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January 28 - February 4, 2009

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Letters to the Editor

The Corporate-Car Connection

ALTHOUGH I support Mr. Posner's and People Power's effort to change our mode of transportation, our "socioeconomic problems" go far deeper than transportation problems. He apparently supports rail transportation, which might be a positive step, but has he considered a Personal Rapid Transit System, a sort of monorail system that takes little ground space, is much quieter than rail and doesn't pollute the air in neighborhoods?

I live quite near Highway 1 and my concern is with noise and air pollution, which both directly affect my well-being. I have been dealing with SCCRTC and CalTrans officials for quite some time and have more or less run into a wall of bureaucratic intransigence. Incidentally, in one conversation I had with an official at CalTrans, rather than address my issues, he attempted to divert the conversation by suggesting that I ride a bike, as if that would solve all my problems, and then he tried to buy me off by offering me a job.

While Mr. Posner decries "the interests of large non-local (road construction) corporations" he seems to forget that we live in a corporacratic "socioeconomic" society and most of us are all victimized in many ways. Our landholding system deserves a long, hard look, for one item.

I do not believe that "Arbeit Macht Frei" (English translation: Work Makes Free), as the sign over one of the Nazi death camps read. There is more than enough to go around so that none of us need work more than a few years of our lives. Keep up the good work, Mr. Posner, but please don't ignore the "socioeconomic" realities that force people into automobiles in the first place.

Also, may I add, dear Editor, I, too, would like to see the return of DeCinzo.

Don Dibble,
Santa Cruz


Don't Miss Him

SUPERFICIAL treatment of complex issues. Ad hominem attacks from the bully pulpit. Sophomoric humor trying to pass for "edge." I for one do not miss the DeCinzo cartoons.

J. Blanding,
Ben Lomond

No More Mr. Mean Guy

THANK YOU greatly for removing DeCinzo and replacing him with the much more talented Tom Tomorrow. One thing this world doesn't need more of is mean-spirited people, and if there was one consistent theme that ran through every DeCinzo cartoon, it was mean-spiritedness. His crass cartoons reflected a general dislike of just about everyone and everything. It is possible to create a political satire cartoon that does not resort to maliciousness, as is evidenced by the work of Tom Tomorrow. The cartoons of Tom Tomorrow are quality work that reflect insight, intelligence, and artistic skill. 

Ralph Rhodes,

A Santa Cruz Treasure

ENOUGH already. So maybe he was over the top. Maybe not. But we, the so-full-of-ourselves Santa Cruzans, need him to keep us on our toes--and why else read Metro Santa Cruz? Steve DeCinzo is a brilliant political cartoonist with a grasp of irony and hypocrisy that gave me a weekly jolt until you fired him. I don't always like his viewpoint, but I appreciate his insight. And he's a Santa Cruz treasure.

Nancy Abbey,
Live Oak

I'm A Tape Man

I WANTED to let you know how much I loved the recent article by Gabe Meline called "I Still Make Tapes" (Arts, Dec. 24)! It was so cool to realize there is a kindred spirit out there who still does that; I truly thought I was the only one. I love making tapes and even labeling them like Gabe mentioned. And I had a tape player installed in my car so I could listen to them in there. Please pass these comments along to the author and let him know I'd love to trade "making tapes" stories anytime. Thank you!

Brian Royalty,
Santa Rosa

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