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March 7-14, 2007

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Letters to the Editor


PLEASE congratulate Melinda Welsh on the really excellent article ("2 Hours to L.A. ... Why Not?: Is there any real chance California will ever get a high-speed bullet train?," Cover Story, Feb. 28) in this week's Metro Santa Cruz.

And a very "well done" to Metro Santa Cruz for encouraging these in-depth articles.

H. Reed Searle, Santa Cruz


HERE'S my rant for the week: I've had it with Richard von Busack's movie reviews. His columns unvaryingly ruin movies for the unsuspecting reader, by giving away the ending and the entire plot, sometimes in the first paragraph. That is the worst thing a movie critic can do--why do you publish this? He exacerbates this cardinal sin by using the review space for windy--but acid!--opinions on everything touched by the films, from music to politics. Besides having no objectivity or respect for any preferences but his own, he has Movie Critic jadedness: hates anything he perceives as middle of the road and enthusiastically recommends anything different, regardless of its lack of artistic or entertainment value. Though they can be entertaining, his jejune pieces don't amount to balanced critiques; they are spoilers, they're RvB's essays on whatever; they're no use as movie reviews.

How about employing a critic who would respect both the readers and the art?

Now I don't need a shrink.

Carol Long, Santa Cruz


I HAVE seen this community shoot itself in the foot many times before (and then blame someone else for the lack of a leg to stand on). I am writing to see if perhaps we can marshal some cooler heads in order to avoid it this time. E-3 Playhouse has come under attack by a handful of tenants who have chosen to live above Pacific Garden Mall, but still want to live in quiet serenity after 10:30pm.

E-3 Playhouse is a unique venue for young and old musicians alike and is an extremely valuable addition to the performing arts community here in SC. Wes Anthony teaches music to many young people and is an excellent role model. He provides a place where these young people can hone their musician skills in a live environment not available anywhere else in the city. I have watched Wes personally encourage and mentor my son and his fellow band mates, and watched them bloom over the last year in great measure because they had a credible venue to perform in. Their musicianship has dramatically improved in large part because they look forward to their gig on Monday night at the open mic. This venue motivates them to practice, and work together, to follow their passion in an environment that is not only safe but structured and inclusive.

Venues like E-3 are rare and should be nourished by this community. Wes is the kind of business owner that I am proud to have in the downtown area and he needs and fully deserves your support. Please contact Police Chief Kevin Vogel and Planners Alex Khoury and Greg Larsen to voice your support for this wonderful business.

Edward L. Martinez, Santa Cruz

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