Silicon Valley Bars and Clubs 2015

As the long days of summer bleed into even longer, warmer nights, the time is ripe for exploring the urban landscape, for leaving the familiar behind and striking out in search of something new. And having a drink.

The comfort of a corner booth at the neighborhood bar works on quieter occasions, while a night on the town may call for a specialty cocktail—perfected by eyedropper measurements. There are times when some volume is in order, and the drinks are measured in pitchers instead of pinches.

Now... About finding the right spot. Never fear. We've got you covered. This is a newspaper, after all—we drink. This is our 30th lap around the valley's licensed establishments, and we've seen many changes. In that time, our collective tastes have gone from things like Fuzzy Navels and Slippery Nipples to craft cocktails made with small batch rye, to IPAs and locally brewed Belgian-style ales and to innumerable varietals from viticultural areas that didn't exist back in the early big hair years of the personal computer revolution. Yes, the valley is drinking much better these days.

And just for kicks (and to attract potential hookups) we brought along our trusty Jaeger-bomb sniffing pup, Maverick. With this Lassie of libations by our side, we bring you the very best sports bars, dives, music venues, nightclubs, high-end cocktail houses and microbreweries the Silicon Valley has to offer.

So, sit back, relax, and have a drink, while making plans for this weekend and the next. There is a whole lot of summer left. Don't spend it all in one place.

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