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May 14-21, 2008

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Letters to the Editor

Intractable Problems

GOOD JOB on the article about the water crisis in the Pajaro Valley ("The Watsonville Water Wars," Cover Story, April 2). California is in a water crisis, as one can read any given day in the papers. It is refreshing to read a balanced view of the very intractable problems faced by the very lovely agricultural area surrounding Watsonville. That the Pajaro water agency has been able to build a recycling plant and create 4,000 acres of new water locally should be applauded. That your writer told the story should be also.

Andy Garcia,

Insane Numbers

IN RESPONSE to Steve Alderson's letter "Vegan for World Peace" (Letters, May 7), I'm very suspicious of the numbers he states: hunger "kills 24,000 people per day" and "more than 80 percent of U.S. agricultural land grows animal feed." Where is he getting these insane numbers? I won't even waste my time with his reference to if that's where these "stats" come from. If the "progressives" want to be taken seriously, they really need to stop pulling these numbers from the same place they seem to be keeping their brains.

P.S.--I love this week's DeCinzo!! I'm sure Metro Santa Cruz will be getting the typical whining and sniveling that DeCinzo is so effective at provoking. DeCINZO FOR PRESIDENT!!

Dennis Fish,
Santa Cruz

Look to The Lockers

THERE ARE 16 bike lockers at the Santa Cruz Metro bus station. I have used them for about a year. Until recently, several did not work. Recently, the system was "upgraded," and now the problem is worse than before.When I attempted to retrieve my bike from one of the refurbished lockers, the door handle came off. The following day, I needed assistance from city maintenance to unstick the lock. Later, I checked out other lockers, and discovered that several did not know whether they were open or closed, and others were unable to read my valid bike locker card.

In the end, I took my card back to City Hall and requested a refund. They politely complied, and suggested that I try again at some future time. But I note that currently, the only good lockers are near City Hall. Make of that what you will.

A continuing problem at the bus station is that what I would crudely call "low-lifes" tend to congregate near the lockers. Surely that discourages some people from using them. For a bike-intensive town, Santa Cruz can do better.

Robert Allgeyer,

Monning Mania

WE ARE in a unique, pleasant position this June primary by having four well-qualified, truly progressive candidates running for the Democratic primary for State Assembly, including two excellent Santa Cruz women. However, I urge Santa Cruzans to look across the county line and vote for Bill Monning for state Assembly. Even in this crowded field, Monning stands out for his truly unique diverse experience, which will serve him, and all of us, well in Sacramento. Monning has spent decades fighting for the rights of workers, the environment, universal health care and peace and justice. He is not just correct on the issues but has the ability to get things done! Monning has the skills to bridge artificial gaps between laborers and environmentalists and other traditionally feuding parties to resolution. In fact, it is Monning's skills in conflict resolution and mediation that especially impress me--skills he has used to promote peace in the Middle East, promote field workers' rights, and prevent youth violence. I have personally witnessed Monning intervene between passionate arguing individuals and literally moved these individuals from screaming at each other to silently, respectfully listening to each other. Now that's the kind of presence we need in Sacramento to move beyond contentiousness to accomplishment! Please join me in voting Bill Monning for State Assembly on June 3.

Celia Bosworth,
Pacific Grove

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