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November 22-29, 2006

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Letters to the Editor


NOW THAT I'VE LICKED my wounds and put things in perspective, I'd like to thank Metro Santa Cruz for endorsing me in this past city council election. I'm glad your staff got what I was (am) trying to do. My campaign was named Beyond Politics because I fully intended from the very beginning to create an organization that would go beyond electoral politics in scope and vision. Just because I wasn't elected doesn't mean my ideas are any less valid. Along those lines, the first two things Beyond Politics will tackle is the concept of floating city council meetings (having meetings somewhere besides city hall, quarterly, just four times a year with child care provided)

And maybe more importantly, we're trying to make sure this past election was the last non-publicly financed election in the city of Santa Cruz. All candidates should start out with the same amount of money and the same amount of time in which to spend that money (British style). We don't have private elections, so they shouldn't be privately financed. It's interesting how we see and decry the effect of money on national elections but fail to see and eliminate its effects locally.

Publicly financed elections seem to be an idea whose time has come and is almost universally sought to ensure fairness and participation, potentially, by anyone.

We will be tackling issues locally while staying attuned to national and international issues and organizations that will allow us to create alliances and coalitions to advance the cause of human liberty and consciousness.

Beyond Politics is still in its formative stages, so if you're interested and have ideas and/or enthusiasm email Simba at: [email protected] My website is being redone and should be up very soon.

Thank you to all the musicians, businessses, friends, family and total strangers for your support and all that was given for my candidacy. It all touched me very deeply. And in two years I'm going to do it all over again. Except for the losing part.

Simba Kenyatta, Santa Cruz


DAVID FROM CHOCOLATE on Pacific here. Thank you for the opportunity to clarify our position on recycling and biodegradable materials.

We ended up on the wrong list in Letters last week. All our to-go containers are recyclable. Our carry-out food boxes are unbleached cardboard; not styrofoam. Our to-go cups are recyclable, and not styrofoam.

We use Fire & Light for our small plates and soup bowls, made from recycled glass. We are a "Clean Ocean Business" certified by Santa Cruz Public Works. We have also been awarded the Santa Cruz County "Food Safety and Sanitation Award of Excellence."

Thank you for noticing.

David Jackman, Chef/owner, Chocolate


I'M THE drummer in Hunkamama, a hot all-girl four-piece funk band, and we are coming to Henfling's on Saturday, Feb. 16, on our Northern California tour. We are like Aretha Franklin smashed up with Led Zeppelin.

If you want a sneak-peak, check out

I lived in SC for six years and managed Rhythm Fusion around the corner from the clock tower. I'm really excited to come back to your party town!

Annalee England, Venice, Calif.

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