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Letters to the Editor

Dogs Don't Soil Sidewalks, Negligent Owners Do

I GET IT, you don't like dog shit ("I Like Tigers and I Vote," Bullhorn, March 24). Who does? Allowing dogs and their owners downtown is another civilized idea we're having trouble digesting. I won't go to the other extreme and say "no people" because we all shit. First of all, dogs do not shit because they want to give you a bad day. Owners who do not pick up after their dogs are the ones who fail the test. Not dogs. The mall was rebuilt after the '89 earthquake to be safe and businesslike. The whole idea is to come to town, spend some money and then leave. The more we keep or make this the function of our town the more we reinforce the "it's about money" way of living. I like dogs, most people do. Dogs and responsible owners ought to be a part of our town. If an owner does not pick up, tell a host and have them ticketed. It's no big deal.

Richard Anerson, Comment posted online

The Truth About Cats and Dogs

ON THE pro side, I totally agree that, as Blake said, the bright burning of your tiger might bite into the blight of gang warfare—but, on the con side, as a lesser known poet, i.e., John Ciardi, observed, "if you look him in the eye you'll find the lion's rather shy. He really wants someone to pet him. The trouble is: his teeth won't let him. He has a heart of gold beneath. But the lion just can't trust his teeth." My best to Borges.

Nancy, Comment posted online

Save A Ranger

IT IS CALLOUS to send city park rangers into these areas where they're facing dangerous criminals without giving them the tools they need to be effective ("Ranger Danger," Currents, March 17).

Why can't the city elevate the rangers from their current designation of "public officer" to "limited peace officer"? This would actually allow them to arrest offenders. Word would get around in the park and dealers would think twice about doing business there. The cost (higher pay!) would be minimal.

For now these public officers are just hazardous waste collectors in ranger uniforms.

Marin Muller, Santa Cruz

Sanctity, Schmanctity

WHY ALL the fuss about federal funding for abortions? By funding wars in third world countries, our government already has killed and continues to kill children with missiles, white phosphorus and napalm. In my opinion, these children have more right to life than any unborn children. Any talk of the sanctity of life means nothing as long as a government continues to sanction war.

Joan Quilter, Santa Cruz

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