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Letters to the Editor

Beware the Brainwashed

I APPLAUD Ms. Vaage's courage in making her observations public ("Stop Today's Spray," Posts, April 7). As an aside, it appears that one of the most startling aspects of the current spraying campaign is the effective misinformation or disinformation the federal government and perhaps other International entities have implemented in order to convince a large percentage of the population to not "look up," and if they do, to not believe their own eyes! If they are capable of this, the field of "brainwashing" has reached a new level of effectiveness.

If you want to initiate a heated debate, just ask one of the true believers (a.k.a. The Brainwashed) to observe a heavy spray day, but please be careful, they will turn violent if their belief system is challenged.

Did you know there is a 1950s-era federal statute on the books which permits the federal government and/or its contractors to utilize the U.S. population for the testing of chemical and biological agents? Ain't freedom great?

J. Meacham, Boulder Creek

Galled by Garbage Patch

THERE IS a severe problem in the Pacific Ocean that we can no longer ignore: The Great Pacific Garbage patch. This is an enormous heap of plastics, toxic waste of all varieties and other nondegradable substances collecting within the North Pacific Gyre. Who would have guessed? This mass is unbelievably large and is an embarrassing display of our lack of concern for the sensitivity of our home.

So what do we do about it? I mean, the patch is in international waters, so it's nobody's fault and therefore nobody's responsibility. What do we do with all the garbage? We can't bury it or burn it. We can't reuse it because it would be almost impossible to clean. It seems that the human race has dug itself into a hole.

The key is awareness. The more people who know means the more people who care. The dreamers of the planet will inspire the thinkers to write the formula for the doers to bring to life. See, despite how careless, reckless and selfish human beings seem to be, we always seem to save ourselves from certain doom right in the nick of time.

Ian Kern, Rohnert Park

No Accountability

THE RECENTLY released Wikileaks video showing an attack by the crew of an American helicopter on Iraqi civilians, including two Reuters employees, is yet another example of how out of control things are. And that's bad enough. But the routine nature of the event and the cover-up that followed reinforce the criminal aspect of what we are doing. War crimes are commonplace and there's no accountability. As there has been no accountability for the illegal invasion. We are sowing seeds of craziness that will last generations and for that we are all accountable.

Moss Henry, Santa Rosa

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