The last panel of For Better or For Worse…

Here’s another take on the supposed “last” For Better or Worse Strip. Nothing like a really mean parody of a really sweet strip… 

Merry Pranksters—The Daily Show at the Conventions

Week in and week out, the writers and cast of The Daily Show lay bare the stream of inanity that is modern cable news coverage. If you haven’t checked it out in a while, do. They’ve really hit their stride unraveling the ridiculous narratives being shat out by the 24-hour news beast. But as edgy [...]

New Quantum of Solace poster up!


Breaking News: An Australian hated ‘The Dark Knight’

Here’s proof of this shocking revelation! Rory Gibson, weekend editor of the Courier-Post, a newspaper in a place called Brisbane (not the real Brisbane in San Mateo County, but one they claim to have in the antipodes). Anyway, this so-called Gibson claims he fell asleep during The Dark Knight. He’s not the real film reviewer [...]

Godard is a gasbag and we know this because the NY Times said so.

A post by Ed Howard in the Seul-le-Cinema blog begs to differ, even when faced by the conclusive evidence of Stephanie Zacharek’s review in the New York Times of Richard Brody’s new 700 page book on Jean-Luc Godard. Howard sums up Z’s arguments: “1). Godard’s films became worse after the arbitrary cutoff point of 1967, [...]

Dueling Critics

Having listened to outtakes of Siskel and Ebert bitching at each other, I was pleased to discover Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo, two hip, passionate but very funny and self-deprecating film critics who have a weekly show on BBC radio (you can find the podcast on iTunes or go to BBC site). They are smart enough to [...]

Tumbleweeds blow through the San Jose Mercury’s corridors

The correspondent to Gawker (see here), claims that the San Jose Mercury bit him in the butt for displaying photos of the spiderweb-covered hallways of the once great newspaper. Who knows?  At least he leaves with a final finger of farewell. 

From Gandhi to the Great Zamboni

Ben Kingsley lowered his aesthetic standards bar to ground level long before that interview with Richard von Busack (see previous post for gory details).

            For your consideration:

Harem, an unseen 1985 epic, a Stockholm Syndrome in the Sahara film about a woman [...]

Chigurh Lives

These are the kind of news notes that give home improvement a bad name:

“Kansas man fine after nail lodged in Skull” (AP)

In Shawnee, Kan., one George Chandler and friend were using a nail gun when the pneumatic hose got all tangled up. A nail ended up in Chandler’s skull. A doctor borrowed [...]

01SJ Walkabout, Friday, June 6

On the Move at 01SJ

By Michael S. Gant

IF NOTHING ELSE, 01SJ has been good for my health—it encourages getting up and out in downtown San Jose. Think of it as the Wii of digital-arts festivals.

My Friday amble was accompanied by a series of subversive koans posted on light poles—“Reality can be [...]