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My Resume

Thank you, Mr. Allen, for helping me understand how to think like a consultant. For any political candidates looking for a spin doctor, consider this my resume ("Allen Wrench," The Fly, May 1).

Outside of being a criminal and having a degenerate personality, George Shirakawa Jr. was a conscientious and progressive elected leader.

Other than when he has something to hide, Chuck Reed is a committed proponent of transparent government.

Except when he's cashing his disability check each month, Pete Constant is opposed to defined benefit pension programs.

When able to break away from her obsession with all things Vietnamese, Madison Nguyen is an unbiased servant of people of all races.

Despite her efforts to help a criminal keep his Board of Supervisor's seat, Cindy Chavez believes honesty and accountability are must-haves for anyone sitting on the board.

Not counting the hours he spent leashed and on all fours in the city manager's office, former police chief Chris Moore was a fiercely independent leader. If you don't include news that contradicts its political platform, the San Jose Mercury is determined to keep the public informed.

When not caught in the headlights, Nora Campos consistently evidences a measurable degree of brain activity.

Besides standing mute to the horrific environmental damage caused by illegal aliens and the homeless, the Sierra Club is an aggressive and vocal defender of the environment.

How'd I do?

Frustrated Finfan | San Jose

Pols Amuck

The idea of these so called "progressives-and-conservatives-gone-wild" is giving me a bad mental picture of Chuck Reed flashing people.

R. Gomez, San Jose | San Jose