Alternative Press Expo Artist Panels

A conversation with Derf, depression as a motivating force,
how to start your own indie and much more...

Derf | Jhonen Vasquez | Alternative Press Expo Artist Panels | Dan Vado | Jimmie Robinson

Art Boutiki: 44 Race St, San Jose | MACLA: 510 S First St, San Jose | Anno Domini: 366 S First St., San Jose

Drink & Draw
Fri, 7pm, Free | Art Boutiki
Prepare for the Alternative Press Expo over drinks and doodles at Art BoutikiÕs monthly Drink & Draw event.

Steve Lafler
Sat, 1pm | MACLA
Cartoonist Steve Lafler talks about his life as an illustrator, his time in Mexico and his new Alternative Comics series, Death in Oaxaca. He will be joined in conversation by Marc Arsenault.

Creative Tabling
Sat, 1pm | Anno Domini
Last yearÕs winners of the Alternative Press ExpoÕs most-creative booth prize will demonstrate how they create a space that attracts customers without breaking the bank or relying too heavily on gimmicks.

Derf Backderf
Sat, 2pm | MACLA
Join the man behind My Friend Dahmer as he discusses the process of turning his graphic works into films.

Jimmie Robinson
Sat, 3pm | MACLA
Depression is often a part of the creative process. Join Oakland-based comics creator Jimmie Robinson in a discussion with Dan Vado of Slave Labor Graphics and the Art Boutiki.

The Ins and Outs of Indies
Sat, 3pm | Anno Domini
Cartoonists Betsy Streeter, Alex Schumacher and Shaenon K. Garrity talk about the lives of independent artists. Learn about the tools they use to reach audiences in this interactive session.

Cartoon Art Museum Spotlight
Sat, 4pm, | MACLA
Andrew Farago, curator of the Cartoon Art Museum, will be joined by cartoonists Wahab Algarmi and Thien Pham to discuss the state of Bay Area comics.

SoFA Street Fair
Sun, 2pm | SoFA District
The music and culture festival will be running all afternoon in the SoFA District. More info on page 28.

Additional Panels
Sun | SoFA District
Check the APE website, alternativepressexpo.com, for last-minute additions.