List Mania

Separated at Birth? 

Innocently seeking a cheap, no-redeeming-qualities evening in front of the TV, I innocently rented something called The List from Netflix. I thought I was getting the new erotic thriller starring Ewan McGregor and Hugh Jackman about a sex club whose rich and powerful members are recorded on “The List.” Sort of [...]

01SJ Walkabout, Friday, June 6

On the Move at 01SJ

By Michael S. Gant

IF NOTHING ELSE, 01SJ has been good for my health—it encourages getting up and out in downtown San Jose. Think of it as the Wii of digital-arts festivals.

My Friday amble was accompanied by a series of subversive koans posted on light poles—“Reality can be [...]

01SJ Begins With Luis Valdez Defending Quetzy


A First Look at 01Sj 

By Gary Singh/Photos by Felipe Buitrago

DURING THE opening ceremonies for the 01SJ Global Festival of Art on the Edge, Luis Valdez made an appearance and wowed the crowd with a [...]

Garcia Girls—Worth the Wait

Some movies hang around too long in the can (three years in this case) and then pop up when you least expect it. That’s too bad in the case of How the Garcia Girls Spent Their Summer, a movie that deserved better. With luck, it will last long enough to pick up a decent’s [...]

What Would Jesus Do?

Just coincidentally, but maybe not, the documentary Inside a Cult about the Strong City sect of New Mexico airs tonight (May 7) at 10pm on the National Geographic channel—the same day that the AP reports that New Mexico officials have arrested the leader of the apocalyptic coffee klatch. Turns out that leader Michael Travesser [...]

X-Files—Any Believers Left?

A breathless email from 20th Century Fox informs us that although the upcoming X-Files movie is strictly hush-hush, the title has at last—drum roll, please—been announced. It is to be The X-Files: I Want to Believe (due in theaters July 25). That leads to all kinds of embarrassing possibilities for [...]

Cinequest 2008—Let the Coverage Begin‘s extensive coverage of Cinequest 2008, running Feb. 27–March 9 in downtown San Jose, can be read here. We’ve got reviews of a big chunk of the films—features, documentaries and shorts—showing at the festival, just about everything that would actually play in our DVDs (some global agency, maybe the U.N., needs to put an end [...]

The Night of the Locust: Oscars 2008

“Whack me with the handsomest bludgeon in town”—Daniel Day-Lewis, mostly.

Fighting off pigeons on the marquee of the El Capitan theater on Hollywood Boulevard, ABC correspondents with surreal names watched the drama of the Elect and the Damned on the blood-red carpet below. The famous were allowed to pirouette in their finery; the obscure were [...]

Our Movie Morals

The Golden Globes got downsized to a press conference, and the Oscars barely escape by the skin of the writers’ strike, but thank goodness, the Movieguide Annual Faith and Value Awards went off without a hitch on Feb. 12. Amazing Grace won the Epiphany Prize, and Ratatouille was dubbed best family film. Bella received the [...]

Carville Bonds With Frist

Perhaps it was too much guacamole and pizza, but did I really see a Super Bowl ad in which Democratic chattering-class member James Carville—looking even more like skeletor than Michael Chertoff—bonds with Republican senatorial quitter and talking head Bill Frist over a bottle (not a line) of Coke and then the two of them proceed [...]