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A sample of the digital enhancements given to Microsoft ads at Graeme's Mega$loth Windoze 95 Badge Page.

Microsoft Mutilators on the World Wide Web

You don't have to be a Mac-phile to hate the world's richest man, geekboy (and purported Antichrist) Bill Gates. But judging from this list of anti-Gates sites on the Web, it doesn't hurt....

Graeme's Mega$loth Windoze 95 Badge Page
Clever graphical deconstructions of the Windows "Start" logo

The Official Anti-Microsoft Homepage
All the basic resources for those who are sick and tired of Bill Gates and his ee-vil monopoly

Windows 95 Anti-Hype Home Page"
Just keep telling yourself... It's just an operating system. (The best part of this page is the "updated slogans for Windows 95.)

Windows 95 Annoyances
Even people who use Windows 95 admit that there are problems... and there are PROBLEMS.

Guy Kawasaki's Top 10 Reasons To Buy Windows 95
As formulated by noted Mac partisan Guy Kawasaki

Why Macintosh computers are better than PCs running Windows 95
Apple's own (self-serving) Mr. Bill backlash

Compiled by Trystan Bass

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