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Rock & roll photographer Jay Blakesberg has spent a his life capturing the light shed by stars Read More

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Thu Oct 11

Mike Olmos has become one the most in demand jazz musicians since his arrival to the San Francisco Bay Area. A versatile trumpet player, Mike has been performing with various bands such as the Marcus Shelby Jazz Orchestra, Lavay Smith…

Thu Oct 11

Stuck in a loveless marriage, bored, pregnant, and facing financial constraints from her new husband Pear Theatre presents Henrik Ibsen's intense Hedda Gabler, with Artistic Director Betsy Kruse Craig in the title role, directed by…

Thu Oct 11-14

Girl, and boy, put your records on at MACLA's Classic Tracks: Migrating Rhythms. Artist Carlos Rolon (whose pseudonym is Dzine) has installed a record player and sound system ready to play your favorite albums. If you happen to be in…

Fri Oct 12

The Satori goth club has been keeping South Bay dance floors weird for 12 years now. The first venue to host the recurring dance night was Club Savoy north of downtown San Jose. From there it moved to the Blank Club and now lives at…

Fri Oct 12

Freshly transplanted to San Francisco Bay Area from Shanghai, China and originally hailing from Virginia and his story is anything but ordinary. Spending the past 6 years based in Shanghai, he is well known as a top call session and…

Sat Oct 13

Whether you're looking for a rare pressing by a favorite artist or just hoping to thumb through crates alongside like-minded vinyl lovers, Streetlight Records' annual Record Swap is the place to be this weekend.

Sat Oct 13

One of the founding fathers of gangsta rap and a West Coast legend, Ice Cube tops the bill of How the West Was Won. Featuring a bevy of '90s hip-hop heavyweights, including Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Too Short and Warren G, it's going to…

Sat Oct 13

Bring your friends & family to this curated marketplace in Santana Row Park (across from Left Bank Brasserie) and shop local artists selling US Handcrafted goods such as jewelry, handbags, ceramics, glassware, soaps, succulents,…

Sat Oct 13-14

The Poetry Center San Jose is taking the weekend to celebrate the city's diverse ethnic and cultural heritage with their fourth annual San Jose Poetry Festival. The two-day event will be split into a day of performances and a day of…

Thru Oct 27

When Charles Dickens gave up the ghost in 1870, he left more than a literary legacy in his wake. He also left an unfinished novel. The Mystery of Edwin Drood tells the story of a suspicious death and the ensuing investigation. But…

Thru Nov 11

Faultline Brewing Company invites you to experience the flavors of Oktoberfest. Featuring our special German-inspired menu available lunch & dinner. And Oktoberfest specialty brews and beer bombs!

Thru Dec 23

New Museum Los Gatos (NUMU) is thrilled to announce the September 2018 opening of an expansive exhibition that takes a deep dive into the long history of the town's high school. The exhibition explores the legacy and legends of LGHS…


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Music & Clubs

‘Punktoberfest’ at Homestead Bowl

PUNK IN PATCH: LA's In Her Own Words headlines Punktoberfest at the X-Bar.

Munich is far away and plane tickets are expensive. Fortunately for local punk rock fans unable to make it out to Deutchland for the world’s largest beer festival, the X-Bar is throwing an Oktoberfest of its own. Punktoberfest boasts two stages and 10 bands, along with $2 PBRs and $2 slices of… » Read More

‘Howl in the Hollow’ at Happy Hollow

HOLLOW 'EEN: Happy Hollow hosts a scare-free Halloween event for the whole family.

Families with young children on the hunt for non-frightening Halloween-themed activities or adults who just really love animals and any excuse to dress up: This event is for you. In addition to Happy Hollow’s typical assortment of animal encounters and amusement park rides, visitors are invited to participate in a costume contest,… » Read More

Kronos Quartet at Bing Concert Hall

TIME CHANGE: Kronos Quartet celebrate the musical heritage of countries on Tr*mp's travel ban.

