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Winter Arts 2016

Local artists, playwrights, filmmakers and authors are stretching their creative muscles.

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FUTURISTIC FOOTWORK: Jose Manuel Carrenño, artistic director of Silicon Valley Ballet, is calling the shots and pulling out the stops with a series of ultra-modern dance programs this winter and spring.

In Silicon Valley, innovation is part of our DNA. That goes for the latest unicorn startup, as well as the neighborhood black-box theater. In the coming months, as temperatures rise and flowers bloom, artists all over the South Bay will try new things. Jose Manuel Carreño, Silicon Valley Ballet's artistic director, debuts Director's Choice—a suite of bleeding-edge ballet and modern dance pieces. Playwright and filmmaker Luis Valdez (Zoot Suit, La Bamba) holds the world premiere of his new play, Valley of the Heart, at The Stage in San Jose. And the Cinequest film festival celebrates 26 years of cinephilia by honoring Palo Alto's own James Franco. These exciting events are just three of the many local cultural offerings you'll find in this roundup.—Nick Veronin