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March 29-April 5, 2006

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Santa Cruz Goldies 2006

Santa Cruz Goldies 2006

Readers' Choice

Food & Drink

GOLD: Bagelry
silver: Noah's
bronze: Bagel Café

GOLD: Buttery
silver: Gayle's
bronze: Kelly's

GOLD: Cole's
silver: Bruno's
bronze: Armadillo Willy's

GOLD: Zachary's
silver: Spur
bronze: Café Brazil

GOLD: Jack's
silver: Saturn
bronze: Carpo's

GOLD: Taqueria Vallarta
silver: Planet Fresh
bronze: Tacos Moreno

Cheap Eats
GOLD: Charlie Hong Kong
silver: Taqueria Vallarta
bronze: Taco Bell

silver: King Schwan
bronze: Golden Buddha

GOLD: Pergolesi
silver: Lulu's
bronze: Coffeetopia

GOLD: Buttery
silver: Chocolat
bronze: Gayle's

GOLD: Falafel House
silver: Falafel Santa Cruz
bronze: Falafel Hut

French Fries
GOLD: Saturn Café
silver: Jack's
bronze: Carpo's

Fast Food
GOLD: Jack's
silver: Taco Bell
bronze: Charlie Hong Kong

Grocery Store
GOLD: Shopper's Corner
silver: Trader Joe's
bronze: New Leaf

Ice Cream
GOLD: Marianne's
silver: Cold Stone
bronze: Gelatomania

GOLD: Royal Taj
silver: SRI
bronze: Malabar

Innovative Menu
GOLD: La Vie
silver: Saturn
bronze: Malabar

GOLD: Ristorante Italiano
silver: Avanti
bronze: Kianti's

Late-Night Eatery
GOLD: Saturn Café
silver: Santa Cruz Diner
bronze: Crepe Place

Local Wine—Red
GOLD: Bonny Doon
silver: Bargetto
bronze: Storrs

Local Wine—White
GOLD: Bonny Doon
silver: Storrs
bronze: Bargetto

GOLD: El Palomar
silver: Tampico
bronze: Taqueria Vallarta

GOLD: Seabright Brewery
silver: Coastline
bronze: Santa Cruz Brewery

Natural Food Store
GOLD: New Leaf
silver: Staff of Life
bronze: Food Bin

Outdoor Dining
GOLD: Crepe Place
silver: Crow's Nest
bronze: Ristorante Italiano

GOLD: Pizza My Heart
silver: Pleasure Pizza
bronze: Engfer Pizza Works

Place to Blow Rent
GOLD: Shadowbrook
silver: Oswald's
bronze: Theo's

GOLD: Dharma's
silver: Café Cruz
bronze: Crow's Nest

GOLD: Zoccoli's
silver: Erik's Deli Cafe
bronze: Togo's

GOLD: Riva's
silver: Stagnaro's
bronze: Crow's Nest

Slice of Pie
GOLD: Santa Cruz Diner
silver: Buttery
bronze: Gayle's

GOLD: Erik's Deli Cafe
silver: Saturn Café
bronze: Bagelry

GOLD: Hindquarter
silver: Portola House
bronze: Peachwood's

GOLD: Mobo
silver: Shogun
bronze: Takara

GOLD: Taqueria Vallarta
silver: Tacos Moreno
bronze: El Palomar

GOLD: Sabieng
silver: Thai House
bronze: Real Thai Kitchen

Vegetarian Menu
GOLD: Saturn Café
silver: Dharma's
bronze: Asian Rose

GOLD: Bonny Doon
silver: Bargetto
bronze: Storrs

Arts & Culture

Architectural Gem
GOLD: Town Clock
silver: Lighthouse
bronze: Del Mar Theatre

Architectural Nightmare
GOLD: River Street Sign
silver: County Building
bronze: Santa Cruz Coast Hotel

Art Gallery
silver: The Attic
bronze: Felix Kulpa

GOLD: Marie Gabriel
silver: Nate Valensky
bronze: Pete Saporito

GOLD: DeCinzo
silver: Matt Groening
bronze: Tim Eagan

Children's Art Program
GOLD: Mariposa's Art
silver: KidsArt
bronze: Children's Art

Dance Company
GOLD: Motion Pacific
silver: Tandy Beal
bronze: Dance Center

GOLD: Capitola Art and Wine
silver: Greek Festival
bronze: Santa Cruz Blues Festival

Movie Theater
GOLD: Del Mar
silver: Nickelodeon
bronze: Cinema 9

Mural or Public Art
GOLD: Surfer Statue
silver: Esperanza Market
bronze: Shopper's Corner

Radio Personality (local)
GOLD: Sleepy John
silver: Rosemary Chalmers
bronze: Jessie Thorn

