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April 9-16, 2008

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Letters to the Editor

Comes Around, Goes Around

REGARDING YOUR ARTICLE "Rise of the Demise" (Arts, March 26), I have been collecting vinyl LPs since 1965 and I believe that is the only way to listen to recorded music. I enjoy any conversation on the subject of LP vs. CD.

Raymond Murphy,
Moss Landing

Kudos to Hahn

CONGRATULATIONS for running that excellent article by Steve Hahn ("Invasive Procedure," Cover Story, March 12). I wish you would disseminate it to other news sources--especially TV. It is one of the most comprehensive and (I believe) fair examinations of this horror (aerial spraying of pesticides for period over three years). Gov. Schwarzenegger and the California Department of Food and Agriculture are actually planning to bomb us from us the air unless every citizen affected knows and voices an opinion on it. Only with more coverage will the people in the Bay Area realize this is really going to happen unless we rise up against this stupid, scary, unproven, untested non-plan.  Thanks again for your great coverage.  Please send it everywhere else.

Shirley and Len Pullan,
Mill Valley

True Story!

ON THE NIGHT OF the spraying I found myself huddled in a fetal position semi-comatose on my futon. Not because of fear, as I was totally oblivious to the impending doom, but rather because I had spent six hours at the Red Room and 65 seconds sucking on a psychedelic water pipe.

Startled by the piercing sound of the helicopter's blades, I struggled to my feet and instantly sobered as I saw shafts of light peeking through the fog. Clearly, I realized, this was an alien invasion. So I quickly implemented my alien diversion plan, which is to strip naked and run down the street screaming and yelling like a kook. This plan is based on the simple philosophy that while the insane often talk to aliens, they rarely get abducted, even if they want to be. This plan has never failed me.

But on this night I realized to my horror that this was no alien attack but rather a chemical one by humans in helicopters. Suddenly a mist-like rain covered my naked body, and it seemed to be foaming around my genitals. Oh my God, I thought, is this some kind of sick terrorist attack? I started to run as fast as I could back home but I guess I was not as sober as I thought and I ended up running the wrong way and falling over an embankment, tumbling endlessly through thick oily red and green shrubbery.

The next day I woke up, naked and freezing, yet feeling very itchy with a strange twitching sensation in both arms. When I stood up my arms seemed to rise and fall rapidly from the elbow. This really scared some kids that happened by on their way to school, so I got out of there and back to my house as fast as I could. Then to my horror, I looked in my mirror and saw that my entire body had turned beet red and itched like hell. I got on the Net and found out about the moth spray and a chill ran up my spine. Obviously the overexposure was turning me into some kind of freakish human moth. My arms where twitching like wings and my body was turning into moth skin.

I was an itchy scratchy mess for days, the skin blistered and cracked but somehow, by ingesting mass quantities of raw aloe vera and bathing for 17 hours in garlic broth, I fought it off. My arms still twitch a little but I am not, thank god, a moth.

Charley Lochtefeld,
Santa Cruz

Meating of Minds

FANTASTIC article ("Meat of the Matter," Cover Story, Jan. 30) by Christina Waters. I've been explaining to friends that a happy cow makes a happy steak. There are two grades of meat available, good meat and $2/lb. meat. I don't have the money for the good meat (I'm a student), so I eat vegetarian most of the time, but I love meat. And the products from Clover that I've been getting since I got to San Jose a few months ago have been outstanding! I regularly bug my coworkers explaining how incredible my eggs are. Keep up the great work, Christina!

Rick Weber,
San Jose


In our Goldies issue two weeks ago (March 26), we mistakenly printed the wrong information for Polar Bear Ice Cream, winner of the Bronze award for Best Ice Cream. Polar Bear is now a wholesale operation with a warehouse at 389 Coral St, Santa Cruz; 831.425.1108. We regret the error.

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