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May 28 - June 4, 2008

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Letters to the Editor

Dads for Leopold

THANK YOU for recommending John Leopold for Santa Cruz District 1 supervisor (Endorsements, May 14). Your article on John is excellent, except regarding the important issue of crime. John has better solutions to crime that do not rely only on police and courts. His ideas focus on improving community activities for teens, increasing education opportunities that includes a program to train future sheriffs starting with sixth graders and extending past high school, affordable housing and economic initiatives to help keep our peace officers living and working in Santa Cruz County. John has the support of many active sheriff's deputies and fire fighters. He is active in sports programs. He is by far the best candidate to work collaboratively with families, neighborhoods and public safety officials to find creative local solutions. As a local father, I have the highest confidence in John Leopold to keep our neighborhoods vibrant and safe.

Doug Titus,
Santa Cruz

Petty People

GAY MARRIAGE seems like it might change benefits that would cost the rest of the population, otherwise it is just an expanded use of the word "marriage," which is not categorically unlike that used by incestual polygamists. To be fully truthful, though, we need to note that many species, including ours, reproduce through intercourse between a male and a female. The basic continuation and evolution of our life form is based on the relationship of a male and a female. In successful species, that relationship is highly regarded.

If a male/female couple is gender-equal, in their spirits like a set of fraternal twins, they are affectionate companions. If that companionship produces offspring that are nourished by both, it is ideal. That ideal relationship was worshiped as a dual god in ancient times, and exists today, and should be honored and respected.

It is not the individual's fault if he or she is not half of an ideal couple. Right now, many people can't be ideal. That doesn't mean he or she is to blame. Their mate might have passed away or lacked affection, or some people might lack understanding of the basic ideal male/female couple. People who aren't lucky in getting to be half of an ideal couple are free to find another relationship that brings them comfort. However, that doesn't mean any other relationship is equal to that of an ideal couple, because the ideal male/female couple is the highest and most important relationship in our species.

It is best for our planet and our evolving life form that we all fully appreciate the ideal male/female couple and those individuals who live out their lives as half of that ideal with the highest dignity and respect, avoiding petty jealousy.

Acknowledging this truth of our species' biology puts the demands of tiny percentages of our population in perspective.

Jane Baer,
Santa Cruz

The 'Disorder'

I WISH TO express my disappointment with the California Supreme Court for overturning the state's ban on same-sex marriage. The decision does not reflect the true heart and soul of a state in touch with its democratic roots and moral foundation. The family is the fundamental cell of society. The family--and through it, all human society--have their source and origin in marriage. Marriage is ordered for the procreation and education of offspring. As the basic expression of man's social nature, marriage can only be understood as the lawful union of one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others. One does not need to have any particular religion or belong to a particular political party to recognize this, or that the family based on marriage is the best way to bring up happy, productive children.

There is, in fact, no scientific evidence to confirm homosexual activity as a normal behavior. The so-called "gay gene" has never been found. As natural law implies, sexual orientation does not constitute a quality comparable to race, ethnicity, gender or age in respect to non-discrimination. Unlike these, homosexual orientation is an objective disorder and evokes moral concern.

Hopefully voters of California--the majority of which oppose same-sex marriage--will work diligently to overrule this decision and trend toward decadence and hedonism. They can do this by supporting the marriage amendment which will be on the November ballot.

Paul Kokoski,
Hamilton, Ontario

LAST WEEK we reported that Cereality does not offer milk substitutes or organic cereals. We were wrong, so wrong. Cereality offers soy milk, rice milk, organic cereals, gluten-free cereals. ... We regret the error.

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