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Letters to the Editor

Meg Whitman, Trophy Wife

WOMEN in politics have come a very long way in a short period of time. This is all good unless the vetting system cannot detect the trophy wife. Who is a misguided trophy wife? Meg Whitman is, of course. She is simply out for another trophy on the mantelpiece—not out for the egalitarian notion of our nation's founding docs or even equality under the law. Meg is out for Meg and needs the trophy on the mantelpiece. It has nothing to do with humanity or democracy. It has nothing to do with ethical behavior. It has nothing to do with competency. It has everything to do with having the money to buy our system. Meg is the player for Meg—not you or me.

Is she really capable? Is she forthright and ethical? Evidence says maybe not. Does she have a grip on being an American? She does—a wealthy American who leverages the failure of our system to take to task Americans who have little to rely upon.

Does she represent Americans who work for a living? Not even close. Meg is a trophy wife who casts a shadow on her doctor husband's contributions to humanity. Meg is not out running for governor as much as she is running for herself.

Remember, though that her needs are not the same as yours. She needs nothing—she has it all except for the governorship. A vote for Meg is, well, a vote for Meg. She is what is important, not the state of California.

Brian Wax,

Palo Alto

Palin's Failin' Logic

WHEN Sarah Palin says California is a "case study in failed liberal policies," do you think she's aware that for 23 of the past 27 years we've been governed by Republicans?

Peter Kuchenbrod,

San Jose

State Parks Just Fine

I DISAGREE with your support for Prop. 21.

State parks are in pretty good shape. Their budget has not been cut that drastically, and most of the partial closures, etc., proposed last year did not happen, and didn't need to happen. Most of the information we're hearing about state parks is coming from state park officials, who have an obvious self interest in swaying public opinion. If a few changes were made in how state parks were run, the current budget would more than suffice to run the parks without any noticeable difference in service.

Also, I'm not sure it's fair to ask the people who never use state parks to pay the fees for those who use them all the time. I'm not opposed to the increase in vehicle license fees, but I think the money could be better spent. Helping those in need, or, as a believer in use taxes, fixing the roads.

Name withheld,


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