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April 19-26, 2006

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walk the line

T-bags dress ($160), Dutchy bag ($195) and Dolce Vita shoes ($95) courtesy of Jade.

Rites of Spring

Fashion 2006

Photographs by Dina Scoppettone

Spring Fashion 2006 pages: 1 | 2 | 3

Spring is here. Theoretically. When the groundhog stuck his head out of his hole, he predicted six more weeks of rain for Santa Cruz. Months later, we here at Metro Santa Cruz retain our undying optimism that we will, someday, see the sun again. And when that day comes, it's important that you be prepared.

red wall

Hype dress ($180) and Tano bag ($165) courtesy of Jade.

As warm weather approaches (again, theoretically), you must ask yourself, "When I shed my North Face parka, what will I find underneath?"

We hope, for your sake, it's a brightly colored top, sassy necklace and wickedly posh jeans, because that (according to our in-depth reporting) is what all the cool kids will be wearing this season. And like your mother always said: if you aren't cool, no one will ever love you.

But where does one get appropriately fashionable spring clothing and accessories on such short notice?

Fortunately for you, we're here to help.

Behold, our Spring Fashion Extravaganza. Gaze longingly at the apparel of our young and trendy fashion models and seek to re-create yourself in their glowing image. Go now, we'll wait.

Clothing provided by: The Sockshop & Shoe Company at 1515 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz; 831.429.6101. The Hide Gallery at 131 B Front St., Santa Cruz; 831.621.3939. Jade at 1128 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz; 831.425.2244.

Hair courtesy of William Jones and Donna Sochor at Lather.

Make up by Shelly Marison.

Special thanks to models Jesse, Micha, Naomi and Amelia for struttin' their stuff like it ain't never been strut before.

For more spring fashions and accessories, continue to page 3.

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