Edward G. Robinson Explains It All

KFJC-FM 89.7′s may fling is called Mayhem (which runs through May 19 at the Los Altos station), which is when the DJs play whatever they feel like. I keep the station glued to it, even if some of the programs are a little greater in concept than they are in practice. A program on “Pretty [...]

Baffling NASA press release

May 7, NASA issued a press release to say that Wednesday (May 14) at 1pm Eastern Time (that’s 10am here, I think) they were going to announce that some galactic “object” they’ve been looking for for 50 years has been found. Very enigmatic. If they discovered intelligent life, would they put a stupid press embargo on it [...]

Iron Ma’am

You’ve seen it, yes? If not, here it is. Pretty P.C., in my view, since what it’s mocking is the kind of more sophisticated tranny comedy that died with Billy Wilder.

You Only Live Twice Still Masterpiece, Declares Former 11-Year-Old boy

The Simpsons last night referenced You Only Live Twice (in one of those weird boomerang plots that the writers come up with when they don’t have enough material for one episode) with a hollow volcano from where Mr. Burns was trying to launch a missile. My brother, Rodger, and I were nudging each other at Speed [...]

What Would Jesus Do?

Just coincidentally, but maybe not, the documentary Inside a Cult about the Strong City sect of New Mexico airs tonight (May 7) at 10pm on the National Geographic channel—the same day that the AP reports that New Mexico officials have arrested the leader of the apocalyptic coffee klatch. Turns out that leader Michael Travesser [...]

Margaret Seltzer: the girl Herbert Kornfeld

Watch this video and and lament. The girl in question is Margaret Seltzer, who sold a memoir about her hardcore gang banger life in South LA; convinced the New York Times she was a hcgb/in South L.A., and then was exposed as a big fat faker from the San Fernando Valley. Here she is telling [...]

Nathan Lee, former young person, on cinema

Critic Nathan Lee‘s exit interview from the Village Voice/New Times demonstrates what a unique writer just got pink-slipped. Like many of the laid-off, he makes the point that he’s got lots of company. He suggests it’s the way of the world in a culture that doesn’t value arts writing, that most film writing isn’t very [...]

The KKK Took My Baby Away

Only 10 shopping days until Free Comic Book Day May 3. One of the free comics to be given away is a reprint of one of them dangerous EC comics that turned a generation into juvenile delinquents in the 1950s. The last story in the free sampler is from 1953: Wally (the incomparable) Wood, Bill [...]

Adventures in Movie Marketing

At this year’s Cinequest film festival in San Jose, one of the filmmakers’ panels included some intriguing—and distressing—talk about this year’s buzzword, “viral marketing.” One suggestion for flogging an indie film included inviting bloggers who write about film to get in at the beginning and visit the set and watching the making of a [...]

Attn culture vultures: CreMasterCard announced in Artillery mag

Excerpts from Artillery magazine, March/April 2008 by Josh Herman.

Dear Mr. Occupant:
Congratulations! You’ve been Pre-Approved for the credit card that dozens of clueless artists love: the CreMasterCard from VaselyneTM! Matthew Barney and his five-part, 398-minute epic film The Cremaster Cycle, comes to brilliant 2-D life on these petroleum jelly-made plastic cards …
UNIQUE DESIGN: The CreMasterCard comes [...]