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September 19-26, 2007

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Letters to the Editor

Twins Fan

AS A FELLOW 'TRANSPLANT' going on 15 years in Santa Cruz and a fellow Slug alumni, I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the Seabright Twins' article ("The Town-Gown Survival Manual," Cover Story, Sept. 12). The wit and sarcasm and often correct "rantings," if you will, brought a smile to my face as I reminisced about my own understanding of this great town. It's great to see an article I would have expected in the Fish Rap Live end up in Metro Santa Cruz. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Sara Emch, Santa Cruz

Can't Read Just One

AWESOME STORY by the Seabright Twins! More! More! More! (Please.)

Emily Puckett, Portland, Ore.

Missed One

I'VE BEEN OUT OF TOWN a couple weeks and recently returned. I am a big fan of Metro Santa Cruz, so I read the issues I miss when I am away. I am a professor of environmental cconomics and cover the advantages of organic foods in my classes, so I was really glad to see "Market Places: A guide to farmers markets in the Santa Cruz area" among your listings and descriptions (Cover Story, Aug. 29). I am sure many people will get exposed to better food choices because of your listing. However, there seems to be one pretty substantial error, or at least an omission, in the listing. I personally get most of my organic foods for the week at the Saturday Market in San Lorenzo Park, and then I fill in some other items at one or two of the others you list plus a natural food grocery. I know you guys know about the Saturday Market because I always check the Live Music Schedule in their ad they run in Metro Santa Cruz each week. The Saturday Market is certainly not the largest organic market, but the quality is as good or better than all the rest, and the prepared food is far and away the highest quality. It was omitted from the listing.

Anyway, thought you'd like a heads up from someone familiar as I am and a fan of your paper. Also, the Saturday Market has the best music of all the markets, it is the only one with a well-staffed kids' area (I've got kids), its park setting beats the asphalt parking lots and cement streets of the other markets easily and it truly is the only market that completely handles the needs of an entire family for a whole day, including the organic produce.

Whoever the people are that put on the Saturday Market really deserve congratulations for the quality of what they do. I'd be interested to know why they were excluded, if they chose not to be included or what. If they didn't want to be included, so be it. But if it was an oversight, a good plug for the market would be of value to lots of our local people and visitors.

Glen Chase, Santa Cruz

Ink for Pink

I JUST WANTED to comment on Pink Martini ("La Vie en Rose," Arts, Sept. 12). It was the most amazing concert I have ever seen. I must say that I am sorry for those in Santa Cruz that did not see it. Pink Martini is obviously a group of people that love to play music and really feel and respect each other. Their presence just filled the room. The violin and piano piece brought tears to my eyes and I must say I was not the only one in the room swept up in the music. Thank you, Thomas, thank you, China, thank you, Pink Martini, for giving me such an amazing experience. My partner, who knew very little or nothing of Pink Martini, went with me to be a good partner and left the concert speechless and amazed. The only way he could describe it was that it was like sugar to his ears. I can only hope they will grace our little town again in the future.

James Garden, Santa Cruz

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