The Bay Area-based Kronos Quartet is known for its innovative approach to string music. In this concert, Kronos uses its powers to break down barriers by taking aim at Donald Trump’s 2017 executive orders restricting travel from predominantly Muslim-majority countries. Drawing from the musical traditions of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria… » Read More


United Nations Association Film Festival

Unpreviewed is the opening-night film, Poisoning Paradise by Keely Shaye Brosnan, on the subject of the dosing of Kauai with pesticides. The executive producer and director's husband is an actor and organic gardener named Pierce. He's saved the world a few times himself, and he may or may not also be on hand for the festivities. Opening for Poisoning Paradise is Irina Patkanian's short, Little Fiel. The documentary recalls a UN motto taken from Isaiah 2: 3-4, and illustrated by Yevgeny Vuchetich's statue of a man beating a sword into a plowshare. (Note that Vuchetich, having made this famous statue viewed by all who visit the UN headquarters in NYC, also created a monument to the battle of Stalingrad, with Mother Russia wielding the » Read More

Review: 'Mandy'

In the new action-horror flick Mandy, we face the question of how much you can gussy up the kind of movie most people have been watching since they were 10 years old. In 1983, the wary lumberjack Red Miller (Nicolas Cage) returns to the safety of the cabin he shares with his zonked, facially scarred wife, Mandy (Andrea Riseborough, who as in Battle of the Sexes, looks more like a hippie than most of the actual hippies of the hippie years). Here comes a Mansonoid cult run by Brother Jeremiah (Linus Roache) who, like Charlie Manson, severely overestimates his skills as a musician, and has to kill people to make them pay attention to his LP. » Read More

The Arts

Andy Warhol at Stanford

With its latest exhibit, "Contact Warhol: Photography Without End," the Cantor Arts Center has come up with an alternative to binge watching. Instead of spending hours with Queen Elizabeth and her corgis on Netflix's The Crown, you can pore over a newly acquired digital archive of Andy Warhol's photographs online. And just like an evening lost to streaming movies and endless TV series, you never have to leave your house or change out of pajamas to enjoy the approximately 130,000 photographic exposures collected in sets of contact sheets and negatives. » Read More

Dia de los Muertos in San Jose

El Dia de Los Muertos, the traditional Mexican holiday celebrating life by remembering and honoring the dearly departed, will be observed in a variety of ways in San Jose this year. Enjoy tasty Mexican food, cold drinks, live music and cultural activities--like decorating a sugar skull, contributing to community altars and dancing. » Read More

Review: 'Fun Home'

The spotlight shines on a woman standing alone at her desk. Alison (Moira Stone) introduces herself to us from the middle of an empty stage. She's a cartoonist in search of the perfect caption to describe her childhood. One of her panels appears on a projection screen behind her. In it, her father holds her younger self aloft on his knees. She extends her arms out wide to mimic the wings of an airplane. This and other rare moments of father-daughter connection punctuate Fun Home, the musical adaptation of Alison Bechdel's graphic novel. » Read More

Features & Columns

Lens Craft

Blakesberg, 56, is one of the most prominent names among the Bay Area's contributions to the list of the world's greatest rock & roll photographers. In the last decade or more, he estimates he has shot about 2.5 million photos, of which he has kept and archived about 1.5 million as digital files. But to hear him tell the Almost Famous-like story of his earliest years as a rock-loving aspiring photographer is to experience a world that, in today's Instagram-ized iPhony environment, sounds positively antique. Blakesberg was a teenager in the late 1970s in New Jersey. He would regularly sneak cameras into concerts and take performance shots of the rock gods that he idolized, just because he wanted memorabilia for his bedroom. "I had a » Read More

Silicon Alleys: Kronos Quartet Opens Musical Borders with New Show

So last year when Donald Trump decided to implement a travel ban targeting people from specific Muslim-majority countries, the quartet responded by researching, commissioning and now presenting a program of music from those parts of the world. This Saturday, "Music for Change: The Banned Countries," takes place in Stanford's Bing Concert Hall. While the program is not limited to the countries on Trump's original list, music from Egypt, Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Azerbaijan and other countries in or near the Middle East will be emphasized. » Read More

Advice Goddess: Love Me Tinder

In fact, Schultz's research suggests that "novel rewards" may be two to three times more dopamine-elevating than delishy stuff we've previously experienced. This motivational downshift comes out of how dopamine neurons are, in a sense, fortune-teller cells; they predict how rewarding things or situations will be. Dopamine, contrary to what countless books and articles contend, is not a "pleasure chemical." It does not generate a heroin rush-type euphoria. It's stimulating. It drives wanting and seeking, motivating us to explore new stuff that might enhance our ability to pass on our genes. » Read More

Free Will Astrology: Week of October 17, 2018

Humraaz is a word in the Urdu language. Its literal meaning is "secret sharer." It refers to a confidante, a person in whom you have full trust and to whom you can confess your core feelings. Is there such a character in your life? If so, seek him or her out for assistance in probing into the educational mysteries you have waded into. If there is no such helper you can call on, I advise you to do whatever's necessary to attract him or her into your sphere. A collaborative quest may be the key to activating sleeping reserves of your soul wisdom. » Read More

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