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March 21-28, 2007

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John and Barbara Chookasian

From Armenia With Love: John and Barbara Chookasian kick out the jams.


Guns and Guerillas

By Bill Forman

Everything is Illuminated: Cabrillo College's Distinguished Artist Series will play host to a truly irreplaceable collection of artifacts when the Chookasian Armenian Concert Ensemble performs on Saturday, March 31. Led by John Chookasian, a New York native who has been playing traditional Armenian folk music for over 35 years, the Ensemble recently received Armenia's National Gold Medal Award from the country's cultural minister. In addition to the ensemble's revue of classical and troubadour Armenian folk and dance, there will be a display of three gold-leaf illuminated manuscripts commissioned by Hethium I, who ruled as King of Armenia from 1226 to 1270 C.E. One thing: the manuscripts will be held under lock and key by armed guards, so keep those grubby hands to yourself, tough guy. For more information and tickets, visit or call the Cabrillo College Box Office at 831.479.6331.

The Revolution Will Be Projected: Postmodern lark or act of dissent? Neither the Sentinel nor the New York Times could decide in their respective articles about the Guerilla Drive-In. Whichever it is--likely a bit of both--what started out at as a seemingly one-off goof is treading dangerously close to becoming a venerable local institution. The Guerilla Drive-In is about to begin its fifth season of sticking it to both the MPAA and city gathering ordinances. Organizer Wes Modes recently sent out an open call for subversive short submissions, asking specifically for "activist short movies, radical diatribes, [or] funny or weird stuff found on the net." Submit either your own subversive shorts or that Youtube Rogers and Hammerstein remix of 'Baby Got Back' at

RIP Arthur Magazine: It's with a heavy heart that we mourn the demise of Arthur magazine, one of the most unique print publications to hit the ground running in recent years. Published out of Los Angeles and New York, the free quarterly magazine was an early proponent of the new wave of Santa Cruz psychedelic and folk bands, and was constantly engaging, specializing in the sort of long-form, niche thought pieces you don't see very much nowadays--the final issue, published in December, included a 10,000 word essay by Watchmen creator Alan Moore about the history of pornography, a plea from Douglas Rushkoff to aid the then-ailing Robert Anton Wilson, as well as TV On The Radio explaining their refusal to allow the Marines to table at their shows. While the tone and content of Arthur could often be somewhat frustrating or too cute at times, there was no other publication like it, and it was always a welcome alternative to the slew of music and youth-culture magazines that merely regurgitate press releases and have an overriding obsession with the new. In fact, Arthur was equally obsessed with the old and those truly on the fringe, which sadly may be why it failed.

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