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Photograph by Carlie Statsky
Poll Playing: It was a lovely weekend before Super Tuesday when Democratic presidential hopefuls Barack Obama, Dennis Kucinich, Hillary Clinton and John Edwards set out from Bicycle Trip, voted Best Bicycle Shop. Unfortunately, Bill Richardson never even made it out of the store.

Goldies 2008

The people have spoken. And the winners of the Metro Santa Cruz 2008 Goldies awards for the best that Santa Cruz has to offer are...

As every candidate knows, the first rule of campaigning is always play to a crowd. That's why, when presidential hopefuls visit Santa Cruz, they seek out the most popular places in town, the ones everybody loves. We sold the list of Goldies winners to the campaigns and are eagerly awaiting a rash of political favors in return. Nah, not really. But here's a statement that has been approved:

Congratulations to all the winners of this year's Goldies. When the competition's this tough, everybody wins.

Photos Will Mosher, Kathleen Olson and Carlie Statsky
Models Richard Arnold, Gabriel Statsky, Myles Statsky, Patricia Statsky
Text Matthew Craggs, Craig Gawlick, Darya Gilani, Steve Hahn, Traci Hukill, Scott MacClelland, Will Mosher, Amber Turpin, Denise Vivar, Christina Waters and Garrett Wheeler
Design Tabi Zarrinnaal

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