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January 7 - 14, 2009

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Letters to the Editor

Another Republican for Obama

CONGRATS to reporter Paul Wagner and photographer Curtis Cartier on the story about me in the Dec. 24 issue ("Gotta Give It Up," Cover Story). One further point: It's true I am a lifelong Republican and did give money to John McCain early on. But after McCain essentially turned from his traditional independence into being a pawn for Karl Rove and company, I switched my allegiance to President-elect Barack Obama. I'm glad Obama won, and I know I join tens of thousands of centrist Republicans who feel the same way. We wish him well and will support his efforts to reform our financial system (among other things). Capitalism only works when there are tough, sensible rules to play by.

 Rowland Rebele,
Rio del Mar


To DeCinzo, Bravo

LETTERS complaining of Metro Santa Cruz cartoons are common to the point of sadness, but the Dec. 24 This Modern World strip by Tom Tomorrow providing a "Year in Review" seemed to have neglected this December note: "Metro SC cartoon section provided an entire month of one-note samba slams by Tom Tomorrow against hapless conservatives--the local politically correct pinatas. That sheltered local thin-skinned lefties from the occasionally unpredictable and brilliant renderings of DeCinzo. To DeCinzo, Bravo!!!!"

Name withheld,
Santa Cruz

Quiet, Please

THE CITY of Santa Cruz and the county of Santa Cruz consistently violate their own noise abatement ordinances under the guise of "garbage" collection, street "cleaning," etc., using big, ugly, expensive, noisy and polluting vehicles. It was with understanding and sympathy that I read Larry Peterson's letter ("A Modest Proposal," Dec. 24): I lived near Maple and Cedar streets for nine months, where six days a week I was awakened in the very early morning hours by trash trucks as they made their pick-ups. Additionally, contractors, construction crews, gardeners (with their leaf blowers), Harleys, boom boxes, etc., are all violators.

I am not sure about the connection between clean or dirty streets and underwear. You'd think the common corn broom was extinct; a small group of street sweepers like other civilized cities would suffice (and be hundreds of times less expensive). Noise abatement for the city of Santa Cruz can be contacted at 831.420.5100.

George Oswald,
Santa Cruz

Priorities, Please

HOW IS IT that in this time of budget crisis, the Santa Cruz police are able to afford to have an officer posing as a 13-year-old girl on the Internet? Why are we attracting criminals from out of town? Shouldn't we concentrate on local crime only? Maybe the police budget needs some cutting.

Brian Clarke,
Santa Cruz

More Clowns, Please

CHEERS to the delightful article about the unique calendar project showcasing clowns ("Happy Nude Year," Gift Guide, Nov. 26). We humans are blessed to have other humans being all forms of clowns. I still proudly have a pin button declaring: "Don't bug me, I've got Mad Clown Disease."

Glory be to the reality of laughter, comedy, spoofing, clowning to spur our spirits to survive and thrive through sadness, fears, errors, misfortune. Indeed, for many Californians Prop. 8 was a misfortunate, ill-conceived social error. The aftershocks to that proposal will continue until that stabbing crack in our state constitution is compassionately and rightly healed through more tears and laughter.

We crazy humans need to further evolve beyond prejudice/prejudging other humans, as heterosexuals on this planet continue perpetual adultery, massive divorce, wife-beating, molestation, incest. So-called "traditional marriage"? For centuries this means women being kept pregnant, subservient, beaten, raped, killed.

Our recent social issue endeavor is a matter of separation of church and state. As religious conflict has been the ruination of societies, I "pray" Prop. 8 will be vilified, struck out by our court system.

Alene Smith,
Santa Cruz

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