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April 11-18, 2007

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Letters to the Editor

Bye-bye Feinstein

Thank you for your detailed investigative reporting on Sen. Dianne Feinstein and her husband, Richard Blum. This is nothing short of a scandal that Congress and the Justice Deptartment should further investigate. They should all be thrown out of office with Ms. Feinstein if they don't.

I appreciate Mr. Byrne's work to uncover the deceitful and dishonest behavoir of Sen. Feinstein. He is to be commended.

Apparently some people are determined to have their cake and eat it too. And your cake, and mine, and ...

Clearly, she is an ethical pig with no qualms or sense of true public service. She knowingly escorted her husband to the public treasure trough, to fill their pockets and dine with impunity.

I can't imagine a more clear example of a conflict of interest. It paints another sorry picture of government corruption. The silence from the other senators speaks a very suspicious silence. And the silence of the mainstream media indicates a compliant media that refuses to ask any honest questions of their national leaders. Where are all the watchdogs? Where are the accusations of the Old Girls and Old Boys Club on Capitol Hill? Is it that hard for rats to smell a rat?

To imagine Sen. Feinstein as regulating anyone's ethical conduct is a most laughable farce. She's neck deep in her own use of her MILCON committee votes to profit her husband's companies ... and her own retirement account.

Dianne Feinstein: You are a crook. A despicable, greedy crook. Yes indeed, you should resign from the Senate. Your trail of corruption will follow you and your family to your graves. Rest in distress.

Bill Somervell, San Diego

Diane Feinstein Defense Contracts

As an American who is a political junkie--so much so that when I'd finally learned enough about my government, I fled the country--I always thought that Diane Feinstein was evil. Now we know that she really is. My adopted little brother fought in Iraq for a year and a half for this? Good-bye America, you're gone.

Shaun Riddle, San Juan del Sur

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