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September 26 - October 3, 2007

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Letters to the Editor

Um, HELLO ...

THE SANTA CRUZ Saturday Market would like to point out that you seem to have overlooked us in the article "Market Places, a guide to farmers markets in the Santa Cruz area" (Cover Story, Aug. 29). No doubt this must have just been an oversight, but as we do run an ad in your paper and we are registered with the California Certified Organic Farmers as well as Community Alliance with Family Farmers, plus so many other organizations as a Farmers Market, we are a little curious as to why we were not included in the article. We understand that we only have a few farmers at present, but we feel that they should still be valued in your paper, as well as the market itself should be.

The market is in its third year running, two years located at the San Lorenzo Park. We give our vendors the freedom to participate when and on what level they want to, which makes for a slow-going process before the market will become a fully recognized Santa Cruz tradition. Nevertheless we feel that we want to allow our vendors to participate on their level and not require them to come to each market, for we are here to provide them as well as the friends and neighbors of our community an all-welcoming supportive environment. One reason we don't have many farmers at present is because there are many farmers who believe that farmers markets should be for produce/foodstuffs only, and we have that as well as artists, crafts people, healing arts practitioners, live music, children's activity play areas, etc. However, we feel that we are trying wholeheartedly to create an atmosphere where people of all kinds can come together and share with the community. We are working towards building our community in a loving, inviting way as to provide a space for everyone; for we feel everyone has something to offer our great community.

Please include us in your future articles. We feel that we are fully trying to support Santa Cruz as a beautiful community and we are a great asset to your readers and everyone who wants to participate. Thank you very much!

The Santa Cruz Saturday Market, Santa Cruz

'Zubeidaa' A Gem

WITH ALL DUE RESPECT to everyone's right to an opinion, shouldn't one know something about the topic about which one holds a passionate opinion? Surely, Arline Ganzler ("A Waste of Celluloid," Letters, Aug. 29) knows absolutely nothing about Indian cinema, its great actors, directors, musicians or writers. Her spewing of emotion is highly insulting to one of the great and renowned directors of our time, Shyam Benegal, as well as to the star-studded, well-seasoned cast of highly acclaimed artistes. Karishma Kapoor was at her best, here, as Zubeidaa, a woman who was ahead of her time as an early nonconformist. Her presence evokes our concern and compassion us throughout the film. Rekha, of "Umrao Jaan" fame, is practically revered by moviegoers, and she gave a stellar performance as Mandita Devi (Mandy), with power and dignity subtly contained in every facial expression, conveying the essence of true royalty of her time. And what negative can be said about the great Amrish Puri's rendition of the domineering, unrelenting father?

The costumes were authentic and every thread was gorgeous. The music was brilliant! Arline, have you ever even heard of A.R. Rahman (who recently filled an Oakland coliseum with fans who clamor to witness his inimitable flair for fusing classical Indian music with innovative orchestral and percussive styles from across the continents, or of Lata Mangeshkar, who has been the voice behind more actresses in movies than any other, who is hailed in India and throughout as one of the greatest classically trained and talented voices?

What is more, Benegal masterfully represented a historical time and its political issues of the transition from aristocratic rule to the democratic process in the aftermath of independence from England's imperial rule. The movement between time periods was executed without a ruffle, which is no small feat for any director or movie editor.

I am appalled to read such a review. I could accept a negative opinion written by an informed individual, but how presumptuous of you to attempt to evaluate a genre about which you are ignorant.

Sumati Bellsey, Soquel

Another Happy Nutzle Fan

THANKS for the great update on Futzie Nutzle (Cover Story, Aug. 22)! I've been a fan since seeing his work in Wet Magazine in the '70s. I'm currently teaching illustration at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and Nutzle is on my list of "historical" illustrators for research projects. Now I'm dying to see his paintings. Thanks again.

Bill Shaffer, Lincoln, Neb.

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