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Be Cool

Reading your Jan. 30-Feb. 5 edition, I was blown away by the radical letters from John Galt, J.B. Grant and Moss Henry. Obviously these people don't like the government or President Obama. (I like the president, but I don't like the war we're in.)

Galt says Obama is giving away our country. False. J.B. Grant takes the Ron Paul copout that violence overseas brings violence here—jive! Moss Henry: whistleblowers, torture ... please!

Are you guys men or are you babies? You remind me of a bunch of Republicans. Raids on pot clubs, the war in Afghanistan—those things I could complain about, but this other stuff is nonsense. I like Obama. He is cool. Metro is cool. You other guys are crybabies, radicals and malcontents.

Grow up, people. Would you rather have Romney running the country? I think not.

Daniel Garcia | Gilroy

Charity Numbers

If the mission includes charitable activity, there's damn little going in that direction: "56 percent, on compensation, benefits and taxes for the 27 people it employed" and "25 percent of its budget for 'research services.'" ("Inside the WPUSA Money Machine," Jan. 30, SanJoseInside.)

Those fellows dressed in white suits in front of Safeway likely tally a higher percentage going to charity!

Greg Howe | San Jose


Hmmm ... $25 million seems a lot for a "think tank" that has only generated a handful of reports during its lifetime.

WPUSA needs to open its books and show what it's been doing. Looks like Packard, Silicon Valley Community Foundation, Marguerite Casey and others have been pretty lax in monitoring how their funds are spent.

Lily Sereno | San Jose

Thanks, We Think ...

I love your real news for People to Read and have joy then ...

Steven Ayala | Gilroy