contractor serving them, Snowden discovered that the government's data collection program was far more universal than the Obama administration claimed. Snowden finally went public with documents explaining how the massive » Read More

Review: 'Magnificent Seven'

Oversized without being big-hearted, The Magnificent Seven has an acceptably interesting gun battle finale. But it removes the element of desperation from the story of the hired defenders of a small Western frontier town. In the latest iteration of this story, they're reduced to a band of fun-loving, wise-cracking mercenaries, just here to have a good time. The hamlet of Rose Creek is ravaged by the Sacramento land baron Bogue (Peter Sarsgaard, thwarted, glum and just plain weird). Chisholm (Denzel Washington) a warrant officer-read: bounty hunter-is recruited by a frontier lady Emma (Haley Bennett) to round up a gang of gunmen. The warriors include Byung-Hun Lee in the James Coburn part as a knife-man, and the First Nation actor Martin » Read More

The Arts

Broadway San Jose's Fantastic 'Phantom'

Cue the synths, smoke machines and the magic chandelier. Broadway San Jose opens its 2016-17 season with the newest touring production of The Phantom of the Opera. Scaled for the Center for Performing Arts, it still incorporates all the beloved features of the hugely popular Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. As this Phantom opens, the stage is covered by a giant smoky scrim, behind which an auction of old theater props is taking place. The auctioneer is selling off various items ... when he comes to Lot 666, an old, rusted chandelier. As he explains its connection to the strange events surrounding the phantom of the opera, the chandelier flickers to life, illuminated by the "new" electricity. The hulking candelabra quakes and sparks fly, as the » Read More

Comedian Craig Robinson Gets Serious

The stars! They're just like us. And just as Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally satiate our need to see a fully functional-if mundanely so-Hollywood relationship, Craig Robinson is a lot like most of us in another way: Dude watches a lot of streaming media. "I've been watching a lot of Narcos and House of Cards," says Robinson, who first broke out big on NBC's The Office, and has also starred in films such as Hot Tub Time Machine. "It's hard to believe that's it's not actually happening-that they are just acting," Robinson says of actors Kevin Spacey and Wagner Moura. "That's the level I want to get to." » Read More

Review: Cavalia's 'Odysseo'

For milennia, humans and horses have shared a special bond. A new production from the Quebec-based Cavalia aims to tell story of mankind's long and complex relationship to these majestic creatures. Odysseo, the touring program from the Canadian equestrian and acrobatic performance troupe, premiered in 2011 and this week made its debut in San Jose. The $30 million production is bigger than its previous entertainment, with over 100 tour buses, 65 horses and 48 performers, including riders, acrobats and musicians. Artistic director and creator Normand Latourelle says Odysseo is a show unlike any other. "I think it's the best show that people can witness, ever," Latourelle says. » Read More

Features & Columns

Supersizing the Moon

Amnesia is baked into our economy's dependence on planned obsolescence. Once last year's suite of electronic devices makes one trip around the sun, a new fleet of shinier gizmos is ushered in. As the years go by, information gets trapped by the medium that was previously in vogue. VCRs break down, CD players fade into obscurity, and those little ear buds with the white cord no longer plug into your handset. VHS tapes and compact discs become artifacts housed in the basement archives of museums. This can happen even when the information is of monumental historical significance. The single most titanic deed of the 1960s-the first human landing on the Moon, followed by the safe retrieval of the voyagers-was counterpointed later by » Read More

Electronica Trailblazer Don Buchla Leaves Legacy of Sound

Don Buchla, the legendary modular synthesizer pioneer, passed away last week at the age of 79. Anyone currently playing a synthesizer, tweaking electronics for sound generation or making any sort of modern-day electronic keyboard music has Buchla to thank, at least partly. While Bob Moog was the first one to officially release a modular synthesizer as a commercial product, Buchla was probably the first one to envision modules with the intention of assembling them together into a live performance instrument. As an engineer and a musician, Buchla was a daring, ornery innovator with a keen sense of what avant-garde musicians, composers and performers might want. His modular electronic music systems forever changed the way sound is created and » Read More

Cannabinoids Save the Day

The first time I smoked pot was in Eric Schroeder's garage in Fullerton, 1969. The high was different than now. Much more visceral. Fast forward 10 years. Sonoma State. Consuming the occasional edible. Getting a little uncomfortable. Forgetting I had graduated and attended another two years. I'm free to go? Fast forward 10 or 20 years. Pot definitely changed. Consuming pot had become an ordeal. Who the hell kidnapped the jovial Panama Red? This was knife-wielding-son-of-Chucky-with-spooky-soundtrack pot. Paranoia. So I joined a country club and started drinking beer. In 2008, my breathing faltered, and my words were getting choked off, like in the movies where someone is being strangled. Ak, lek argghh. You're cho-choking me. Fortunately, » Read More

Car and Driverless: Rollout of Autonomous Vehicles Presents Existential Questions

After touring an exhibition put on by Yanfeng, the world's largest auto interior company, I hailed an Uber driver who happened to be on his first day of work. Six fares in and loving it, he sparked up the customary chit-chat, asking what I'd been doing. I stuttered. I didn't want to deflate his excitement. I'd just seen the future, and it didn't include him. Yanfeng's showroom prototype sported a soon-to-be omnipresent feature that will replace virtually any vehicle service that requires an actual driver. But, more cheerily, it'll also reduce traffic, pollution and death, plus save trillions of dollars. The revolutionary feature? A steering wheel that nestles into the dash during autonomous mode. » Read More

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