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April 18-25, 2007

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Letters to the Editor

Don't Drive Day

WHY ARE WE waiting for politicians and industry to do something about global warming and oil consumption? I'm not saying that they shouldn't do something, on the contrary, but what if we acted together today, as Californians? Nine out of the ten counties with the worst air quality in the country are in California. We are the twelfth largest contributor to greenhouse gasses in the world. What we do in California makes a difference.

Try not driving your car on Sunday April 29th. Get inspired by watching our video which will air on CurrentTv:

Grace Jackson, Carpinteria

Give DeCinzo the Finger!

IN HIS recent strip, DeCinzo could more appropriately have given one of his own "finger" awards to himself, for producing social satire without insight, heart, or intelligence. Instead he lampoons mentally ill homeless people. Wouldn't it make more sense to give a "finger" award to Ronald Reagan for closing the facilities that used to treat the mentally ill, effectively putting them out on the streets? He "fingers" bicyclists for wearing tights and acting snooty. Wouldn't it be more insightful to "finger" the small percentage of bicyclists who disregard vehicular traffic signs, endangering themselves and others, instead of "fingering" the majority who simply reduce our collective consumption of fossil fuels? DeCinzo then states that Chancellor Blumenthal proves that an academic does not need to be smart--for which he offers no specific evidence--when Blumenthal has worked with the City more intelligently than any recent chancellor to improve the town/gown relationship.

I suggest giving DeCinzo the "finger" and replacing his strip with real socio-political satire, or anything insightful and funny (Tim Eagan perhaps?). DeCinzo's mean-spirited mudslinging lowers the overall credibility of Metro Santa Cruz as a progressive paper.

Robin Witmore, Santa Cruz

Best Local Farm?

HEY, I work for a local farm and thought it would be cool for you guys to do a new category, "best/favorite local farm." We have million of 'em and the farmers markets that happen in town are a big scene, with thousands of shoppers every week (Cabrillo, downtown, West Side, Live Oak, Felton--to name a few). I know that folks have favorite farms--they tell me so all the time. And what about a favorite professor? Just some suggestions for next year's goldies.

Bekki Bolthouse, Watsonville

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