Silicon Valley Beer Week 2017

Silicon Valley Beer Week returns to celebrate the best local brewers starting July 21 Read More

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Mon Jul 24

Mission Brewery. Meet the brewery and dinner pairing!

Mon Jul 24

Scott's Seafood in Downtown San Jose has partnered with Santa Clara Valley Brewing Company to celebrate Silicon Valley Beer Week. Join us on Monday, July 24th, 2017 at 6 pm on the rooftop patio for "The Best Of Summer" Beer Dinner.…

Tue Jul 25

Taste the best of summer. Featuring sours, ciders, goses, and other fruit infused beers!

Thu Jul 27

The SJ Muni Summer Music Series is a FREE concert event. We host local band to perform on the patio located just outside our restaurant and bar, which are open during the performances. We also offer a different craft brew served in…

Thu Jul 27

Summertime on the Alameda is a celebration of our community and Bay Area artists. Bring your lunch, listen to some great, varied music, and make a friend! The concert series is held on the front lawn.

Thu Jul 27

Join the fun at Happy Hollow Park & Zoo - free admission and parking for guests ages 50+. Happy Hollow is not just a place for kids! Join our early morning Senior Safari Walkabout. Get some exercise while enjoying the beautiful sights…

Fri Jul 28

Making something with your hands reduces anxiety while stimulating the brain. Treat yourself to a meditation in motion and learn to crochet! Local artist and cat lover Aparna Costa will lead a sweet workshop offering beginner basics.…

Fri Jul 28

Let's Celebrate at the biggest Hot Summer Nights Dance And Networking Extravaganza ever on Friday, July 28th starting at 7:00PM - 1:00AM at David's Restaurant at 5151 Stars & Stripes Dr. in Santa Clara. Last year's Hot Summer Nights…

Sat Jul 29

Every Saturday and Sunday from 12pm-4pm check out what we're building, making, and creating in our Open Studio hours! NUMU's Open Studio offers visitors of all ages a hands-on opportunity to explore, discover and create. Ages 4+, All…

Thru Sat Jul 29

Silicon Valley Beer Week at Faultline Brewing. Beers, Bites & Games!

Thru Aug 18

Wag Hotels is hosting its 6th Annual Summer Day Camp for Dogs from July 17th - August 18th. For 5 weeks, dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds will experience the ultimate summer fun. Each week will highlight a unique summertime theme…


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$25 to Scott's Seafood

Win a $25 dining certificate to Scott's Seafood in San Jose. Drawing August 1.

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Music & Clubs

The Red Fences Celebrate ‘The California Sea’

FENCED IN: The Red Fences play BackBar SoFa this weekend.

San Jose rock band Red Fences will be celebrating their debut full-length album, The California Sea, with a release party. Spearheaded by frontwoman Dana Kelley, the group evokes memories of great female-fronted bands, like Garbage, while also introducing elements totally their own. On “The Joker,” they meld funky, wah-wah chka-chkas and electronic… » Read More

Skate Or Die: ‘King Of The Road’ At The Ritz

THRASHED: Check the latest episode of the 'King of the Road' skateboarding series at The Ritz—a week before it airs.

Corey O’Brien, owner of The Ritz, was a pro skater back in the day—his single-tail Santa Cruz board is displayed at Cinebar. So it makes sense that he would host this super-gnar screening party. The Ritz will show the latest episode of the Viceland show a week before its premiere. The Thrasher-sponsored… » Read More

‘Now Hear This!’ At Montalvo Arts Center

LISTEN CAREFULLY: The Montalvo Arts Center is hosting an exhibit of sound-based art.

This artistic exercise in listening features five site-specific works of sound-based art by distinguished national and local artists. In One Voice, Taraneh Hemami interlinks speaking, lullabies, whispers and shouts within a sculptural installation of tube-like clusters. Sound artist Walter Kitundu invites guests to sit in a handmade rocking chair and listen to… » Read More


Review: 'Dunkirk'

Think of the different battlefronts in World War II. Now choose the one you are the gladdest that you missed. The Golden Staircase in New Guinea? Saipan? The Ruhr cities under the RAF night bombing missions, or the London blitz? That great engineer of cage-rattling cinema, Christopher Nolan convinces you that Dunkirk ought to be way up on the list. On the cusp of May and June 1940, some 400,00 troops of the British Expeditionary Front were pushed to the sea at the resort town of Dunkirk, France, by the sudden collapse of the French army. A character here describes the soldiers, lined up and waiting to be ferried back home, as "fish in a barrel." It's more like the machine-gunning of a sardine can. Strafing planes and dive bombers decimated » Read More

