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October 11-18, 2006

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Fashion a la Hitchcock

Photographs by Dina Scoppettone

Hidden away in the Santa Cruz Mountains, just far enough off the beaten path to make you a little nervous when night falls, lies the rambling 200-acre estate of the late Alfred Hitchcock. It was here that the famed director of Rear Window, North by Northwest and, of course, Psycho, would escape the din of Hollywood, entertain famous guests like Ingrid Bergman and Grace Kelly, and conceptualize his most brilliantly twisted films.

So when ace photographer Dina Scoppettone got the chance to shoot at this legendary location, Metro Santa Cruz immediately seized the opportunity to make our Fall Fashion issue an homage to this most notorious of filmmaking geniuses.

Sadly, Dina refused our repeated requests to toss live birds in the face of the models, as Hitchcock reportedly had done to Tippi Hedren on the set of his 1963 film, The Birds (which, by the way, was partly inspired by news reports of birds flocking en masse toward the lights of Santa Cruz and Capitola). She also nixed the infamous Psycho shower scene with her annoyingly logical argument that fashion shoots tend to involve clothing.

Yet, the power of the location proved inescapable, and--while Norman Bates' mom was conspicuously absent--it wasn't long before our models began acting out typical Hitchcockian behavioral patterns involving mystery, voyeurism and, of course, murder.

Bill Forman

Rear Window Redux

Rear Window Redux: Having learned all too late about the virtues of minding their own business, a voyeuristic Emit and long-suffering Sara Jane are looking much better than they feel. Emit's wearing a cardigan sweater from Cognito Clothing, a dress shirt from Goodwill Santa Cruz and a silk 1960s print tie available at Retro Paradise. Pullover sweater and jeans, stylist's own. Shoes, model's own. Sara Jane's cream cardigan with gold beading is available at Cognito Clothing. Vintage gloves available at Retro Paradise. Bolo "Charm" boots available at Sockshop & Shoe Company. Bolero jacket, denim skirt, scarf and socks, stylist's own. Corpse's black fedora with pink feathers by DeAnna Gibbons for Brimming Over (

West by Northwest

West by Northwest: Whether you're being chased by a cropduster, hanging from Mt. Rushmore or just scrambling through the underbrush on the Hitchcock estate, you'll want to do so in timelessly fashionable attire. Emit does just that, thanks to his corduroy vest, slacks and Oxford lace-up shoes, all available at Retro Paradise. Dress shirt, stylist's own.

Dial G for Glamour

Dial G for Glamour: Sara Jane channels the spirit of Grace Kelly, thanks to her vintage gold top from Love Me Two Times and ivory vintage gloves available at Retro Paradise. The Princess Grace of Monaco look is completed by Stacey Cameron gold with pearl and bird charm drop earrings and Stacey Cameron ribbon bangle bracelet with vintage jewels, both available at Stacey Cameron Unique Jewels (

The Devil's Recipe

The Devil's Recipe: In this scene inspired by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's proposed "Hitchcock movie" about our current administration, Emit and a secret government agent suit up in dapper attire in order to go scouting for handsome young pages. Emit's 1940s tie is available at Cognito Clothing. His men's wool coat comes from Goodwill Santa Cruz. Black asymmetrical brim hat with brown leather by Deanna Gibbons for Brimming Over ( Dress shirt, stylist's own. The secret government agent's attire is classified.

Screen Kiss

Screen Kiss: Yes, even in our Hitchcock fever dream, all ends well with the couple reunited and all set to live romanticly ever after. Or does it? Emit tries to set aside his lingering doubts in a Western-style men's shirt from Cognito Clothing. Cardigan and scarf, stylist's own. Ring, model's own. Sara Jane figures "Oh, what the hell" in a silk camisole from Goodwill Santa Cruz, Stacey Cameron lariat necklace and Stacey Cameron gold stick with drop earrings, both available at Stacey Cameron Unique Jewels ( Her vintage purse available at Retro Paradise (831.460.9960). Sweater and belt, stylist's own.


Cognito Clothing 821 Pacific Ave. 831.426.5414

Goodwill Santa Cruz 350 Encinal St. 831.423.1078

Love Me Two Times 1331 Mission St. 831.429/6210

Retro Paradise 1010 Pacific Ave. 831.460.9960

Sockshop & Shoe Company 1515 Pacific Ave. 831.429.6101

Stylists: Mina Drake, Adrianna Dougherty and Marlee McGuffick from the Tonic Salon
Models: Emit, Sara Jane, Secret Government Agent

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