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November 5-12, 2008

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Letters to the Editor

Sickened and Outraged

THE COVER of the issue on Oct. 22 is beyond bad taste. What is wrong with DeCinzo? Why in the world would he use a swastika to describe KSCO? An inflammatory image that turns the stomachs of every decent person? I happen to work at KSCO and to call us Nazis sickens me. It is difficult to describe the outrage I felt on seeing this "cartoon." There is no one at this radio station that holds such extremely sick views. My husband's grandparents were murdered in Sobibor, so to be Jewish and lumped in with such monsters really incenses me. Contrary to (perhaps) common belief, not all of us at the station are conservative Republicans. This is America, and thank goodness, we do have freedom of speech. To cause discussion is a good thing. But there is a line that does not get crossed. KSCO has advertisers out there who will see us being called Nazis. I ask them to disregard the junk on the front cover. While DeCinzo may have drawn the picture, the editor at the Metro Santa Cruz must take responsibility for what is published. No one at the station asked me to write this letter, but I felt compelled. Last year, I spent a significant amount of my personal money on advertising through Metro Santa Cruz, having nothing to do with KSCO. I won't be doing it again. You have lost an account.

 Robin Samuels,


Very Dismayed

I AM VERY dismayed at your front page cartoon. Implying KSCO is a Nazi organization is outrageous. You should apologize on the front page of Metro Santa Cruz.

Chris Hadland,

Trivializing the Holocaust

WOW, did Metro Santa Cruz really just claim local AM radio station KSCO is ran by the National Socialist German Worker's Party? In other words, the NAZIs? This is the impression given by the front cover of the Oct. 22 issue.

That's funny, because the political bent of the station tends to run to the old conservative and quasi-libertarian small government crowd, i.e., not to the NAZI belief in a super-state.

I wonder why knee-jerk liberals never seem to realize that by constantly referring to its rivals as "fascists" they are trivializing both the Holocaust and their own cause.

Joe DePage,
Santa Cruz

Who's the Whiner Now?

THE PEOPLE offended by the cover of Oct. 22--get a life!! DeCinzo is a comic, and occasionally funny, occasionally in poor taste. And speaking of poor taste (vs. "opinion"), for God's sake, the right has been throwing the "whiny liberal" barb for eight or more years now, and who's the whiner now? The bulk of KSCO's programs are in poor taste, full of acerbic nastiness rather than intelligent discourse. They "talk at you" rather than impart any intelligent thinking, and God forbid one begs to differ! Kay Zwerling's editorials alone should raise some ACLU hackles! All's fair in politics, and frankly, you all have a lot of audacity after years of vicious attacks by Rush, O'Reilly, Savage, all brought to you by Zwerling, to comment at all! I worked as a producer, engineer, board-op and on air at KSCO, as well as at KGO, KSFO and KSGR in Marin during the time of the "right-wing regime." I haven't had the misfortune since I left to listen to KSCO, but I can only imagine what they say about Obama. I am proud to say my father, a staunch Republican (who turned 80 on Halloween), is voting for Barack, and says his former party should be outraged at the last eight years. I would be if it was my party. You guys were wrong. Play like big kids and clean it up! Look where you led us!

Wendy Ridgway,
Santa Cruz

Something is Wrong

I WANT to respond to these right-wing KSCO radio listeners who are crying about the use of a swastika by DeCinzo in a recent cartoon. In light of the fact that right-wing haters like O'Reilly and Hannity have been on their station, and that Zwerling's mom two years ago editorialized in favor of the Bush regime's use of torture, shredding of the Constitution with the breaking of the FISA law and ignoring the Bill of Rights in regards to habeas corpus and the right to privacy, and the station using its air waves primarily for being a shill for Bush and the Congress when it was still in control of the Republicans, generally supporting the disaster to this country that their policies have wrought, then I find nothing wrong with connecting KSCO to its fascist message over the years!When a Jewish-American condones torture, something is wrong! I'm glad that KRXA 540, owned by a Jewish-American, Hal Ginsberg, in Monterey, has been able to provide the political truth to the area with progressive talk radio!

L.D. Freitas,

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