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Letters to the Editor


Please tell me you were playing a prank on your readers" ("Modern Whirl," Letters, Dec. 5). I had to check the calendar to make sure it wasn't April Fools Day.

Much as I would love to remain in denial that one of your "white, male" readers would get so defensive about Tom Tomorrow's brilliant wit, I must concede that these backward views on race and sex still exist. Please, Mr. Stout, get out from your unnecessary defensive shield and understand that this country/world is still controlled by white males and their many unwitting enablers. Look at the faces of those in control in the dominant culture to understand where change is needed.

If you are an inclusive human being, that will be noted and understood by those working hard for equality and toward a more inclusive world. There is no need to convince anyone as your actions speak the loudest. The destructive policies of inequality from racism, sexism and classism stem from the power relationships in this country/world. Come join us in doing the hard work to overcome these dynamics and save us the misguided self-promotion.

Mary Moore | Camp Meeker

The Real Issue

It's not so much of a gun problem but a mental health issue ("Let's Talk About Guns in America," San Jose Inside, Dec. 19). People are generally looked down upon for seeking help. We need to change that attitude. Seeking help for problems is a sign of strength, not weakness.

Sophia Cuevas | From metrofb.com

No Ban Fan

Yes, lets ban guns. And then we can ban knives, and then martial arts along with any other form of self-defense—all the while our military and police force stay fully armed. Great idea.

Mike Perry | From metrofb.com

Cause and Effect

I bet we could correlate the increase in gun violence with the decrease in mental health facilities we have seen in the years since Reagan closed a ton of them.

Chris Liberti | From metrofb.com