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May 21-28, 2008

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Letters to the Editor

Young Love

I WAS VERY disappointed that no mention of Dan Young was made in your analysis of the candidates for District 2 supervisor (Endorsements, May 14). Actually, Dan Young is a strong contender for the position. He's highly supported by many who have become disenchanted with Ellen Pirie and her apparent chummy relationship with developers with intentions on turning Aptos into another Carmel-by-the-Sea. Dan Young has a vision for Aptos that includes a sustainable future with conservative care of our natural resources, especially our diminishing water supply. And, just as importantly, he advocates developing a variety of activities that will benefit the youth of our community.

I love Aptos and I support Dan Young for Supervisor.

A. Vaz,

Story Time

THANK YOU for the story of the possible and important use of story poles in the La Bahia hotel development ("Model Development," News&Views, May 14).I live in Soquel and frequently eat and shop in downtown Santa Cruz, often going to the beach and wharf areas. Erecting story poles to visually describe the size of the La Bahia project will be a helpful tool to understand the impact of the developer's proposal.

Like many residents, I'm hopeful we can have a new hotel in the beach area, one meeting space capacity. I hope my community and its elected leaders will see the wisdom in urging the developer to make this a model project that represents our important community values: respect for and compatibility with existing neighborhood buildings and people; economically sustainable jobs that provide for middle-class income through employee free-choice for a union; compliance with our community's chosen General Plan height requirements.

If Swenson/Canfield could sacrifice a teeny bit of profit, we could all win.

Nora Hochman,

Kiwi Pride

I COME FROM the tiny island nation of New Zealand and idolize our one alive national hero; Russell Crowe. In light of a recent article by a mainstream paper that is produced for worldwide consumption (who shall remain anonymous and unread in the future by me), I must clear something up since the editor there would not listen to my complaint. Russell is from New Zealand, NOT Australia. The Aussies stole our one national hero by using constant claims that he is an Australian native. Please make it known that Sir Russell is from the beautiful land of farm animals and does not dispute when asked in person, believe me, I know, I have spoken with the king of thespian more than once. Just please take this in consideration when writing, discussing, blogging and even just thinking about Sir Russell Crowe (of New Zealand).

Thank you.

Rex Harigon,
Santa Rosa

The Body Politic

THIS MAY be too Orwellian for some people, but it may appeal to those sharing my cynicism regarding the pandering of all the potential presidential candidates. The only absolute truth we know about them is their body type and appearance. You want a pear-shaped 60-year-old white woman? Or a tall, thin, youngish dark man? Or a 72-year-old , hunched over, arthritic white guy? Wait until they match up with their vice-presidential candidates to make your final choice. Opposites may attract. But working this premise, pundits would probably find that each "type" of candidate has a subliminal appeal to their body type "look-a-likes" no matter what they do, or don't, promise. Meaning Tom Cruise or Pamela Anderson are not electable.

Neil Davis,

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