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'Future' Shock

'Back To The Future' realized: a high tech progress report.

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FUTURESHOCK: Starting in the '80s, the Back to the Future trilogy promised some tantalizing do-dads.

Starting in the '80s, the Back to the Future trilogy promised some tantalizing do-dads. Last year, we passed Marty's arrival date in the sequel—Oct. 26, 2015—and inventors have done a decent job of delivering on some Robert Zemeckis' vision. With one, glaring exception.

The most immortal of the prospective inventions is also the most disappointing realization. These flammable, beyond-douchey transports are nothing more than handless segways. And now, we have to think up a new name if the real deal ever gets invented.

Self-Lacing Nikes
Last year, Nike produced a handful of these iconic high-tops and plans to make more. Not only are they objectively dope, but they also fill a crucial need for the elderly and disabled and have been auctioned off to raise money for Michael J. Fox's Foundation to fight Parkinson's disease.

Flying Cars
Slovakian futurists AeroMobil have created an awe-inspiring prototype that overcomes pesky gravity. Their third generation can drive on city streets, then, once its wings unfold and its backing propeller gets whirring, it can ascend into the sky. No word yet on its time traveling capabilities, but there's always the fourth generation.

3D Entertainment
Though Jaws 19 hasn't come out, 3D projection technology is pretty solid. James Cameron's Avatar was so realistic that it gave people a new form of depression because they couldn't live on Pandora.

Motion Controlled Games
These came true, but have been flailing since their debut as developers overlooked one of the most appealing aspects about playing video games—getting to sit down and barely move.

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