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May 31-June 7, 2006

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Letters to the Editor


IN THE NEXT issue of Metro Santa Cruz, please can you publish an English translation of Richard Von Busack's last film review (The Da Vinci Code, Film, May 24). I appreciate that it's terribly clever, but frankly, I'm not. The only question I really need answering is whether or not, after a tedious week at work, it's worth spending $10 of my hard earned cash on a ticket?

Isabelle Herbert, Santa Cruz


I AM GLAD to see DeCinzo was on a roll for Santa Cruz's Bike Week. His May 17 cartoon spoofing bicyclists' sponsor-covered Lycra clothing made me laugh out loud. Just one question: Where can I purchase one of the "butt cooling systems" he showed? Local bike shops seem to be out of stock and my bicycling friends did not wear theirs on Bike to Work Day.

Karen Kefauver, Santa Cruz


LOOKS AS IF you are getting a bit forgetful these days. In your endorsement for District 3 supervisor (News & Views, May 24), you forgot to mention Christopher Krohn was recently a City Council member and mayor. Funny, you didn't forget to mention that about his opponent, the "business candidate" Coonerty, even though his term was long ago. You also forgot to mention that only Krohn was endorsed by the Sierra Club, the Peoples' Democratic Club (PDC) and the Green Party.

You said that Krohn was a nimby but forgot about that, I guess, when a few sentences later, you said, "he seems largely focused on national affairs."~Hmmmm, which one is it? Or can't you remember if he's either? Oh, well. No surprise. You endorsed former Councilmember, Mayor and "business candidate" Scott Kennedy in the last election and he lost. Well, why wouldn't you endorse the "business candidate"? After all, you ARE a business! (Unlike the overwhelming majority of the voters.)

Fred Geiger, Santa Cruz


YOUR RECENT article on the restricted salmon season in California ("On the Rocks," Cover Story, May 24) was written very poorly. Unfortunately, many fisherman have been overfishing for decades and the decision to limit the salmon catch was made by top fish scientists at NOAA who are trying to protect the long-term health of the ecosytem. To lay the blame solely on the Bush administration, as the author did, is such knee-jerk leftist stupidity that I can only shake my head in wonder. And this from someone who proudly calls himself a liberal. How about some actual reporting next time?

Jason Scorse, Santa Cruz

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