Vic Ruggiero Of The Slackers Playing Cafe Stritch this Week

Fifteen years into his solo career Vic Ruggiero is still finding ways to keep his material fresh. Read More

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The Moody Blues have sold 55 million records worldwide. They dominated the '70s and '80s with their progressive pop-rock, blending elements of classical music with early synths and spacious percussion.

In case you haven't already guessed, Kepi Ghoulie is most famous for his stint with the Ghoulies, which he founded in 1983. Even though the group broke up years ago, he still continues as a solo artist, delivering some of the best…

Being a rock star may be great, but becoming a rock star is a slog. You schlep yourself and your bandmates in a dirty van to seedy venues that pay too little in the hope that someone important will notice.

In country today, there are too many fresh faces singing obnoxiously twangy tunes that are as authentic as biscuits and gravy at I-Hop. Merle Haggard is not like them. The flag-bearer for outlaw country met hardship as soon as he…

April Macie is a stand-up comedian, television personality, writer and actress. Her first claim to fame was winning Howard Stern's "Funniest, Hottest Comedienne" contest and her appearance on the fourth season of NBC's reality series,…

The art walk is self-guided evening tour through galleries, museums, and independent creative businesses featuring exhibitions and special performances.

Black and Brown Vintage and Modern clothing store presents a Spring Fashion Show in celebration of their 10-year anniversary.

Muziki Roberson is a talented and innovative jazz pianist and composer who has spent the last twenty years thriving in some of the most challenging and creative environments of the San Francisco Bay Area jazz scene.


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$100 to Ladera Grill in Morgan Hill

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Win a $100 dining certificate to Steins Beer Garden in Mountain View. Drawing May 26.

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Music & Clubs

Vic Ruggiero Of The Slackers Playing Cafe Stritch

Fifteen years into his solo career Vic Ruggiero is still finding ways to keep his material fresh

Sometimes things just click. And sometimes it takes a while. “I wrote a song back in 2000,” Bronx-born singer and songwriter Vic Ruggiero says. “I’m telling you—I was on stage last year and it was the first time I ever understood one of the lyrics I wrote.” Such a breakthrough explains Ruggiero’s focus… » Read More

The English Language Playing Caravan Lounge: First San Jose Show Since Moving To Portland

Native Tongues: Founded locally, The English Language moved to Portland for cheaper rents.

Kyle Langlois is ecstatic. “We’re at this record-breaking concert thing,” he says, raising his voice to speak over the boisterous discussion going on around him. “We just finished playing. Now we’re taking pictures with a wooden fish.” He is talking on his cell phone from Chico, where he and the rest of… » Read More

Motown On Mondays Moving To Continental

Motown On Mondays is moving from 55 South (pictured) to The Continental. Photo by Brian Kirksey.

Motown On Mondays is moving to The Continental, Bar, Lounge and Patio, with it’s first weekly party scheduled for Monday, May 11. The the future location of the popular Monday-night party had uncertain—or at least officially uncertain—since the local DJ crew behind the local MOM branch, the MOM SJ Players, abruptly announced it would… » Read More


Review: 'Ex Machina'

The latin phrase "deus ex machina" describes a theatrical device in which an actor in the role of God appears on stage to neatly wrap things up. It's artistically primitive, but it still exists in evangelist Christian films. Alex Garland's science fiction film Ex Machina-a masterpiece if ever I've seen one-seemingly clips the God from the equation in depicting a bad demiurge of a high-tech tycoon. » Read More

Review: 'The Water Diviner'

Essentially bad, but certainly engrossing, like an unusually well-researched supermarket novel, Russell Crowe's feature-film directorial debut is full of visual scope and rich color. Shortly after the end of the Great War, in 1919, Connor (Crowe) is an Australian farmer from Victoria state who has the gift to witch out water. After he is widowed, Connor decides to use his penchant for finding things hidden underground to discover the final resting place of his three sons-killed in Turkey at the battle of Gallipoli. » Read More

The Arts

'Brian Wall: Squaring the Circle,' Features Recent Work from Sculptor

More than any other media, sculpture has undergone a transformation from striving for the most realistic representation (statues and busts) to virtually whatever an artist can put together in three dimensions, using whatever materials he or she chooses. As a result, Jeff Koons can amass a boat load of flowers, Fred Sandback can stretch yarn from ceiling to floor and Felix Gonzalez-Torres can heap a pile of cough drops in the corner and call it a sculpture. » Read More

Review: 'Once' at the San Jose Center for the Performing Arts

The bittersweet Irish musical Once has, despite its title, charmed audiences in at least two incarnations so far—as an Oscar-winning film, then as a Tony-winning Broadway production. Local fans will get a chance to see the stage version when the national touring company takes up residence in San Jose next week. » Read More

Features & Columns

Behind the Scenes at the Valley's School for Chefs

It's 5 o'clock somewhere—I'm guessing within swimming distance of the Azores. But there are no tropical beaches here and I hear no wine specials in Portuguese. It's about eleven in the morning and I'm quietly enjoying an early happy hour at the International Culinary Center in Campbell. Located in a fairly large, nondescript brown box on the corner of San Tomas Expressway and Hamilton Avenue, the South Bay's premier cooking school shares digs with a Gold's Gym. I couldn't help but smile as I spied the poor saps from the parking lot, doing their leg bends and arm swings behind tinted windows, torturing their bodies while I was about to gulp wine and demolish an assortment of fine meats and cheeses. » Read More

Artist Laureates Program Celebrates its 25th Anniversary

This week, the Artist Laureates program by Silicon Valley Creates will celebrate its 25th anniversary. Professional working artists apply each year for several categories of grants to assist them in their creative work. The program was launched back in the late '80s as the Artist Fellowship Program, when Silicon Valley Creates was known as the Arts Council of Santa Clara County. » Read More

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