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July 18-25, 2007

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Letters to the Editor

Perv Patrol

YOUR ARTICLE on the G-Spot ("Touching a Nerve," Feature, March 19) didn't seem to belong in a street paper such as yours. Maybe in a Camouflage flier or a Frenchy's DVD. The message seems to conflict with the higher aims of DeCinzo or Life Is Swell or This Modern World. Leave the JoyBoy and HornyGirl articles for the magazines that are on the other side of the newsstand.

Mike Kaufmann,

Santa Cruz

Mad As Hell

I HAVE BEEN a Democrat for over 60 years. I grew up in a Democratic household, with a hard working, blue collar family. What I am mad at is this stupid bashing each other by the Democratic contenders. Don't we have enough fodder and dirt to expose George Bush and his lies and his cohort's stupidity for the mess this country is in?

Now the Republicans are trying to sneak in another duplicate of George Bush mentality. When McCain ran against Bush eight years ago, I thought he would have made a good Democrat! Now he is a rubber stamp version of Bush. After watching Bush plant a kiss on McCain's cheek on TV, I knew that was all over, just like in The Godfather, the kiss of death!

Wake up, Hillary and Obama, and fight the real adversary!

Joyce Walen,


The Myth of Moth

THE LIGHT BROWN apple moth (LBAM) is a pest on paper only. CDFA admits no crop damage can be verified. In fact farmers I've talked to say the only damage is economic from a USDA quarantine and CDFA stomping on their strawberry plants.

An aerial spray program of pheromones (which this substance is not; remember, this is a synthetic concoction made in a lab) over populated areas has never been allowed, let alone successful.

Yet we're all supposed to just lie down and take it as they spray our children, their toys, pets, gardens and wildlife from air and ground. And we are at risk of breaking the law if we refuse their entrance to OUR property.

Calling LBAM a moth of mass destruction is like calling a fence lizard a crocodile. There are many other leaf roller moths in California and the United States. The codling moth is far more destructive, yet there is no war against it. This is the myth, not the moth, of mass destruction.

So much disinformation surrounds this moth I can't help but think of another war based on lies. I wonder what A.G. (Kawamura, California secretary of agriculture) stands for; Another George?

Ray Newkirk,

Santa Cruz

Save the Birds

IT'S SPRING AGAIN, and birds are on the wing again, but they may not sing again. In case you haven't noticed, the birds are busy in what could be a futile attempt at carrying building material for their nests in preparation for laying their eggs that should hatch in late April through early June. Unfortunately, this is also the intended date for the state to start spraying for the apple moth. The new hatchling babies are born naked and will have no protection from the pesticides that would be sprayed from the ground and from the air. Birds help control insect pests; killing them is stupid. We might be able to stop the spraying and save the birds, and maybe ourselves too. Google "LBAM spray organizations in Santa Cruz" then take your pick. Write your representatives, especially Sam Farr. Or just be creative.

Molly Richardson,

Santa Cruz

I Should Know

MIKE SULLIVAN and Dave Turncrantz were not previously in dakota/dakota together ("They Are Legion," Arts, March 19). Former bassist Colin DeKuiper and guitarist Mike Sullivan were in dakota/dakota prior to forming Russian Circles with Dave Turncrantz.

Just want to set it straight.

Colin DeKuiper,


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