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July 18-25, 2007

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Letters to the Editor

Give Her A Raise

I WANT TO RESPOND to the very well-written and engaging review of Bluewater Steakhouse (Dining, July 25) by Denise Vivar. I don't recall seeing her restaurant reviews before and urge you to draw on her talents again–I really appreciated the detailed and gastronomically informed approach she took. And having dined many times at this excellent restaurant, I also appreciated that it received the intelligent and discerning praise it deserves.

Wendy Martyna, Santa Cruz 

Dock His Pay

I'M NOT SURE I understand the message in DeCinzo's cartoon in the Aug. 1 issue of Metro Santa Cruz. Are the human leaf blowers supposed to be Mexican immigrants? Is it supposed to be funny? Is the labor of Mexican immigrants a subject of ridicule? People who employ Mexican immigrants, legal and otherwise, say they are hard-working and reliable. After all, immigrants tend and harvest our fruits and vegetables; tend our lawns and parks; service our hospitals, hotels and restaurants; clean our houses and offices; and labor on construction sites. Santa Cruz would take a hit without immigrant labor. What's funny in that?

Margaret Knight, Santa Cruz

Check His Head

I WAS SORRY to see that your movie reviewer took a dim view of a movie (Goya's Ghosts, Film, July 18) that I found excellent in itself and one of the most trenchant observations onscreen of the excesses of the current so-called war on terror, in which political orthodoxy and patriotism have replaced religious orthodoxy and the power of the Inquisition. In the film we see exactly what Michael Parenti summed up in his book History as Mystery when he wrote, "shrouded in secrecy, and freed from all accountability, the inquisitors indulged in unfettered butchery and rapacity, taking lives and confiscating property ... treating the accused as having no rights, and treating everyone ... as potentially suspect." The inquisitors even assert that torture produces the truth. Fast-forward to the NSA, wiretapping, and the executive order of July 17 and you find out quickly what this disturbing but excellent movie is really all about.

Patricia Spicer, Glen Ellen

Give Him A Star

REGARDING "PLAYWRIGHT in the Park" (Film, Aug. 8): I thought this was a really well written article. I would love to see more write-ups on similar pop culture topics, and more articles from this writer, Craig Gawlick, in particular. He seems to be a good one!

Edward Fernandez, Sacramento

Throw 'em Out

NOW IS THE TIME to begin finding candidates to replace California legislators, not extend term limits. Your/my state senator and assemblymember failed to gather sufficient support to enact a timely budget. Their failure had a domino effect on all counties, cities and districts within the state, delaying many budgets. Hardships were created for individuals who were awaiting payments. These legislators failed to accomplish any competitive redistricting. These legislators failed to adopt/maintain a governmental agency as the single payer of all Californians' medical/dental bills. These legislators failed to adopt meaningful corporation reforms. These legislators failed to make eco-fuel available for their eco-friendly government vehicles.

Find/elect replacements that also just say no to campaign donations from lobbyists, political action committees and unrestrained corporation CEOs.

John Bauer, Martinez

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