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November 22-29, 2006

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Holiday Gift Guide:
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Metro Santa Cruz elves

Illustration by Mott Jordan

Help for the Holidays

Let the Metro Santa Cruz elves guide you to an array of local handmade treasures, as well as holiday books, films and music

Back in the days before the privatization of the holiday industry, folks could simply rely on a coterie of trusty elves, saints and rabbits to supply all of their holiday needs.

True, these habitually overworked civil servants may have been behind the times in terms of technology, and years of hiring freezes had culminated in an aging reindeer workforce that sent workers comp rates soaring.

But when it came to putting a hand-painted hobby horse under the tree--or, depending on your behavior, a lump of coal in the stocking--they got the job done.

But times change, and today the holiday elf is, quite frankly, a dying breed.

Nonetheless, your friends at Metro Santa Cruz have rounded up a multicultural cabal of elfin advisers to direct you toward a veritable plethora (because a plethora, after all, is always veritable) of holiday treasures made by gifted artisans and available at an emporium near you.

We've also appended gift guides to the latest gift books and recordings, as well as a critical roundup of holiday film releases to distract you from the shopping frenzy.

So take a deep breath, turn the page and let the shopping begin.

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