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Over the Top

Last night, I read Gary Singh's article on Dennis Erectus (Silicon Alleys, June 20). I remember the Golden Age of FM radio very well. Those were my college days. There was a lot of creativity back then. It's sad that the corporate monsters have so tightly controlled every thing. These days, there appears to be a plethora of vapid, bland stuff on the airwaves. We now have an overkill of mass-produced stuff in pop culture. There is precious little in originality or uniqueness.

Dennis Erectus was unique, to say the least. Guys like Dennis have been squeezed out by catchy, fast-buck, use-once-and-throw-away types. I grieve the loss of Dennis the same way I grieved the loss of Hunter S. Thompson. You can't replace dudes like that. When they were made, the molds were broken. By the way, not all '70s hippies were mellow. I was a '70s hippy with an irreverent sense of humor. With that in mind, you should be able to appreciate why I have an avowed taste for the obnoxious over-the-top rants from Erectus. I have a lot of fond memories of my younger days with KOME as the background music. With that in mind I think we are long overdue for another cool radio station like KOME.

Ken Stout | Santa Cruz

Water Wars

In response to the informative article ("Delta Dawn," SVNews, July 4). In my opinion, Southern California shouldn't get any more water from anywhere else until there is a moratorium on lawns for new houses. There is almost no effort to conserve water there. I was born in SoCal, and as far back as the early '70s, I was troubled by the waste. L.A. has plenty of water already, and it is cheap. People worry about gas prices and electric bills, but no one worries about their water bill, so conservation is practically nil, both at the personal and public level (though I do meet a few mindful people there). When you fly over the L.A. apocoplex, you can't ignore the tens of thousands of unused pools evaporating away and the water-hungry perfect lawns.

We've seen Chinatown (the movie), history is repeating.

Tim Ziesmer | Graton

Death to Critics

Whoever the lame [word missing; we're guessing "idiot" or "loser" maybe] that wrote the review for "Love and a .45" (DVD Reviews, Oct. 8, 2008) needs to be taken out and shot like a broken-leg horse!!!!!! [Exclamation points not edited for space reasons.]

James Farnham