Bars & Clubs 2011


Cardiff WE HAVE LIFTOFF Late at night, patrons at the Cardiff Lounge engage in ritualistic feats of strength. Photograph by Felpe Buitrago


1875 S. Bascom Ave., Campbell; 408.371.4404. Located in the Pruneyard, Boswell's draws on pre- and post-movie crowds and shoppers in need of after-consumption relaxation. Local bands play most nights of the week.


1710 W. Campbell Ave., in the Kirkwood Plaza, Campbell; 408.374.5777. Cavernous and retro, Cardiff has made itself into the center of electronic-music culture in the South Bay.

Cardiff Lounge

260 E. Campbell Ave., Campbell; 408.374.7477

Coach's Sports Bar & Grill

2240 S. Winchester Blvd., Campbell; 408.379.2654

Court's Lounge

2425 S. Bascom Ave., Campbell; 408.559.9880. Court's provides the solid basics from dart tournaments to a jukebox.


331 W. Hacienda Ave., Campbell; 408.374.3400. The sing-alongs take place Tuesday-Saturday; no dancing though. Open with breakfast for early birds.

The Garrett

1777 S. Bascom Ave., Campbell; 408.559.7930. Now in its 40th year, the Garrett features a jukebox and family-oriented community nights.

Grand Dell Saloon

1040 Dell Avenue, Campbell; 408.378.3970. The emphasis is on the blues on the weekends.

Katie Blooms

369 E. Campbell Ave., Campbell; 408.379.9687. An Irish pub of long standing.


300 Orchard City Drive, Campbell; 408.379.6340. A good spot for Sharks fans during the season; Tuesdays are dedicated to trivia buffs.

Off the Hook

2369 S. Winchester Blvd., Campbell; 408.374.3257

Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery

1875 S. Bascom Ave., in the Pruneyard, Campbell; 408.377.0707. A brew pub with an expansive patio.

Sonoma Chicken Coop

200 E. Campbell Ave., Campbell; 408.866.2699

The Spot

201 Orchard City Dr., Campbell; 408.871.2200

Tessora's Barra di Vino

1875 S. Bascom Ave., Campbell; 408.626.7711. Blues and jazz are featured on the weekends at the wine bar in the Pruneyard.