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Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Kids

holiday gift guide

The holidays are designed mostly to please children. The compendious Hicklebees in Willow Glen carries a number of appealing toys, from a very soft plush owl ($18.95) to a fearsome T-Rex stage puppet by Fokmanis ($25.99), complete with plastic teeth and glass eyes, the better to scare the wits out of younger siblings.

Much more soothing is the Twilight Turtle, from whose shell emanate thin illuminated beams that make a night-sky pattern on a child's bedroom ceiling to "ease the fear of night" (or occupy the idle hours of insomniacal parents); mid-$30s, at the Butter Paddle in Los Gatos.

For the littlest addition to the family, nothing says hometown pride like the I SJ onesie from the Usuals boutique on The Alameda ($18). It might even console a rink-deprived NHL fan to know that major-league hockey will surely resume before junior outgrows the garment.