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Fashion Nuggets

Style and beauty finds procured from the wilds of Santa Cruz and beyond

By Jaime Nabrynski


Whether deployed to cover up blemishes or mask a unibrow, bangs never fail, and they're coming back. They work with all types of hair--straight bangs don't need much work at all and curls can be either ironed out or let loose to find their natural wave across the face. Bangs are a quick, inexpensive way to spruce up a tired haircut without parting with too many precious locks.



Liza Minnelli's got nothin' on us now that there's Revitalash. Revitalash has come to the rescue of many women who have tried false lashes, clumpy mascara and short-lived tinting jobs. Within weeks, this conditioner makes lashes naturally fuller, thicker and longer, making the eyelash extension look possible without the uncomfortable procedure. That's a good thing. $150 at Farmacy Apothecary and Spa, 1101 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz and 7556 Soquel Dr., Aptos.


The Cory Reversible by Kate Organic

Made from soy and organic cotton, this dainty knee-length summer dress comes in mineral gray and can be turned inside out and worn in a deep lilac hue. Local clothing company Kate Organic keeps sustainability in mind when producing fashionable items that are a hit in downtown boutiques. For every garment sold, a tree is planted by Trees for the Future. Now a girl can look chic and not have to feel guilty about it. About $210 at Jade, 1128 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz.

Thirst Summer Hat From Mecomodo

Warmer weather may not feel like it's just around the corner, but it's never too early to start pining over accessories for the coming seasons. This wide-brimmed summer hat with its flirty design is the perfect defense against too many freckles this year. The local designers, who started in Spain 10 years ago, pride themselves on producing made-to-order garments specifically for their customers. About $300 at


Circle Scarves

Because conventional scarves are just not practical enough, circle scarves have hit the town. They fit the neck a bit more snugly in the winter breeze and don't leave any loose ends to get caught in the car door. But if attachments to Grandmother's pashmina are too great, tying its two ends together is a perfect way to make the circle scarf at home. $28 at American Apparel, 1532 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz.

Nude Lips

Sometimes piling on the makeup can be fun for a night out, but whoever declared "less is more" was on to something. Minimal makeup is key to a fresh look that accentuates a woman's natural features (or a man's, because who are we to judge?). Disappearing nude lips are a great way to achieve this look, and while nude lipsticks get the job done, dabbing on a bit of liquid concealer works best. Available in a range of prices at drug and department stores.


Backward Corset

At the Golden Globes, Angelina Jolie wore her dress backward, causing quite a stir among the glitterati. As countless children of the '80s know, sometimes wearing the back in the front enhances a look (remember the deep-V cable sweaters from the Limited?). The plunging neckline on a dress worn turned around reveals a sexy back, and recent studies have found a tied-up corset worn backward gives a lady twice as much lift. $65 at Camouflage, 1329 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz.

Bottle Cap Earrings

An especially cute find from the kooky crafties at is earrings made from recycled bottle caps, which are decorated and coated in resin. Everyone from Frida Kahlo to Wonderwoman, and lots of discontinued beers, have been seen hanging from earlobes all over town. Pick your poison! (Pictured here: Bling Is My Thing bottle cap earrings, $16 at

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