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Letters to the Editor

Couldn't Have Made It Up

MONDAY, May 24, late afternoon. Downtown Trader Joe's is bustling. As I wend my way down an aisle, I am passed by a woman going the other direction. She is in a wheelchair, and her legs stop at the knees, with cute little short black boots on them. She is also, except for the boots, completely naked. Shoppers go about their business. There is no commotion. Later, I am waiting in line with assorted mothers and their children when I see her again, wheeling toward the exit. Two very large male TJ staff are pacing her on either side, not touching her or the chair, just pacing her, like two F16s escorting a Cessna out of a no-fly zone. I pay for my purchases. As I am leaving the store, she is on the sidewalk, having a spirited conversation with a polite police officer and donning—under protest—a brand-new-looking T-shirt. As I am getting into my car, a third (third???) city police car pulls up. Wow, this must be some really dangerous naked wheelchair lady! As I am driving out of the lot, she is still in her chair, wearing only the T-shirt, with her hands cuffed behind her. The chair is poised at the curb, next to the back door of a cruiser. The local constabulary are apparently puzzling out the mechanics of transferring a naked legless handcuffed lady into the back of the cruiser without committing an impropriety. I have scanned the local news media in vain for anything about this event. Apparently, it was not remarkable enough to be newsworthy. Only in Santa Cruz.

Shari Prange, Bonny Doon

Don't Divest, Boycott

THIS IS in response to Mr. Adamson and his letter on divestment from Israel ("Divestment Not the Answer," Posts, May 19). Mr. Adamson has either forgotten or chooses to ignore the most important fact regarding Israel—they are a military superpower. There is no threat to Israel's existence as a country. There is no enemy out there who could invade and destroy Israel. Yes, guerrilla groups fire rockets across the border but this in no way threatens Israel's existence. Israel has hundreds of nuclear weapons and a reputation suggesting they would be very willing to use them. Would any country really risk it? Israeli leaders and their supporters love to speak of threats to Israel's existence and threats to Israeli security. I believe the main reason for this is that it allows them to continue their brutal domination of the Palestinians.

Peace will not come to the Middle East when Israel feels secure, it will come when they treat the Palestinians like human beings. The Palestinians have to be given the same rights to existence and security as Israel. I sincerely hope that the divestment movement grows and becomes more effective. Please boycott Israel until they end the occupation and allow the Palestinians to live.

Michael Castleton, Monterey


Last week we reported that Superior Court Judge candidate Phil Crawford was endorsed by the Pajaro Valley Cesar Chavez Democratic Club. He was not. He was endorsed by the Progressive Coalition of Santa Cruz County, of which the Pajaro Valley Cesar Chavez Democratic Club is a member.

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