Cinequest: Feb 26

First, let us apologize to Blanchard Ryan, whom I incorrectly accused of bailing on an appearance in the 20-year history of Cinequest we published last week.  A reader writes in and notes that she was not only was Ryan there, she discussed the importance of keeping dreams alive. All apologies.

So: today is when some damned [...]

Party Time at Cinequest

The gang from local short film “Raton” (profiled not long ago in Metro) were among the celebrities and film lovers at the opening night party at Cinequest after the screening of “The Good Heart.

See more photos of the party.

Cinequest Day 2

So, everyone like the sheep movie? Not, according to Alejandro Adams, and we’ll be interested to hear protests and outrage from other than PETA activists, thanks.

Today, we have an array of 16 films, which, if nimbly arranged can provide four to five movies in a day’s watching. I thought I saw everything this year, but [...]

Sean Penn IS Moe. Jim Carrey IS Curley…

And Bencio Del Toro is either Shemp or Larry, I can’t tell which. But it’s apparently not bullshit, despite how it sounds. And now, 44 years after Godard predicted it during the end titles of Weekend, this IS the end of cinema:

Casting Announcement

Ancient Seinfeld reference uncovered

Lindsay Anderson and Larry David—Separated at Birth? 

My theory that everything in real life occurred in the fictional universe of Seinfeld first took a strange turn the other night as I watched Lindsay Anderson’s 1968 youthful-rebellion classic If … with Malcolm McDowell.

After the [...]

Ophuls in Motion

Pleasure Dome

Max Ophuls’ camera never had time to stand still in 1952’s ‘Le Plaisir’

In his 1952 French feature, Le Plaisir, director Max Ophuls stitches together three stories by Guy de Maupassant to form an elegiac secular altarpiece dedicated to a kind of Heraclitan notion of life as always in flux and ever changing—as [...]

The fat man sings re: The Clone Wars

Since Lucasfilm requested the pulling of Harry “Ain’t It Cool” Knowles’ review from the famous geek website, Knowles’ long wail of outrage isn’t going to be up until Friday. So good thing that posted it, then. For the time being, the text is up here, but they can’t embargo the gist of the thing which is: [...]

Silent Film Festival in San Francisco


The Silent Film Festival this weekend at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco is covered in this week’s, but here’s even more to whet the appetite of golden-era fans:

The Silent Enemy (July 13, 1:10 pm) Only six members of the Ojibway Indian band seen in this film had ever [...]

Robot Bands

They show up on time and don’t get drunk on the job. In honor of WALL-E, here’s a selection of some of the many robot bands on the Internet. It apparently is an old tradition, as witness some badly filmed footage of a 1950s French robot band playing a Richie Valens hit. “They play [...]

WALL-E World—An Interview With Andrew Stanton

Just in time for the June 27 opening of WALL-E, Richard von Busack caught up with director Andrew Stanton and talked to him about his newest cinematic baby.

PIXAR’S Emeryville campus is inviting from the first look. In the parking lot, workers were emerging from their Priuses, carrying acoustic musical [...]