Radio Station
GOLD: KZSC-FM (88.1)
silver: KPIG-FM (107.5)
bronze: KUSP-FM (88.9)

Street Performer
GOLD: Umbrella Man
silver: Great Morgani
bronze: Accordion Guy

Theater Troupe
GOLD: Shakespeare Santa Cruz
silver: Barnstorm
bronze: Actors' Theater

Writer (published, local)
GOLD: John Houston
silver: Laurie King
bronze: Geoff Dunn

Weekly Newspaper
GOLD: Metro Santa Cruz
silver: Good Times
bronze: Comic News

Music & Nightlife

GOLD: Red Room
silver: Dakota
bronze: Clouds

GOLD: Scott at Bocci's
silver: Wendy at Rush Inn
bronze: Faith at Club Caution

Club DJ
GOLD: DJ Kevin and Mikey
silver: Adam 12
bronze: DJ AD

Dance Club
GOLD: Blue Lagoon
silver: Club Caution
bronze: Dakota

Dive Bar
GOLD: Rush Inn
silver: Avenue
bronze: Asti

Happy Hour
GOLD: El Palomar
silver: Crow's Nest
bronze: Club Caution

Live Music Club
GOLD: Catalyst
silver: Moe's Alley
bronze: Kuumbwa

Local Band
GOLD: Blue Print
silver: The Devil Makes Three
bronze: Monsters Are Not Myths

Local CD
GOLD: 'Monsters Are Not Myths'
silver: 'Blueprint'
bronze: 'Expendables'

Local Musician
GOLD: Darren McClure
silver: The Great Morgani
bronze: Zach Friend

GOLD: Clouds
silver: Red Room
bronze: Club Caution

Music Promoter
GOLD: Snazzy/John Sandidge
silver: Michael Horne
bronze: Tom Miller

Place to Play Pool
GOLD: Fast Eddie's
silver: Catalyst
bronze: Asti

Place to Play Darts
GOLD: Poet & the Patriot
silver: 1007
bronze: Club Caution

Singles Bar
GOLD: Red Room
silver: Club Caution
bronze: Dakota

Sports Bar
GOLD: Garage
silver: Club Caution
bronze: 1007

Goods & Services

GOLD: 5 Branches
silver: Martha Benedict
bronze: Lee Holden

GOLD: Mr. Goodies
silver: Tiffany's
bronze: Etc, Etc, Etc

Art Supply
GOLD: Palace
silver: Lenz
bronze: Beverly's

Auto Mechanic
GOLD: DMV Clinic
silver: Chandler
bronze: Engine Room

Bike Shop
GOLD: Spokesman
silver: Bicycle Trip
bronze: Another Bike Shop

GOLD: Bookshop Santa Cruz
silver: Borders
bronze: Capitola Book Café

GOLD: Logos
silver: Bookshop Santa Cruz
bronze: Literary Guillotine

Camera/Photo Store
GOLD: Bay Photo
silver: Camera Club
bronze: Wolf

GOLD: Steve Stewart
silver: Adam Schwartz
bronze: Dr. Dave Love

GOLD: Cottontails
silver: Lollipops
bronze: Ross

GOLD: Camouflage
silver: Victoria's Secret
bronze: Amoureuse

GOLD: Ross
silver: Urban Outfitters
bronze: Men's Wherehouse

GOLD: Bunny's
silver: Sockshop
bronze: Old School

GOLD: Pacific Trading Co.
silver: Rouge
bronze: Crossroads

GOLD: Cognito
silver: Moon Zoom
bronze: Crossroads

GOLD: Steve Clark
silver: Dan Flippo
bronze: Mark Bailey

Costume Shop
GOLD: Closet Capers
silver: Cognito
bronze: Moon Zoom

Day Spa
GOLD: Tonic
silver: Well Within
bronze: Tea House

GOLD: Alan Heit
silver: Dr. Kuratomi
bronze: Dr. Jesse Halbeib

GOLD: Dr. Patricia Hinz
silver: Dr. Winkler
bronze: Dr. Kashino

Flower Shop
GOLD: Nelson and Plumlee
silver: Ferrari's
bronze: Flower Shack

Gift Shop
GOLD: Many Hands
silver: Ferrari's
bronze: Best of Everything

GOLD: Toadal Fitness
silver: 24 Hour Fitness
bronze: Spa Fitness

Hair Salon
GOLD: Tonic
silver: Heat
bronze: Katwalk

GOLD: Glass Roots
silver: Pipeline
bronze: Graphix

Home Furnishings
GOLD: Hannah's
silver: Cost Plus
bronze: Couch Potato

Hot Tub
GOLD: Well Within
silver: Tea House
bronze: Kiva's

Internet Service Provider (local)
GOLD: Cruzio
bronze: SBC

GOLD: Dell Williams
silver: Vault
bronze: Stephan's

GOLD: Ben Rice
silver: Brian Murtha
bronze: Stephen Wright

Massage Therapist
GOLD: Debra Mattson
silver: Joan Eskidson
bronze: Julie Dryden

Music Store
GOLD: More Music
silver: Starving Musician
bronze: Union Groove

GOLD: San Lorenzo Garden
silver: OSH
bronze: Garden Co.

