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March 28-April 4, 2007

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Goldies 2007:
Intro | Readers' choice | Burritos guide | Downtown public artworks | Downtown street performers | Late-night eateries | Low-budget weddings | Soup and sandwich spots | Taking the folks | Things to do with kids on holiday

Goldies 2007

Welcome to Our Better 'Best Of'

It's hard work (to borrow a presidential excuse), this business of creating a Best Of which even begins to reflect the natural--and unnatural--pleasures that make Santa Cruz such an amazing place to be.

But hey, it's also fun work. Where else would you get the opportunity to expound upon:

  • Extraordinary characters like Umbrella Man, the God of Shamisen, the Great Morgani and the whole array of street performers that make downtown Santa Cruz a cross between a postmodern mecca and the set of a forgotten Fellini film.
  • Eclectic public artworks that range from the didactic to the artistically adventurous, with our beloved Tom Scribner effigy continuing to occupy a space somewhere in between.
  • Extravagantly beautiful sites for dirt-cheap weddings, including a few you never would have thought up on your own.
  • You'll find our critics' guides to all of the above, along with their eloquent dissertations on our favorite burritos, late-night eateries and ways to occupy and/or pacify visiting parents and vacationing children.

    And while our critics shed light on Santa Cruz's rampant eclecticism, Metro Santa Cruz's readers give the lowdown on their favorite food and drink, arts and culture, people and places and more, as we reach for the envelope to reveal the Goldies for 2007.

    --Bill Forman

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