San Francisco Jewish Film Festival

The Jewish faith has its share of patriarchs. But even though latter-day thunderers such as Karl Marx and Fritz Lang have biopics in the South Bay division of the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, there are plenty of matriarchs during the five-day, 28-film stand.Big Sonia by Leah Warshawski and Todd Soliday concerns a Kansas City tailor, still working into her nineties, who uses her spare time to testify to students about her own time as an alumnus of three different Nazi death camps.A Classy Broad is about the film producer Marcia Nasatir, a Texan who went to Hollywood, where she rose as a talented script-reader. » Read More

The Arts

Review: 'Lizzie'

City Lights Theater Company's summer production is a fun, frightening and raucous musical retelling of one of America's most infamous murder cases. Lizzie follows the life and (alleged) crimes of Lizzie Borden. Most known to the world through a grisly nursery rhyme, Borden famously went on trial for the murder of her parents in 1892, after their bodies had been found axed to death. Some say it was for revenge, others money and still others point the finger in different directions. And although Lizzie was eventually acquitted of the murders, her story still haunts American culture. The show opens on a sparely furnished, almost bare, Victorian room. The walls are covered in picture frames. The largest two hold digital pictures of Lizzie's » Read More

Chasing the Dream

When Tabitha Soren accompanied her husband, Michael Lewis, author of Moneyball, to the Oakland A's spring training camp, it was a stroke of luck that the she brought her camera along. There, the former MTV reporter met the team's 2002 minor league draft picks-21 young men whose lives she would follow for the next 14 years. "When I met them, they were so full of hope and purpose that I felt like I wanted to capture that emotion on film," Soren recalls. While screaming fans and big money saturate the narrative of Major League Baseball's superstars, the 180 photographs in Soren's exhibit-titled "Fantasy Life"-capture the hidden faces and stories behind our national pastime. » Read More

The House That Freedom Built

Old Jack Daniel's bottles, various rusty motorcycle parts, an abandoned Volkswagen minibus and what appears to be a tiny glass jar full of pills. In and of themselves, these dusty artifacts don't amount to much. However, when illuminated in context, they are imbued with a sense of history and intrigue. Upon learning that all of these items were recovered from the Santa Cruz Mountains property known as the Chateau LibertĂ©, myriad questions arise. For example, did any of those bike parts come off of Sonny Barger's chopper? Did that minibus belong to a Merry Prankster? And those pills-do they contain bathtub speed or are they perhaps tiny mints dosed with LSD? All of this miscellany comprises one of the New Museum Los Gatos' newest shows, » Read More

Features & Columns

Silicon Valley Beer Week 2017

Heinz Jones enjoys the simple things in life, or so it would seem. Maybe it's his red, foot-long beard. One gets the impression the former techie has found the keys to eternal contentment. And yet, as he discusses the genesis of Forager Tasting Room + Eatery, his eyes light up with a glint of ambition. He isn't so content after all. Forager is on a mission to revolutionize the local culinary and sips scene. Compared to other major metropolitan areas like Portland, Seattle and San Diego, San Jose and surrounding cities have relatively few options to find a locally brewed beer. Despite the fact that over a million people live here, San Jose is home to less than 10 of the 120 plus breweries in the Bay Area. And people are thirsty. » Read More

'The Black Prince' and the Last Sikh King

You don't have to be a forcibly exiled maharajah longing for his original country to identify with The Black Prince, a vivid historical film opening this weekend. Written and directed by Kavi Raz and based on the true story of Maharajah Duleep Singh, the last king of Punjab before it was annexed by the British Empire, The Black Prince illuminates a tragic tale often hidden from the mainstream histories of South Asia. In 1843, at the age of 5, Duleep Singh ascended to the throne of Punjab, a.k.a. the Sikh Empire, and even survived an attempt on his life. Over the next few years, the British began to set their sights on Punjab, the last remaining piece of Northern India not under their subjugation. » Read More

Advice Goddess: Will the algorithm find me love?

Most people will tell you they want to be accepted for who they really are-yet those doing online dating rarely post profiles with stuff like "I like long walks on the beach, fine dining, and obscenely large breasts." In light of this, sites using these compatibility "algorithms" would seem to have some added value. However, according to a massive online dating analysis by social psychologist Eli Finkel and his colleagues, this algorithm stuff mainly seems to be a "science!"-flavored marketing ploy. The researchers explain that it's "virtually impossible" for sites to do what they promise with these algorithms: "match people who are uniquely suited to one another" and who are likely to have a "satisfying and lasting long-term relationship" » Read More

Free Will Astrology: Week of July 19, 2017

It's a favorable time to strengthen your fundamentals and stabilize your foundation. I invite you to devote your finest intelligence and grittiest determination to this project. How? Draw deeply from your roots. Tap into the mother lode of inspiration that never fails you. Nurture the web of life that nurtures you. The cosmos will offer you lots of help and inspiration whenever you attend to these practical and sacred matters. Best-case scenario: You will bolster your personal power for many months to come. » Read More

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