Outdoor Gear
GOLD: Outdoor World
silver: Bugaboo
bronze: Big 5

Record/CD Store
GOLD: Streetlight
silver: Logos
bronze: Borders

Surf Shop
GOLD: O'Neill's
silver: Pacific Wave
bronze: Arrow

Tattoo Parlor
GOLD: Staircase
silver: Lovedog
bronze: FU Tattoo

GOLD: Adobe Animal Hospital
silver: Westside Animal
bronze: BD Mountain VET

VideoTape Rental
GOLD: Westside
silver: East Cliff
bronze: Cedar Street

Shoe Store
GOLD: Bunny's
silver: Sockshop
bronze: Old School

Sporting Goods
GOLD: Outdoor World
silver: Jerry's Sports
bronze: Big 5

People & Places

Boardwalk Attraction
GOLD: Giant Dipper
silver: Mini Golf
bronze: Laser Tag

Date Spot
GOLD: Beach
silver: West Cliff
bronze: Boardwalk

GOLD: Alana Palmer
silver: Cheri Chase
bronze: Jeri Anderson

Holistic Healer
GOLD: Randy Baker
silver: Martha Benedict
bronze: Alana Palmer

Local Hero
GOLD: Umbrella Man
silver: Ryan Coonerty
bronze: Jen Marmar

Local Villain
GOLD: Robert Norse
silver: Umbrella Man
bronze: Mike Rotkin

Local Visionary
GOLD: Umbrella Man
silver: Ryan Coonerty
bronze: Kirby Scudder

Neighborhood Park
GOLD: Oceanview
silver: Garfield
bronze: San Lorenzo

NonProfit Group
GOLD: Santa Cruz Aids
silver: Resource Center for Nonviolence
bronze: Survivor's Healing

Place to Get into Spiritual Groove
GOLD: Ocean
silver: Holy Cross
bronze: Wilder

Place for Outdoor Sex
GOLD: Beach
silver: UCSC
bronze: Pogonip

Place to take Kids
GOLD: Boardwalk
silver: Beach
bronze: Natural Bridges

Sex Symbol
GOLD: Zach Friend (Blueprint)
silver: Surfer Statue
bronze: Umbrella Man

GOLD: Bob Gallagher (SCHS)
silver: Carlos Figueroa (Cab)
bronze: Emily Smith (Tierra Pac)

GOLD: Carolyn at Club Caution
silver: Suzie Caplan at Italiano
bronze: Jenny at Walnut

Waste of Local Tax Dollars
GOLD: River Street Sign
silver: SCPD
bronze: City Council

Sports & Recreation

GOLD: Seabright
silver: Natural Bridges
bronze: Cowells

Bike Ride
GOLD: West Cliff
silver: Wilder
bronze: Niscene Marks

GOLD: Natural Bridges
silver: Elkhorn Slough
bronze: Neary's Lagoon

Children's Rec Program
GOLD: Junior Guards
silver: Adventure Camp
bronze: KidsArt

Day Trip
GOLD: Big Sur
silver: San Francisco
bronze: Carmel

Hiking Spot
GOLD: Pogonip
silver: Niscene Marks
bronze: Wilder Ranch

Martial Arts
GOLD: Minorsan
silver: Rod Sanford Karate
bronze: Aikido of Santa Cruz (North Bay Aikido)

Pickup Basketball Game
GOLD: Louden Nelson
silver: Meder
bronze: Jade

Place for Contemplation
GOLD: Beach
silver: West Cliff
bronze: Pogonip

Place to Throw Frisbee
GOLD: Beach
silver: De Laveaga
bronze: UCSC

Sunset View
GOLD: West Cliff
silver: Beach
bronze: UCSC

Surf Spot
GOLD: Steamer Lane
silver: Pleasure Point
bronze: Cowells

GOLD: Village Yoga
silver: Om Room
bronze: Kali Ray Yoga

Place to Climb Tree
GOLD: Tree 9
silver: UCSC/Pogonip
bronze: Wilder


1. Best Aerobic Kickboxing: Minorsan
2. Best Hot Chocolate: Pergolesi
3. Best Community Table:
silver: Spur
4. Best Comic Book Store: Atlantis Fantasy World
5. Best Waste of Time When You Should Be Working: filling out Goldies 2006

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