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October 22-29, 2008

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Letters to the Editor

Don't Believe the TLC

I WAS GLAD to see your article concerning the upcoming Santa Cruz City Council election ("Left and Center," News&Views, Oct. 15). My, wasn't it nice of you to give previously unknown David Terrazas a huge picture at the top of the article. I imagine the other nine candidates must have refused to provide you with a picture of themselves since none were included. While the article is promulgating the belief that the "TLC" candidates (Terrazas, Lane and Coonerty) are moderates, some crucial facts were left missing. In a recent mailer from LOBA (Locally Owned Business Associates) the "TLC" candidates were revealed as a slate promoted by the business community. This is an attempt to achieve what unfortunately occurs in most towns where local government is used for the benefit of business at the expense of the wider community. We have avoided this unfortunate circumstance in the past, but this could change if this slate is elected. 

Voters deserve to be given a chance to examine the following facts as to what the TLC candidates really stand for. Here are some examples:  Lane was the point man for promoting the tax-payer subsidized mega-hotel project proposed at the Dream Inn site; Coonerty was an enthusiastic supporter. Fortunately, massive public rejection succeeded in killing the flawed proposal.

Terrazas claimed to be a "labor lawyer" in an interview with a local paper, while he is in fact a lawyer for management which in reality makes him an "anti-labor" lawyer. He supported the 2120 Delaware Project even though his comments on the EIR acknowledged that the 5,000 vehicle trips a day generated by the project would be a serious disruption to the neighborhood.

Coonerty and Terrazas have promoted the concept that we "can erase our carbon footprint caused by all the people driving over the hill," saying we can build enough here in Santa Cruz, then locals can just work here in town. I find that to be, if not conscious "green washing," a very naive belief. What is to guarantee that the additional jobs created here will be filled by locals? Isn't it just as likely that more traffic would be created by people driving here for these new jobs? I hope people will see through the subterfuge and reject these three candidates who are apparently willing to sacrifice our beautiful community and our quality of life in order for business interests to have free rein to call the shots for their own benefit. If anyone here misses the "ambience" of 41st Avenue it is certainly nearby (if you can get there through the traffic). Capitola's budget has been no healthier than ours in Santa Cruz in spite of the mess that they have allowed to happen. We don't have to make the same mistakes here! 

 Fred Geiger,
Santa Cruz 


The Perfect as Enemy of The Good

I WAS SO happy to read Props 7 and 10 on the ballot, but then I heard the dire forecasts by environmental groups who I respect, as reported by Molly Zapp ("Shades of Green," News&Views, Oct. 8). On these measures, however, I have to disagree. Here we have two guys loaded to the gills with lucre who want to spend it on developing renewables; to force PG&E and other IOU's to get off their profit-driven rears and sell renewables and lots of it, and to offer big rebates for people who consider the benefit of trying out a car they might otherwise think was too weird or too expensive. Who cares if the guys behind these propositions get richer? The winner is our planet. No one will be perfectly happy with the measures and no one was perfectly happy with the U.S. Constitution either. But if passed, we will progress. We will be greener and cleaner and cooler. We will have money for clean energy, for research, and for college grants! We don't have time to wait for just the right wording. I'm with Fred Keeley and Al Gore on this. Please consider voting yes on 7 and 10.

Jennifer Greene,
Santa Cruz

Flunk Geography Much?

I WAS TRYING to get someone to go see Eric Vloeimans at the Kuumbwa with me, and I said he was Dutch so he must be from "Dutchland." I was joking, but then your write-up (Music Guide, Oct. 15) said he is from Denmark. Well, I double-checked, and yes he is Dutch, and Denmark is one place from which he isn't. It's pretty much a separate country. Just FYI.

Rich Apple,
Santa Cruz

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