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Letters to the Editor

No To Methyl Anything

TO THE CALIFORNIA Department of Pesticide Regulation: Please be aware that I am sending you this message loud and clear: we PVUSD school bus drivers and our cargo have suffered enough. If you could see these poor precious children sick to their stomachs, coughing and wheezing, you would think again. If you could see how they care about their families, the air and water, you would think again.

No to methyl anything! Who gains from your pesticide-laden berry cash crops? Your folly is our demise! Go organic—bring back the apples! Look at good European farming practices! Look at Swanton!

Thank you, Santa Cruz Weekly and Assemblyman Bill Monning ("Picking Poison," Briefs, June 23; "Methyl Iodide: Unsafe at Any Speed," Bullhorn, June 23), for bringing this to my attention.

Kate Hitt,


The Liberal Mind

DORAH ROSEN has no clue regarding Israel. Her article in the Bullhorn ("Hope and Disappointment," June 30) reflects such a skewed, liberal and totally inaccurate reflection of Israel's current state. She regards the Palestinians (technically, she should be referring to these people as Gazans) as "victims" of Jewish aggression, and calls Israel's actions reckless and unchallenged. I'm wondering what sort of Kool-Aid she is drinking? Perhaps it comes from the anti-Semitic, warped propaganda being fed by the Islamic terror triumvirate of Iran, Syria and Lebanon (we can now add Turkey to this list, given their government's rapid drive from secularism to Islamization)?

She calls the blockade unjust (ironically, it was approved by the U.N.), and calls on members of Congress to set limits on Israeli aggression. Excuse me? Israelis live under the constant threat of annihilation on three hostile borders. Iran and Syria fund proxy armies to the north and south, and Hamas' charter calls for the destruction of the Zionist state (as Iran's leader has also called for many times). None of this is caused by Israeli actions. None. Israel used to defend itself proactively, which worked very well, until they came under worldwide pressure under the errant guise of "political correctness." They have tried appeasement, and that has not worked. Now, I am hoping, nay praying, they will rightfully and aggressively defend themselves as any sovereign nation has a right to do so against its sworn enemies.

The flotilla was little more than a PR prank designed to further bloody Israel's image in the liberal media. Anyone who has watched the footage and done research knows the truth behind these "peace activist" scams.

The liberal mind always believes that every issue can be resolved through non-violence, and they cannot (or will not) comprehend the depth, and scope of hatred Israel's enemies have toward them (and to the West as well). This flawed method of thinking puts our very way of life at risk each and every day.

David J. Hartman,

Raleigh, N.C.

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