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December 19-26, 2007

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Letters to the Editor

Smiling Through Tears

JUST A BIG KUDOS on the beautifully researched and well written article about the demise of our local drive-in ("American Idyll," Cover Story, Nov. 28) and the context of their demise across America. This is world-class journalism, and I really appreciate it.

Adam Sah, Live Oak

Metro Missing

in ActionI WAS AT A concerned citizen's meeting last Sunday night in the Santa Cruz City Council room regarding the aerial spraying of pesticides for the Light Brown Apple Moth (LBAM). I was shocked to hear data presented by qualified professionals in their fields and knowledgeable community members that much of the data used by the state of California to justify the spraying is in error and some outright fabrication. Most of the 200-plus citizens who attended the meeting reported having serious health problems after the spraying. How is it that your newspaper, which assured us of the safety of this action, could have gotten the facts and the final outcome so wrong? What are you going to do to help us all get the facts straight and the present reality reported so we can decide on the best possible solution?

 Drew Lewis, Santa Cruz

Get Serious

I WOULD LIKE TO say that your very lackadaisical approach to your "Take the light brown apple moth test" (News&Views, Oct. 31) was very irresponsible and demeaning to all your readers. It absolutely downplayed a potentially very dangerous situation that has not been proven to be safe.

The government wants to spray chemicals of which the full ingredient list has not been disclosed on every living being. Can you say DES? Women exposed to DES (diethylstilbestrol) while in the womb have become known as DES Daughters. These women are at an increased risk for several serious conditions, including infertility, breast cancer and auto-immune disorders. DES was purported as "safe" for pregnant women; we can conclude it was not "safe." It took a whole generation of young women to mature before these results were found. Long-term studies were not used prior to dispensing DES.

I believe that Checkmate LBAM-F ("Checkmate") with undisclosed ingredients is "unsafe" due to the lack of long-term studies. These studies are imperative to prevent any damaging effects on our future generations. Prove to me it is "safe." Don't make us prove as human guinea pigs it is "NOT SAFE."

Peggy Humphries, Santa Cruz

Say It Ain't So!

DID THE CITY COUNCIL really cut a backroom deal with State Parks General Counsel Torgan to end off-leash dog hours at Lighthouse Field in return for help with attorney's fees? I keep waiting for them to say that it is all a horrible misunderstanding. Did the City Council really sell the dog owners out and then lie about it and pretend to care about their concerns? City council members: I voted for most of you. Please tell me you wouldn't do that.

Lisa Soon, Santa Cruz

Correction: LAST WEEK in Dish we misprinted the date of chef Joseph Schultz's "Taste of Bali" trip. The correct dates are July 19-Aug. 8, 2008. We regret the error.

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