Breaking the Internet: 'Killswitch' Screens at Cinequest

Killswitch, which screens at Cinequest, joins the latest crop of documentaries examining the Internet's transformation of our lives and the bigger issues that loom. Read More

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Jimmy Adkins became somebody as the frontman of massive pop-punk band Jimmy Eat World. The angsty, choppy, anthems spoke the woes of turn-of-the-century teens.Their biggest hit, "The Middle," has been the soundtrack for many…

Myth Taverna and Lounge presents Therapy Thursdays with a special DJ each week, mostly featuring local and touring house DJs. No cover at the door and $6 drinks before 11:30pm.

A critically-acclaimed family favorite, which leapt from screen to stage in 1993. Schoolhouse Rock Live continues the tradition of its televised counterpart by bringing youth a healthy heaping of educational, but catchy songs. Gen…

Anthony Jeselnik may look like the polo-wearing son of every Republican presidential candidate, but this deceiving shell hides one the blackest comic minds ever. Jeselnik is a cross-between the slow-paced non-sequiturs of Steven…

In 2015, Bill O'Reilly and Dennis Miller continue their wildly successful U.S. tour but this time around, there are no pinheads allowed! With their unique mix of political commentary and good-natured humor, in addition to the duo's…

Now in its seventh season, The Chocolate Heads are a diverse troupe of performers from multiple genres (e.g., dance, music, design, or spoken word) with multi-cultural artistic perspectives.

Enuff Z'nuff is an American melodic rock band from Blue Island, Illinois. Founded by singer Donnie Vie and bassist Chip Z'Nuff, this Chicago area band is best known for their charting singles "Fly High Michelle" and "New Thing."

Every week, Myth Lounge brings Social Saturdays, a non-stop evening of thumping house music, to downtown San Jose. It tends to pack the place, so be prepared to do a little socializing. The house can get a little loud, but that…

Over 100,000 Watts of sound? Check. State of the art lighting and sound? Check. 21+ VIP sections? Check. Free Water? Check. And, a lineup with enough bass to rattle your organs? Check. Wobbleland is a two-day EDM extravaganza for…

Cinequest, San Jose's annual film festival, brings 188 films with 80 world and U.S. premiers and more than 700 visiting film artists to Silicon Valley. From around the world, short, feature and documentary filmmakers will be competing…


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Music & Clubs

Local ‘Folk Metal’ Shredders, Valensorow, Play O’Malley’s Sports Pub In Mountain View

Great Odin’s Raven: Pairing accordion, flute and mandolin with brutal shredding and double bass, Valensorow’s ‘folk metal’ songs sound like an invading viking army.

According to Valensorow’s lead vocalist, Joseph Scanlan, his band’s last full-length album—the sprawling and ambitious Neptus—took longer to complete than anticipated. Surely the album was held back by the complex arrangements, and the difficulty that comes along with nailing highly technical drum fills and lightning-fast guitar runs. But there was another reason the… » Read More

Barb Rocks Kickstarting Bay Area SXSW Showcase

The Trims are one of five local bands playing SXSW as part of the locally organized Ugly Wale showcase.

Encouraged by the success she had booking two local bands at last year’s South By South West, San Jose-based promoter Barbara Wahli—better known as Barb Rocks—is upping the ante this year, throwing her very own showcase at the yearly music, technology and film festival. She’s calling her showcase Ugly Whale. The name is an homage to her recently… » Read More

Trails And Ways Bring Global Sounds To Stritch

Around the world: The members of the Oakland-based indie quartet Trails and Ways draw influence from all over the world—especially Brazil.

“I wouldn’t say I’ve been a hardcore punk my whole life,” says Keith Brown, guitarist for Oakland’s border-crossing, blog-darling band, Trails and Ways. Before forming Trails and Ways with three other UC Berkeley alums, he had an appreciation for punk—an admission some might not expect from a member of a band now renowned for… » Read More


Cinequest Honors Director John Boorman

The thrilling, dangerous visions of British director John Boorman include some of the most distinctive films of the last half of the 20th century. In Point Blank (1967), the rock-faced Lee Marvin prowls a pop-art California. Boorman's hit Deliverance (1972) is one of the definitive statements of American fantasies of violence. Zardoz (1974) is au courant enough to be the subject of a full-sized Burning Man effigy-there, inside the Playa-clay cranium of Zardoz, a one-couch capacity theater played the 1974 film in an endless loop. » Read More

'50 Shades of Grey'

Let's be clear: 50 Lashes With a Wet Noodle is positively unrapey; director Sam Taylor-Johnson emphasizes the matter that Christian Grey has the consent of the soon to be trussed and flogged Bella Swan, I mean Anastasia Steele. Having rinsed out the ambiguities, Taylor-Johnson has watered the product. 50 Shades of Grey seems to be under the influence of Kurt Vonnegut's "ethical birth control pills": the ones that prevent contraception by making you numb below the waist. » Read More

The Arts

The Computer History Museum marks 25 years of Photoshop with 'Adobefest'

Remember how wildly colorful geometric patterns and crazy fonts were all the rage in early '90s graphic design? Well, according to Bert Monroy, you can place the blame for that questionable aesthetic on one, solitary entity: Adobe Systems. With the introduction of its two game-changing programs-Illustrator and Photoshop-the San Jose-based Adobe Systems was responsible, at least in part, for all those wacky jogging pants you thought were so cool back in the day. » Read More

The Works of Bruce Conner at the SJ Institute of Contemporary Art

In Wichita they shut him down. The faculty just couldn't deal with him. The legendary artist Bruce Conner (1933-2008) barely even spent that much time at the University of Wichita (now Wichita State), but he was there during what now looks like an explosive kick off to a lucrative career upsetting the applecarts of authority. It was in Wichita in the early '50s that Conner and his crew organized provocative exhibitions that were stymied by the stuffed-shirt faculty within 48 hours. » Read More

Features & Columns

Breaking the Internet: 'Killswitch' Screens at Cinequest

We want everything in the whole wide world from the World Wide Web. We want information at our fingertips, and, yet, we want our information kept private. We want to connect openly with friends on social media, and feel that those awful little memories of social embarrassment that keep you awake in the night didn't really matter after all. We want both freedom and safety, and the vast machineries of government spying revealed by Edward Snowden show us that we have neither. » Read More

Cinequest Shorts Program

At Cinequest, the short programs can help launch a director's career and give audiences a glimpse at future mavericks. What's more, those who program the shorts inhabit the cutting edge right here in San Jose. This time around, for the festival's 25th anniversary, a wide smattering of snippets will explode off the screen. Every emotion imaginable will be thrown right in your face, from the extremes of uncomfortable darkness to joyous tear-jerking. » Read More

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