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RUN, RABBIT, RUN: Tiger Woods, a Rabbit, would do well to take a romantic timeout in the Year of the Tiger.

Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright

It's relationship fireworks, fights and nonstop drama in the Year of the Tiger

By Jessica Lussenhop

THIS YEAR, Valentine's Day happens to fall on the same day as the Chinese Lunar New Year, so while Westerners are holed up in dim restaurants or sobbing softly into their pillows at home alone, the Chinese will be out blowing shit up and ringing in the Year of the Tiger. Naturally, we had to wonder what year 4707—according to the Chinese calendar—has in store for love.

We put it to Chinese astrologer, feng shui consultant and author Susan Levitt in San Francisco. Answer: It's going to be hot and sort of nuts. "Tiger, passion, rawrrr," Levitt growls. "There will be a lot of impulsive 'I woke up drunk, what happened?' a lot of 'You love me, you love me not.' Which can be exciting, but it's also very volatile."

We're coming off the year of the Ox, which is a slower spirit, and Tiger is a breath of fresh, albeit frenetic, air. That means lots of extremes, risk and capacity for disaster, which can all lead up to one thing. "Infidelity," says Levitt.

The year's element is metal, which also translates into a penchant for fighting—wars tend to break out in the year of the metal Tiger, both globally and domestically. Santa Cruz feng shui expert and owner of Shelter for the Soul Pamela Ticoulat says that those in relationships have to be mindful about arguing too much and cautious of gossip. "We have to be very careful with our tongues this year," she warns.

Well, some tongues will be put to good use anyway, especially Horses, Dogs and Pigs, who love the Tiger, and will fare quite well in love with them. Rabbits, Rats, Dragons, Roosters and Snakes, on the other hand, will be more apt to sit this year out. Monkeys absolutely hate the Tiger. "Some people should go for it, others should build on the foundation from Ox year: don't blow it," she says. "Wildest dreams can come true in Tiger year. They can also crash."

If the year of the Ox was a dud, Levitt advises paying off personal debts and doing a vigorous house cleaning to clear out stagnant chi. Ticoulat says the north is a lucky direction in love this year, so a bedroom in the north part of the house or a north-facing bed might get things heated up. Placing things in pairs in a bedroom is also a handy tip for those wishing romance into their lives. The Chinese would opt for a images of pairs of Mandarin ducks, she says, but any bird will do.

Now, our minds also wandered naturally to an entirely different type of Tiger: the lying, philandering, no-good cheatin' kind. A quick Wikipedia search reveals that Tiger Woods was actually born in the year of the Rabbit. Ticoulat just sighs. "I have three Rabbit friends who have been going through divorces last year," she says. "They had no stars to support them. Rabbit did not have an easy year last year." Indeed, Rabbits are known to have big sex drives, and they also talk too much (remember the "Hey, it's Tiger" voicemail?), but Ticoulat says that the stars have shifted just enough that Woods may be able to resolve his, ahem, issues.

Really? In a year ruled by infidelity and fiery emotions? "Well, he has to be careful about people gossiping about him," she concedes. "He has to be careful about what he says."

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