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February 7-14, 2007

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Letters to the Editor


RE "IRAQ AND DIANNE" (Cover Story, Jan. 31): I am glad to see Peter Byrne unleashed once again on a hunt for evidence of graft and corruption continually squashed by larger papers and most other media far less courageous in the San Francisco Bay Area.

He has yet again done a superb job here, and frankly, we all need to call for the senator's removal, before press coverage across the country forces us to act--if we actually care and know how to remove officials using the system for familial personal gain, as he well proves.

Janet Campbell, San Francisco


ANY IN CONGRESS who have a conflict of interest, questionable behavior, or an ethical problem, should be dismissed from any committee that is related to that problem. Senator Feinstein is only one example. There are probably others with similar problems. The umbilical cord to special interests must be severed. We must elect people who are public servants and not corrupt politicians.

Joseph Rizzuto, Los Gatos


AS POGO SO APTLY observed, "We have met the enemy--and it is us!" That is, for voting Feinstein into office, election after election. Some people in California worry about illegal aliens pouring across the border from Mexico. I worry far more about insidious parasites like Feinstein who milk the public purse for all its worth while proclaiming loudly about how she's looking out for us. Yikes!

Michael Stubblefield, Oxnard


CONGRATULATIONS TO Peter Byrne on the interesting and comprehensive article about Sen. Feinstein. This most illuminating story regarding "a public servant" deserves recognition and further publication!

Bill Yoes, Abilene, Texas


RE "THE IRON WALL" (News&Views, Jan. 31): Thank you for daring to sustain a dialogue about the Israelis and the Palestinians. There is no single side to any issue; there are only humans beings who struggle and suffer.

    "The Middle East"

    My brothers and sisters in Israel
    Die in horrendous attacks,
    Fear for their children,
    Build walls to keep the enemy out.

    My brothers and sisters in Palestine
    Die in retaliatory blasts,
    Live in degrading squalor,
    Suffer the indignity of non-recognition.

    My brothers and sisters in the world
    Die in their hearts, a little each day,
    Confronting endless hopelessness,
    In the face of stagnation that leads to death.

Arleen Lorrance, Scottsdale, Ariz.


RE LETTER by Stev Kona (Letters, Jan. 24): Yes, homelessness is a holocaust (genocide) by neglect. Life expectancy is 47. We do have an annual service for the homeless dead. I was homeless and almost died but was deemed worthy of saving by the capricious "system." If you are interested in knowing more or (please) helping our community change this institutionalized genocide, please contact me at MHCAN, (Mental Health Client Action Network). 831.649.0462.

Sara Hummingbird, Santa Cruz

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