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July 16-23, 2008

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Letters to the Editor

Not The Guy I Know

THIS IS in response to Roland Meyer ("He's Not Accusing, He's Just Saying,"Letters, July 2). Mr. Meyer suggests that the fires in California are God's retribution for a state that has legalized same-sex marriages. In that case, I wonder what the heartland did to deserve the floods that have devastated Iowa, Nebraska and Missouri. God must be very angry with them. I think I heard that they have advertised for Noah to come and build an ark. This kind of religious elitism has no part in our community and the God I worship and serve is an inclusive, loving God that must weep at the judgmentalism of some people.

 Clyde Vaughn,


A Wonderful Perspective

I JUST READ Roland Meyers' letter in your rag about the correlation between the gay marriages and all the fires and dry lightning that's been going on in California ever since. I have to say "Bravo!""High-five, dude!"

Jesus told me to come to Santa Cruz in March, and ever since I got here, I have been astonished at the idol-worshipping of New Age, Buddha, etc., the homosexuality, the liberalism, the pro-Obama, Democratic ignorance and the peddling of Greenpeace on every grocery store corner. As a politically passionate "right-wing"charismatic Evangelical Christian, I'm involved with Focus and FRC to try to change things and give people the truth, but I'll admit, there are times when I get down, when I see the homosexuals dancing in the streets or on the front page, awhile back. I've been so busy trying to fight this war, that I haven't even given the fires much thought!

But I must congratulate Roland for adding such a wonderful perspective on everything. He really cheered me up! Thanks Roland!

Shawn Cancilla,
Santa Cruz

Not Impressed

IT'S NOT that the cartoon DeCinzo is offensive; it's that it is not funny or insightful. My frequent reaction to it is: "and?"It awkwardly and laboriously illustrates some current event with titles and apostrophe, and presents it as if it were the political insight of Twain, Sahl, Beeler or Stantis. It is the editorial equivalent of calling someone a "doo-doo head."

I would gladly suffer offense for rational, intelligent commentary. Let's get some and see how it works.

Richard C. Haven,

A Historical Footnote

REGARDING Geoffrey Dunn's excellent article ("Deconstructing Roxas,"Cover Story, June 25), I appreciated his attention to the larger historical context as well as his critique of local history's obstructive navel gazing.

However, I think that Dunn could have developed more fully his discussion of the importance of adopting these "false identities"to the economic livelihoods of many elderly California Indians. In the end, Dunn claims that the construction of these myths served to "whitewash 100 years of California genocide"--and it did! But these myths also provided surviving Indians like Justiniano with a means of support during their final years. As is often the case, mytho-historical stories perform a variety of functions.

Rather than focusing on deconstructing the Roxas myth, greater attention to the importance of its construction to the lived reality of California Indians would reveal the economic and political minefield the past can be for Indian peoples, yesterday and today.

Boyd Cothran,

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